20 Most Fun Things To Do In Macon, GA

Macon lies in the central land of Georgia, officially known as Macon-Bibb County, which got the nickname” The Heart of Georgia” geographically. In 2014, it became the fourth-largest city in Georgia.

It’s regarded as a rural area inheriting a population of 233,802. The inner city revival, led by Newtown, has resulted in dozens of new galleries, restaurants, and things to do in Macon.

Since 2006, Mason City has sustained social, economical, and environmental fluctuations affecting long-term growth for various objectives and targets of the City to work to achieve in the future.

Macon City is home to Diverse Aquaculture, Agriculture, Livestock, 2 strong society theatres, and forests which ensure that there are always countless events to attend.

The best thing is yet to come! If you drive on I- 75, you’re only 80 minutes away from Atlanta and enjoy good bread, seafood, Neiman Marcus, antiques, cheese, shoes, and moderately good entertainment.

The city possesses an amazing climate of summer and warm springs that makes a fusion of sunshine and rainfall, crisp fall days, and gracious winter that will become your first selection.

20 Most Fun Things To Do In Macon, GA

Oh! It’s the festival capital of the world. Get your Stuff Together! Trip to Macon City, and you won’t be disappointed.

1) Ocmulgee Mounds National Historical Park

Ocmulgee Mounds National Historical Park, formerly comprehended as Ocmulgee National Monument, preserves imprints of over ten meridians of a civilization whose earthworks were fabricated before 1000 CE.

Ocmulgee Mounds National Historical Park

The land accommodates an exotic variation of the Mississippian Cultural Heritage, providing testimony of 12,000 years of uninterrupted human habitation and excavation things to do in Macon.

The Park possesses an area of 3,336 acres. In 1806, it was developed near Fort Benjamin Hawkins to support trading with Native Americans.

Things to do

You can dig into a large area of Mounds, learn the evolving techniques of archeology, and explore an array of 3 million significant artifacts at the gallery.

You can bike, hike, or walk on the trail of Five and a half miles that leads to the witching view of the surviving neolithic features of the Park.

You can enjoy a Seventeen Minutes film that orients the History of the Park and let you witness the 2,000 original objects excavated from 12,000 BCE through the 1800s.

You can visit the chambers with original roofs and floors dating back 1,000 years from 9 am to 5 pm Daily. Remember! Hill isn’t Wheelchair accessible.


1207 Emery Hwy, Macon, GA 31217, United States

Contact Information

+1 478-752-8257

2) Johnston Felton Hay House

The Johnston Felton Hay House has the nickname” Hay House” and is located at 934 Georgia Avenue, permitting some architectural things to do in Macon.

Johnston Felton Hay House

It was constructed by William Butler Johnston and his Better Half Anne Tracy between 1855 and 1859 in the Italian Renaissance Revival style.

Its architectural uniqueness was nominated as a National Historic Landmark inheriting the region of 18,000 square feet, accommodating 24 rooms.

Things to do

You can witness the huge Palace of the South, crowned by a two-story cupola with four levels, for you to forget all the stress in those long corridors.

Wait! Tighten your shoelaces because you have to climb countless stairs to reach Widow’s Walk to witness a spectacular 360- degree panorama of Macon.

You can treat yourself to Numerous Brunches like Patron Party, Mimosa Bar, Gingko, and so on hosted by the Hay House with a 10% discount on Holiday giveaways.

It’s closed on Monday and Tuesday, while the visiting hours range from 10 am to 4 pm from Wednesday to Sunday with an entrance ticket of $45 each.


934 Georgia Ave, Macon, GA 31201, United States

Contact Information

+1 478-742-8155

3) The Allman Brothers Band Museum at The Big House

The Big House, officially known as The Allman Sisters Band Museum, was primarily home to Allman Brothers’ family, friends, and several members from 1970 to 1973.

It was opened as a gallery in November 2009 by the Big House Foundation to showcase an interactive gallery preserving history and identifying things to do in Macon.

