11 Most Fun Things To Do In Boise For Couples

Have you ever thought traveling together could strengthen your bond and foster shared experiences and memories that can deepen emotional connections with your partner? As couples navigate new cultures and challenges, it enhances their communication and problem-solving skills. 

Moreover, exploring unfamiliar landscapes sparks excitement, rejuvenating the relationship by creating a tapestry of moments that both partners cherish and grow from.

However, let us help you to plan a romantic getaway at an outstanding place! Boise, the capital of Idaho, has been famous since the 19th century when it became a vital stop for pioneers on the Oregon Trail. Over the years, it evolved from a frontier town into a thriving city derived from the French word “boisée,” meaning wooded, reflecting lush surroundings.

Boise is a famous place that attracts couples seeking a blend of outdoor adventure and cultural charm to take their relationship to another level. The city’s vibrant downtown offers a romantic ambiance with tree-lined streets, quaint cafes, and the scenic Boise River Greenbelt. 

Couples can also explore the Boise Art Museum, showcasing contemporary and regional art, or stroll through the historic Old Idaho Penitentiary, delving into the city’s past.

Nature-loving pairs can escape to the Boise Foothills, offering hiking trails and panoramic views of the city. For a more relaxed experience, they can enjoy the peaceful Idaho Botanical Garden, featuring themed gardens and seasonal blooms.

The city’s warm and welcoming atmosphere makes it an ideal destination for couples, so whether they want to enjoy a quiet moment in one of the city’s parks, attend cultural events, or savoring local cuisine, Boise is a destination for couples seeking a romantic escape.

What’s left next? Pack your bags and take your sweetheart on a short or long trip to Boise, and yeah, remember to check out our list of fun things to do in Boise for couples for a more vibrant getaway!

1) Boise River Greenbelt

The Boise River Greenbelt, established in the 1960s, is a scenic pathway spanning 25 miles along the Boise River in Idaho. Initially, it was envisioned as a flood control measure that later evolved into a recreational gem. Its development was championed by community leaders and conservationists who recognized its potential for promoting outdoor activities and preserving natural habitats. 

Boise River Greenbelt

Now, this place serves as a beloved urban oasis, offering residents and visitors a picturesque escape for walking, cycling, and enjoying the river’s serene beauty. Cyclists and pedestrians can traverse the well-maintained pathway, reveling in the scenic beauty along the 25-mile stretch. 

More added fun things to do in Boise for couples: fishing is a popular activity, with the river home to diverse aquatic life that you can enjoy while watching birds in the abundant avian species, enhancing the area’s appeal. 

The Greenbelt seamlessly integrates with downtown Boise, inviting visitors to explore cultural attractions, shops, and eateries. Seasonal events and festivals further enliven the atmosphere, creating a sense of community. 

Whether it’s kayaking on the river, attending outdoor concerts, or simply enjoying a stroll, the Boise River Greenbelt offers a diverse range of activities, making it a cherished destination specialty for couples. 


Boise River Greenbelt, Idaho, United States 

2) Idaho Botanical Garden

Established in 1984 on the grounds of the Old Idaho State Penitentiary, the Idaho Botanical Garden has a captivating history that transforms a former prison site into a blooming oasis.

Idaho Botanical Garden

Over the years, it has evolved into a dynamic center for horticultural appreciation, environmental education, and community events. The dedicated efforts of volunteers and supporters have transformed this once austere location into a haven of natural beauty. 

Visitors and couples can have a good time here, with many fun things to do in Boise for couples. They can stroll through themed gardens, like the English Garden or Meditation Garden, showcasing a rich variety of plant life. 

Facility-wise, the Garden provides event spaces for weddings or corporate gatherings, surrounded by lush landscapes where you can plan your days for a more vibrant atmosphere. 

Moreover, educational programs cater to all ages, fostering a deeper understanding of horticulture and environmental sustainability. Apart from it, picnic areas are scattered throughout, offering a delightful spot to enjoy a meal amidst nature to have a relaxing time with your couple.  

It’s a haven for photography enthusiasts, too, with stunning backdrops changing with the seasons that seamlessly combine beauty, education, and recreation, making it a vibrant destination year-round.


2355 N Old Penitentiary Rd, Boise, ID 83712, United States

3) Table Rock

Table Rock, a prominent landmark in Boise, was formed over 400 million years ago; this granite dome stands as a testament to nature’s artistry, where Native Cherokee and Catawba tribes revered it as a sacred place, adding layers of cultural significance. 

