10 Most Fun Things To Do In Broad Ripple

Broad Ripple is a thriving neighborhood within the vibrant city of Indianapolis. The town beckons visitors with its unique blend of charm, culture, and outdoor beauty. 

With a rich history dating back to the early 1800s, this dynamic enclave has evolved into a must-visit destination for tourists and locals alike.

Broad Ripple, initially a Quaker settlement, earned its name from the broad ripples in the nearby White River. Its development gained momentum in the late 19th century with the arrival of the Monon Railroad. Today, traces of this storied past can still be seen in the neighborhood’s architecture and historic landmarks.

Year after year, Broad Ripple welcomes thousands of visitors who come to explore its lively atmosphere and diverse activities. With its wide range of attractions and events, it’s no wonder that the neighborhood has become a magnet for tourists.

Broad Ripple’s charm lies in its bustling village, where visitors can explore quirky boutiques, art galleries, and a diverse culinary scene. 

The Monon Trail offers picturesque opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts, while the Indianapolis Art Center nurtures creative souls. The neighborhood’s vibrant nightlife, live music venues, and numerous festivals also make it a hotspot for entertainment seekers.

Broad Ripple experiences four distinct seasons. Summers are warm and sunny, making it an excellent time for outdoor activities. Spring and fall bring milder weather and colorful foliage, while winters are chilly. 

The best time to visit depends on your preferences, but many tourists opt for the pleasant temperatures of spring and fall to enjoy the neighborhood’s outdoor offerings to the fullest.

Whether you’re a local resident or a visitor exploring the area, there’s no shortage of fun to be had. In this guide, we’ll take you through the eight most enjoyable things to do in Broad Ripple.

1. Monon Trail

The Monon Trail holds a fascinating history. Once a railway line, it dates back to the late 19th century, when it was used for transporting passengers and goods. 

Monon Trail

After the rail service ceased in the mid-20th century, the path sat unused for years. However, in the early 1990s, it underwent a transformation.

Today, the Monon Trail is a popular 24-mile-long greenway. It stretches from Indianapolis to the town of Sheridan, offering a scenic route through parks and neighborhoods. Along the trail, you can find historical markers and information that tell the story of its railroad past.

Monon Trail gets its name from the Monon Railroad, which was the original railway company. This transformed trail is now a hub for walkers, joggers, cyclists, and nature enthusiasts, attracting thousands of visitors each year. It’s a vibrant symbol of repurposing history for modern enjoyment.


Indianapolis, IN 46220, United States

2. Kicasso Sneaker Art Bar

The Kicasso Sneaker Art Bar is a unique venue where art and sneakers come together in a creative fusion. Founded by artist Nick Smith, it’s a place where people can customize and design their sneakers while enjoying a vibrant artistic atmosphere.

Kicasso Sneaker Art Bar

Kicasso combines sneaker culture with art, allowing visitors to express their personal style on their footwear. You can choose from a variety of designs, colors, and materials to make your sneakers truly one-of-a-kind.

This innovative concept has gained popularity among sneaker enthusiasts and art lovers alike, making Kicasso Sneaker Art Bar a go-to destination for those looking to express their individuality through wearable art. 

It’s a place where creativity knows no bounds, and your sneakers become your canvas for self-expression. This destination is a must-visit place on your list of things to do in Broad Ripple.


6416 Ferguson St, Indianapolis, IN 46220, United States

3. Indianapolis Art Center

The Indianapolis Art Center is a renowned institution dedicated to promoting the arts and fostering creativity within the Indianapolis community. It was founded in 1934 and has since played a pivotal role in nurturing artistic talent and offering a platform for artistic expression.

Indianapolis Art Center

Indianapolis Art Center provides a wide range of art programs, classes, and workshops for people of all ages and skill levels. 

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced artist, you can find opportunities to explore various art forms, from painting and sculpture to ceramics and digital media.

The center also hosts exhibitions featuring both local and nationally recognized artists, enriching the cultural landscape of Indianapolis, offering several new and exciting things to do in Broad Ripple.

It’s a vibrant hub where art enthusiasts, students, and the community come together to celebrate and appreciate the power of creativity.


820 E 67th St, Indianapolis, IN 46220, United States

4. The Vogue

The Vogue, located in Indianapolis, is a historic and iconic music venue with a rich history dating back to the 1930s. Originally designed as a movie theater, it underwent several transformations over the years before becoming the beloved live music venue it is today.

The Vogue

The Vogue has hosted numerous renowned artists and bands, spanning various music genres, from rock and jazz to hip-hop and electronic dance music. It’s a popular spot for both local and national acts to perform, contributing to Indianapolis’ vibrant music scene.

