18 Most Fun Things To Do In Mansfield, Ohio

Mansfield, Ohio, has a rich history dating to its founding in 1808. Initially established as a farming community, it quickly grew into an industrial center due to its strategic location along the Ohio and Erie Canal and later the railroad. 

The city played a significant role in manufacturing farm equipment, stoves, and other products during the 19th and 20th centuries.

In tourism, Mansfield is renowned for its connections to popular culture. The historic Ohio State Reformatory, a Gothic-style prison built in the late 1800s, gained fame as the filming location for the movie “The Shawshank Redemption.” 

The film’s enduring popularity attracts fans from all over the world to tour the facility.

Another major tourist attraction is the Mansfield Memorial Museum, which showcases the area’s history, including artifacts and exhibits related to the city’s industrial past.

The city’s natural beauty is also a draw for visitors. With parks like Kingwood Center Gardens and Malabar Farm State Park, outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy stunning landscapes and recreational activities.

Mansfield’s unique blend of historical sites, cultural significance, and natural attractions has solidified its reputation as a compelling destination for tourists seeking a mix of entertainment and history.

Mansfield, Ohio, experiences a temperate climate with four seasons. Summer (June to August) is warm for outdoor activities. 

Spring (March to May) and fall (September to November) offer mild temperatures and vibrant scenery, making them the best months to visit for enjoyable weather and exploring attractions. Winters are cold (December to February), with occasional snowfall.

So whatever weather you’re fond of, plan your visit accordingly, and don’t forget to check out the list below for an amazing experience. 

1) Ohio State Reformatory

Ohio State Reformatory, located in Mansfield, Ohio, holds a fascinating history as a former prison. Built in the late 1800s, it housed thousands of inmates. 

Known for its stunning Gothic architecture, it became a popular filming location for movies like “The Shawshank Redemption.” The facility closed in 1990 and now serves as a museum and tourist attraction, offering visitors an intriguing glimpse into the harsh realities of the past while preserving its unique historical significance.

Ohio State Reformatory
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The Ohio State Reformatory has exceptional fun things to do in Mansfield, Ohio. The museum showcases historical artifacts and prison memorabilia, providing insights into its captivating past. 

Guided tours allow visitors to explore various cell blocks, administrative areas, and the eerie solitary confinement wing. 

Additionally, the facility hosts events, including haunted tours during the Halloween season, attracting thrill-seekers. The beautiful Gothic architecture makes it an excellent backdrop for photography enthusiasts. 

Moreover, there’s a gift shop on-site for souvenirs. Whether you’re a history buff, movie fan, or seeking an adrenaline rush, the Reformatory promises a memorable experience.


100 Reformatory Rd, Mansfield, OH 44905, United States

2) Kingwood Center Gardens

Kingwood Center Gardens, founded in 1926 in Mansfield, Ohio, is a mesmerizing horticultural heaven. Originally the estate of Charles Kelley King, the gardens cover 47 acres, featuring lush landscapes, stunning flora, and unique architectural elements. 

King’s passion for gardening and horticulture flourished, transforming the estate into a public paradise. The Gardens have welcomed countless visitors, hosting events and inspiring generations with their beauty. 

Kingwood Center Gardens
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At Kingwood Center Gardens, a diverse array of fun things to do in Mansfield, Ohio, await visitors. Stroll through themed gardens, including the Sunken, Rose, and Terrace Garden. 

Discover the historic Kingwood Hall, showcasing elegant architecture and interior design. A greenhouse and garden shop offer a chance to take home a piece of the magic. 

Engage in educational programs and workshops to deepen horticultural knowledge. Family-friendly activities, like scavenger hunts and seasonal events, make for delightful experiences. Picnic areas allow for leisurely meals amidst nature’s splendor. 

With a rich history, Kingwood Center Gardens continues to enchant and captivate all who step into its serene and magical world, celebrating the wonder of nature and the legacy of its visionary founder.

Whether seeking tranquility, inspiration or simply fun-filled outings, Kingwood Center Gardens promises cherished memories.


