20 Most Fun Things To Do In Williams, Arizona

Williams, Arizona, founded in 1881, holds a captivating history. Once a prominent logging and ranching town, it thrived as a stop along the Santa Fe Railroad. Later it became a gateway to the Grand Canyon.

Williams’ iconic Route 66 status during the mid-20th century further shaped its character, attracting travelers with its vibrant motels, diners, and classic cars.

Today, it is preserved as a Wild West heritage, captivating visitors with its nostalgic charm. Additionally, it is renowned for its nostalgic Route 66 ambiance and annual rodeo that contributes to its fame.

Here you can get unique specialties such as local craft breweries, authentic Wild West experiences, delightful cowboy cuisine, and an array of outdoor adventures and things to do in Williams, AZ, including hiking, camping, and wildlife viewing.

Williams experiences a diverse climate with hot summers and cold winters. The best months to visit are typically from May to October, offering pleasant weather for outdoor activities. While winter months, January to March, bring snow and colder temperatures, appealing to winter sports enthusiasts.

Whenever you plan a visit here, keep your clothes according to the weather. You’ll relish having an unforgettable experience. 

1) Grand Canyon Railway

The Grand Canyon Railway, established in 1901, was significant in transporting tourists to the majestic Grand Canyon National Park.

Grand Canyon Railway
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It operated steam engines until 1923 and then switched to diesel locomotives. After a temporary closure, it reopened in 1989 and continues to provide scenic journeys to the awe-inspiring natural wonder.

The Grand Canyon Railway offers comfortable passenger cars, onboard narration, breathtaking views, a gift shop, dining options, and entertainment. 

Do you want to enhance the overall experience of traveling? Go on a tour of the awe-inspiring Grand Canyon National Park.

There are numerous activities and things to enjoy in Williams, AZ. Visitors can hike along the various trails, take a helicopter or mule rides, go white-water rafting, or enjoy scenic drives along the rim.

Exploring the visitor centers, attending ranger-led programs, and capturing stunning photographs are also popular.

Additionally, the Grand Canyon Skywalk, a glass bridge extending over the canyon, offers a unique and thrilling perspective of the breathtaking landscape. So wait, no more and just the real world of adventure at Grand Canyon Railway.


Arizona, United States

2) Bearizona Wildlife Park

Bearizona Wildlife Park is a popular drive-through and walk-through animal park that opened in 2010 and has 160 acres of space. Visitors can observe various North American wildlife, including bears, wolves, bison, and more.

Bearizona Wildlife Park
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It also offers educational programs and an immersive wildlife experience for all ages. It has various amenities, including a drive-through safari experience, walk-through exhibits, a gift shop, picnic areas, and a café.

They also organize wildlife shows, a petting zoo, and educational programs for visitors to learn more about the animals and their habitats.

At Bearizona Wildlife Park, there are plenty of things to do in Williams, AZ. Take a scenic drive through the park and observe North American wildlife up close.

Explore the exhibits to see more animals and enjoy wildlife shows. Visit the gift shop for souvenirs, dine at the café, and picnic in designated areas.

If you’re accompanying your kids, they can enjoy the petting zoo and participate in educational programs for an enriching experience.


1500 E Rte 66, Williams, AZ 86046, United States

3) Kaibab National Forest

Kaibab National Forest covers an area of approximately 1.6 million acres and is divided into two main sections: the North Kaibab Ranger District and the Williams Ranger District.

Kaibab National Forest
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The North Kaibab Ranger District is known for its high-elevation forests, including ponderosa pine, aspen, and spruce fir. It also offers various recreational opportunities, such as camping, hiking, and wildlife viewing.

Meet the buddies having their homes at Kaibab National Forest, including mule deer, elk, wild turkeys, and numerous bird species. 

The forest is also home to the endangered California condor, and efforts are being made to reintroduce and protect this species.

Explore its numerous trails, and enjoy camping in designated campgrounds or dispersed camping areas.

Get engaged in activities like fishing, hunting, and mountain biking because here, you’ll get many things to do in Williams, AZ. 

It is important to note that specific regulations and permits may be required for certain activities, so it is advisable to check with the forest service before planning your visit.

Overall, Kaibab National Forest offers a beautiful natural landscape and a range of recreational opportunities, making it a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts.


Forest Service Rd 47, Williams, AZ 86046, United States

4) Williams Depot

The Williams Depot is a historic train station built in 1908; it served as a crucial transportation hub for the Grand Canyon Railway.

Williams Depot
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Today, it continues to welcome visitors and operates as a starting point for scenic journeys to the iconic Grand Canyon National Park.

