11 Most Fun Things To Do In Crivitz, Wisconsin

Crivitz is a quaint town in Wisconsin where whispers of adventure dance in the air and vibrant history unfolds. Travelers find it an amazing place because there are many fun things to do in Crivitz, WI. 

In the early days Crivitz emerged as a bustling hub for logging along with sawmills humming like a lively tune in the background. As time pirouetted forward, the town embraced its natural beauty and became a magnet for 2.9 millions outdoor enthusiasts. 

As the sun dips below the horizon Crivitz transforms into a stargazer’s paradise. Far from the city lights the night sky unfolds like a celestial tapestry that weaves tales of constellations and have witnessed the town’s evolution.

The best shimmy-shimmy months to hit up Crivitz and catch its groove are May through September. That’s when Mother Nature is flaunting her full spectrum of colors and the outdoor scene is a wild, buzzing party. 

But hold onto your hats and scarves because the worst boogie-down months are December through February. Winter swings in and brings a frosty chill that’ll make you want to snuggle up by the fireplace with a cup of cocoa. 

The snow blankets the town like a cozy quilt but you might need to get into icy adventures to avoid it being the jazziest time for a visit.

So, for the ultimate Crivitz fiesta groove in during the warmer beats and steer clear when winter throws its chilly dance moves into the mix!

In the heart of Crivitz, history and modernity waltz hand in hand that creates a destination that’s not just a spot on the map but a vibrant chapter in the traveler’s tale. 

So, pack your sense of wonder and embark on a journey to Crivitz where each day unfolds like a whimsical adventure waiting to be discovered!

1) Peshtigo River

The Peshtigo River is located in Wisconsin and has a significant historical event associated with it—the Peshtigo Fire of 1871. On October 8, a devastating wildfire swept through the area, fueled by drought conditions and strong winds. 

Peshtigo River

It remains one of the deadliest fires in U.S. history that claimed numerous lives and destroyed the town of Peshtigo along with surrounding areas. 

The amenities are aplenty, featuring a riverside picnic area for savoring scrumptious snacks while soaking up nature’s vibes. 

Float down the river on complimentary tubes, catching some sun and splashes. The communal bonfire pits are where stories ignite, creating unforgettable moments beneath the starry canvas. 

Feel the thrill at their volleyball court where spikes and laughter collide. Their fishing spots are havens for angling enthusiasts, ensuring the catch of the day becomes a tale of triumph. 

The hiking trails, adorned with vibrant flora, lead to panoramic viewpoints, rewarding explorers with breathtaking vistas.

For the little ones, there are many best things to do in Crivitz WI, a playground brims with joy, swings soaring high and slides sending giggles cascading. 

In this haven, tranquility dances with excitement, crafting an experience where every amenity, activity, and moment intertwine to create a symphony of delight along the Peshtigo River.


Peshtigo River, Wisconsin, United States 

2) High Falls Flowage

High Falls Flowage was inhabited by Native American tribes that later became a strategic site for fur trading in the 17th century. The 1800s saw the rise of logging, with timber companies exploiting the abundant white pine forests. 

High Falls Flowage

Today, it remains a picturesque reservoir, blending natural beauty with a legacy rooted in Native American heritage and Wisconsin’s logging era.

High Falls Flowage is a fascinating spot with charming facilities and fun things to do in Crivitz WI. Campers vibe with top-notch campsites, offering fire pits and primo views. 

Anglers can cast their lines into the cool waters, hoping to snag some epic catches. The place is surrounded by lush forests, creating a far-out setting for nature lovers to explore.

If you want to dig water adventures, kayaking and canoeing are the bomb here. Glide through the flowage, soaking up the serene vibes and catching glimpses of diverse wildlife. 

Hikers can hit the trails, trekking through the gnarly woods and discovering hidden gems.

If you’re into birdwatching, this place is a feathered paradise. Spotting herons, eagles, and other winged wonders is totally boss. 

And when the stars come out, the night sky is a cosmic spectacle. Bring your telescope for some out-of-this-world stargazing.

Whether you’re a laid-back camper, an adventurous water enthusiast, or a nature-loving hiker, High Falls Flowage is the destination where good times flow like the water and nature’s vibes are always in full swing.


High Falls Reservoir, Stephenson, WI 54114, United States 

3) Veteran’s Falls

Veteran’s Falls, established in 1835, holds a rich history as a pivotal site during the Civil War. It was named in honor of local veterans and became a gathering place for soldiers and their families. 

