11 Most Fun Things To Do In New Castle, Pennsylvania

New Castle, Pennsylvania, is a charming city bursting with history, culture, and plenty of recreational activities in the western part of the state. 

The city has its roots tracing back to the 18th century and has witnessed the rise of the American steel industry and played a pivotal role in shaping the nation’s industrial landscape.

New Castle boasts an array of historical landmarks such as the Lawrence County Historical Society Museum. The beautifully preserved downtown area transport visitors back in time to an era of prosperity and innovation. 

The city’s industrial past is evident in its architecture and the stories etched into its streets. Almost 22,000 residents are part of this quaint town and are inspired by the history it has to offer.

Annually, New Castle welcomes thousands of visitors eager to explore its historical sites, enjoy outdoor adventures, and indulge in its local cuisine.

The weather in New Castle varies throughout the year, with warm summers ideal for outdoor activities and cool winters perfect for cozying up indoors. 

The best time to visit is during the spring and fall when the weather is mild, and the city comes alive with festivals and events celebrating its culture and heritage.

Experience the allure of New Castle, where history meets modern-day charm, and every visit promises unforgettable memories waiting to be made.

From exploring historical sites to indulging in outdoor adventures and enjoying local cuisine, here are the 11 most fun things to do in New Castle, PA.

1. Discover North Hill Historic District

Marvel at the well-preserved architecture which includes the Lawrence County Historical Society Museum housed in the former home of a prominent industrialist. 

Discover North Hill Historic District

The North Hill Historic District was established in 1917 and is a testament to the city’s rich history and architectural heritage. This district is renowned for its well-preserved Victorian and Colonial Revival-style homes that reflects the affluent lifestyle of its early residents. 

Many of these homes feature intricate detailing, including ornate woodwork, stained glass windows, and spacious verandas. The district’s tree-lined streets and meticulously landscaped gardens add to its charm and allure. 

Today, the North Hill Historic District is a popular destination for history enthusiasts and architectural buffs alike. It offers guided tours and events that showcase the area’s unique heritage. 

It stands as a proud reminder of New Castle’s past and continues to captivate visitors with its timeless beauty and historical significance.


200-398 E Winter Ave, New Castle, PA 16101, United States

2. Visit the Hoyt Institute of Fine Arts

Art enthusiasts will delight in a visit to the Hoyt Institute of Fine Arts. This cultural hub showcases a diverse range of artwork such as paintings, sculptures, and photography from local and regional artists.

Visit the Hoyt Institute of Fine Arts

The Hoyt Institute of Fine Arts was founded in 1914 and is a prominent cultural institution dedicated to promoting the arts in the region. It offers a variety of programs and exhibitions showcasing local and regional artists. 

The institute hosts art classes, workshops, and lectures for individuals of all ages and skill levels. The Hoyt Art Center is located within the institute and houses a diverse collection of artwork that includes paintings, sculptures, and ceramics. 

Additionally, the institute features a gift shop where visitors can purchase unique handmade items created by local artists. 

The Hoyt Institute of Fine Arts plays a vital role in the community which provides educational opportunities and fostering appreciation for the arts through its engaging programs and exhibitions.


124 E Leasure Ave, New Castle, PA 16101, United States

3. Explore Cascade Park

Escape the hustle and bustle of the city and immerse yourself in nature at Cascade Park. This picturesque park features serene walking trails, cascading waterfalls, and scenic picnic areas. 

Explore Cascade Park

Cascade Park is a picturesque outdoor destination with a rich history and plenty of attractions. It was originally established in 1897 and designed as a recreational area for residents to enjoy nature. 

The park is named after the cascading waterfalls that flow through it which adds to its scenic beauty. Visitors can explore the park’s well-maintained walking trails, picnic areas, and playgrounds. 

Cascade Park also features a historic carousel dating back to 1899, which has been meticulously restored and is a popular attraction for families. 

Additionally, the park boasts a beautiful rose garden, tennis courts, and a pavilion for events and gatherings and offers a quaint space to enjoy charming things to do in New Castle. 

