10 Most Fun Things To Do In Dodgeville, Wisconsin

Dodgeville is a city in Iowa County, Wisconsin, United States. Dodgeville serves as the county seat and offers a charming small-town atmosphere with historical architecture, local shops and outdoor recreational opportunities. 

It lies approximately 50 miles west of Madison, the state capital. Here history unfolds like a vintage map and reveals the tales of pioneers that draws 1.8 million visitors yearly. 

Dodgeville became famous for its vibrant tourism scene where each cobblestone street whispered stories of the past. However, the rugged charm and nostalgic vibes provides an array of fun things to do in Dodgeville WI. 

The town’s journey began with industrious spirits who built it from the ground up and crafted a community that sparkled with character. 

As the years danced by, Dodgeville evolved into a haven for those seeking a blend of quaint charm and Midwestern warmth.

Tourists flock to Dodgeville like bees to honey, drawn by its enchanting landscapes and a museum that’s practically a time machine. 

The charming downtown is adorned with eclectic boutiques and eateries that creates a symphony of flavors and styles to captivate every wandering soul.

Regarding its weather, Spring brings a burst of colors to Dodgeville like confetti falling from the sky. Summer turns the town into a lively carnival with festivals and outdoor adventures galore. 

Fall, oh fall, paints the surroundings in a tapestry of warm hues and winter transforms Dodgeville into a cozy wonderland.

But beware dear traveler, the time to avoid is the biting chill of midwinter when even snowmen contemplate warmer destinations. Dodgeville’s magic is best experienced when the flowers bloom, the sun shines, or the leaves crunch beneath your feet.

So, pack your bags and let Dodgeville weave its fun-filled tapestry of history, warmth, and timeless allure!

1) House on the Rock

House on the Rock is built atop a 60-foot chimney rock as an architectural marvel and tourist attraction. Visionary Alex Jordan Jr. began construction in the 1940s and created a unique structure filled with eclectic collections, including automated music instruments and fantastical displays. 

House on the Rock

Step into the House on the Rock, where peculiar wonders await! This quirky marvel boasts diverse facilities, ensuring a day packed with excitement. 

Wander through the bizarrely enchanting rooms, each brimming with oddities and jaw-dropping collections. Marvel at the Infinity Room’s breathtaking extension, dangling over the lush valley, offering a thrill like no other.

For amenities and fun things to do in Dodgeville, WI, find quaint cafes serving delicious treats to satisfy your taste buds. Grab a quirky souvenir from the eclectic gift shop, turning your visit into a tangible memory. 

Engage in fun activities like the Heritage of the Sea exhibit, showcasing maritime treasures that transport you to the depths of underwater mysteries. 

Discover the Organ Room’s magical symphony as self-playing instruments create an otherworldly melody.

Delight in the House on the Rock’s fusion of the surreal and the spectacular, where every corner reveals a new adventure. 

From peculiar artifacts to stunning views, this peculiar haven promises an unforgettable experience for the curious soul seeking the extraordinary!


5754 Wisconsin 23, Spring Green, WI 53588, United States

2) Governor Dodge State Park

Governor Dodge State Park, established in 1948, spans 5,270 acres in Wisconsin, USA. It is named after Henry Dodge, the state’s first territorial governor, and it holds a rich history. 

Governor Dodge State Park

Native Americans once inhabited the region, and evidence of their presence can be found in the park. The park’s diverse landscape features forests, prairies, and bluffs, providing opportunities for hiking, camping, and water activities.

Governor Dodge State Park is a wild wonderland with camping spots galore! Campers, pitch your tents amidst lush greenery and enjoy cozy campfires under star-studded skies. 

Hikers conquer the trails that snake through forests and lead to breathtaking bluff views. Fishermen, cast your lines into serene lakes teeming with bass and bluegill.

This park is a playground for water lovers! Paddle away on Twin Valley Lake, perfect for kayaking and canoeing adventures. 

Swimming enthusiasts dive into Cox Hollow Lake and cool off in its refreshing waters. Picnickers, spread your blankets on the grassy expanses and feast on tasty treats.