The Allman Brothers Band Museum at The Big House

Speed drive to The Museum! Which possesses an area of 4440 square feet, retaining 18 rooms and witnessing the adored heritage of the Allman Brothers.

Things to do

You can Visit the Museum that incorporates improvisation and instrumentals elements of country music, their live shows, jazz, and blues to keep yourself entertained.

Who does not love Music? This timeless place allows you to explore drums, keyboard, bass, guitars, and a uniquely high-spirited brotherhood.

You can explore vintage exhibits such as Otto Zielke, Eat a Peach, James Macdonald, Jerry Wexler of Atlantic Records, Statesboro Blues, The Road Goes On Forever, and many more.

You can Visit the museum from Thursday to Sunday from 11 am to 6 pm. Remember! It’s closed from Monday to Wednesday.


2321 Vineville Ave, Macon, GA 31204, United States

Contact Information

+1 478-741-5551

4) Museum of Arts and Sciences

The Museum of Arts and Sciences began in a single rented room and is now standing on 50,000 square feet complex with 14 acres of campus that opened in 1956.

This Science House accommodates classrooms, live animal habitats, a garden, the Mark Smith Planetarium Store, a nature trail, an auditorium, hands-on activities, and discovering things to do in Macon.

Museum of Arts and Sciences

The Museum inherits about four Galleries that constantly change exhibitions for four to six months on the humanities, science themes, and fine crafts.

Things to do

You can explore the Exhibits such as En Plein Air, Smartphones The World in Your Pocket, Anne Hieronymus, Tactile Layers of the Atmosphere, Natural Forces series, and many more.

Oh, Shoot! The mesmerizing panorama of monthly looks at the night sky is waiting at the observatory for you to fade in the All Digital Star Show.

Passion for lifelong learning? You can study the wonders of outward space or the lifestyles of different civilizations representing more than a half-century.

The museum is open from 10 am to 5 pm to the public daily but closed on Sunday and Monday and offers programs to schools and groups.


4182 Forsyth Rd, Macon, GA 31210, United States

Contact Information

+1 478-477-3232

5) Tubman Museum

The Tubman Museum is the nation’s largest museum taking you on an expedition from Africa to America to witness the Art, Culture, and History of the Civilization.

Tubman African American Museum is, abbreviated as Tubman Museum, founded in 1981, incorporating the land of 49,500 square feet, preserving an array of programs, exhibitions, and entrepreneuring things to do in Macon.

Tubman Museum

The art & History Outreach program, by Local artists, teaches a blend of Georgia Performance Art in an AT&T Technology classroom that Utilizes a Distance Learning Program.

Things to do

Begin your adventure! You can purchase the rearmost of hand-crafted jewelry, Civilization, Ancient Books, Afrocentric clothing, Posters, and many more collections at the museum store.

You can explore the Galleries that portray events that started in 1619. Moreover, I Dream a World, Sankofa, Portraits of Black Women, Folk, Decorative and native art are exhibited.

Get your Pen Ready! This tour will permit you to experience the triumphs, struggles, and chronicles of the nine-panel mural of the African American Tradition depicted by Wilfred Stroud.

You can visit from Tuesday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm, while it’s closed from Saturday to Monday.


310 Cherry St, Macon, GA 31201, United States

Contact Information

+1 478-743-8544

6) Rose Hill Cemetery

Rosehill Cemetery was primarily established in 1840 but was completely designed by architect Sidney Lovell on October 9, 1973, devoting the largest mausoleum to an American theater cemetery.

Rose Hill Cemetery

The final resting place of Cavalry secured an area of 20 hectares was formerly called “Roe’s Hill,” which honored 61 victims of the Theatre fire and tributing things to do in Macon.

The Tomb inherits two levels from which the lower level is partly undercover. The floors are constructed with Italian Carrara marble, several family-owned apartments, and heavy bronze gates.