50 Trimble Rd, Mansfield, OH 44903, United States

3) Mansfield Memorial Museum

The Mansfield Memorial Museum, located in Mansfield, Ohio, is a historical institution established to honor local heritage. It showcases diverse artifacts, exhibits, and documents, providing insights into the region’s past. 

The museum’s focal point is the memorial section dedicated to prominent politician John Sherman. Visitors can explore various aspects of the area’s history, including its industrial and cultural development, as well as significant events and figures. 

Mansfield Memorial Museum
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Through its exhibits, the museum preserves and shares the rich history of Mansfield and its impact on the broader American narrative.

Guests can delve deeper into the fascinating exhibits with knowledgeable staff and guided tours. The museum boasts state-of-the-art audio-visual presentations that bring history to life. 

Additionally, it provides accessible spaces for all visitors, ensuring an inclusive and enjoyable visit. While Surrounding the museum are scenic walking trails, perfect for strolls and picnics. 

Nearby parks offer recreational activities such as sports and nature exploration. So if you ever want to visit a place offering many historical things to do in Mansfield, Ohio, remember Mansfield Memorial Museum. 


34 Park Ave W, Mansfield, OH 44903, United States

4) Richland Carrousel Park

Richland Carrousel Park, located in Mansfield, Ohio, opened in 1991. It houses a fully restored 1928 Herschell-Spillman carousel and features 52 hand-carved animals. 

The park’s construction involved the community’s efforts and aimed to revitalize the city’s downtown. Local artists carved the carousel’s horses, and the park’s unique rounding boards showcase local landmarks. 

Richland Carrousel Park
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Beyond its entertainment value, the park significantly preserves historical craftsmanship and fosters community spirit. Visitors can still experience the nostalgia of traditional carousels and appreciate the dedication to preserving a piece of the past.

Richland Carrousel Park offers a delightful experience for all ages with entertaining things to do in Mansfield, Ohio. The park’s facilities include picnic areas for family gatherings and a charming gift shop filled with carousel-themed treasures. 

Kids can have a blast in the adjacent play area while parents relax. The mesmerizing carousel ride takes you back in time with its splendid horses and whimsical music. 

Immersed in history, visitors learn about carousel craftsmanship and the park’s vital role in community revitalization. 

The park’s captivating atmosphere fosters joy and togetherness, creating cherished memories for years. Richland Carrousel Park is an enchanting destination where nostalgia meets fun, making it unforgettable.


75 N Main St, Mansfield, OH 44903, United States

5) Little Buckeye Children’s Museum

The Little Buckeye Children’s Museum is an educational institution in Ohio, USA. Founded in 2009, it aims to inspire children’s curiosity and creativity through interactive exhibits and hands-on learning experiences. 

The museum offers a variety of exhibits covering topics like science, art, history, and technology, all designed to engage young minds and foster a love for learning. 

Little Buckeye Children's Museum
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Over the years, it has become a popular destination for families and school groups, providing a safe and enjoyable space for children to explore, play, and discover the world around them.

At the Little Buckeye Children’s Museum, a world of wonder awaits with many entertaining things to do in Mansfield, Ohio! This captivating institution offers many amenities, including interactive exhibits that spark the imagination and promote science, art, history, and technology learning. 

Young minds can explore themed areas, engaging with hands-on activities that foster creativity and critical thinking. 

The museum’s state-of-the-art facilities ensure a safe and enjoyable environment for families and school groups. 

From the thrilling discovery of historical artifacts to the joy of artistic expression, the Little Buckeye Children’s Museum promises an unforgettable journey of fun and learning, making it a true haven for curious minds to flourish!


175 W 3rd St, Mansfield, OH 44903, United States

6) Malabar Farm State Park

Malabar Farm State Park, established in 1976 in Ohio, was the beloved homestead of Pulitzer Prize-winning author Louis Bromfield. 

This 1,000-acre paradise hosted luminaries like Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall. The park boasts 32 buildings, including Bromfield’s “Big House.” His conservation efforts earned the farm a National Historic Landmark status. 