The Williams Depot offers amenities such as ticketing services, a gift shop, restrooms, and a waiting area. Visitors can also enjoy dining options, including a cafe and a restaurant while waiting for their train departure.

In Williams Depot, you can explore various activities and things to do in Williams, AZ. You can embark on a scenic train ride to the majestic Grand Canyon, witnessing breathtaking views.

The historic downtown of Williams offers charming shops, restaurants, and Route 66 nostalgia. Outdoor enthusiasts can also engage in hiking, mountain biking, and wildlife spotting in the surrounding forests and parks.


233 N Grand Canyon Blvd, Williams, AZ 86046, United States

5) Wild West Junction

Wild West Junction is a unique attraction in AZ, established in 2011. It recreates the ambiance of the Wild West era, featuring a Western town setting with saloons, shops, and a live-action cowboy shootout.

Wild West Junction
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It aims to preserve the spirit of the Old West and entertain visitors with live performances, themed events, and an opportunity to immerse themselves in the rich culture of the Wild West.

At Wild West Junction, visitors can enjoy various amenities and things to do in Williams, AZ. These include gift shops for souvenirs and a restaurant serving Western-style cuisine.

Join Wild West Junction to watch thrilling live cowboy shootout performances, dine at the Western-style restaurant, browse through unique gift shops, and sip drinks at the authentic saloon.

You can also explore the Old West-themed town, take memorable photos, and immerse yourself in the ambiance of the Wild West through various interactive experiences and events.

This place is a haven for cowboy enthusiasts, so whenever you seek a place like this, hit the road of Wild West Junction.


321 E Rte 66, Williams, AZ 86046, United States

6) Grand Canyon Railway & Hotel

Since 1901, Grand Canyon Railway & Hotel has woven a remarkable history. It began as a lifeline for the development of the Grand Canyon, transporting passengers, supplies, and mail.

Grand Canyon Railway & Hotel
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Over the years, the railway evolved into a renowned tourist attraction, offering scenic journeys to one of the world’s natural wonders.

It has many modern amenities, including comfortable accommodations, dining options, and access to recreational activities like hiking, biking, and guided tours. 

As a guest, you can relax and immerse yourself in the natural splendor of the surrounding area while enjoying the conveniences of a well-appointed hotel.

There are many exciting activities and things to do in Williams, AZ. But the Grand Canyon Railway & Hotel is above all.

Take a scenic train journey through the breathtaking landscapes, embark on thrilling hiking trails, explore the canyon on guided tours, or rent bikes to traverse the picturesque surroundings.

Enjoy wildlife spotting and stargazing, or visit Grand Canyon National Park. Immerse yourself in adventure and create unforgettable memories at this remarkable destination to carve new laughter in your heart. 


235 N Grand Canyon Blvd, Williams, AZ 86046, United States

7) Monument Park

Monument Park is a historic site located within Yankee Stadium. It was created in 1932 to honor the legendary players and figures associated with the baseball team.

Monument Park
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The park showcases plaques, retired numbers, and statues, celebrating the team’s rich history. It is a tribute to the achievements and contributions of the Yankees’ iconic players and personnel.

As a visitor here, you can pay homage to Monument Park’s legendary players and significant figures.

In addition to exploring Monument Park, visitors can enjoy various activities and things to do in Williams, AZ. You can attend thrilling baseball games, cheering and soaking in the electrifying atmosphere.

The stadium also hosts concerts, sporting events, and special events yearly. Fans can indulge in delicious food and beverages, browse merchandise at the team store, and create unforgettable memories in this iconic sports venue.


Williams, AZ 86046, United States

8) Planes of Fame Air Museum

The Planes of Fame Air Museum in Williams, AZ, is a renowned institution dedicated to preserving and showcasing aviation history.

Planes of Fame Air Museum
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It houses an impressive collection of historic aircraft, including World War II fighters, bombers, and other military and civilian planes.

The museum provides visitors with a unique opportunity to learn about and appreciate the significant role of aviation in shaping our world.

The Planes of Fame Air Museum in Williams, AZ, offers various amenities for visitors, including guided tours, educational exhibits, a gift shop, a picnic area, and the opportunity to watch aircraft demonstrations and airshows.

At the Planes of Fame Air Museum, visitors can engage in various activities and things to do in Williams, AZ. You can explore the extensive collection of historic aircraft and enjoy guided tours to learn about aviation history.

Participate in educational exhibits, shop for aviation-themed merchandise at the gift shop, relax, and picnic in the designated area. Witness thrilling aircraft demonstrations and airshows to increase your knowledge about fighter planes. 