Things to do

Rosehill attracts you to the Civil War buffs, where you can witness the tombs of approximately 350 sailors, soldiers, and at least 600 Confederates.

You can discover the monuments, gravestones, and several graves of notables, such as Aaron Montgomery Ward, The Allman Brothers, Duane Allman, Butch Trucks, and so on.

You can explore nature preserves, such as a 4.5 acres pond, restored woodland, boardwalks, native plants, and a multipurpose trail of the Park added in 2015.

You can pay homage to these brave mankind from 7:30 am to 5:30 pm daily, but on Sunday from 7 am to 5:30 pm.


1071 Riverside Dr, Macon, GA 31201, United States

Contact Information

+1 478-751-9119

7) Amerson River Park

Amerson River Park is a part of the Ocmulgee Heritage Trail. It’s an urban park established in 1976 but renovated for $5.5 a Million and re-opened in 2015, allowing outdoor things to do in Macon.

Amerson River Park

The Park incorporates pristine forests, wetlands, and meadows encircled by a stream oxbow that spans over 180 acres of the region.

The park possesses six distinctive zones for various use. There’s one overlook, two open grassy fields, one handicap-accessible playground, and three pavilions.

Things to do

The extended 2 miles of the Ocmulgee River permits you to enjoy tubing float, resting on a canoe, and kayaking from the Jay Hall Memorial Canoe Launch to the Bragg Jam.

Regardless of your physical capability, you can access the handicap-usable playground where slides, swings, and other playground equipment are available.

You can spend the entire day on the never-ending premises. Sheridan Overlook, The Bluff Pavilion, Porter Pavilion, Overlook Pavilion, Great Plain, the Atlanta Gas, Light Playground, and Lawson Field are waiting for you.

You can visit the 7 major zones of Amerson River Park or walk on a 7 miles trail daily from 730 am to 8 pm.


2551 Pierce Dr. N, Macon, GA 31204, United States

Contact Information

+1 478-803-0484

8) Georgia Sports Hall of Fame

The Georgia Sports Hall of Fame is the largest state sports museum inheriting 43,000 square feet of land constructed in 1956 for parading things to do in Macon.

The Georgia Sports structure resembles an exquisite centennial ballpark with a green and red exterior brick roof and a Hall of Fame Corridor honoring 400 inductees.

Georgia Sports Hall of Fame

This Hall of Fame makes a distinctiveness in the lives of youth and honors the achievement, perseverance, and struggle of the state’s trainers, athletes, and best teams.

Things to do

You can witness the brick columns to old-style ticket chambers and high-energy gallery space of about 14,000 square feet to get the vintage vibe.

You can have an amazing night at a steel trellises-based theater that accommodates 205 seats designed on the architecture of Ponce de Leon Park.

It’s a wonderful venue to host your coming birthday party, wedding reception, or business meeting, where well-trained staff is waiting to serve you.

You can visit the legacy Hall of Fame from Tuesday to Saturday from 10 am to 5 pm. Other than that, it is closed on Sunday and Monday.


301 Cherry St, Macon, GA 31201, United States

Contact Information

+1 478-752-1585

9) The Grand Opera House

The Academy of Music is officially comprehended as The Grand Opera House, nicknamed “The Grand.” in 1970, it was registered as the National Historic Place for performing art things to do in Macon.

The House accommodates the largest stage in the southeastern incorporating 2,418 seats with an additional seven-story facade glorifying the opera.

The Grand Opera House

It has hosted live performances of prominent artists like George Burns, Charlie Chaplin, Ethel Barrymore, John Philip Sousa, Will Rogers, Allman Brothers Band, Gracie Allen, and many more.

Things to do

As the opera house is operated as a movie theater, you can witness the grand Hollywood premiere of the upcoming cinema if you’re lucky enough.

You can dance to the rhythm of live music night shows such as Broadway Legally Blonde, Black Jacket Symphony, Big Band of Brothers, Macon Civic Club, and many more.