With its spacious dance floor and intimate atmosphere, The Vogue offers an exceptional concert experience for music enthusiasts. It continues to be a cultural hub where people come together to enjoy live music and create lasting memories.


6259 N College Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46220, United States

5. Alley Cat Lounge

The Alley Cat Lounge is a well-known establishment that has gained popularity for its unique atmosphere and offerings. While I don’t have access to specific Wikipedia content, I can provide some general information.

Alley Cat Lounge

The Alley Cat Lounge has been a part of the Indianapolis nightlife scene for many years, adding to the charm of things to do in Broad Ripple

It is known for its retro and intimate ambiance, making it a favorite spot for both locals and visitors seeking a cozy place to relax and enjoy drinks.

Many patrons appreciate the lounge’s selection of craft cocktails, live music, and its commitment to providing a laid-back and welcoming environment. It has hosted various events and gatherings over the years that have contributed to its reputation.


6267 Carrollton Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46220, United States

6. Broad Ripple Farmers Market

The Broad Ripple Farmers Market is a community-focused market located in the Broad Ripple neighborhood of Indianapolis, Indiana. 

Broad Ripple Farmers Market

The market likely has a history of serving as a gathering place for local farmers and artisans to sell their products directly to the community. Farmers markets like this one often have roots dating back decades or even centuries.

Farmers markets like the one in Broad Ripple typically offer a wide variety of fresh, locally grown produce, artisanal goods, and handmade crafts. 

They are often held on weekends, providing a vibrant atmosphere where residents and visitors can support local producers while enjoying the sense of community and finding new things to do in Broad Ripple.


6001 N Rural St, Indianapolis, IN 46220, United States

7. Triton Top 

Triton Tap, often referred to as Triton Top, is a well-known craft brewery and taproom located in Indianapolis, Indiana. This establishment has likely played a significant role in the local craft beer scene.

Triton Top 

Triton Tap was founded by passionate beer enthusiasts who aim to create unique and flavorful brews. These breweries typically contribute to the rich brewing tradition in their communities.

Craft breweries are known for producing a wide range of beer styles, from traditional ales and lagers to innovative and experimental brews. 

Triton Tap has its own signature beers and a rotating selection of seasonal offerings, making it an exciting destination for beer connoisseurs, adding more excitement to the list of things to do in Broad Ripple.


915 Broadripple Ave. Indianapolis, IN 46220, United States

8. Canal Bistro

Canal Bistro is a Mediterranean restaurant located in the Broad Ripple neighborhood of Indianapolis, Indiana, known for its delectable cuisine and welcoming ambiance.

Canal Bistro

Mediterranean restaurants like Canal Bistro often draw inspiration from the rich culinary traditions of countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea, such as Greece, Lebanon, and Turkey.

Restaurants like Canal Bistro typically offer a diverse menu featuring dishes like falafel, kabobs, hummus, and baklava, providing diners with a taste of Mediterranean flavors. The restaurant also emphasizes fresh ingredients and traditional cooking techniques.


6349 Guilford Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46220, United States

9. Broad Ripple Brewpub

The Broad Ripple Brewpub is located in the heart of the neighborhood, is a well-established brewpub known for its excellent craft beers and welcoming atmosphere. 

Broad Ripple Brewpub

The brewpub was founded in 1990 and it holds the distinction of being Indiana’s very first brewpub. 

With a selection of house-brewed ales and lagers, along with a diverse menu that includes pub favorites, it’s a popular spot for those looking to enjoy both delicious food and handcrafted beer. 

The Brewpub often hosts events and beer releases, making it a hub for beer enthusiasts and a place where locals and visitors can gather for a relaxing meal or a pint of craft beer.


842 E 65th St, Indianapolis, IN 46220, United States

10. The Monkey’s Tale

The Monkey’s Tale is a popular live music venue and restaurant in Broad Ripple. Known for its laid-back atmosphere and diverse music offerings, it’s a go-to spot for those seeking a lively night out. 

The Monkey's Tale

The venue frequently hosts live bands, open mic nights, and karaoke, providing an array of entertainment options for music lovers. 

With its extensive menu featuring American and pub-style fare, The Monkey’s Tale is a place where guests can enjoy great food, drinks, and live music, all in one place. It’s a must-visit for those looking to experience the vibrant nightlife of Broad Ripple.


925 E Westfield Blvd. Indianapolis, IN 46220, United States


Broad Ripple’s unique blend of culture, entertainment, and community spirit ensures that there’s something fun for everyone to enjoy. So, put on your adventure hat and get ready to experience the vibrant and exciting things to do in Broad Ripple.