History buffs explore remnants of the past, from Native American sites to CCC-built structures. Birdwatchers, grab your binoculars and spot feathered friends in the diverse habitats. 

Facilities abound, offering showers, picnic shelters, and even an amphitheater for events to enjoy exciting things to do in Dodgeville, WI. 

So, whether you’re a nature seeker, a history buff, or an adrenaline lover, Governor Dodge State Park invites you to revel in its natural charm and endless fun!


4175 Wisconsin 23, Dodgeville, WI 53533, United States

3) Dodge Theatre

Dodge Theatre, now known as Comerica Theatre, opened in downtown Dodgeville in 2002. Originally a partnership between the City of Phoenix and Clear Channel Entertainment, it has hosted a diverse array of events, including concerts, Broadway shows, and comedy performances. 

Dodge Theatre

The venue’s design prioritizes acoustics and audience comfort, creating an intimate atmosphere for up to 5,000 attendees. 

Comerica Theatre rocks with top-notch facilities, boasting comfy seats that hug you during epic concerts. With primo acoustics, every note hits your eardrums like a musical ninja! 

Amenities? Oh yeah! They have parking that’s smoother than a buttered dance floor. Restrooms? As clean as a whistle! Need a VIP experience? Upgrade, and you’ll feel like royalty in their swanky lounge. Snap some Insta-worthy pics in the vibrant lobby—it’s like stepping into a color explosion!

When the show wraps up, the party doesn’t stop and provides best things to do in Dodgeville, WI. 

Wander downtown for post-gig grub or hit a nearby bar for a nightcap. Strolling around the vibrant city lights, you might stumble upon cool street performances or quirky shops to explore.

Whether you’re jamming to tunes, indulging in snacks, or soaking up the city vibe afterwards, Comerica Theatre isn’t just a venue; it’s a groovy experience waiting to unfold!


205 North Iowa Street, Dodgeville, WI 53533, United States

4) Cave of the Mounds

Cave of the Mounds, discovered in 1939 near Blue Mounds, Wisconsin, holds a rich geological and human history. It was formed around a million years ago, featuring stunning mineral formations, including stalactites and stalagmites. 

Cave of the Mounds

Native Americans likely visited the cave for centuries, leaving artifacts. However, it remained hidden until its accidental discovery by quarry workers. 

Cave of the Mounds has top-notch facilities, like visitor centers and well-maintained trails. The amenities include snazzy guided tours, making it easy to explore the cave’s sandy formations. 

You can chill out in the picnic areas, perfect for a laid-back lunch surrounded by nature’s vibes. For the adventure seekers, the cave offers spelunking experiences, letting you channel your inner explorer. 

If you’re into treasure hunting, the gift shop is stocked with cool souvenirs to commemorate your underground escapade.

Feeling hungry after all the excitement? Grab a bite at the snack bar, serving tasty treats that will refuel your energy for more underground grooviness. 

The educational programs are far from boring – they’re a blast, with hands-on activities that make learning about geology and conservation totally engaging.

Bring the whole crew; Cave of the Mounds is family-friendly, offering activities for little ones, like the awesome gemstone mining experience. 

So, whether you’re a nature enthusiast, a thrill-seeker, or just looking for a chill day out, this cave’s got the adult things to do in Dodgeville WI, amenities, and fun vibes to make your visit a memorable experience!


2975 Cave of the Mounds Road, Blue Mounds, WI 53517, United States

5) Bloomfield Prairie- West Entrance

The Bloomfield Prairie West Entrance has a rich history dating back to the 19th century. Originally inhabited by indigenous peoples, the area witnessed the arrival of European settlers in the mid-1800s, leading to the establishment of a small farming community. 

Bloomfield Prairie- West Entrance

The prairie’s fertile soil attracted agricultural development, shaping the local economy. 

Today, it stands as a historical landmark, preserving the legacy of the early settlers and the westward movement that defined this period in American history.

