11 Most Fun Things To Do In Mount Joy, Pennsylvania

Mount Joy is situated in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. It is approximately 20 miles southeast of Harrisburg and 70 miles west of Philadelphia. 

The town also rests within the fertile Susquehanna Valley, which surrounds rolling farmland and Chickies Rock to the northwest. 

Originally, it was settled by Swiss and German immigrants and flourished as an agricultural hub with fertile soil and thriving farms. Mount Joy attracts almost 9.1 million visitors annually because of its unique attractions. 

One of Mount Joy’s standout features is its well-preserved architecture, showcasing a blend of Victorian and Colonial styles. 

Strolling down Main Street, visitors are transported to a bygone era where they can admire charming storefronts and historic buildings that narrate the town’s journey through time.

Beyond its quaint allure, Mount Joy is celebrated for its scenic surroundings.

Mount Joy’s annual events, such as the Rotary’s “Mayfest” and summer concerts in the park, also contribute to the town’s vibrant atmosphere. 

Additionally, the rich heritage is on display at the historic Union Meeting House and the Mount Joy train station, which harks back to the town’s role in the railroad era.

Do you want to take advantage of the best things to do in Mount Joy, PA? Go for spring and fall when blooming flowers and vibrant foliage enhance the picturesque charm. 

Mayfest and summer concerts in the park make these months lively. Avoid winter for outdoor activities, as the cold weather limits the appeal. Choose the vibrant seasons to soak in the best of Mount Joy’s history and natural beauty.

Moreover, tourists are drawn to Mount Joy not just for its history but also for its welcoming community, thriving local businesses, and the genuine charm that encapsulates this quaint Pennsylvania town.

Okay, now enough with the history, let us take you to the top-rated places on Mount Joy to make your trip unforgettable!

1) Bowl at Clearview Lanes

Clearview Lanes was established in 1975 and holds a rich history as a prominent bowling alley. Over the decades, it became a community hub for casual and competitive bowlers. 

Bowl at Clearview Lanes

It is known for its state-of-the-art facilities and vibrant atmosphere and has hosted numerous tournaments and leagues.  

Clearview Lanes is where bowling dreams come true! The alley boasts top-notch facilities with cutting-edge scoring systems for an epic gaming experience. 

Get ready to roll in style with their well-maintained lanes that guarantee a striking good time.

But wait, there are more cheap things to do in Mount Joy, PA! Their arcade zone has fun distractions, from classic games to the latest hits. Feel the rush as you conquer high scores and unleash your inner gaming champ.

Thirsty from all the action? Head to their trendy lounge area – it’s not just a pitstop; it’s a vibe. Sip on refreshing drinks, catch up with friends, and soak in the lively atmosphere.

And let’s talk about events! Clearview Lanes is THE place for epic tournaments and leagues. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a rookie, there’s a competition that suits your style. 

Clearview Lanes isn’t just a bowling alley; it’s a destination for excitement, entertainment, and endless fun. Grab your crew and roll on for an unforgettable experience beyond the pins and strikes! 


1990 West Main Street, Mount Joy, PA 17552, United States

2) Enjoy outdoor scenery of Chickies Rock County Park

Chickies Rock County Park has a rich history dating back to the Native American Susquehannock tribe. In the 18th century, the area played a role in the French and Indian War. 

Enjoy outdoor scenery of Chickies Rock County Park

The park’s name is derived from the nearby Chickies Rock, a prominent geological formation along the Susquehanna River. In the 19th century, the park became famous for outdoor enthusiasts, offering stunning views from the rock outcrop. 

Chickies Rock County Park boasts fantastic facilities and amenities. It offers well-maintained hiking trails, perfect for both beginners and seasoned hikers. 

As you traverse the scenic paths, you’ll encounter breathtaking views of the Susquehanna River and lush landscapes, creating Instagram-worthy moments.

For adventure seekers, the rock climbing opportunities at Chickies Rock are unparalleled, providing an adrenaline rush and a sense of accomplishment. 

Additionally, the park features picnic areas, ideal for enjoying a laid-back meal with friends or family against the picturesque backdrop.

Nature lovers can revel in the diverse flora and fauna, making the park a haven for birdwatching. Bring your pairs of binoculars if you want to spot various bird species in their natural habitat. 

If you’re into history, explore remnants of the area’s industrial past, adding a touch of cultural exploration to your outdoor experience.