Malabar Farm State Park
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Visitors enjoy tours, hiking, and exploring pristine farmland. The “Malabar Farm Heritage Days” celebrate the park’s vibrant history and cultural significance. 

It continues to inspire writers and nature enthusiasts, preserving Bromfield’s legacy and promoting environmental awareness in this serene countryside retreat.

Get yourself ready to indulge in various exciting things in Mansfield, Ohio. Immerse yourself in the allure of nature on this 1,000-acre gem in Ohio. 

Discover 32 historic buildings, including the renowned “Big House” of Pulitzer-winning author Louis Bromfield. Hike scenic trails, meandering through lush farmland and wooded wonders. 

Delight in guided tours that unveil captivating stories of the past, once graced by Hollywood legends Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall. 

Capture the essence of conservation at this National Historic Landmark. Enjoy camping, picnicking, and serene strolls along the rolling countryside. 

Embrace the legacy of literary inspiration and experience the magic of Malabar Farm—a destination where dreams and nature unite.


4050 Bromfield Rd, Lucas, OH 44843, United States

7) Gorman Nature Center

Gorman Nature Center, established in 1954, boasts 150 acres of diverse ecosystems. Named after Leonard Gorman, it’s an environmental education hub. 

Hosting birdwatching, hiking, and educational programs connects visitors to nature’s wonders. The center features a planetarium, engaging visitors with celestial insights. 

Gorman Nature Center
Image Via Pinterest

Over the years, it has thrived, inspiring environmental stewardship and fostering an appreciation for wildlife and conservation. 

Gorman Nature Center offers many fun things to do in Mansfield, Ohio, to enchant visitors of all ages. 

Enjoy picturesque hiking trails amidst lush greenery and serene landscapes, perfect for reconnecting with nature. 

Explore the fascinating wildlife exhibits and interactive displays at the visitor center, providing valuable insights into Ohio’s biodiversity. Immerse yourself in the captivating planetarium shows, unraveling the mysteries of the cosmos. 

Birdwatching enthusiasts will delight in spotting rare species in their natural habitats. Engaging educational programs cater to young minds, fostering a love for the environment. 

With a history spanning nearly seven decades, Gorman Nature Center remains a haven for nature enthusiasts, where learning and exploration intertwine, preserving the beauty of the natural world for generations to come.


2295 Lexington Ave, Mansfield, OH 44906, United States

8) Mohican State Park

Mohican State Park has a rich history dating back to the early 20th century. After its establishment in 1949, the park showcased the scenic beauty of the Mohican River and surrounding forests. 

Its history includes Native American presence, logging activities, and the Civilian Conservation Corps’ efforts during the Great Depression. 

Mohican State Park
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Today, visitors can enjoy various recreational activities and things to do in Mansfield, Ohio, including hiking, camping, and fishing, while exploring remnants of its historical past. 

The park remains a beloved destination, offering a blend of natural splendor and cultural heritage for all to experience.

From well-maintained camping grounds and cozy cabins to modern lodges with stunning views, there’s accommodation for every preference. 

Adventurers can revel in hiking through scenic trails, canoeing along the Mohican River, or embarking on thrilling zip line tours. Nature enthusiasts can marvel at the park’s diverse wildlife and breathtaking vistas. The park also hosts educational programs, making it an ideal family destination.


3116 OH-3, Loudonville, OH 44842, United States

9) BibleWalk

BibleWalk is a museum showcasing life-size biblical scenes and wax figures. Opened in 1986, it features stories from the Old and New Testaments, capturing biblical history and characters. 

Visitors explore vivid depictions of Noah’s Ark, Bethlehem, and the Last Supper, among others. The museum aims to educate and inspire through interactive exhibits. With its unique approach, BibleWalk continues to engage audiences, bridging ancient stories with modern audiences and making history come alive.