Table Rock

In the 19th century, Table Rock became a pivotal location during the Civil War, serving as a refuge for deserters and a strategic vantage point. Today, its allure extends beyond history, drawing hikers and nature enthusiasts to explore its trails and revel in panoramic views. 

This granite marvel intertwines geological wonders, Native American heritage, and echoes of conflict, making Table Rock an enchanting tapestry of the past.

The state park surrounding the landmark provides well-maintained campgrounds equipped with modern amenities, inviting visitors to immerse themselves in nature. Hiking trails crisscross the area, catering to varying skill levels, with the challenging Table Rock Trail leading to breathtaking summit views.

Picnic areas and shelters are scattered throughout, providing a perfect setting for family gatherings where anglers can also cast their lines into Pinnacle Lake while kayaking and canoeing enthusiasts explore the scenic waters. 

For history buffs, the park organizes interpretive programs and guided tours, unraveling the rich cultural tapestry of Table Rock. As the sun sets, the stargazing opportunities are unparalleled, making camping under the vast night sky an unforgettable experience with many fun things to do in Boise for couples. 

In essence, Table Rock harmoniously blends recreational facilities, natural beauty, and historical exploration, offering a multifaceted escape for all who venture here.


3090 E Gentry Way. Ste 210. Meridian, ID 83642, Boise, United States 

4) Boise River Park

The Boise River Park, nestled in Idaho, originating from the early 20th century, evolved from a simple riverside escape to a dynamic center for outdoor enthusiasts. Initially, it served as a retreat for locals seeking respite along the serene riverbanks. 

Boise River Park

Over time, the park embraced water-based activities, witnessing the introduction of kayaking, tubing, and paddleboarding. The transformation continued with the establishment of designated play waves, attracting thrill-seekers and fostering a vibrant community of water sports enthusiasts. 

The park boasts well-maintained picnic areas, providing a charming setting for romantic outdoor meals with fun things to do in Boise for couples. Couples can enjoy strolls along the riverbanks, immersing themselves in the picturesque surroundings to have some refreshing moments. 

For the more adventurous pairs, the park offers kayak and paddleboard rentals, allowing them to navigate the gentle currents of the Boise River together.

Additionally, designated play waves provide an exciting opportunity for couples to try their hand at surfing or improve their kayaking skills in a controlled environment. During warmer months, tubing down the river is a popular and refreshing activity for couples seeking a bit of thrill.

For those looking to unwind, the serene atmosphere of the park provides a peaceful escape with bird watching along the river or simply lounging on the grass can be a tranquil way for couples to connect. 

With its blend of outdoor recreation and natural beauty, the Boise River Park offers a diverse range of experiences, making it an enchanting destination for couples seeking a memorable outing.


Boise River Greenbelt, Boise, ID 83714, United States

5) Perrine Memorial Bridge

The Perrine Memorial Bridge, spanning the Snake River Canyon in Twin Falls, Idaho, was constructed in 1927, serving as a toll bridge. However, in 1976, it was renamed in honor of Evel Knievel’s successful motorcycle jump across the canyon. 

Perrine Memorial Bridge

Beyond its adrenaline-fueled moments, the Perrine Bridge stands as a symbol of engineering prowess, connecting communities and offering breathtaking views of the Snake River and surrounding landscapes. 

The bridge itself provides a romantic backdrop for strolls, especially during sunset, when the warm hues reflect off the Snake River. For adventurous couples, the area is a hotspot for BASE jumping, and watching thrill-seekers leap off the bridge can add an exhilarating twist to your visit. 

If you prefer a more relaxed atmosphere, the scenic overlooks provide stunning panoramic views of the Snake River Canyon, making it a perfect spot for a romantic photo session.

Twin Falls, the city adjacent to the bridge, offers charming cafes and restaurants where you can indulge in a cozy dinner to have a taste of more fun things to do in Boise for couples. 

Consider exploring Shoshone Falls, often referred to as the “Niagara of the West,” which is just a short drive away, offering a majestic natural spectacle and additional opportunities for romantic walks along well-maintained trails.

With its combination of natural beauty, thrilling activities, and cozy dining options, the Perrine Memorial Bridge area provides a diverse range of experiences for couples seeking a memorable and romantic getaway.


Jerome, ID 83338, United States

6) Old Idaho Penitentiary

The Old Idaho Penitentiary, operational from 1872 to 1973, stands as a historical landmark in Boise, built by inmates that housed diverse criminals, from horse thieves to notorious outlaws. The prison witnessed harsh conditions, with overcrowded cells and rudimentary facilities.

