How To Pack Jewelry For Travel? – A Complete Guide

We can all completely agree that packing for a trip might be a very lovely part, daydreaming your whole journey while packing your accessories, but it requires much effort and time to determine what to do and what’s not.

One of the most frustrating and confusing things while packing appears when you are unable to choose any one of two or more things to pack.

This is something very common when we start packing our jewelry, and whenever we get to that point, most of us just end up packing all of those items just to avoid frustration.

Since jewelry is an integral part of the packing, you will need to figure out the best way to pack it. It might have many complex problems, but then what are we here for?

How To Pack Jewelry For Travel?

In this guide, we will try to answer all your queries from top to bottom regarding how to pack jewelry for travel; all you have to do is keep reading!

Packing The Right Jewelry

The first and foremost rule of packing jewelry for a trip is to take all the valuables out of the equation. They might turn your holiday into a nightmare.

Jewelry that would get you into a problem if lost during traveling shouldn’t be packed for the trip is the first place, to begin with. Losing it would only ruin your trip and cause a lot of stress.

Take less valuable and cheaper jewelry with you. If the worst scenario occurs, at least it won’t cause a big financial loss.

Pack Less!

Reducing the weight of your suitcase is always smarter in many ways. It’s better to pack the least amount of jewelry you possibly can as it increases the weight of your suitcase very rapidly.

Only pack items you’re sure you will wear during your trip, and leave the rest at home. The lesser it is, the more convenient it is to supervise your jewelry. 

An easy way to figure this out would be to look at all your packed dresses and match up your jewelry with them so that you’re assured of what you will need during your trip.

Being Extra Secure!

You should consider a few measures to be extra secure about your jewelry. There are a few efficient steps that you could take into account.

Taking pictures of every piece of jewelry you are about to take with you for your trip will help you keep track of it until the end of your journey. There won’t be any chance of forgetting a certain piece.

While there are rare chances of your jewelry getting stolen in good hotels due to their security, it is still better to purchase a hotel safe to keep your jewelry secure all the time.

The Correct Way To Pack 

Since you have finally sorted out what to pick and what to dump for the trip, it’s time for the next step, which is the correct way to pack your jewelry.

The best option is always to get a jewelry case specifically designed for traveling, as it has separate compartments for every type of jewelry. 

If you opt for a normal case that doesn’t grant any jewelry-specific favor, you will need to use special methods to take care of your jewelry. Some of those special methods are: 

  1. Rolling A Soft Cloth Around The Necklaces:

This method is very effective in the prevention of the tangling of necklaces. Just take a soft cloth, lay it out and place all your necklaces one after another in a way that no necklace touches the other.

Fold the cloth around each necklace one after another; this will keep all your necklaces together without any chance of getting tangled.

  1. Using Straws To Pack Thin Necklaces:

Here’s another way to pack your necklaces, especially the thinner ones, which have higher chances of getting tangled.

Take a straw and pass one side of the chain of your necklace inside out of that straw and attach it with the hook; that way, it will become tangle-less.

For additional protection, you can wrap a soft cloth around those necklaces, so they don’t get any scratches.

  1. Fastening Earrings In A Button:

Since you have sorted out how to pack your necklaces, it’s time for you to pack your earrings but wait a minute! What if we tell you that you might not need actually to pack them?

Yes, you can fasten your earrings on the buttons of a shirt as they contain holes, and that would solve the problem. 

  1. Placing Rings In Your Pill Container:

Necklaces and Earrings are now done, but what about your rings? Since they’re small, you can just put them in any container.

If you have a pill container, you can easily convert it into your jewelry box for the trip. All your rings and even earrings can go inside their compartments.

  1. Contacts Cases: 

Since we haven’t mentioned anything, particularly about bracelets, here’s something that would help you get done with your bracelets too.

You might have the case of a spare contact at your home, and if you don’t, it’s cheap to get one from the store that would easily accommodate your bracelets. 

As a matter of fact, you can put any other jewelry too in the case other than those bracelets.

Where Will It Go In The Luggage?

Now that you’ve properly packed your jewelry and you’re about to open your suitcase to place it in, stop right there! This isn’t a very good idea in the first place, to begin with.

Never pack your jewelry deep inside your suitcase, as there will be certain times when you will be away from it. It’s always safer to keep your jewelry in your primary or carry-on bag, which is also convenient for its supervision.

That being said, just because you’ve decided to go with your primary bag certainly doesn’t mean you’re free from every worry. There are still a few things you would need to keep in mind. 

You should not just randomly place it anywhere in your bag. Placing your jewelry in the outer compartments of your bag would make a big difference than placing it in the inner compartments.

If you ended up placing your jewelry in the outer compartment of your carry-on bag, that would give rise to the following possibilities:

  • It would make your jewelry vulnerable to damage due to the bag getting squeezed from any outside pressure.
  • It would even increase the chances of your jewelry getting stolen as someone would not require much time to clean the outer pockets of your bag.
  • Since there is less space in the outer compartment typically, you might have to forcefully insert your necklaces in that narrow compartment, which might damage your jewelry.

Placing your jewelry in the innermost compartment is a way better idea. It compensates for all the problems that outer compartments would give rise to if you place your jewelry within them.

The innermost compartment will grant maximum protection to your jewelry from external pressure or theft and has more space typically than the outer compartments, which would secure your jewelry from getting damaged.


Sometimes certain things are not as complicated as they seem to be. Sometimes all that’s needed is you taking a deep breath, opening your browser, and typing in tripvac because we always have your back!

So just like that, say goodbye to all your problems and struggles that you ever had regarding the packing of your precious jewelry. We have to bounce too now, so say goodbye to us as well; later!