It’s your time to rent the Grand! You can host the next birthday bash, cooperate, festivals, special events, and more at the Opera house, which inherits a huge space to fabricate your occasion perfectly.

For Further visiting, tours, and renting updates and details, kindly contact at the given contact information.


651 Mulberry St, Macon, GA 31201, United States

Contact Information

+1 478-301-5470

10) Cannonball House

The Cannonball House is an expressive historical house, pounded its name by Union Army’s Cannonball that struck the House during American Civil War.

A facet-molded two-story brick kitchen holds the rare cannonball, and bronze cannons are exposed on the front for inspecting things to do in Macon.

Cannonball House

The Cannonball House is devoted to interpreting, acquiring, exhibiting, and conserving artifacts that reflect Georgia’s antebellum heritage through reconstruction periods.

Things to do

You can get inspired and engaged in entertaining and authentic educational programs, unique events, and exhibits that transpire a wide range of chronicles of the civilization.

You can explore the veteran antique from the antebellum period displayed at the cannonball house that glorifies Georgia’s heritage.

You can reserve the House or volunteer in the themed annuals, such as Candlelight Apparitions, Meet, Macon Business, Monument Capsule, and much more.

You can visit the House daily from 10 am to 3:30 pm, while it’s off on Sunday, and stop by the gift shop to buy giveaways.


856 Mulberry St, Macon, GA 31201, United States

Contact Information

+1 478-745-5982

11) Lake Tobesofkee Recreation Area

Lake Tobesofkee is located in Bibb County and was constructed in the early 1960s, particularly between 1963 and 1967, for flood control and some recreational things to do in Macon.

The area inherits about 1,750 acres of land that incorporates the most heavily fished Lake Tobesofkee, which offers two beautiful beaches and campgrounds.

Lake Tobesofkee Recreation Area

Pick up your bag and tighten your laces! The single-track mountain biking trails of several miles at Arrowhead Park are the exact getaway you desire.

Things to do

You can have a perfect reunion from public rentals at Lake Tobesofkee Recreational Park, which offers a climate-controlled pavilion to make your event Incredibly Memorable.

The region accommodates 3 public parks: Arrowhead, Claystone, and Sandy Beach. For you to be entertained while benefiting from amenities like picnic shelters.

You can have a lifetime adventurous experience of paved camping, fishing, boating, swimming, Picnic kiosks, big beaches, playing tennis, and much more under one roof.

You can explore all the 45 campsites or gaze upon meadows, birds, wildlife, and much more daily from 7 am to 10 pm at this exquisite locale.  


6600 Moseley Dixon Road, Lizella, GA 31052, United States

Contact Information

+1 478-474-8770

12) Sandy Beach Water Park

Sandy Beach Water Park is located at LakeTobo, nuzzled on Lake Tobesofkee, featuring a variety of scenic locales, allowing thrilling things to do in Macon.

Sandy Beach Water Park

This beach water park possesses activities for all ages your kiddos can enjoy in their separate Slippery Slope Body Slide at Junior Olympic Leisure Pool.

Pack your appropriate swimsuits! This is a flawless water beach park for which you’ll sprint across the globe to encounter the ultimate diving experience.

Things to do

You can explore the waterpark’s gems, like Lazy River Adventure, Slippery Slope Body Slide, Paradise Pool, Splash Race BodySlide, and much more all day long.

Are you Aquaphobia? Do not worry! You can enroll in the American Red Cross Training Program to learn all the swimming techniques and styles to diving away from your fear.

Don’t miss out on the experience of a night swim. Instantly advance toward Sandy Beach because you can avail this opportunity once a month.

You can visit From Mondays to Thursdays from 11 am to 5 pm and from Fridays to Sundays from 11 am to 6 pm to experience the water blast at Sandy Beach.