755 S Mustang Blvd, Williams, AZ 86046, United States

9) Bill Williams Mountain

Bill Williams Mountain is a majestic peak located in northern Arizona, USA.

Standing 9,256 feet, it offers breathtaking panoramic views of the surrounding forests and valleys.

Bill Williams Mountain
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The mountain is renowned for its diverse wildlife and hiking trails, attracting outdoor enthusiasts year-round. Its beauty and tranquility make it a popular destination for nature lovers seeking adventure and serenity.

Bill Williams Mountain offers various amenities, including picnic areas, camping grounds, and restroom facilities.

These amenities enhance the overall experience and provide comfort and convenience for those exploring the mountain’s natural wonders.

As an outdoor enthusiast here, you find many activities and things to do in Williams, AZ. Hiking trails cater to different skill levels, leading to scenic viewpoints and opportunities to spot wildlife.

Camping allows for overnight stays in the heart of nature. Birdwatching, photography, and stargazing are popular pastimes.

In winter, the mountain is a haven for snowshoeing and cross-country skiing. However, the mountain’s beauty provides endless opportunities for exploration and adventure.


Coconino County, Arizona, US

10) White Horse Lake Campground

The White Horse Lake Campground has a rich history dating to its establishment in the early 1900s.

White Horse Lake Campground
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Nestled amidst Arizona’s picturesque Coconino National Forest, it has been a popular recreational destination for outdoor enthusiasts for decades.

The campground offers a tranquil escape from city life, surrounded by towering pine trees and serene lakeshore views.

Visitors can enjoy activities such as fishing, hiking, and wildlife spotting. With its scenic beauty and a touch of nostalgia, White Horse Lake Campground continues to captivate nature lovers.

At White Horse Lake Campground, you can enjoy various outdoor things to do in Williams, AZ.

Explore the scenic trails for hiking and biking, fishing in the lake, or taking a leisurely boat ride.

Set up a picnic camp, have a barbecue, or simply relax and enjoy the beautiful surroundings.

Don’t forget to stargaze at night and make s’mores around the campfire for a complete camping experience!


Williams, AZ 86046, United States

11) Colors of the West

Colors of the West is a historical and cultural phenomenon developed during the expansion of the American West in the 19th century.

Colors of the West
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It encompasses diverse artistic expressions, including paintings, literature, and music, capturing the essence of the region’s landscapes, wildlife, and indigenous cultures. 

Today, the Colors of the West continue to be celebrated as an important part of American heritage and a reminder of the West’s rich history and untamed spirit.

In the Colors of the West, there are endless activities to enjoy and exciting things to do in Williams, AZ. Hike through stunning national parks like Yellowstone and Yosemite.

Go horseback riding in the mountains, raft down exhilarating rivers, or embark on a scenic road trip along iconic routes like Route 66.

Immerse yourself in cowboy culture at rodeos, visit historic mining towns, or simply marvel at breathtaking sunsets over vast open landscapes. The possibilities are limitless at Colors of the West, so take advantage if you’re bold enough!


201 W Rte 66, Williams, AZ 86046, United States

12) Canyon Coaster Adventure Park

Canyon Coaster Adventure Park, established in 1985, is a thrilling amusement park in the picturesque canyons. 

Canyon Coaster Adventure Park
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Canyon Park boasts a variety of attractions, including high-speed roller coasters, exciting water rides, and captivating shows.

With its rich history of providing entertainment and unforgettable memories to visitors, Canyon Coaster Adventure Park continues to be a premier destination for adventure seekers.

At Canyon Coaster Adventure Park, visitors can embark on many exciting activities. Experience heart-pounding thrills on exhilarating roller coasters, brave the splash of water rides, and enjoy captivating shows that leave you in awe.

Take in the breathtaking natural beauty while hiking through scenic trails, or relax with a picnic by the canyon.

With endless entertainment options, delicious dining, and unforgettable adventures, Canyon Coaster Adventure Park guarantees an unforgettable experience for your whole family.


700 E Rte 66, Williams, AZ 86046, United States

13) Elephant Rocks Golf Course

Elephant Rocks Golf Course is a renowned golf destination established in 1990. The course offers a unique experience with its stunning natural landscape and challenging layout.

Elephant Rocks Golf Course
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Set against the backdrop of the iconic Elephant Rocks, and ancient volcanic formations, the course has attracted golfers worldwide.

With its rich history and picturesque setting, Elephant Rocks Golf Course continues to be a favorite among golf enthusiasts seeking an unforgettable golfing adventure.