Image Via Pinterest

At BibleWalk, visitors enjoy many facilities, amenities and exciting things to do in Mansfield, Ohio, making their experience delightful. The museum offers guided tours, informative displays, and friendly staff, ensuring a warm welcome. 

Explore interactive exhibits, lifelike wax figures, and captivating biblical scenes that transport you through time. Engaging activities cater to all ages, like scavenger hunts and storytelling sessions. 

With an on-site café, you can savor delicious snacks and beverages. BibleWalks’ serene garden provides a tranquil space for reflection and contemplation. As you leave, take home souvenirs from the well-stocked gift shop, cherishing cherished memories of a spiritually uplifting and enlightening visit.


500 Tingley Ave, Mansfield, OH 44905, United States

10) Mansfield Fire Museum

The Mansfield Fire Museum, founded in the early 1970s, showcases the rich history of firefighting in Mansfield, Ohio. It features vintage fire engines, equipment, and memorabilia, captivating visitors with its engaging exhibits. 

From its humble beginnings in a small space to its current expansion, the museum educates and honors the brave firefighters who protected the community. 

Mansfield Fire Museum
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Through 80 years of history, the museum remains a symbol of courage, preserving the heritage of firefighting and serving as a timeless tribute to those who risked their lives for public safety.

Nestled amidst nature’s embrace, the Mansfield Fire Museum offers a captivating experience with its modern facilities, charming amenities, and some captivating things to do in Mansfield, Ohio. Explore the history of firefighting through interactive exhibits and vintage fire engines, igniting curiosity in visitors of all ages. 

Wander through lush gardens, where tranquility meets heroism, and savor delectable treats at the cozy on-site cafe. 

Experience the adrenaline rush by participating in hands-on firefighting simulations, an extraordinary adventure for thrill-seekers. 

Complete your visit with a relaxing picnic in the scenic surroundings, cherishing the legacy of courageous firefighters. The Mansfield Fire Museum is not just a destination; it’s an inspirational journey celebrating bravery, community, and the power of preservation.


1265 W 4th St, Mansfield, OH 44903, United States

11) The Renaissance Theatre

The Renaissance Theatre, flourishing from the 14th to 17th century, was a cultural rebirth in Europe. It emphasized humanism, art, and innovation. 

Playwrights like Shakespeare, Marlowe, and Molière emerged, and new genres like tragedy and comedy evolved. The proscenium arch was invented, enhancing stage design. 

The Renaissance Theatre
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Women began acting on stage for the first time. Theatre became a social event for all classes. However, it faced challenges from religious authorities. Despite this, the Renaissance Theatre’s impact on drama and performance laid the foundation for modern theater, leaving a lasting legacy.

This place offers many fun things to do in Mansfield, Ohio, to ensure a memorable experience. You can enjoy the well-equipped fitness center, luxurious spa, and refreshing swimming pools for leisure. 

The diverse options cater to every palate, from fine-dining restaurants to casual cafes. There’s a dedicated kids’ club with engaging activities for family fun. 

Thrill-seekers can indulge in adventurous sports like zip-lining or water sports. Explorers will love guided tours to nearby attractions. Cultural enthusiasts can attend live shows and performances. 

The breathtaking landscapes and scenic views also create a serene ambiance perfect for relaxation and rejuvenation.


138 Park Ave. W. Mansfield, OH 44902 United States

12) Mansfield Art Center

The Mansfield Art Center, founded in the 1940s, has a vibrant history. It began as a small gallery promoting local artists and gradually expanded into a significant cultural hub. 

The center nurtures creativity and community engagement by hosting diverse exhibitions, workshops, and events. 

Mansfield Art Center
Image Via Pinterest

Focusing on contemporary and traditional art forms has influenced generations of artists and enriched the cultural landscape. 

The center’s commitment to fostering artistic expression and celebrating creativity has made it a cherished institution in Mansfield, inspiring countless art enthusiasts and contributing to the region’s artistic legacy.

It is a place where creativity thrives in a delightful environment with various artistic things to do in Mansfield, Ohio! Their state-of-the-art facilities cater to artists of all ages and skill levels, boasting well-equipped studios for painting, sculpture, and ceramics. 