Veteran's Falls

The surrounding area witnessed significant battles and strategic movements, leaving an indelible mark on the landscape. 

Today, Veteran’s Falls stands as a historical testament to the courage of those who served, offering a serene backdrop for reflection on the sacrifices made for freedom.

Veteran’s Falls boasts many top things to do in Crivitz, WI and facilities, like picnic areas with snazzy grills, perfect for a sizzling BBQ bash. 

The playground, decked out with swings and slides, keeps the kiddos entertained for hours. Wander along the chill walking trails, surrounded by lush greenery, creating a zen vibe for nature lovers. 

Snap some Insta-worthy photos at the scenic lookout points, capturing the breathtaking views of the cascading falls.

For water enthusiasts, the splash zone near the falls provides a refreshing escape on hot days – dive in and feel the good vibes! Anglers can try their luck at the fishing spots, hoping for a fin-tastic catch. 

The on-site amphitheater hosts rad events, from live music gigs to funky outdoor movie nights, turning evenings into groovy celebrations.

If you’re into sports, hit the courts for some basketball action or challenge pals to a wild game of volleyball. There’s a dog park, too, where your furry friends can frolic off-leash. 

So, whether you’re up for a laid-back picnic, an adventurous hike, or a groovy event, Veteran’s Falls has the fun to make your day unforgettable!


Crivitz, WI 54114, United States

4) Dan & Tim’s Riverside

Dan & Tim’s Riverside, established in 1850, was a trading post that played a pivotal role during the Gold Rush era, serving prospectors and traders. The town flourished with the completion of the railroad in 1878, becoming a hub for commerce and agriculture. 

Dan & Tim's Riverside

Its historic downtown, adorned with Victorian architecture, reflects the town’s enduring charm. Over the years, Dan & Tim’s Riverside has weathered challenges, embracing its heritage while adapting to the modern era. 

Imagine chilling by the scenic riverfront park, vibing to live tunes at the theater, and picnicking under giant oak trees – it’s a nature lover’s dream! 

The Sports freaks can slam dunk at the modern basketball courts, while fitness enthusiasts pump iron at the rad gym.

But hold up, there are more exciting things to do in Crivitz, WI! Dive into the sparkling pool for a splashing good time, or hit the skate park for some sick tricks. 

For a laid-back day, cozy up at the town library with a book or explore the hip art galleries showcasing local talent.

Feeling hungry? Dan & Tim’s Riverside has an eclectic food scene – from quirky food trucks to classic diners serving mouthwatering delights. And when the sun sets, the nightlife comes alive with trendy bars and clubs. 

Don’t forget the annual music festival – a mega bash that brings the whole town together in a celebration of rhythm and good vibes. Dan & Tim’s Riverside: where every day is an adventure waiting to happen!


1010 Main Avenue, Crivitz, WI 54114, United States

5) Crivitz Museum

The Crivitz Museum, founded in the early 20th century, showcases the rich history of Crivitz, Wisconsin. Originally a small exhibit, it has grown into a comprehensive collection spanning indigenous cultures, early settlers, and industrial development. 

Crivitz Museum

The museum highlights the region’s logging and lumber industry, emphasizing the pivotal role it played in the town’s growth. Exhibits also delve into Crivitz’s social evolution, from its incorporation in 1911 to key moments in the 20th century. 

The Crivitz Museum decked out with cool exhibits, offers a groovy journey through time. With its striking facilities, visitors can soak in the vibes of yesteryear. 

The place is kitted out with interactive displays, making history a blast for all ages. Amenities? Totally covered! They’ve got comfy seating for chill vibes and neat rest areas to recharge your energy.

Feeling peckish? The museum’s got a snack shack serving up tasty treats to satisfy your cravings. Plus, they’ve jazzed it up with a gift shop where you can snag souvenirs. 

For those outdoor cats, the museum’s surroundings are a playground of outdoor things to do in Crivitz, WI! Explore nearby parks, perfect for picnics or just kicking back. 

If you’re into water adventures, nearby lakes and rivers offer cool canoeing and fishing scenes. Hiking trails weave through nature’s disco, and camping spots provide the ultimate starlit hangout. 

Remember the occasional town events; they throw festivals that bring the community together. From historical grooviness to outdoor escapades, the Crivitz Museum and its lively surroundings are a happening spot for a fun, good time!