Elephant Rocks Golf Course offers a range of amenities, including a well-appointed clubhouse with dining facilities, a pro shop for golf equipment and apparel, practice areas for honing skills, and professional golf instruction. 

Additionally, golf cart rentals are available for convenient navigation of the course.

In addition to golfing, Elephant Rocks Golf Course provides visitors with various activities. Guests can explore the surrounding area, including the fascinating Elephant Rocks’ geological formations.

Outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy hiking, and nature walks in nearby forests and trails. 

Moreover, the charming town of Williams offers attractions like historic Route 66, local shops, and restaurants.

There is no shortage of opportunities and things to do in Williams, AZ, for relaxation, adventure, and exploration in and around Elephant Rocks Golf Course.


2200 Country Club Rd, Williams, AZ 86046, United States

14) Flintstones Bedrock City

Flintstones Bedrock City, a popular theme park, opened in 1972, bringing to life the iconic cartoon series “The Flintstones.” 

Flintstones Bedrock City
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It is located in Arizona and features prehistoric-themed attractions, including replicas of Fred Flintstone’s and Barney Rubble’s homes.

Families can explore the stone-age village, riding in “prehistoric” vehicles and meeting characters like Fred and Wilma Flintstone.

It captures the essence of the iconic cartoon series playfully and entertainingly.

At Flintstones Bedrock City, visitors can embark on various exciting activities and things to do in Williams, AZ. You can take a ride in prehistoric-themed vehicles.

Families can enjoy themed attractions, watch live shows, and meet beloved characters like Fred, Wilma, and Dino.

Additionally, there are interactive exhibits, gift shops, and dining options, creating a memorable experience filled with nostalgia and fun for all ages.


Raptor Ranch, 332 AZ-64, Williams, AZ, United States

15) Big Toy Playground | Event Equipment

Big Toy Playground is an event equipment company that provides large-scale play structures for various occasions.

Big Toy Playground Event Equipment
Image By Mon Pote Via Pinterest

Their inventory includes inflatable obstacle courses, giant slides, bouncy castles, and interactive games.

With a history spanning over a decade, Big Toy Playground has been a trusted source of fun and entertainment at festivals, corporate events, and community gatherings.

Big Toy Playground offers an array of exciting activities and things to do in Williams, AZ, for event-goers. 

Inflate on obstacle courses, slide down towering giant slides, bounce around in vibrant bouncy castles, and engage in interactive games that promote friendly competition.

Additionally, you can explore customized play structures tailored to specific themes. With various options available, there are plenty of opportunities for fun, adventure, and unforgettable experiences at Big Toy Playground events.


287 S Garland Prairie Rd, Williams, AZ 86046, United States

16) Buckskinner Park

Buckskinner Park has a rich history dating back to the early 1800s. Originally inhabited by Native American tribes, the area became a gathering site for trappers and fur traders during the mountain man era.

Buckskinner Park
Image By Roadtrippes Via Pinterest

The park’s name reflects this historical period, honoring those who hunted and lived off the land. Today, Buckskinner Park serves as a recreational space and a reminder of Colorado’s frontier past.

One of the key attractions at Buckskinner Park is the annual Mountain Man Rendezvous, where reenactors gather to showcase the skills and lifestyle of the fur trappers. 

Visitors can experience living history, witness demonstrations, and engage in activities such as black powder shooting, tomahawk throwing, and campfire cooking.

Buckskinner Park offers various activities and things to do in Williams, AZ, for visitors to enjoy. Explore the park’s trails for hiking, biking, or jogging amidst beautiful natural surroundings.

Picnic in the designated areas or enjoy a family gathering at the spacious pavilions.

Play a game of disc golf or horseshoes with friends. Kids can have fun at the playgrounds or splash in the water feature. The park also hosts concerts and festivals, providing entertainment for all.


Williams, AZ 86046, United States

17) DJ’s Wild West Junction

DJ’s Wild West Junction was established and built in the 1940s as a service station along Route 66.

DJ's Wild West Junction
Image By Flickr Via Pinterest

Over the years, it evolved into a unique Western-themed attraction. Today, DJ’s Wild West Junction features a restaurant, saloon, and shops adorned with Western memorabilia.

Visitors can enjoy live music, indulge in delicious meals, explore the vintage photo gallery, and immerse themselves in the nostalgic ambiance of the Wild West era.

Visitors can browse through a collection of historic photographs capturing the essence of the Wild West. It provides a glimpse into the past and allows guests to appreciate the rich history and culture of the region.

At DJ’s Wild West Junction, there are several activities to enjoy. Delight in a delicious meal at the restaurant, featuring Western-inspired cuisine.