Join engaging workshops led by renowned artists and immerse yourself in diverse exhibitions that inspire wonder.

Stroll through their enchanting sculpture garden, where art and nature unite harmoniously. Experience the joy of creating with our interactive installations, sparking your imagination. 

Whether an art enthusiast or a curious visitor, the Mansfield Art Center offers a captivating experience, leaving you with cherished memories and a newfound love for the arts. Go and discover the magic!


700 Marion Ave, Mansfield, OH 44906, United States

13) Shawshank Trail

The Shawshank Trail honors Stephen King’s novella “Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption,” inspiring the iconic movie. 

Filmed in Ohio’s Mansfield Reformatory, the 80-mile trail covers various filming locations. Revisit the gripping tale of hope and redemption as you explore the Ohio State Reformatory, where the movie was shot. 

Shawshank Trail
Image Via Pinterest

Witness the captivating history of the prison’s architecture and its infamous inmates. Shawshank Trail showcases how fiction became a real-life destination for movie enthusiasts and fans of the timeless story of resilience and friendship.

At Shawshank Trail, you’ll find modern amenities in a historically rich setting with outdoor adventurous activities and things to do in Mansfield, Ohio. The Ohio State Reformatory offers guided tours, bringing the movie’s magic to life. 

Explore the awe-inspiring Gothic architecture, stepping into the shoes of fictional inmates. Don’t miss the chance to snap selfies at iconic filming spots like Brooks’ Room and the famous oak tree. 

Experience themed events like “Escape from Shawshank” challenges, thrilling visitors with puzzle-solving adventures. Savor delicious meals at the on-site restaurant, immersing yourself in the film’s ambience. 

Whether you’re a movie buff or seeking a unique adventure, Shawshank Trail promises an unforgettable journey through hope, redemption, and entertainment.


124 N Main St, Mansfield, OH 44902, United States

14) Oak Hill Cottage

Oak Hill Cottage is a historic mansion located in Mansfield, Ohio. Built-in 1847, it showcases Gothic Revival architecture with unique ornate details. 

The cottage has witnessed various owners and functions throughout its history, including serving as a private residence, a girls’ boarding school, and a museum. 

Oak Hill Cottage
Image Via Pinterest

Today, it stands as a well-preserved landmark, offering visitors a glimpse into the past with its rich history and captivating design.

Stroll through its beautifully landscaped gardens, admire the intricate woodwork and period furnishings inside the mansion, or explore the surrounding historic neighborhood. 

Engage in guided tours, educational programs, and special events. It’s a perfect destination for history enthusiasts and families, offering a delightful blend of education and entertainment. 

With its fascinating history and charming atmosphere, Oak Hill Cottage has many captivating things to do in Mansfield, Ohio. Step back in time and immerse yourself in the allure of this architectural gem, leaving you with cherished memories to cherish forever.


310 Springmill St, Mansfield, OH 44903, United States

15) Mansfield Lahm Regional Airport Aviation Museum

The Mansfield Lahm Regional Airport Aviation Museum showcases the rich aviation history of Mansfield, Ohio. The museum preserves and displays a diverse collection of aircraft, artifacts, and memorabilia.

It highlights the airport’s vital role during World War II as a strategic training base for pilots and crew members. Visitors can explore the fascinating stories of local aviators and the region’s contributions to aviation. 

Mansfield Lahm Regional Airport Aviation Museum
Image Via Pinterest

The museum offers an engaging and educational experience, celebrating the area’s profound impact on aviation over the years.

The Mansfield Lahm Regional Airport offers various educational things to do in Mansfield Ohio. It boasts a modern terminal with comfortable waiting areas, restaurants, and shops, ensuring a pleasant travel experience. 

The Aviation Museum, a major attraction, provides a captivating journey through aviation history with its aircraft exhibits and interactive displays. 

For aviation enthusiasts, the airport also offers plane-spotting opportunities to watch planes take off and land. Additionally, visitors can enjoy scenic views of the airfield and surrounding landscapes. 

