11 Most Fun Things To Do In Eminence, Missouri

As a seasoned traveler who has visited Eminence, Missouri more times than you can count, I can confidently say that this charming town holds a special place in my heart.

Nestled within the rugged embrace of the Ozark Mountains, Eminence never fails to captivate me with its unique blend of adventure and tranquility.

With each visit, I find myself drawn to the rich history, stunning landscapes, and countless outdoor activities that make Eminence a perennial favorite.

From floating down the Current River to hiking scenic trails and exploring enchanting caverns, every experience is as exhilarating as the first time.

Eminence is a place where the natural world takes center stage, offering a delightful escape from the chaos of everyday life.

Whether it’s the warm summers perfect for water activities or the breathtaking fall foliage ideal for hiking, every season brings something new and exciting.

After a hundred visits, Eminence still manages to surprise and delight me with its endless charm and fun-filled adventures.

In this article, I’ll highlight the 17 most fun things to do in Eminence. With this list, you’ll never run out of plans when you visit this charming town.

1. Echo Bluff State Park Lodge

Echo Bluff State Park Lodge is a captivating retreat. This picturesque lodge offers a perfect blend of natural beauty and modern comfort.

Echo Bluff State Park Lodge

The park itself was established in 2016, and the lodge was built shortly after. It sits on the grounds of a former private resort, which adds to its charm.

Echo Bluff State Park is surrounded by lush forests, rugged bluffs, and the tranquil waters of Sinking Creek. These natural wonders create a serene backdrop for your stay.

The lodge features cozy guest rooms, a restaurant serving delicious cuisine, and meeting spaces. It’s an ideal base for exploring the park’s hiking trails and enjoying activities like floating on the Current River.

The park’s name, “Echo Bluff,” comes from a unique rock formation that creates echoes in the valley. You can hear your voice bounce off the bluffs!

Echo Bluff State Park Lodge is a family-friendly destination, offering educational programs and adventurous things to do in Eminence for visitors of all ages.

Whether you’re seeking adventure or relaxation, Echo Bluff State Park Lodge provides a welcoming haven in the midst of Missouri’s natural beauty. Come and experience the charm of this Ozark gem.


34489 Echo Bluff Dr, Eminence, MO 65466, United States

2. Cross Country Trail Ride

The Cross Country Trail Ride is a thrilling equestrian experience. This horseback riding destination has a rich history and offers exciting adventures for riders of all levels.

Cross Country Trail Ride

The trail ride has been a cherished tradition since 1945 when a group of friends embarked on a journey through the Ozarks on horseback. This tradition has endured for generations.

The trail ride offers a variety of trails that wind through the stunning Ozark forests and along the beautiful rivers. Riders can choose from short, easy rides to longer, more challenging journeys.

Whether you’re an experienced rider or a beginner, the Cross Country Trail Ride has something for everyone. They provide well-trained horses and expert guides to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

Riders can camp along the trail, trying out new things to do in Eminence and creating a unique bonding experience with fellow adventurers. Campfires and camaraderie under the starry skies are part of the charm.

The Cross Country Trail Ride has become one of the largest and longest-running organized trail rides in the United States, attracting riders from all over the country.

For those seeking a memorable horseback riding adventure immersed in natural beauty and history, the Cross Country Trail Ride in Eminence, Missouri, offers an unforgettable journey through the Ozarks.


MO-19, Eminence, MO 65466, United States

3. Alley Spring Grist Mill Historic Site

The Alley Spring Grist Mill Historic Site is a place where history and nature converge. This site offers a glimpse into the rich heritage of the area.

Alley Spring Grist Mill Historic Site (1)

The grist mill at Alley Spring was built in 1894 and served as a vital hub for the community, grinding wheat and corn into flour and meal for local residents.

The mill sits beside the stunning Alley Spring, known for its vibrant blue color. The combination of the historic mill and the serene spring creates a captivating scene.

Visitors can take guided tours of the mill and learn about its history, the mechanics of milling, and the people who relied on it for their livelihood.

Surrounding the mill, you’ll find hiking trails and picnicking areas that offers to try charming things to do in Eminence. This makes it an ideal spot for a leisurely day out in nature.

The mill is known for its iconic red color, which stands out against the backdrop of the lush greenery and the brilliant blue spring.

The Alley Spring Grist Mill Historic Site is a place where you can step back in time and appreciate the charm of the Ozarks. It’s a testament to the resilience and resourcefulness of the people who once called this area home.


Eminence, MO 65466, United States

4. Round Spring Cavern

Round Spring Cavern is a mesmerizing underground world that beckons adventurers and curious souls. This natural wonder boasts a rich history and a host of fascinating features.

Round Spring Cavern

The cavern’s formation began millions of years ago when water dissolved the limestone, creating the remarkable underground chambers and formations we see today.