204 N Oak St, Crivitz, WI 54114, United States

6) Crivitz Community Veterans Memorial Park

Crivitz Community Veterans Memorial Park, located in Crivitz, Wisconsin, commemorates the sacrifices of military personnel. Its centerpiece is a solemn Wall of Honor adorned with engraved names of local heroes. 

Crivitz Community Veterans Memorial Park

Each Memorial Day, the park hosts ceremonies to pay respects and educate visitors about the rich history of military service. 

Crivitz Community Veterans Memorial Park boasts facilities for picnics, with shady pavilions and cozy tables perfect for chowing down on tasty treats. 

Swing by the playground, where kiddos can unleash their boundless energy on swings and slides, ensuring smiles galore. 

If you fancy a stroll, take an excursion along well-kept walking paths adorned with picturesque greenery. 

For sports enthusiasts, the park serves up ball courts where you can shoot some hoops or enjoy a friendly game of volleyball. Feeling the need for speed? Rev up those engines on the skate park’s ramps.

Want some more amenities and fun things to do in Crivitz, WI? Restrooms are conveniently scattered throughout the park, ensuring comfort during your outdoor escapades. 

Grab a seat on one of the benches strategically placed for your relaxation pleasure. The park is equipped with ample parking, making it a breeze to roll in and revel in the festivities.

Whether you’re seeking active adventures or laid-back leisure, Crivitz Community Veterans Memorial Park has the amenities and activities to cater to your every whim!


515 Park Place, Crivitz, WI 54114, United States

7) DeYoung Family Zoo

The DeYoung Family Zoo, established in 1990 by Bud and Carrie DeYoung, is a family-owned wildlife sanctuary located in Crivitz. 

DeYoung Family Zoo

The zoo gained popularity through the reality TV show “Wild About Animals,” featuring the DeYoungs’ unique approach to animal care. They also prioritized providing a nurturing environment for animals rescued from various situations. 

At DeYoung Family Zoo, you’ll find cool critters living in comfy enclosures, and you can strut your stuff on winding trails, immersing yourself in nature’s groove. 

The wild wonders don’t stop there – swing by the petting zoo for snuggles with friendly furballs, making your heart do the happy dance.

Fuel up at the snack shack where munching lovers meet deliciousness, energizing you for more animal antics. Do you want to go full-on explorer? Jump on the safari bus, rolling through the zoo’s backyard for a wild ride with creature comforts.

Feeling roar-some? Unleash your inner Tarzan on the treetop adventure course, conquering challenges and ziplining through the canopy – the ultimate high-five to Mother Nature.

For a pawsitively relaxing vibe, chill by the serene pond, where the symphony of frogs sets the mood. 

The best things to do in Crivitz, WI, extend to educational shows where animal experts spill the beans on our zoo buddies, turning learning into a jaw-dropping spectacle.

Whether you’re a critter connoisseur or just want to groove with the goats, DeYoung Family Zoo dishes up a wild blend of fun and frolic, making your visit a roaring success!


N5406 County Road 577, Wallace, MI 49893, United States

8) Thunder Mountain Ranch

Thunder Mountain Ranch, established in 1878, holds a rich history rooted in the American West. It was founded by rancher Samuel Turner as a modest homestead but flourished into a thriving cattle operation. 

Thunder Mountain Ranch

Today, Thunder Mountain Ranch preserves its heritage while embracing modern agricultural practices, serving as a testament to the enduring spirit of the American frontier.

Thunder Mountain Ranch boasts facilities galore! From rustic cabins to cozy lodges, they’ve got your stay covered. Embrace the great outdoors with their hiking trails and fishing spots – nature at its best, right at your doorstep.

But wait, there are more top things to do in Crivitz, WI! Their ranch is equipped with a splash-tastic swimming pool, perfect for a refreshing dip under the sunshine. 

Feeling competitive? Challenge your pals to a game of horseshoes or volleyball. If that’s not your style, kick back at the bonfire pits, swapping stories and roasting marshmallows – s’mores, anyone?

For the thrill-seekers, saddle up! They offer horseback riding adventures, letting you channel your inner cowboy or cowgirl. 

Kids, don’t fret – the playground is the spot for giggles and games, and when the night falls, stargazing becomes the main event – a cosmic spectacle you won’t want to miss.