6880 C Moseley Dixon Road, Macon, GA 31201, United States

Contact Information

+1 478-474-0701

13) Tattnall Square Park

Tattnall Square Park is the oldest urban park across from Mercer University. In 1914, it became an asset to the region, nurturing and promoting things to do in Macon.

The district geography was enhanced due to the formation of Square Park, becoming home to the annual Mulberry Farmers Market and Bearstock music festival.

Tattnall Square Park

The park incorporates a picnic place, nearby dog premises, a children’s playground, a soccer field, tennis courts, and plenty of exertion for all ages to enjoy a pleasant day in Macon.

Things to do

You can advance hiking or walk on a 540 miles trail known as Lower Creek Trading Path and host festivals and special events in such a kind and courteous environment.

You can delve into Winter Wonderland arranged at the Park, inheriting numerous arts and crafts activities, a photo booth, and free Z Beans hot chocolate to feel the warmth.

Bring some caramel popcorn! You can enjoy a free movie night at the park that accommodates spots for free folk’s film screenings for you to observe the cinema experience.

You can visit the premises from Monday to Thursday from 8:30 am to 9 pm, Friday from 8:30 am to 7:30 pm, Saturday from 8:30 am to 2:30 pm, and Sunday from 1 to 6 pm.


1155 College St, Macon, GA 31201, United States

Contact Information

+1 478-216-5909

14) St Joseph Catholic Church

Saint Joseph Catholic Church is on Popular Street in Downtown Macon. It’s maintained by the Roman Catholic Diocese of Savannah, permitting some purifying things to do in Macon.

On July 14, 1971, it was listed in the National Register of Historic Places. This historic church has the tallest twin towers measuring 200 feet and 60 meters to the peak.

St Joseph Catholic Church

The interior consists of Romanesque Neo-gothic architecture with 60 stained glass windows, 1,000 pipe Organs, and an Altar and Pulpit fabricated from white Carrara marble.

Things to do

a dream come true! You can witness the story of the Salvation, and the dream of 50 Catholic parishioners and their first priest, Father James Graham, Stand still.

You can light vigil candles at the Church during the orisons and pour your heart out in front of Jesus Christ that will glorify the light of faith within yourself.

Purify Your Soul! You can join Novus Ordo Mass in Latin on, Last Sunday of every month at 2 pm. For Confessions, visit from Monday to Friday from 7:25 to 7:50 am, and Saturdays from 3:15 to 4:15 pm.

You can participate in Masses daily from 8 am to 4:30 pm, Saturday from 9 am to 5:30 pm, and Sunday from 8:30 am to 6 pm.


1155 College St, Macon, GA 31201, United States

Contact Information

+1 478-216-5909

15) Urban Air Trampoline and Adventure Park

Urban Air are the Ultimate Indoor Adventure Park located in Northpark Center that allows racing, jumping, soaring, playing, and climbing things to do in Macon for all ages.

Urban Air Trampoline and Adventure Park

Park inherits exceptional activities, like Slam Dunk Zone, Dodgeball, DropZone, The APEX Trampolines, Battle Beam, Sky Rider, and many more. You name it, and they’ve it.

The Incredible destination of Urban Air hosts countless Special events, carnivals, and parties to make your day memorable with a thrill on every corner.

Things to do

You can explore the new extents at this adventurous hub, where mini mountain hill climbing with a slide to the bottom prepares you for outdoor hiking.

So Simple! You can jump, twist, dance, or flip on the Tumble Track Runway or accomplish a mission to defeat your competitor at Wipeout.

Gather your peers in a Virtual Reality adventure to shoot out your enemies together. Be careful with your swiftness Go- Kart will test your driving skills and strategies.

You can visit on Monday from 10 am to 8 pm, Tuesday from 4 to 8 pm, Wednesday from 4 pm to 8 am, Thursday from 4 to 8 pm, Friday from 4 to 10 pm, Saturday from 10 am to 10 pm, and Sunday from 12 to 8 pm.


