Does It Snow In Redding, CA? All About Redding Climate

Yes, it does snow in Redding, California, although it is relatively rare. The city experiences hot, dry summers and cool, wet winters. Historical records show that Redding has seen instances of light snowfall and occasional snowstorms. On average, the city receives minimal snowfall, if any at all. However, a few notable snow events have occurred in Redding’s history.

Redding, California, is a picturesque city in the northern part of the state. It is known for its natural beauty, outdoor recreational opportunities, and a Mediterranean climate characterized by hot, dry summers and mild, wet winters. 

Does It Snow In Redding?

However, when it comes to snow, Redding isn’t exactly the first place that comes to mind. In this article, we will explore whether snowfall occurs in Redding, CA, examining the region’s climatic patterns and historical records.

Location Overview

Redding is a city located in Northern California in the United States. It serves as the county seat of Shasta County and is situated in the Sacramento Valley, at the northern end of the Central Valley region. 

Redding is nestled between the Cascade Range to the north and the Sierra Nevada Mountains to the east. The city is positioned along the Sacramento River, which runs through its western edge.

Redding is approximately 160 miles north of the state capital, Sacramento. It is about 200 miles north of San Francisco and roughly 150 miles south of the Oregon border.

Redding is known for its stunning natural beauty and recreational opportunities. It is situated in close proximity to various natural attractions, including Mount Shasta, a dormant volcano towering over 14,000 feet to the north, and Lassen Volcanic National Park, featuring an active volcano to the east.

Redding is easily accessible by several major highways, including Interstate 5, which runs north-south through the city. Redding Municipal Airport provides air travel options for the region, connecting the city to destinations across the country.

Geography and Climate of Redding

Before delving into the snowfall patterns of Redding, it’s essential to understand the city’s overarching climate. Redding experiences a Mediterranean climate, which is typically characterized by hot, dry summers and cool, wet winters. 

The city is known for its scorching summer temperatures, with average highs reaching well above 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Winters are cooler and wetter, with average highs in the 50s to 60s Fahrenheit.

The geographical factors that influence the occurrence of snowfall in Redding, California include its low elevation, location in the Sacramento Valley, and proximity to the Cascade Range and Sierra Nevada Mountains. 

Historical Snowfall Record

The historical snowfall record of Redding, California, indicates that while snowfall is relatively rare in the city, there have been instances of light snow and occasional snowstorms. On average, Redding receives minimal snowfall, if any at all. 

However, a few notable snow events have occurred in the city’s history. One example is the significant snow event that occurred in February 2019, where Redding received approximately 10 inches of snow.

It is important to note that Redding considers these snow events unusual, given its Mediterranean climate and lower elevation. The city’s location in the Sacramento Valley, which lies at a relatively low elevation, plays a significant role in limiting the occurrence of snow.

Winter Season & Snowfall Pattern

While Redding does experience distinct seasons, snowfall is relatively rare in this part of California. The city’s location in the Sacramento Valley, which lies at a relatively low elevation, plays a significant role in limiting the occurrence of snow. 

Historical records show that Redding has seen instances of light snowfall and occasional snowstorms. On average, the city receives minimal snowfall. However, there have been a few notable snow events in Redding’s history.

Locations to Enjoy Snow

While Redding may not be known for abundant snowfall, there are nearby locations where you can enjoy snow-related activities. Here are some destinations in and around Redding to experience the winter wonderland:

  • Mount Shasta

Located just north of Redding, Mount Shasta is a popular destination for winter sports enthusiasts. The majestic mountain offers opportunities for downhill skiing, snowboarding, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, and even mountaineering for the more adventurous.

  • Mount Shasta Ski Park

Situated on Mount Shasta’s slopes, the Mount Shasta Ski Park provides excellent downhill skiing and snowboarding facilities. With multiple runs catering to different skill levels, visitors can enjoy the thrill of winter sports against a breathtaking alpine backdrop.

  • Lassen Volcanic National Park

East of Redding, Lassen Volcanic National Park showcases remarkable volcanic landscapes and receives substantial snowfall during winter. The park offers snowshoeing and cross-country skiing opportunities on its trails, providing a tranquil and scenic winter experience.

  • McArthur-Burney Falls Memorial State Park

This beautiful state park, located about an hour east of Redding, features the stunning Burney Falls, which can freeze during winter. The frozen falls create a mesmerizing sight and offer a unique perspective on the park’s natural beauty.

  • Shasta-Trinity National Forest

The expansive forest surrounding Redding is a playground for winter activities. From snowshoeing and cross-country skiing to snowmobiling and winter camping, the forest allows outdoor enthusiasts to enjoy the snowy landscapes.

  • Whiskeytown National Recreation Area

Although primarily known for its summer water activities, Whiskeytown offers winter scenery and cross-country skiing and snowshoeing opportunities. The park’s trails transform into peaceful winter paths amid the snow-covered landscapes.

  • Manzanita Lake

Located near Lassen Volcanic National Park, Manzanita Lake freezes over during the winter, creating an ideal spot for ice skating and ice fishing. The tranquil setting amidst snow-dusted trees makes it a serene winter destination.

Whether you are seeking adrenaline-pumping winter sports or serene snowy landscapes, these nearby destinations around Redding offer a range of experiences for snow enthusiasts.

Factors Influencing Snowfall

Several factors influence snowfall in Redding, California. The city’s relatively low elevation above sea level plays a significant role, as snowfall is more common in regions at higher elevations. 

Additionally, Redding’s Mediterranean climate limits the occurrence of snow. The movement of Pacific storms during winter can bring colder air and precipitation, potentially resulting in snow, although the lower elevation of Redding makes significant snowfall less likely compared to higher elevations. 

The city’s topography also influences snowfall patterns. Higher elevations in the surrounding areas are more prone to snow due to their proximity to the mountains. Specific atmospheric conditions, including temperature, humidity, and wind patterns, determine whether precipitation falls as rain or snow. 


Snowfall in Redding, CA is a rare occurrence due to its Mediterranean climate and relatively low elevation. While the city itself experiences minimal snow, it serves as a gateway to nearby areas that receive more significant snowfall. 

So, while Redding may not be a winter wonderland, it remains a fascinating destination with many outdoor activities to enjoy throughout the year.