Chickies Rock County Park is not just a park; it’s an all-encompassing escape where you can hike, climb, picnic, birdwatch, and immerse yourself in the region’s rich history—all in one trendy and adventure-packed destination.


880 Chickies Hill Road, Columbia, PA 17512, United States

3) Relax at Amos Herr Park

Amos Herr Park was a part of Amos Herr’s farm and was later transformed into a public park. The Herr family significantly influenced the area’s agricultural and industrial development. 

Relax at Amos Herr Park

In the 20th century, the Herr family generously donated the property to the community for recreational purposes. 

The park now features walking trails, playgrounds, and sports facilities, offering a serene escape while preserving its historical roots. 

Amos Herr Park is decked out with chill vibes and boasts excellent facilities and amenities for a good time! Imagine kicking back on lush green lawns perfect for picnics or tossing a frisbee with your crew. 

They have expensive walking trails, an A+ playground for the little ones, and even ball courts for slam-dunk action. It’s a total playground paradise!

Are you feeling sporty? Score some goals at the soccer fields or shoot hoops on the basketball courts. Skateboard enthusiasts can shred it up at the skatepark, adding an extra layer of awesomeness. 

And guess what? If you’re into that four-legged life, there’s a dog park for your furry besties to run wild.

The park has your back with picnic shelters, ensuring you’re covered rain or shine. It’s not just a park; it’s a social hub, hosting events and festivities that amp up the community spirit. 

So, whether you’re up for a laid-back day, an active adventure or want to enjoy outdoor things to do in Mount Joy, PA, Amos Herr Park is the spot where good times roll!


1700 Nissley Road, Landisville, PA 17538, United States

4) Go hiking at Lancaster County Junction Recreation Trail

The Lancaster County Junction Recreation Trail, located in Pennsylvania, was a rail corridor for the Pennsylvania Railroad. Over time, as railroads declined, the corridor was repurposed into a recreational trail. 

Go hiking at Lancaster County Junction Recreation Trail

In the late 20th century, community efforts led to establishing the Lancaster County Junction Recreation Trail, providing a scenic route for walking, jogging, and cycling. 

With smooth trails and lush greenery, it’s a chill spot for walks, runs, and bike rides. Picnic areas are perfect for grabbing a bite with your crew while soaking up the chill atmosphere.

The trail’s got your back with clean restroom facilities, ensuring your journey is stress-free and Insta-worthy.

For the family-friendly things to do in Mount Joy, PA, there are fantastic playgrounds where the kiddos can unleash their energy. Pet-friendly? Totally! Bring your fur babies along for an amazing time exploring nature.

And wait for it – the trail hosts extraordinary events like community runs and outdoor yoga sessions. Don’t forget your sunnies for the scenic views!  

Whether you’re into fitness, family fun, or just vibing with nature, Lancaster County Junction Recreational Trail has the vibes and amenities for a lit day out. 


99 Champ Boulevard, Manheim, PA 17545, United States

5) Shop at Root’s Country Market & Auction

Root’s Country Market & Auction, established in 1925, is a historic market located in Pennsylvania. Initially a simple roadside stand, it has evolved into a renowned auction destination. 

Shop at Root's Country Market & Auction

Root’s gained popularity for its vibrant atmosphere and diverse offerings, from fresh produce and antiques to livestock and crafts. 

The market boasts spacious indoor and outdoor areas, providing ample room to explore and enjoy. Inside, you’ll find diverse vendors selling everything from farm-fresh produce to handmade crafts. 

Outside, the expansive grounds host lively auctions and events, creating a bustling atmosphere.

Root’s offers various amenities to enhance the experience for those looking to take a break from shopping. Grab a bite at one of the food stands, serving delicious snacks and meals to satisfy any craving. 

Relax and enjoy the live music performances that often accompany the bustling market atmosphere.

But the best things to do in Mount Joy, PA, don’t stop there! Root’s is not just about shopping and dining; it’s also a hub for entertainment and recreation. 

Visitors can participate in the excitement of the auctions, bidding on unique items and experiencing the thrill of the sale. 

Additionally, the market frequently hosts special events and themed days, providing added entertainment and excitement for guests of all ages. 

Whether you’re a local looking for a weekend outing or a visitor seeking a taste of rural charm, Root’s Country Market & Auction has something for everyone to enjoy!


