Beach Packing List – Things To Pack For Your Beach Vacations

Whether you plan a solo trip to the beach this summer to get that Tan body or want to spend quality time surfing with your family, you might be worried about that beach packing list.

But don’t you worry. This is what we are here for. We have gathered all the essentials for you to kick-start your packing for your trip.

This list will comprise all the essentials you may need for a family vacation, so if you are traveling solo, you may only require some 50+ items on our checklist.

Grab a pen and paper and start making that checklist. So, let’s get into it.

What To Pack – Detailed Beach Packing List

1) Personal Documents

First and for the most thing you should have with you, whether it’s a beach vacation or you are just traveling somewhere, is your essential documents like your passport, ID card, travel boarding passes, Student ID card, or fliers (in case you are a student and it may get you discount on your trip), birth certificates (in case of minors/kids traveling with you), insurance cards, credit cards and anything else that you think can be important.

Personal Documents

2) Beach Bag

A lightweight, waterproof bag will best hold all the essentials, from sunscreen to sandals. Try to find a zipper bag to avoid getting that sand and water inside your bag.

Beach Bag

3) Clothes and Accessories

  • Swimwear

You love that beach so much so you must love the waters more. Pack your swimwear and channel your inner swimmer if you want to do more than just bask in the sun.

  • Bikinis/ Bras

We know you won’t forget the essential item of your vacation, but to be on the safe side, we want to ensure that you are all set to get that perfect tan.

Bikinis/ Bras
  • T-Shirts and Shorts

If you want to be more comfortable on that beachy vacation, we recommend you pack those loose, comfy T-shirts and shorts.

T-Shirts and Shorts
  • Light Sweaters/ Sweatshirts and Jeans/ Pants

You can never be sure of the weather. A sunny day at a beach always turns into a cold, chilly evening. Towards the evening you will need to change into warmer clothes. So, light sweaters and pants for evenings are essential for a beach vacation.

Light Sweaters/ Sweatshirts and Jeans/ Pants
  • Socks

Your feet also need that warmth like the rest of your body. So, remember to back these little buddies.

  • Nicer Outfits

You must pack some nicer outfits other than casual fits because you never know how your evenings turn out. We recommend that your vacation bag comprises some nicer outfits.

Nicer Outfits
  • Sleepwear

After a long, fun day spent on the beach, everyone needs a good night’s sleep. Most people do not get comfortable in clothes other than sleepwear. If you are one of those people, pack your sleepwear as well. But if you are not and can work those comfy sweatshirts, then it’s also fine.

  • Sunglasses

You must bring those exotic frames you got exclusively for this beach fun. Level up your beach look while protecting your eyes from direct sun rays.

  • Hats

You can choose between different kinds of beach hats. There are a lot of different options available. But make sure to choose the one which covers your face and stays fixed on your head when the wind blows.


4) Footwear

  • Flip Flops

Most people prefer flip-flops over any other kind of footwear for the beach. We understand because they are the best option for the beach because of the sand and water, but flip-flops are only a good option during the daytime. If you also prefer flip-flops, then remember to pack yours.

Flip Flops
  • Water Shoes

Water shoes are there to protect your feet from rocks and coral. Pack these, so you don’t have to go to water in your flip-flops.

Water Shoes
  • Running Shoes

Got that healthy routine for running? Take your routine because we should always maintain health. Go and pack those running shoes now.

Running Shoes
  • Nicer Shoes

Got those nicer outfits, right? Now, remember to pack some nicer kicks to go with those fits.

Nicer Shoes

5) Toiletries

  • Sunscreen

Whatever the weather is, whether it’s sunny or cloudy, you must always wear sunscreen in the sun.


It’s a must-have, and you cannot compromise on that.

  • Rash Guard

You will definitely spend time at the beach in water sports, swimming or even surfing if you love to surf. A rash guard is a highly recommended essential for the beach to protect you from UV rays and sunburns.

Rash Guard

You can use it as an alternative to sunscreen, but applying it even after sunscreen can also be helpful when sunscreen may lose some of its effects.

  • After-Sun Lotion

The after-sun lotion is as essential of a skin product as sunscreen. After a long day basking in the sun, your body needs relief and soothing touch. Apply it at the end of the day after taking that Sunbath.

After-Sun Lotion
  • SPF Lip balm

You got all the protection for your skin, but what about your lips. Pay attention to this point. Your lips also need protection. Get a lip balm with SPF to protect your lips from the sun.

SPF Lip balm
  • Hand Sanitizer

When on the beach, you may not always have access to the bathroom, so hand sanitizer is the best option.

Hand Sanitizer
  • Wet Wipes

Wipes can be used as an alternative for hand sanitizer and cleaning other items.

Wet Wipes
  • Beach Towels

Beach towels are a must-have essential for your vacations. Towels take up a lot of space, so find lightweight ones that take little space and are easier to dry.

Beach Towels

6) Tech

  • Portable Battery

We hardly know anyone these days who doesn’t spend at least a few hours of his day on the phone. And what fun is there if you cannot share your vacation snaps with your loved ones and the rest of the world. Avoid getting your phone dead, and always have a portable battery in your bag, whether you are on vacation or not.