With scenic beauty, outdoor escapades, and cozy comforts, Thunder Mountain Ranch is your all-in-one getaway. So, what are you waiting for? Saddle up and let the good times roll!


Thunder Mountain Ranch Rd, Stephenson, WI 54114, United States 

9) Timberline Resort-Campgrounds

Timberline Resort-Campgrounds, founded in 1978, boasts a rich history of providing outdoor enthusiasts with memorable experiences. 

Timberline Resort-Campgrounds

Over the years, it expanded its facilities, incorporating RV sites, cabins, and various amenities. Through decades, Timberline has evolved into a sought-after destination, hosting events and workshops and fostering a vibrant community of nature enthusiasts. 

Timberline Resort-Campgrounds is where fun meets nature! Campers enjoy spacious RV sites surrounded by lush greenery. Cabins offer cozy retreats, perfect for family bonding. 

Amenities? Kick back in their communal lounge, swap stories by the bonfire, or challenge pals to a game of horseshoes. For the tech-savvy, the Wi-Fi hotspot keeps you connected while embracing the great outdoors.

Feeling sporty? Swing by their sports courts for a friendly match. Fishing enthusiasts, grab your gear – their stocked lake awaits your casting skills. And if you need supplies, the convenience store has you covered.

The on-site cafe serves up delicious bites and refreshing drinks, while theme nights add spice to your stay with entertainment that’s as wild as our surroundings. 

At Timberline, your adventure is limited only by your imagination – from serene strolls to lively gatherings, there’s something for every camper’s fancy!


W6296 County Road Gg, Crivitz, WI 54114, United States

10) Wilds’ Place

Wilds’ Place in Fountain Valley has a rich history dating back to the late 19th century. Originally part of a ranch owned by the Wilds family, the area evolved as Fountain Valley developed. 

Wilds' Place

Over the years, Wilds’ Place witnessed the growth and transformation of Fountain Valley into a suburban community. Today, it stands as a testament to the region’s past, offering a glimpse into the heritage and evolution of Fountain Valley.

Wilds’ Place in Fountain Valley boasts a playground with swings and slides, perfect for kids to monkey around. The community center hosts lively events, like bingo nights and dance parties, where folks can groove to the beats. 

For sports enthusiasts, there’s a well-maintained basketball court and a scenic jogging trail to break a sweat. Picnic tables scattered around provide a chill spot for families to munch on sandwiches or enjoy a game of cards. 

If you feel artsy, the neighborhood often hosts craft fairs and painting sessions at the local park. Dog lovers can rejoice as Wilds’ Place is pet-friendly, with a designated area for furry friends to socialize and stretch their legs. 

In the summer, the community pool becomes the hub of cool vibes, where residents can splash around, beat the heat and enjoy lots of things to do in Crivitz, WI. 

Overall, Wilds’ Place offers a kaleidoscope of activities, blending recreation, socializing, and relaxation for a vibrant and funky community experience.


W9804 County Highway W, Crivitz, WI 54114, United States

11) Lake Noquebay Park 

Lake Noquebay Park, located in Wisconsin, has a rich history dating back to the indigenous Menominee and Ojibwe peoples. French fur traders later explored the area in the 17th century. 

Lake Noquebay Park 

Over time, it evolved into a popular destination for camping, fishing, and outdoor activities that preserve both natural beauty and cultural significance.

Lake Noquebay Park boasts a wild blend of facilities, giving you a primo outdoor experience. Campers, tune in – they’ve got cozy campsites with a side of stellar lake views. 

Picnic spots? Check! Grab a basket, roll out a blanket, and munch away surrounded by nature’s playlist. Anglers, prepare to hook some fishy friends on the lake’s watery dance floor.

If you’re more of a land explorer and want to enjoy top things to do in Crivitz, WI, the trails are like nature’s catwalk, strutting through the trees with sass. 

Feeling competitive? Hit the volleyball court and spike your way to victory. Kids, get your playground game on – slides, swings, and monkey bars await your daring escapades.

For water enthusiasts, paddle your way around the lake, kayaking like a boss. Fishing pier, ahoy! Cast a line, and let the fish stories begin.

Noquebay Park is not just a place; it’s a vibe where crackles, laughter echoes, and memories groove to the rhythm of the great outdoors. So, gear up, pack your smiles, and let the fun at Lake Noquebay Park begin!


W6188 County Road Gg, Crivitz, WI 54114, United States

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