Native American artifacts discovered in the cavern indicate that it was used by indigenous peoples long before European settlers arrived in the region.

Visitors can explore the cavern on guided tours led by knowledgeable park rangers. These tours provide insights into the geological processes and the unique ecosystem within the cave.

Round Spring Cavern is adorned with stunning formations like stalactites, stalagmites, and draperies, making it a paradise for speleology enthusiasts and nature lovers.

The cavern was not accessible to the public until 1933 when it was officially opened as a tourist attraction, allowing people to marvel at its natural beauty and experience some unique things to do in Eminence.

Round Spring Cavern offers an opportunity to delve into the subterranean world and witness the remarkable forces of nature at play. It’s a journey through time and geology that leaves visitors in awe of the planet’s enduring beauty.


Eminence, MO 65466, United States

5. Ozark Trail

The Ozark Trail is a breathtaking hiking and backpacking trail system that winds through the rugged beauty of the Ozark Mountains in Missouri. This extensive network of trails offers outdoor enthusiasts a chance to connect with nature and explore the heart of the Ozarks.

Ozark Trail

The idea for the Ozark Trail was born in the early 20th century, and it has evolved over the years. Today, it spans hundreds of miles, showcasing the region’s natural splendor.

The trail system offers a variety of hiking experiences, from easy day hikes to challenging multi-day backpacking adventures. It traverses diverse landscapes, including forests, rivers, and scenic overlooks.

The Ozark Trail is maintained and developed by dedicated volunteers and organizations committed to preserving this natural treasure.

Hikers can explore captivating features along the trail, such as natural springs, historic sites, and panoramic vistas and experience the charm of the area while enjoying exciting things to do in Eminence.

The Ozark Trail Association works tirelessly to expand and improve the trail system, making it accessible to more outdoor enthusiasts and ensuring its preservation for future generations.

The Ozark Trail beckons with its rich history, diverse terrain, and opportunities for exploration and connection with nature. It’s a journey that promises unforgettable experiences amid the splendor of the Ozark Mountains.


406 W High Street Potosi, MO 63664, United States

6. Ozark National Scenic Riverways

The Ozark National Scenic Riverways is a natural wonderland that has captured the hearts of outdoor enthusiasts for generations. This remarkable area boasts a rich history and unique features that make it a cherished destination for nature lovers.

Ozark National Scenic Riverways

The Ozark National Scenic Riverways was established in 1964. It was the first national park created to protect a river system. It encompasses over 80,000 acres of stunning landscapes.

The park is home to two major rivers, the Current River and the Jacks Fork River, known for their crystal-clear waters and excellent canoeing and kayaking opportunities.

Visitors can explore historic grist mills, such as Alley Spring Grist Mill, and see evidence of past human habitation, including Native American relics.

The park is home to intriguing caves, like Round Spring Cavern, where you can embark on guided tours to discover remarkable underground formations.

The Ozark National Scenic Riverways was designated a National Wild and Scenic River, ensuring the preservation of its pristine waters and unique natural features.

The Ozark National Scenic Riverways offers a world of outdoor adventure, where you can paddle, hike, and explore the wonders of the Ozarks in a protected and awe-inspiring environment.


12185 Alley Hollow Road, Eminence, MO 65466, United States

7. Windy’s Canoes Rentals

Windy’s Canoe Rentals has become a beloved destination for river enthusiasts. With a history dating back several decades, Windy’s has established itself as a go-to place for outdoor water adventures.

Windy's Canoes Rentals

Windy’s Canoe Rentals began as a family venture, with a passion for sharing the beauty of the Current River. Over the years, it has grown into a reputable establishment known for its excellent service and love for the river.

Windy’s offers a variety of watercraft, from canoes to kayaks, allowing visitors to explore the picturesque waterways at their own pace and enjoy water activities and other things to do in Eminence.

Nestled amidst the stunning Ozark landscapes, Windy’s provides a gateway to the pristine waters of the Current River, surrounded by lush forests and abundant wildlife.

The knowledgeable staff at Windy’s ensures that all visitors are well-informed about safety measures, making it an ideal choice for families and first-time paddlers.

Windy’s Canoe Rentals is not just a place to rent canoes; it’s a hub of community, bringing people together to enjoy the tranquility of the river and create lasting memories.

Windy’s Canoe Rentals offers a seamless and enjoyable experience, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in the natural wonders of the Current River.


513 Main St, Eminence, MO 65466, United States

8. Eagle Falls Ranch Zipline Adventures

Eagle Falls Ranch Zipline Adventures is an adrenaline-pumping haven for thrill-seekers and nature enthusiasts alike. This exhilarating destination has a fascinating history and unique features that set it apart.