156 Senior Tom Hill  Boulevard, GA 31210, Macon,United States.

Contact Information

+1 478-259-6342

16) Bond Swamp National Wildlife Refuge

Bond Swamp National Wildlife Refuge protects, enhances, and maintains the forested swampland ecosystem of the Ocmulgee River field and rescues things to do in Macon.

The Region, situated along the fall line diversion, consists of 6,500 acres, about 600 hectares of land, which was opened to visitors in 2000.

Bond Swamp National Wildlife Refuge

The shelter is enriched in wildlife diverseness and incorporates black bears,- tailed deer, a nesting pair of bare eaglewood, feral turkeys, ducks, and an excellent wintering niche for waterfowl.

Things to do

You can witness the vegetation communities that inherit mixed tupelo gum swamp forests, hardwood pine, tributaries, bottomland hardwoods, beaver wetlands, creeks, and oxbow lakes.

You can walk, bike, or hike on the well-marked trails or go fishing to catch your favorite breed, spending some entertaining moments with frogs in the mud.

Are you a hunter? Let’s test your aim while hunting down the Turkeys, feral hogs, and deer while observing the exquisite panorama of different species of wildlife.

Lucky You! Visit whenever your heart desires, and for further details call on the given contact details.


Bibb County, Macon, GA 31217, United States

Contact Information

+1 478-986-5441

17) The Douglass Theatre

The Douglass Theatre was established in 1921 by Charles Henry Douglass, a well-versed entrepreneur providing entertainment with some cinematic things to do in Macon.

The Theatre appreciates and promotes countless African American performers and artists that attract extensively-varied audiences around the globe, bringing value and significance to the locale.

The Douglass Theatre

It hosts numerous events, including Films and live performances, like Moonage Daydream, She was a Friend of Mine, Hundred Years and Beyond, GRAY’s Gift of Giving, and so on.

Things to do

You can enjoy world-class performances and limited-run grand premier films in 35 mm 3D digital panorama that will blow your mind off.

You can explore ancient blues and jazz greats such as Little Richard, James BrownBessie Smith, Ma Rainey, and Otis Redding while streaming popular feature-length serials and films.

You can host or be entertained by the community and social events and engagement in multiple art series activities hosted by the theatre for artists to thrive.

Book your Seat and plan your next visit having availability from Tuesday to Friday from 10 am to 5 pm, while it’s closed for the rest of the days.


355 Martin Luther King Jr Blvd, Macon, GA 31201, United States

Contact Information

+1 478-742-2000

18) Carolyn Crayton Park

Carolyn Crayton Park is home to the historic Luther Williams Field, becoming the district’s largest and first public park, allowing excursion things to do in Macon.

Carolyn Crayton Park

The Field has also served as a shooting location for various movies. “ Trouble With The Curve, ” starring Clint Eastwood and Amy Adams, is one of them.

The level terrain of the natural setting accommodates large enough picnic areas to hold extensive group outings, a gazebo, playground fields for kiddos, softball/ baseball fields, and much more.

Things to do

The park is equipped with countless grills and picnic tables and is home to Frisbee dog contests, amusement rides, pink pancake breakfasts, and fair food to preserve iconic moments.

You can Spend a Thriller night without any cost at the Coca-Cola Entertainment Stage to roar out the shrikes in the nightly Concert organized by the Park.

You can treat yourself to the Cherry Blossom Festival, which features a 10-day-long carnival incorporating spectacular shows, fantastic food, educational exhibits, incredible headliners, and much more.

You can visit the Park daily from 7 am to 6 pm to spend the utmost progressive and admiring hours with your friend and family.


Ocmulgee Park Rd, 150 Willie Smokie Glover Drive, Macon, GA 31217, United States

Contact Information

+1 478-621-6280

19) Fort Hawkins

The historic Creek Nation constructed Fort Hawkins between 1806 and 1810 under the governance of President Thomas Jefferson. Possessing Archeological Site and some excavating things to do in Macon.