Portable Battery
  • Portable Speakers

If you and your family love to listen to music, portable waterproof speakers are the best option for quality beach time.

Portable Speakers
  • Headphones

Traveling solo or not a fan of speakers, you’re definitely a music lover, so you should pack headphones instead of speakers.

  • Waterproof Phone and Speaker Bags

Avoid getting your technical accessories from being damaged by carefully using them away from water and also placing them back in their bags after use.

Waterproof Phone and Speaker Bags

7) Food Items and Utensils

  • Snacks

You are finally on that long-awaited beach vacation, for you will spend long days on the beach, so remember to pack healthy snacks and fruits. And make sure to eat it before heat spoils it.

  • Drinks

It’s important to stay hydrated in the summer. Bring some nutritional drinks,  you prefer, and water.

  • Cooler

Cooler with ice is the best drink option to keep them cold throughout the day.

  • Water bottles

Always pack reusable water bottles for a vacation. They can be used for other purposes like carrying other drinks other than just holding water.

Water bottles
  • Utensils

Reusable utensils are a must-have when you are going to spend long days on the beach. Because you will have meals there and you need your utensils to ensure disposable wares’ sanitary and hygienic conditions.

And if you are still looking for disposable ware nearby, so it is better to pack your utensils.


If you want to go for lightweight utensils and cutlery, bio-friendly options are also available, like the ones made from bamboo or wheat straws.

  • Cups

The same is the case for cups. Instead of using plastic cups, use biodegradable and bio-friendly cups or the reusable stainless-steel ones we normally use at home.

  • Insulated bottles/ thermal flask

Insulated bottles/ flasks are always a great option for keeping your hot or cold drink the same way for a long. They are always a good option for bringing morning tea to the beach or keeping your sodas cold throughout the day.

Insulated bottles/ thermal flask
  • Napkins

We are talking about proper meals, so how can we forget napkins. Especially if we are talking about a family meal, including kids. Pack those napkins so you won’t get that rogue ketchup or any other food stain.


8) Entertainment and Games

  • Beach games

To spend quality time with your family and kids on this beachy vacation, add some fun by playing beach games and sports. Bring your kids’ toys, dolls, or even board games to keep them occupied.

Beach games
  • Sand Toys

You are on the beach with your toddlers and want to spend quality time with them. You must bring sand toys and build sand castles with your kids. Nothing screams happiness more than the quality time spent with family.

Sand Toys
  • Paddleboard

If you’re on a beach with calm waters, it’s time to gear up your paddle board game.

  • Volleyball

Volleyball is a fun sport, but beach volley is a classic. If you are traveling solo, you may see other people playing volleyball. Go join them. And if you are traveling with other people, you have got to bring volleyball to the beach.

  • Frisbee/ flying disc

Like volleyball, frisbee is a classic beach game. You have to pack that disc with your volleyball only if you are traveling with other friends or family.

Frisbee/ flying disc
  • Kite

When on the beach, why not fly kites? Windy days are the best for this activity. Flying kites will also be a way to exercise. Also, even if you are traveling alone, you should bring a kite or buy one if you forget.


9) Misc. Items

  • First Aid Kit

You never know when an accident might happen. Especially if you have playful kids on vacation, never think about leaving home without that First Aid kit.

First Aid Kit
  • Medication

If you are on medication for some illness, you must bring it. Make sure you have enough dosage; for the time being, you will be on vacation. You may also bring general medications like cold medications or pain relievers.

  • Foldable Beach Tables

If you have access to the beach an hour’s drive away, you could use this option, so you should enjoy lunch or dinner with your partner or family properly.

Foldable Beach Tables
  • Beach Chairs

If the beach is nearby and you can travel by car, or if your hotel does not provide this service, it is advisable to bring your Beach chairs to enjoy the day comfortably.

Beach Chairs
  • Beach Blankets

If you are still on the beach in the evening for the sunset or planning to have dinner there, you must bring blankets to get warm because the temperature gets low in the evening.

Beach Blankets
  • Books, magazines

The beach is a great place to start reading again for a person who likes to read but does not get time to read due to a hectic routine. Bring a book from your wish list on this vacation and start reading it because there isn’t a more calm place to start a book than the beach with the sound of soothing crashing waves.

Books, magazines
  • Journal

If you have the habit of journal keeping, you should remember to bring your journal to this occasion. We remind you to bring that journal and record your moments.

  • Bin-bags

Wherever you are traveling or going on vacations, do not litter. Whether you have dirty napkins or empty soda cans, they must be disposed of properly. Bring a bin bag for each day you spend on the beach. Keep adding all the waste and litter to it whenever required. If not, clean your side of the beach at the end of the day and collect all the litter in the bin bags.


This beach packing list will help you plan and pack wisely for your vacations, don’t miss it out and remember to pack all the enlisted things in your bag this vacation.

Stay safe and enjoy the vacation you ever wanted for yourself, this holiday.