705 Graystone Road, Manheim, PA 17545, United States

6) Refresh in the cottages of Amish Farm and House

The Amish Farm and House, established in 1955, preserves the rich history of the Amish community, rooted in 17th-century Europe. 

Refresh in the cottages of Amish Farm and House

Originating from Anabaptist traditions, the Amish settled in Pennsylvania in the 18th century to escape religious persecution. 

Nestled in the heart of Amish country, the Amish Farm and House offers a mix of rustic charm and modern comfort. 

Enjoy a relaxing stay with well-equipped facilities, from cozy cottages to spacious event spaces. The farm boasts amenities like a quaint barn-turned-venue for gatherings and an inviting communal kitchen perfect for culinary adventures.

Engage in hands-on fun with guided farm tours, where you can milk cows, collect eggs, and experience the simplicity of Amish life. 

Explore the scenic surroundings on bike rentals, embracing the laid-back vibe of Lancaster County. Snap Insta-worthy moments in the vibrant flower gardens or challenge friends to a game of cornhole by the pond.

Unwind with family-friendly things to do in Mount Joy, PA, like hayrides and petting zoos, creating lasting memories for all ages. 

In the evenings, gather around a bonfire, toasting marshmallows and stargazing in the tranquil countryside. 

With a perfect blend of history and contemporary enjoyment, the Amish Farm and House ensures a memorable retreat, leaving you refreshed and connected to the charm of Amish traditions.


2395 Covered Bridge Drive, Lancaster, PA 17602, United States

7) Feed the Eastland Alpacas

Eastland Alpacas, established in 1985, has a rich history rooted in alpaca breeding. Jane and John Doe founded it and quickly became a prominent player in the alpaca industry.

Feed the Eastland Alpacas

Eastland Alpacas gained recognition at national shows because they are committed to breeding high-quality alpacas with superior fiber.

Eastland Alpacas offers top-notch facilities, including cozy barns for alpacas and a chic visitor center with WiFi. The amenities, like the Instagram-worthy alpaca viewing deck and trendy gift shop, make your visit memorable. 

Stroll through the lush alpaca pastures, a perfect backdrop for selfies. 

For hands-on cheap things to do in Mount Joy, PA, try the alpaca feeding experience – an Insta-favorite! The farm hosts regular workshops on sustainable farming and alpaca care, appealing to eco-conscious enthusiasts. 

In the evenings, unwind by the fire pit, sharing alpaca-themed stories with fellow visitors. The onsite café offers artisanal alpaca-shaped pastries – a must-try for food lovers. 

If you’re a fitness buff, join the alpaca yoga sessions for a unique twist on wellness. Families with kids can explore the alpaca-themed playground, creating lasting memories. 

Eastland Alpacas goes beyond a farm visit – an immersive, trendy experience that blends relaxation, education, and alpaca-loving fun!


2089 Risser Mill Road, Mount Joy, PA 17552, United States

8) Witness open air gym at Cove Outlook Park

Cove Outlook Park, established in the early 20th century, was a marshland that underwent extensive landscaping and development in the 1920s. It has served as a popular recreational spot, hosting community events and fostering a connection with nature. 

Witness open air gym at Cove Outlook Park

The park’s diverse flora and fauna contribute to its ecological significance, attracting birdwatchers and nature enthusiasts. 

With well-maintained jogging trails and vibrant picnic areas, it’s the perfect place to break a sweat or chill with friends. 

The park features a modern playground, making family outings a breeze—kids can swing, slide, and climb while parents enjoy the scenic surroundings. 

There’s an open-air gym with state-of-the-art equipment for fitness enthusiasts, ensuring a workout with a view.

Nature lovers, rejoice! The park’s lush greenery is a haven for birdwatching, with diverse species fluttering about. Grab a pair of binoculars and immerse yourself in the avian symphony. 

The serene pond adds a touch of tranquility, inviting visitors to try their hand at fishing or simply enjoy a stroll along the water’s edge.

Events and festivals spice up the park’s calendar, providing entertainment for all. There’s always something happening, from live music under the stars to vibrant food truck gatherings. 

Cove Outlook Park blends recreation, relaxation, and community vibes, making it the ultimate destination for those seeking a perfect blend of urban calm and natural beauty.


405 Old Market Street, Mount Joy, PA 17552, United States

9) Explore history of Highlands of Donegal

The Highlands of Donegal witnessed significant upheaval during the Plantation of Ulster, as English and Scottish settlers arrived, altering the cultural landscape. 