It was registered in the National Register of Historic Places on November 23, 1977, which obtained the area of 4 hectares that dominated the sacred vintage earthwork mounds.

Fort Hawkins

Between 2005 and 2007, nearly 40,000 artifacts set up at the Fort provide evidence of a second palisade and complex interaction history between Native and European-Americans.

Things to do

You can participate in the local chapter of Georgia Archaeology, Ocmulgee Archaeological Society, and annual Archaeology Day events of important historic sites hosted by Fort Hawkins.

You can investigate thousands of artifacts that indicate the presence of numerous American Indians and pioneer European American tribes who traded and resided.

You can pay tribute to Colonel Benjamin Hawkins’s monument, who directed teams in extensive excavations of the fort sites.

You can visit the fort on weekends. Saturday from 10 am to 4 pm and Sunday from 12 pm to 4 pm.


Emery Hwy, Macon, GA 31217, United States

Contact Information

+1 478-742-3003

20) Claystone Park

Claystone Park is a pristine and commodious campsite located on Moseley Dixon, within 35 miles of the shoreline possibility of Water Skiing things to do in Macon.

Claystone Park

Claystone incorporates children’s playgrounds and husky beaches to build sand castles and picnic pavilions, accommodating cottages and lodges for rental to enjoy privately.

Stuff your Tacking Bag! Travel to Park, where breathtaking lookouts and individual campsites await you to create long-lasting memories in a clean and green ambience.

Things to do

Are you up for Camping? You can enjoy a number of camping activities, amazing BBQs, and fish grills, along with some swimming on the beachfront will never get you bored.

You can explore countless outdoor activities, such as lapping on a Speed Boat, Jet Skiing on six miles of pure lake, Paved Trails, kayaking, a full bar atmosphere, and much more.

The pavilion is popular for organizing events, and you can host business gatherings, family picnics, Friends Reunions, and Private Parties enjoying the full service of the marina.

You can plan your outdoors at claystone daily from 6 am to 9 pm.


6600 Moseley Dixon Road, Lizella, GA 31052, United States

Contact Information

+1 478-474-8771

Best Hotels To Stay In Mason

Are you looking forward to budgeting your coming getaway to Macon? Oh Now! Wondering where you might stay? Worrying about your privacy, protection, and security of your belongings during your absence?

Take a Chill Pill because we’ve arranged a list of hotels with ratings of more than 4 stars. You can forget all the stress and exhaustion by pitching in the events and matchups organized by the hotels every night, adding extra fun to your leisure.

The jaw-dropping Luxurious, first-class, royal, yet affordable Hotels inherit free Wi-Fi service, swimming pool, gym, Hot tub, spa, restaurants, and qualified staff to serve you. The following list will help you to navigate the hotel according to your taste.

  • 1842 Inn
  • TownePlace Suites by Marriott Macon Mercer University
  • Burke Mansion
  • Hampton Inn & Suites Macon I-75 North
  • Dry Branch Barn Apartment with Views on 488 Acre-Ranch!
  • TownePlace Suites by Marriott Macon Mercer University
  • Homewood Suites by Hilton Macon-North
  • Holiday Inn Express & Suites at Macon North, an IHG Hotel
  • Home2 Suites by Hilton Macon I-75 North
  • Hampton Inn & Suites Macon I-475

Be stress-free! These hotels will allow you to lay out your entire vacation with lavishness, comfortness, and a sense of security in your goods and chattels provided by these hotels while you are occupied exploring the amazing downtown of Macon, GA.

Final Words

However, Macon has an evident legacy of hospitality and is a welcoming locale. It has an anti-discrimination constitution that includes the LGBT nation.

Macon also has strong cultural preservation and a beautiful historic Community accommodating numerous music clubs and theaters, museums, parks, and rivers.

No trip to Macon is completed without tenure to witness optimistic and fearless nationals trying to produce downtown a prime locality with crafty lofts and cafés.