Bloomfield Prairie West Entrance rocks with awesome facilities! Kick off your adventure with picnic spots, perfect for munching on sandwiches under the sunny sky. 

Grab your buddies for a BBQ bash, firing up grills for sizzling delights. Restrooms are there, so no worries about nature’s call interrupting your eatery things to do in Dodgeville WI.

Amenities? Oh yeah! You’ve got hiking trails, where your sneakers meet the wild terrain. Campsites await brave souls who dare to sleep under the twinkling stars. Canoeing in the serene lake is a splashing’ good time, and fishing? 

Reel in those big catches, bragging rights guaranteed! For family vibes, playgrounds are the go-to, kids swinging high and sliding down like mini superheroes. 

Dog lovers rejoice – leash-free zones let your furry pals run wild. Capture memories with scenic photo ops, from breathtaking sunsets to the rustling prairie grass.

The fun never stops; seasonal events bring the community together, celebrating everything from local folklore to wildflower blooms!


3031 County Farm Road, Dodgeville, WI 53533, United States

6) Oakham Lawn Park

Oakham Lawn Park, established in the early 19th was part of a country estate. In the 1600s, the land was likely used for agricultural purposes before transforming into a picturesque green space. 

Oakham Lawn Park

During the Victorian era, it became a popular destination for leisurely strolls and social gatherings, reflecting the societal shift towards recreational parks. 

Oakham Lawn Park, a haven, flaunts an array of amenities and fun things to do in Dodgeville Wi. 

Swing by the lush picnic spots for chill vibes with your squad. Kick back on the vibrant lawns, perfect for a laid-back sun-soaking session or a frisbee showdown. 

Playground magic? Totally! Your tiny tots can rock the slides and swings while you zen out on nearby benches. Need a fuel-up? Hit the snazzy café for tasty bites – from snacks to cool sips. Ace a game on the basketball courts or break a sweat on the fitness trail. 

Instagram alert: Capture the epic lake views – instant likes guaranteed. Peep into history with gnarly statues and monuments scattered across. 

Feeling artsy? Check out the outdoor art installations, adding a splash of creativity. The park’s got your back – from funky festivals to groovy concerts. No dull moments here, just a kaleidoscope of fun waiting for you at Oakham Lawn Park!


800 North Union Street, Dodgeville, WI 53533, United States

7) Dodgeville Public Library 

The Dodgeville Public Library, located in Dodgeville, Wisconsin, has a rich history dating back to its establishment in the late 19th century. It was founded in 1891, as a modest library serving the local community. 

Dodgeville Public Library

Renovations and updates have kept the library vibrant and relevant, fostering a love for literature, education, and community engagement. 

The Dodgeville Public Library boasts a cozy reading nook, perfect for diving into a captivating novel or embracing the joy of a good story time. 

Comfy chairs and colorful bean bags create an inviting atmosphere for leisurely browsing or hosting lively book club discussions. 

The library also offers computer stations with high-speed internet, allowing tech-savvy visitors to surf the digital waves.

For those seeking intellectual challenges and best things to do in Dodgeville WI, the quiet study rooms provide a serene space to tackle homework or delve into personal research projects. 

The vibrant children’s corner is a treasure trove of educational fun, filled with interactive games, puzzles, and educational toys.

But the excitement doesn’t stop there! Attendees can participate in engaging workshops and community events, fostering a sense of camaraderie. 

Movie nights under the stars in the library courtyard add a touch of cinematic magic to the mix. 

Whether you’re a bookworm, a tech enthusiast, or a family looking for a good time, the Dodgeville Public Library is the place where learning and leisure come together in a funky fusion of fun!


139 S Iowa St, Dodgeville, WI 53533, United States

8) Doby Stables LLC

Doby Stables LLC, established in 1995, has a rich history in equestrian services. It was founded by experienced horse enthusiasts as a small family-run stable, gradually expanding its facilities and services. 

Doby Stables LLC

Over the years, Doby Stables has earned a reputation for top-notch horse care, riding lessons, and equine-related events. 

