Road Trip From Chicago To Mackinac Island

While everyone stumbles with routine drills, there has always been an opportunity to soothe yourself with road trips to peaceful destinations. 

Like many other visiting spots, Mackinac Island is one of the most enchanting and exquisite islands to unload your burden. Are you planning to Start your road trip from Chicago to Mackinac Island? We are here to guide you!

Mackinac island is the world-famous ideal vacation spot. Located in Northern Michigan, U.S., the place is a combination of natural landmarks, incredible sunrises, and divine sunsets. Its car-free atmosphere and unique ambiance make it stand out.

Keep reading this article to know how to get there from Chicago and what to keep in mind.

What Makes Mackinac Island Worth Visiting?

One of the most popular vacation spots in America, Mackinac Island, is where you can get yourself unburdened from the worries of daily routine hassle. It’s a kind of fairytale coming to reality. What makes it different from city life is that there are no cars. 

Based on a traditional historic theme, there is a Michigan State Park. The park is spread over 1,800 acres and takes visitors back to the old and slower times. 

How Far Is The Island From Chicago?    

The beautiful destination of Mackinac Island is around 415 miles from Chicago. You won’t have to spare a whole day to reach there. It will only take 6 hours and 30 minutes to reach there if you travel straight without stopping anywhere. 

But there are lots of worth-visiting spots, so it is preferred to take some more time to endure those amazing places. After reaching there, you’ll have to park your car at the port, and the rest of the trip will be continued by ferry. 

Places To Visit Before Reaching Mackinac Island 

While it doesn’t even take a whole day to reach the Island, Why don’t we stop and enjoy the road trip to its fullest?  Here are several places you can visit before arriving at your destination. 

Don’t Forget To Stay In Mackinac City

Mackinac Island is located in the South of Mackinac bridge in Michigan, USA. The city offers accommodations with its 2400 hotel/motel rooms. The hotels in Mackinaw are less costly compared to other cities. You would love to spend a day or more in this small harbor village. 

Mackinac City

Huron-Manistee National Forests

The remote, peaceful, and quiet place of Huron-Manistee National Forest is among the best camping places. With its beautiful and serene environment, it has grabbed the attention of travelers worldwide. The forest lies between Lake Huron and Lake Michigan. 

Huron-Manistee National Forests

The forest is home to various species like Piping Plover, Karner Blue Butterfly, and Kirtland’s Warbler. 

Grand Rapids, Michigan

Grand Rapids is America’s number one Beer city. It has got an endless array of activities for its visitors. It enjoys the charm of four distinct seasons. Visiting it four different times will bless you with four different experiences, which will be unforgettable. 

In Spring, you can enjoy the Tulip Time festival, laughFest, St. Patrick’s Day Celebrations, and much more.

Grand Rapids, Michigan

Who doesn’t know about the most favorite activities of Summer? Get yourself relaxed at beaches, boating, and enjoy the grand outdoors in the summers.

Fall experiences are as unique as fall itself. Breweries with great outdoor spaces, fall cider, and fall fun activities catch the visitor’s attention. 

Lastly, Winters offers you to do snowshoeing and Cross-country skiing along with a romantic winter weekend. 

The Mackinac Bridge

Mackinac City

The Mackinac Bridge is one of the longest suspension bridges and the most iconic spot to visit in Michigan. This bridge connects the upper and lower peninsulas of Michigan. 

Fun Activities To Do At Mackinac Island 

Life at Mackinac Island can never be boring. You will always find something new and interesting there. And when you get there for relaxation, you are at the perfect spot.

We have summed up some of the amazing activities to do on your road trip to Mackinac.

  • Are You A Reader? Visit Mackinac Island Library

Mackinac Island, located at picturesque Mackinac Island. This quiet library is a must-go for readers and novel writers. You can purchase your favorite books and take them home with you.   

Mackinac Island Library
  • Take A Ghost Tour If You Are Bored     

As much as our generation loves horror movies and haunted houses, they also love to endure such dark places. You can take a ghost tour at Mission Point Resort. It is known for having a ghost named Harvey.

  • Have A Look At Skull Cave

As the name represents, the cave is named after the pile of skulls and bones discovered by Alexander Henry. You can take a horse-drawn wagon tour to the cave. 

  • Historic Park Of Mackinac Island

Mackinac State Historic Park contains many worth-seeing sites for visitors. The sites include Fort Mackinac, Benjamin Blacksmith shop, The Biddle House, and American Fur Co. Store & museum. 

Historic Park Of Mackinac Island
  • The Historic Fort Holmes

It is at the highest point on Mackinac Island. It was reconstructed in 2015. It lets visitors walk inside the blockhouse.

The Historic Fort Holmes
  • Fort Mackinac Will Remind You Of The Era Of Wars

Fort Mackinac is currently used as a strategic troop reserve. Its historic worth is due to the Fort’s role in the Civil War. It was used as a prison for three political prisoners. 

  • Briddle House, A Live History Museum

It is a living history museum that once was home to Edward and Agatha Briddle. The house also contains the Mackinac Island Native American museum.  

  • Must Appraise Anne’s Tablet

You need to see Anne’s Tablet. It is a charming sculpture made after the heroine of Woolson’s novel, ‘Anne.’ 

  • Find Sunset Rock

Sunset Rock is the most enchanting place on Mackinac island that honors visitors with amazing sunsets. Below the Heriot point is a route to the Inn at Stonecliffe, which heads towards Lake Huron. Keep following the trail until you reach the stone stairs to Sunset Rock.

Find Sunset Rock
  • Why Don’t You Hike To Arch Rock?

If you are a hiking person, you will surely love the place! Arch Rock’s spectacular view demands you to climb around 207 steps. There are also facilities for those who can’t walk for the view. 

Why Don't You Hike To Arch Rock?
  • The Gigantic SugarLoaf Rock

It is a gigantic granite rock, considered a bird watcher’s and nature lover’s paradise. Its direct route is to take Bogan Lane to Huron Road, and you will see the Winnebago Trail towards the east. It will connect you with the Sugar Loaf road. 

The Gigantic SugarLoaf Rock

Where To Stay On Mackinac Island?

There are three fabulous hotels to stay in on Mackinac Island. 

  • Harbour View Inn

The hotel is situated exactly 1 km from Fort Mackinac and City center. All the rooms are well established, with the unique interior having private attached bathrooms.

Harbour View Inn
  • Island House Hotel

Constructed in the 19th Century, the Island House Hotel features a garden, terrace, lounge, and bar. There are completely air-conditioned rooms. They offer the best cuisine, mostly vegetarian, dairy-free, and gluten-free.

Island House Hotel
  • Pine Cottage Bed & Breakfast

Pine Cottage is situated on a 6-minute walk from Fort Mackinac. The hotel contains four bedrooms with several amenities, including the Internet, Air-conditioning, and a child-friendly atmosphere.

Pine Cottage Bed & Breakfast

Best Time To Visit Mackinac Island

Places like Mackinac Island glimmer throughout the year, but summer and fall are the best times to visit. Mackinac Island ferries make the tour more fun in the summer. Imagine sitting comfortably below the deck and seeing a bridge on a starry night. Isn’t it amazing? 

Summing Up

Still with us? Awesome! 

You now have an idea of fun places and activities to do on a road trip to Mackinac Island. The charm of the Island attracts thousands of travelers to explore the historic and scenic landmarks of the Island. Worry less, as the experience is worth spending money on. 

Even if you visit the Island at four different times of the year, you will never be bored of the place.