Eagle Falls Ranch Zipline Adventures

Eagle Falls Ranch has a rich history as a working ranch. The zipline adventures were added later, offering visitors a thrilling way to experience the beauty of the Ozarks.

The ranch features an extensive zipline course that takes you soaring through the treetops, providing breathtaking views of the surrounding landscapes.

The zipline adventures offer a diverse range of experiences, from soaring over lush forests to zipping across valleys and even traversing high above the river, experiencing fun things to do in Eminence.

Knowledgeable guides ensure the safety and enjoyment of visitors, sharing insights about the area’s natural beauty and wildlife.

Eagle Falls Ranch Zipline Adventures is not just about thrills; it’s also a place where you can connect with nature and appreciate the stunning vistas of the Ozarks.

Eagle Falls Ranch Zipline Adventures promises an unforgettable journey through the treetops. It’s an adventure that combines the thrill of ziplining with the beauty of the natural world.


15970 Eagle Falls Way, Eminence, MO 65466, United States

9. Alley Spring Campground

Alley Spring Campground offers a serene escape for nature enthusiasts and outdoor lovers. This picturesque campground has a rich history and unique features that make it a beloved destination.

Alley Spring Campground

The campground is set beside the iconic Alley Spring, known for its vibrant blue hue. It has been a gathering place for centuries, serving as a hub for early settlers and Native American communities.

Campers at Alley Spring are treated to stunning river views, lush forests, and the soothing sounds of flowing water. It’s an ideal setting for relaxation and outdoor activities.

The campground provides modern amenities such as restrooms, picnic tables, and fire rings, ensuring a comfortable camping experience among other things to do in Eminence.

Visitors can enjoy a range of activities, including hiking, fishing, and swimming in the crystal-clear waters of the spring.

The area’s rich history is celebrated through the Alley Mill, a historic grist mill nearby, which is a popular attraction for visitors to explore.

Alley Spring Campground offers the perfect setting. It’s a place where you can connect with nature, appreciate the region’s history, and create cherished memories with family and friends.


MO-106, Eminence, MO 65466, United States

10. Blue Springs

Blue Springs is a natural wonder that has captivated visitors for generations. This stunning spring boasts a history as rich as its vibrant blue waters and offers some intriguing facts that make it a must-visit destination.

Blue Springs

Blue Springs has been a source of fascination for centuries, with Native American tribes and early settlers recognizing its beauty and significance.

The spring’s mesmerizing blue color is due to the high concentration of dissolved limestone particles in the water, creating a stunning visual spectacle.

Blue Springs is a popular spot for swimming and snorkeling, thanks to its crystal-clear waters and an underwater landscape teeming with life.

The spring’s ecosystem supports a diverse array of aquatic plants and animals, making it a haven for nature enthusiasts and researchers.

Blue Springs is one of the largest natural springs in Missouri and has a constant flow rate of approximately 90 million gallons of water per day.

Blue Springs offers a unique opportunity to experience the magic of a natural spring and connect with the Ozarks’ rich history. Whether you’re taking a refreshing dip or simply marveling at its beauty, Blue Springs is a true gem in the heart of Missouri.


Route 106. Eminence, MO 65466, United States

11. Two Rivers Canoe Rental

Two Rivers Canoe Rental is a gateway to outdoor adventure and natural beauty. This beloved rental service has an interesting history and some unique facts that make it a popular choice for river explorations.

Two Rivers Canoe Rental

Two Rivers Canoe Rental has been serving adventurers for decades, providing access to the pristine waters of the Current River and the Jacks Fork River.

Nestled in the Ozark National Scenic Riverways, the rental is strategically located to offer paddlers easy access to two of Missouri’s most beautiful and clear rivers.

Two Rivers offers a range of watercraft, including canoes, kayaks, and tubes, catering to visitors of all skill levels and preferences, offering them to try unique things to do in Eminence.

Paddlers can embark on relaxing floats down the rivers or choose more adventurous routes, including sections with mild rapids for a bit of excitement.

The Eminence area is renowned for its high-quality spring waters, which contribute to the clarity and purity of the rivers, making it a prime destination for canoeing and kayaking.

Two Rivers Canoe Rental in Eminence provides an opportunity to paddle through pristine waters and create lasting memories amid Missouri’s captivating riverways. 

Whether you’re a seasoned paddler or a first-time river explorer, this rental service offers the perfect starting point for your outdoor adventure.


21575 State Hwy V, Eminence, MO 65466, United States


Eminence, Missouri, offers a plethora of exciting and enjoyable activities for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts. From floating down the Current River to exploring underground caverns and hiking scenic trails, this charming town in the Ozarks has something for everyone. 

Plan your visit to Eminence and create lasting memories in this natural paradise and experience relaxing things to do in Eminence, MO.