Doby Stables is not just a stable—it’s an equine paradise! Their state-of-the-art facilities boast spacious, well-ventilated barns that pamper the majestic four-legged friends. 

Riders can revel in the thrill of the expansive riding arenas, perfect for honing skills or just letting loose. Saddle up for lessons with their expert instructors, guiding riders of all levels through a journey of equestrian mastery.

But wait, there are more socializing things to do in Dodgeville, WI! Their cozy clubhouse invites you to kick back and share tales of your equine adventures with fellow enthusiasts. 

Fuel up at the snack bar, serving treats for both humans and horses. For those seeking a stroll, the scenic trails offer a picturesque escape into nature.

Looking for family fun? Their petting zoo guarantees smiles for all ages, fostering connections with animals beyond the saddle. Special events, like rodeos and horse shows, provide entertainment for everyone.

At Doby Stables, they’re not just about horses; they’re about creating unforgettable moments and a vibrant community centered around the love of these magnificent creatures. Come for the ride, stay for the joy!


4232 Wisconsin 23 Trunk, Dodgeville, WI 53533, United States

9) Dodger Bowl

Dodger Bowl in Dodgeville has a rich history, tracing its roots back to the 1960s. It was established as a community hub for bowling enthusiasts and became a social hotspot. 

Dodger Bowl

The bowling alley has consistently played a role in local events, fostering a sense of camaraderie among Dodgeville residents. 

With top-notch bowling lanes, smooth as butter, it’s the perfect spot to show off your mad bowling skills or enjoy cosmic bowling under psychedelic lights. 

The alley is a rainbow of excitement, offering rocking tunes and disco beats to enhance your experience.

Feeling hungry after all those strikes? Hit up the snack bar for mouthwatering bites – crispy fries and cheesy nachos that’ll make your taste buds dance. 

Quench your thirst with an array of cool beverages that’ll keep you refreshed and energized.

But wait, there’s more! Dodger Bowl isn’t just about the strikes; it’s about creating memories with cheap things to do in Dodgeville, WI. 

Host your epic birthday bash or celebrate milestones in the grooviest party room. The arcade area is a pixel paradise with retro and modern games, ensuring endless joy for everyone, from kids to seasoned gamers.

Whether you’re a pro bowler or just here for a fun, good time, Dodger Bowl is where the good times roll and the vibes are always right on target!


318 King St, Dodgeville, WI 53533, United States

10) Bob’s Bitchin’ BBQ 

Bob’s Bitchin’ BBQ in Dodgeville, established in 2005, has a rich history rooted in community and flavor. Bob Johnson, a passionate barbecue enthusiast, founded it.

Bob's Bitchin' BBQ

Bob’s commitment to quality meats and secret sauce recipes garnered a loyal customer base, turning it into a staple of Dodgeville’s culinary scene. 

Over the years, the restaurant expanded its menu to offer a diverse range of smoked meats, sides, and signature dishes. 

Bob’s Bitchin’ BBQ isn’t just about the grub! Step in, and you’ll vibe with cool facilities like a spacious dining area decked out with rustic charm. Grab a seat, soak in the BBQ aroma, and feel the good times roll.

Now, amenities and adult things to do in Dodgeville WI? Oh, they’ve got you covered! Free Wi-Fi to snap those Insta-worthy moments of BBQ bliss. 

Plus, kick back in their chill zone with comfy seating – the perfect spot to devour some ribs or chat with your crew.

Dive into the fun side of things with live music – because BBQ and beats go together like sauce on ribs. Get ready for toe-tapping tunes while you savor the flavor.

And for the kiddos or the kid in you, they’ve got games! Yes, games! From classic board games to a corner buzzing with arcade excitement. Keep the young (and young-at-heart) entertained while you savor every smoky bite.

At Bob’s Bitchin’ BBQ, it’s not just a meal; it’s a vibe, a hangout, and a feast for all your senses. So, roll on in and let the good times, great eats, and funky vibes commence!


167 North Iowa Street, Dodgeville, WI 53533, United States

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