Unwind at the saloon while savoring refreshing drinks and live music. Browse the shops for unique Western-themed souvenirs and gifts.

Stroll through the charming grounds, admiring Western architecture and captivating decor. It’s an experience that transports you back in time, so if you’re a history lover, this is your go-to place. 


321 E Rte 66, Williams, AZ 86046, United States

18) Pete’s Route 66 Gas Station Museum

Pete’s Route 66 Gas Station Museum, established in the 1950s, is a renowned roadside attraction along the historic Route 66.

Pete's Route 66 Gas Station Museum
Image By Only In Your State Via Pinterest

The museum showcases a collection of vintage gas pumps, automotive memorabilia, and artifacts that highlight the heyday of American car culture.

Pete, a passionate collector, opened the museum to preserve and celebrate the rich history of Route 66 and its impact on American travel and nostalgia.

Pete’s Route 66 Gas Station Museum offers amenities such as guided tours, a vintage soda fountain serving classic refreshments, a picnic area for visitors to relax, and ample parking for cars and RVs.

At Pete’s Route 66 Gas Station Museum, you can enjoy various activities and things to do in Williams, AZ. You can explore the museum’s collection of vintage gas pumps and take guided tours to learn about the history of Route 66.

You can also browse the gift shop for unique souvenirs, indulge in classic refreshments at the vintage soda fountain and have a refreshing evening with your buddies. 

Oh, dont forget to plan a picnic in the designated area and capture memorable photos of the retro ambiance and iconic Route 66 signage. When you take them here at Pete’s Route Gas Station Museu, your companions will appreciate your choice.


101 E Rte 66, Williams, AZ 86046, United States

19) Gunfighter Canyon Indoor Shooting Experience and Gun Store

Gunfighter Canyon Indoor Shooting Experience and Gun Store were established in the early 2000s. It offers a unique, immersive shooting experience with state-of-the-art simulators that recreate realistic scenarios.

Gunfighter Canyon Indoor Shooting Experience and Gun Store
Image Via Pinterest

The facility has a wide selection of firearms, including handguns and rifles.

With a focus on safety and education, Gunfighter Canyon has become a popular destination for gun enthusiasts and those looking to experience the thrill of shooting in a controlled environment.

These simulators provide an immersive and realistic experience, allowing visitors to test their skills in various scenarios, from Wild West shootouts to modern combat situations.

Here you can engage in various activities and things to do in Williams, AZ. Participate in state-of-the-art shooting simulations, and test your skills in different scenarios.

Additionally, you can explore the wide selection of firearms available for purchase and receive expert guidance from knowledgeable staff.

The facility also offers training and classes for beginners and advanced shooters alike. If you want to learn to shoot, spend your day here. 


107 S 3rd St, Williams, AZ 86046, United States

20) Red Raven Restaurant

The Red Raven Restaurant has a rich history from the early 1900s. Originally established as a small cafe, it quickly became a popular gathering place for locals and travelers.

Red Raven Restaurant
Image Via Pinterest

Over the years, it has undergone expansions and renovations while retaining its cozy and welcoming atmosphere.

Known for its delicious comfort food and friendly service, the Red Raven Restaurant continues to be a beloved dining destination, offering a taste of tradition and nostalgia in a modern setting.

From hearty breakfast dishes to savory lunch and dinner classics, visitors can indulge in delicious homemade meals that have been satisfying guests for generations.

While dining at the Red Raven Restaurant, there are several things to do in Williams, AZ, to enhance your experience. Start by savoring their delicious comfort food and signature dishes.

Engage in friendly conversations with the staff and other patrons, soaking in the welcoming atmosphere.

Admire the restaurant’s charming decor and historical photos, showcasing its heritage. Capture memorable moments by taking photos of your dining experience.

Finally, consider leaving a review or sharing your positive experience with others to spread the word about this beloved establishment.


135 Historic Rte 66, Williams, AZ 86046, United States

Best hotels to stay in Williams AZ

There are several excellent hotels to consider when staying in Williams, AZ. Here are a few popular options:

  • Grand Canyon Railway Hotel
  • Comfort Inn Near Grand Canyon
  • La Quinta Inn & Suites
  • Quality Inn Near Grand Canyon
  • Rodeway Inn & Suites Downtowner-Rte 66
  • Williams Grand Canyon Hotel

This hotel offers affordable rooms, a heated indoor pool, and a convenient location near shops and restaurants.

It’s always a good idea to check recent reviews, compare prices, and consider your preferences and budget when choosing the best hotel for your stay in Williams, AZ.