Whether exploring the museum, dining, shopping, or simply observing aircraft movements, the airport promises an enjoyable and informative visit for all.


2000 Harrington Memorial Rd, Mansfield, OH 44903, United States

16) Oak Hill Park Disc Golf Course

The Oak Hill Park Disc Golf Course is a popular recreational facility established in the early 1990s. 

Located in a scenic area, it offers players a challenging 18-hole layout through wooded terrain. Over the years, the course has hosted numerous tournaments, attracting disc golf enthusiasts from all over. 

Oak Hill Park Disc Golf Course
Image Via Pinterest

With ongoing maintenance and community support, it remains a cherished spot for players of all skill levels to enjoy the exciting sport of disc golf amidst nature’s beauty.

At Oak Hill Park Disc Golf Course, visitors can relish fun activities and things to do in Mansfield Ohio. The course boasts well-maintained 18 holes amidst picturesque wooded surroundings, catering to both beginners and seasoned players.

Additionally, there are on-site restrooms, ample parking, and picnic areas, making it an ideal spot for gatherings. After a thrilling game, guests can unwind with a leisurely stroll along scenic trails or enjoy a picnic with family and friends. 

The park also hosts occasional events, promoting a sense of community and camaraderie among disc golf enthusiasts. Overall, it’s a fantastic place to immerse yourself in nature while engaging in an exciting sport.


Oak Hill, WV 25901, United States 

17) Snow Trails Ski Resort

Snow Trails Ski Resort, established in 1961, is Ohio’s first commercial ski resort. Located near Mansfield, it started with two slopes and a rope tow. 

Over the years, the resort expanded with additional slopes, chairlifts, and amenities. The resort has remained a popular winter destination for skiing, snowboarding, and tubing enthusiasts, offering a range of trails for all skill levels. 

Snow Trails Ski Resort
Image Via Pinterest

With a focus on family-friendly experiences and consistent snowmaking capabilities, Snow Trails continues to be a cherished winter retreat in the Midwest.

Snow Trails Ski Resort offers many options and things to do in Mansfield Ohio to ensure a memorable winter experience. Besides its diverse slopes and terrain parks, visitors can enjoy a cozy lodge with dining options, ski and snowboard rentals, and a fully stocked ski shop. 

The resort also boasts a tubing park for thrilling rides down the slopes. During warmer months, guests can explore scenic hiking and biking trails. Snow Trails hosts events, competitions, and lessons for all ages and skill levels. 

Whether you’re a seasoned skier or a first-timer, the resort’s friendly atmosphere and array of activities make it a fantastic year-round destination.


3100 Possum Run Rd, Mansfield, OH 44903, United States

18) Mansfield Playhouse

Mansfield Playhouse, founded in 1953, enriches Ohio’s cultural scene with diverse performances. This historic venue has hosted numerous plays, musicals, and community events. 

Mansfield Playhouse
Image Via Pinterest

Its vibrant legacy stems from passionate volunteers, talented actors, and supportive patrons. The Playhouse’s dedication to arts education fosters creativity and inspires future generations. 

From humble beginnings to cherished institutions, it continues to captivate audiences with engaging storytelling and memorable experiences.

At Mansfield Playhouse, art and entertainment come alive with many exciting things to do in Mansfield Ohio! Our state-of-the-art facilities boast comfortable seating, excellent acoustics, and a captivating ambiance.

Enjoy the convenience of a spacious lobby, a delightful snack bar, and accessible amenities.

At Mansfield Playhouse, there’s something for everyone. Immerse yourself in captivating performances, from classic dramas to toe-tapping musicals. 

Join workshops and acting classes to unleash your inner creativity. Be part of our vibrant community and make new friends who share your passion for the arts.

Come and experience the magic of live theater – where dreams unfold, laughter fills the air, and memories are cherished forever. Step into a world of wonder at Mansfield Playhouse!


95 E 3rd St, Mansfield, OH 44902, United States

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