How To Travel With A Suit? An Expert’s Guide

Whether it’s a marriage ceremony, a business meeting, or any other extravaganza, they all do last, but the question of what to wear never does. 

Now, for men especially, one of the only few options that come to their mind for saving the day is a Suit! Not only do they look good in them, but it has now become the accepted standard anywhere you go! 

With the decision to wear a suit, many queries arise, especially if you need to travel a few miles and then wear it; the number of queries only rises! 

From choosing the best fabric all the way upto packing and then wearing it at the event, we have got you covered from every angle! So let’s get started on “How to travel with a suit?”

The Best Fabric To Choose

Choosing the perfect fabric is not some question with a one-word answer. It depends on numerous factors. At first, it would depend on the season you’re traveling. 

For winter, you will need to look for a heavier fabric, such as wool or cashmere. In the case of summers, lighter fabrics like linen would be a better choice. 

Polyester is one of the best options for the suit getting creased or wrinkled, as it usually doesn’t require ironing if used with care.

Other factors also come into the conversation, such as the suit’s softness, comfort, and breathability, which should not be avoided to get a good experience out of it.

The Most Suitable Suitcase

Suitcases are integral to traveling as they carry all your goods safely from here to there. In the case of clothes and especially a suit, just transporting it in one piece isn’t enough.

Your suit would need to be in the same fresh condition as it was before your journey. If you opt for a bag or any kind of flexible carrier, your suit might get squeezed from the contact of any other suitcase from the luggage on the plane.

Choosing a rigid suitcase would be the safest option in this scenario, that way, you won’t have to worry about your suit getting squeezed or wrinkled from anything on the plane. 

The Packing


If not packed correctly, you might find your suit in the worst state when you finally open your luggage to check on it after reaching your destination. Why did this happen? Maybe the way that you packed it had something to do with that.

Packing a suit is, in fact, a very simple task; it’s a one-step method. Firstly, stash your suit in a dry-cleaning plastic bag or something similar, and then fold it from the middle vertically; it’s done!


Always clean your shoes first before packing them, then pack them in a separate bag to protect them from the rest of the luggage and vice versa. 

You can even use the box that they came in, in the first place. Stuff the inside of your shoes with socks to sustain their shape throughout the trip!

In case Of A Short Trip!

If you’re not traveling for a longer period, and it’s just a one-night trip, then wearing your suit from the beginning would be recommendable. 

However, you need to make sure that you don’t wear the jacket during your flight and place it somewhere suitable for the time being.

Once you reach your destination, using a wrinkle-release spray on your suit would help you get rid of all the minor creases, and your suit would be good to go.

An Extra Tip!

During your trip, choosing a dark-colored suit such as Black, Grey, or Dark-Blue would help to a great extent in covering up light wrinkles and creases, spots and marks, etc.


Once you start with all these measures, your problems will start wiping out one by one. Traveling in a suit is a lot easier than it seems to be! 

Now, with all these tips in mind, you can look forward to your event with ease and have zero worries about your precious suit! 

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