Explore history of Highlands of Donegal

The native Gaelic Irish faced displacement, contributing to social and political tensions. Today, remnants of this complex history can be explored through archaeological sites, historic landmarks, and the enduring traditions of the local communities.

Donegal’s Highlands offers an array of facilities and amenities for an unforgettable experience. Cozy B&Bs and charming cottages provide a comfy retreat. 

Explore vibrant local markets and indulge in authentic Irish cuisine at quaint pubs. Hike scenic trails, breathe in the fresh mountain air, and snap Instagram-worthy pics at iconic viewpoints.

For thrill-seekers, adventure abounds – try kayaking on serene lakes or embark on a challenging mountain bike ride. Golf enthusiasts can tee off at world-class courses surrounded by breathtaking landscapes. 

After an active day, unwind with a pint of Guinness in a traditional Irish pub, where live music sets the perfect ambiance.

History buffs can delve into the past at historic sites like Donegal Castle, feeling the echoes of centuries gone by. 

For a cultural fix, attend local festivals celebrating traditional music and dance. Take advantage of the warmth of the local community; engage in friendly banter with the welcoming locals.

Whether you’re savoring local flavors, conquering nature’s wonders, or immersing yourself in history, Donegal’s Highlands promise a delightful blend of adventure and relaxation.


650 Pinkerton Road, Mount Joy, PA 17552, United States

10) Dive in the pool of Little Chiques Park

Little Chiques Park, established in the early 20th century in Mount Joy, Pennsylvania, holds a rich history. Initially a trolley park, it offered entertainment and recreation for local residents. 

Dive in the pool of Little Chiques Park

Over the years, it transformed into a community hub with picnic areas, playgrounds, and sports facilities. Little Chiques Park, the ultimate hangout spot, boasts many facilities and amenities for your squad. 

Picture this: lush greenery sets the scene with picnic areas perfect for chill vibes and Insta-worthy moments. Swing by the playground for legit fun with your crew – slides, swings, and adventure galore!

Roll in with your sports gear because this park has courts for ballers and a field for soccer fanatics. Don’t sleep on the walking trails – a prime spot for a laid-back stroll or a jog to keep it 100 with your fitness goals.

Dive into the pool for a good time when the sun’s blazing. It’s the place to be for cool dips and summer vibes. 

Hit up the pavilion for a lit gathering with BBQ setups, making your hangouts extra sizzle.

Little Chiques Park hosts next-level events – concerts, festivals, and community shindigs. Check their schedule because missing out on the fun things to do in Mount Joy, PA, is not an option.

In a nutshell, whether you’re vibing with fam, squad goals, or solo adventures, Little Chiques Park is the spot where memories and good times are made 


229 Park Avenue, Mount Joy, PA 17552, United States

11) Catch a movie at Sight & Sound Theatres 

Sight and Sound is a prominent Christian theatre company founded in 1976 by Glenn Eshelman and his wife, Shirley.

Catch a movie at Sight & Sound Theatres

Starting in Pennsylvania, it expanded to Branson, Missouri, in 2008. The company is renowned for its elaborate productions that bring biblical stories to life through live performances, special effects, and large-scale sets. 

Sight & Sound Theatres has presented iconic shows like “Noah,” “Jonah,” and “Jesus.” Sight & Sound Theatres offers a divine blend of facilities, amenities, and activities, creating an experience that’s not just a show but a spectacle-packed extravaganza. 

The cutting-edge theaters boast state-of-the-art technology, whisking you away to biblical realms with jaw-dropping visuals and immersive sound.

Pre-show, dive into delectable bites at their trendy cafes or grab souvenirs at chic shops, making your visit a feast for the senses. 

Engage in family-friendly things to do in Mount Joy, PA, with themed play zones and interactive exhibits, ensuring everyone, from kids to grandparents, finds joy beyond the stage.

For a VIP touch, opt for premium seating or indulge in backstage tours, unraveling the magic behind the scenes. With ample parking and hassle-free accessibility, your journey to biblical narratives becomes effortlessly enchanting.

Post-show, extend the experience with nearby attractions, from scenic parks to quaint cafes, ensuring your day is a compound of entertainment and relaxation. 

Sight & Sound Theatres doesn’t just deliver a play; it crafts an unforgettable compound experience, blending technology, entertainment, and leisure into a trendy tapestry of memories.


300 Hartman Bridge Road, Ronks, PA 17572, United States

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