Over the years, Cascade Park has remained a beloved destination for outdoor enthusiasts and offers opportunities for relaxation, recreation, and appreciation of nature’s beauty.


1928 E Washington St, New Castle, PA 16101, United States

4. Tee Off at Sylvan Heights Golf Course

Golf enthusiasts will appreciate the challenging yet scenic layout of Sylvan Heights Golf Course. Practice your swing amidst rolling hills, towering trees, and manicured greens. After a round of golf, unwind at the clubhouse and enjoy a refreshing drink or meal.

Tee Off at Sylvan Heights Golf Course

Sylvan Heights Golf Course was established in 1926 and has a rich history and is a favorite destination for golf enthusiasts. The course was designed by architect Emil Loeffler and features a scenic layout amidst rolling hills and lush greenery. 

Sylvan Heights offers 18 challenging holes that cater to golfers of all skill levels. It has hosted numerous tournaments and events over the years which showcases its reputation as a premier golfing destination in the region. 

The course is known for its well-maintained fairways and greens that provide an enjoyable experience for players. Additionally, Sylvan Heights Golf Course offers amenities such as a clubhouse, pro shop, and practice facilities. 

Whether you’re a seasoned golfer or a beginner looking to improve your game, Sylvan Heights provides a beautiful setting and top-notch facilities for a memorable golfing experience.


2661 Ellwood Rd, New Castle, PA 16101, United States

5. Visit the Lawrence County Historical Society

The Lawrence County Historical Society is a hub of local history and heritage. It was founded in 1926 to preserve and celebrate the rich cultural heritage of Lawrence County. 

Visit the Lawrence County Historical Society

The society operates a museum housed in a historic building, showcasing artifacts, documents, and photographs that tell the story of the region’s past. 

Visitors can explore exhibits highlighting various aspects of Lawrence County’s history, including its industrial heritage, Native American heritage, and contributions to the Civil War. 

The museum also offers educational programs, guided tours, and special events throughout the year. Additionally, the Lawrence County Historical Society maintains an extensive archive and research library.

As a focal point for preserving and sharing Lawrence County’s heritage, the society plays a vital role in connecting present generations with the region’s past and offers them a chance to explore unique things to do in New Castle.


408 N Jefferson St, New Castle, PA 16101, United States

6. Attend a Performance at the New Castle Playhouse

Experience the thrill of live theater at the New Castle Playhouse. This community theater showcases a variety of productions throughout the year, ranging from Broadway musicals to thought-provoking dramas. 

Attend a Performance at the New Castle Playhouse

The New Castle Playhouse is a renowned community theater with a rich history of entertaining audiences. It was established in 1958 with a passion for the performing arts. 

The playhouse has since become a cultural hub in the region, showcasing a variety of theatrical productions throughout the year. From classic plays to Broadway musicals and contemporary dramas, the New Castle Playhouse offers something for everyone to enjoy. 

The theater is run by volunteers who dedicate their time and talent to bringing live theater to the community. In addition to its main stage productions, the playhouse also hosts educational programs, workshops, and youth theater initiatives. 

The New Castle Playhouse is committed to artistic excellence and community engagement and continues to delight audiences and inspire aspiring actors and theater lovers.


202 E Long Ave, New Castle, PA 16101, United States

7. Bowl at the Colonial Lanes

Colonial Lanes in New Castle has been a beloved bowling alley for generations. It was founded in 1959 to provide a recreational venue for the community. The bowling alley quickly became a popular gathering spot for families and friends looking for fun and entertainment. 

Bowl at the Colonial Lanes

Colonial Lanes features a classic bowling alley layout with multiple lanes, automatic scoring systems, and a cozy snack bar. Over the years, it has hosted countless bowling leagues, tournaments, and special events that attract bowlers of all ages and skill levels. 

The alley has also undergone renovations and upgrades to keep up with modern standards while maintaining its nostalgic charm. Visit the alley to add some excitement to your list of things to do in New Castle.

Whether you’re a seasoned bowler or a beginner looking to have some fun, Colonial Lanes offers a welcoming environment and plenty of opportunities for strikes and spares.


