How Many Airports Are In Las Vegas?

Las Vegas is the most populated and one of the biggest cities in Nevada, US. It is a popular tourist attraction for many reasons. With a massive number of people coming in and going out of Las Vegas daily, its airports are jam-packed the whole day.

With millions of passengers traveling every month from all over the world, the government of Las Vegas cannot manage all this with just one airport; therefore, there are many airports in Las Vegas, which include both domestic and international. 

Four airports, in particular, are the big names that are mainly used by travelers, and they all have their unique factors to consider. We will be discussing all of them one by one. These are the best airports in Las Vegas, Nevada:

Harry Reid International Airport

Not only the biggest airport in Las Vegas but also the biggest airport in all of Nevada. Harry Reid International Airport, which used to go by the name McCarran International Airport, is the 8th busiest airport in the US.

Harry Reid International Airport

It is located in Paradise, Nevada, 8km south of Downtown Las Vegas. One can either reach the airport conveniently by bus or car. It is the main airport run by the government for travelers coming to Las Vegas or even Nevada.

There are a number of facilities available in the airport for the passengers, such as Free Wi-Fi, ATMs, Charging Stations, a Kids’ Play Area, a Pet Relief Area, and much more, which make it one of the best airports to go for. It serves over 3,400 international and domestic flights to many cities per week.

The airport was built in the year of 1942 and started functioning after six years in 1948. The airport has the IATA Code “LAS,” the ICAO Code “KLAS,” and the FAA LID Code “LAS.” The airport has four runways, four base operators for private airplanes, and two terminal buildings.

Henderson Executive Airport 

The Henderson Executive Airport, which was formerly known as the Sky Harbor Airport till 1995, is a public-use government airport that also acts as a reliever airport to the Harry Reid International Airport.

Henderson Executive Airport 

The airport is located in Henderson, Nevada, which is situated approximately 21km South of Las Vegas. The airport provides a number of facilities such as Restaurants, Free Wi-Fi, Rental Cars, Meeting Rooms, and much more.

The airport is economically the best alternative for Harry Reid International Airport and also provides premium business aviation facilities.

It was founded in 1967 and started functioning in 1970 with two runways. The airport has the IATA Code “HSH,” the ICAO Code “KHND,” and the FAA LID Code “HND.” 

North Las Vegas Airport 

The North Las Vegas Airport, also known as “Northtown” locally, is the second busiest airport in Las Vegas. It is a public-use airport which is located in North Las Vegas, approximately 5km northwest of downtown Las Vegas. 

North Las Vegas Airport 

It is regarded as one of the best airports in Las Vegas for working, facilities, and services including Vending Machines, ATMs, Meeting rooms, Fuel Services, Rental Cars, Free Wi-Fi, and much more.

The airport was initially known as Sky Haven Airport when it came into functioning in 1941. The airport has the IATA Code “VGT,” the ICAO Code “KVGT,” and the FAA LID Code “VGT.” It has three runways.

Jean Airport

The Jean Airport is another public-use government airport that is the best airport when it comes to sports aviation, such as skydiving and gliding. 

Jean Airport

The airport is located to the south of Las Vegas and is situated in Jean, Nevada. While it is not on the top when it comes to amenities, nonetheless, the airport does provide services like restrooms, fuel, parking, and public telephones.

It is also known as Jean Sport Aviation Center. The airport has the FAA LID Code “ØL7”, but when it comes to IATA and ICAO, it doesn’t have a code. It has two runways. 


With many airports near Las Vegas, these are the main airports to look for if you’re traveling from Las Vegas to any part of the world. 

You can choose anyone based on your financial budget and desire for the best experience. Have a great time traveling!