3210 Wilmington Rd Behind Soni’s Italian Restaurant, New Castle, PA 16105, United States

8. Attend the Scottish Rite Cathedral

The Scottish Rite Cathedral in New Castle is an iconic landmark with a fascinating history. It was built in 1926 as a grand meeting place and cultural center for the community. 

Attend the Scottish Rite Cathedral

The cathedral features stunning Neo-Gothic architecture, complete with intricate stone carvings, stained glass windows, and a majestic tower. 

Over the years, it has served as a venue for various events that include Masonic ceremonies, weddings, concerts, and theatrical performances. 

The cathedral’s main auditorium is renowned for its exceptional acoustics which makes it a popular choice for musical performances and recitals. Additionally, the building houses several banquet halls and meeting rooms that provide versatile spaces for gatherings and events. 

Today, the Scottish Rite Cathedral stands as a proud symbol of Freemasonry’s influence in New Castle and continues to be a cherished venue for cultural and community activities.


110 E Lincoln Ave, New Castle, PA 16101, United States

9. Dine at Twenty-six Bar And Grill

Twenty-six Bar and Grill is a popular eatery in New Castle. It serves as a hub for locals and visitors alike. The restaurant was established in 2015 and offers a diverse menu with a focus on American cuisine, featuring classic dishes with a modern twist. 

Dine at Twenty-six Bar And Grill

Patrons can enjoy a relaxed atmosphere and friendly service while indulging in delicious food. With its convenient location and inviting ambiance, Twenty-six Bar and Grill has become a go-to destination for dining out in the area. 

Whether it’s grabbing a casual meal with friends or celebrating a special occasion, this restaurant provides a welcoming environment for all. Additionally, the establishment hosts various events and specials throughout the year, adding to its appeal among the community. 

Overall, Twenty-six Bar and Grill continues to be a cherished dining spot in New Castle and is known for its tasty food and welcoming atmosphere.


1223 E Washington St, New Castle, PA 16101, United States

10. Hike the North Country Trail

Outdoor enthusiasts can embark on a hiking adventure along the North Country Trail, which passes through the outskirts of New Castle. Lace up your hiking boots and traverse scenic trails that wind through lush forests, meandering rivers, and rolling hills.

Hike the North Country Trail

The North Country Trail spans over 4,600 miles across seven states. It provides stunning views of nature and various landscapes for hikers to explore. 

The trail meanders through forests, fields, and scenic vistas that offer a picturesque experience for outdoor enthusiasts. The trail dates back to the early 20th century and follows the paths of Native Americans and pioneers who once traveled these lands. 

Along the way, hikers can discover interesting landmarks and historical sites that add to the trail’s allure. Serving as a recreational resource for communities, the North Country Trail promotes outdoor activities and environmental conservation efforts. 

Whether it’s a leisurely stroll or a challenging trek, the trail welcomes visitors of all ages to enjoy the beauty of nature and tranquil things to do in New Castle.


1000 Willowbrook Road New Castle, PA 16101, United States

11. Visit the Living Treasures Wild Animal Park

Living Treasures Wild Animal Park in New Castle is a beloved destination for animal lovers. The park was founded in 2000 and offers a unique opportunity to observe and learn about a variety of wild animals in a safe and natural environment. 

Visit the Living Treasures Wild Animal Park

Visitors can interact with exotic species such as tigers, giraffes, and lemurs while enjoying educational presentations and feeding experiences. The park is committed to animal conservation and provides sanctuary to rescued and endangered animals. 

Living Treasures has sprawling grounds and well-maintained habitats and offers a memorable experience for families and individuals alike. Throughout the year, the park hosts special events and activities and includes guided tours and animal encounters. 

Whether it’s exploring the African savannah or observing North American wildlife, Living Treasures Wild Animal Park offers a fun and educational adventure for everyone.


268 Fox Rd, New Castle, PA 16101, United States


From exploring historical landmarks to indulging in outdoor adventures and savoring local cuisine, New Castle offers a wide array of fun activities for visitors of all ages. 

Whether you’re seeking relaxation or adventure, you’re sure to create lasting memories with these 11 most fun things to do in New Castle, PA