Old Idaho Penitentiary

 The prison’s architecture reflects various eras, from the stone cell house to the more modern facilities. Decommissioned in 1973, it now serves as a museum, showcasing Idaho’s criminal justice history and offering visitors a glimpse into the harsh realities of the past, preserving a significant chapter in the state’s history.

If you’re a thrill-loving couple, you can explore the historic cell blocks and solitary confinement areas, gaining insight into Idaho’s criminal past. For a romantic touch, enjoy a self-guided evening tour when the prison is softly illuminated to stroll through the picturesque rose gardens, providing a serene contrast to the prison’s rugged history. 

Various events and themed nights are also organized throughout the year, where you can partake in educational programs, engaging workshops, or attend special historical reenactments for an immersive journey into the past.

The proximity of downtown Boise allows couples to explore nearby restaurants, adding culinary delights to their visit with a captivating blend of history, romance, and cultural exploration for couples seeking a unique and memorable outing.


2445 Old Penitentiary Rd, Boise, ID 83712, United States

7) Boise Art Museum

The Boise Art Museum (BAM) originated in 1931 as the Boise Gallery of Art, established by a group of local artists and patrons. Over the years, it evolved, eventually adopting its current name in 1997. 

Boise Art Museum

The museum showcases a diverse collection of contemporary and historical art, including paintings, sculptures, and decorative arts. With a commitment to inclusivity and creativity, the Boise Art Museum continues to be a cultural hub, connecting the community with the transformative power of art.

The museum features well-curated galleries showcasing a wide range of artworks, providing an ideal setting for couples to appreciate and discuss diverse artistic expressions. 

Additionally, BAM often hosts events such as art classes or themed exhibitions, offering couples an opportunity to engage in creative activities together with many fun things to do in Boise for couples. The museum’s facilities include a charming café, providing a perfect spot for a leisurely coffee or meal amid the artistic ambiance. 

For a more immersive visit, couples can participate in guided tours or attend special events like art lectures or evening receptions. Whether exploring the galleries, enjoying a cozy meal, or taking part in interactive events, the Boise Art Museum provides couples with a culturally enriching and romantically captivating experience.


670 Julia Davis Dr, Boise, ID 83702, United States

8) Basque Block

The Basque Block, located in Boise, Idaho, is a vibrant cultural district reflecting the Basque community’s rich history. In the late 19th century, Basque immigrants, mainly from Spain and France, settled in the area, seeking opportunities in mining and sheepherding. 

Basque Block

By the 20th century, Boise became a hub for Basque culture in the United States. Still, officially, it was established in 1999, encompassing the Basque Museum and Cultural Center, a market, and restaurants. 

Start your visit to the Basque Museum and Cultural Center, delving into the history and traditions of the Basque community. Explore the vibrant market, where you can find unique crafts, souvenirs, and local products to bring back home with your partner. 

For a romantic evening, indulge in Basque cuisine at one of the charming restaurants to share delicious pintxos small savory bites, and savor a variety of traditional dishes with fun things to do in Boise for couples. 

However, the intimate atmosphere and flavorful food create a memorable dining experience. Throughout the year, the Basque Block hosts events like the Jaialdi festival, providing lively entertainment and opportunities to immerse yourselves in Basque music and dance. 

Couples can also partake in the Basque tradition of “pala,” a handball-like game, at the local courts that combines history, culinary delights, and cultural activities, offering a unique and enjoyable experience for couples seeking a blend of romance and exploration.


W Grove St, Boise, ID 83702, United States

9) Idaho Shakespeare Festival

The Idaho Shakespeare Festival, established in 1977, enriches the cultural landscape with outdoor theater in Boise that operated in a canvas tent before settling into its permanent amphitheater in 1998. The festival showcases the timeless works of William Shakespeare, attracting audiences with high-quality productions amid the scenic backdrop of the Boise River. 

Idaho Shakespeare Festival

Over the years, it has expanded its repertoire beyond Shakespeare to include various classic and contemporary plays. The state-of-the-art Amphitheater provides a romantic outdoor setting, surrounded by nature along the Boise River. 

Couples can enjoy pre-show picnics on the lush grounds, explore the nearby Barber Park or enjoy diverse performances, from Shakespearean classics to modern plays, providing a unique cultural experience for couples with varying tastes.

The Amphitheater facilities include comfortable seating for added convenience and fun things to do in Boise for couples; patrons can rent cushions for an extra touch of coziness to have a more romantic time. 

Additionally, there are on-site concessions for a hassle-free date night where couples can participate in engaging pre-show discussions or workshops to deepen their appreciation for the arts.

For those seeking a more comprehensive experience, the festival’s commitment to education means there are often workshops or classes, providing couples with a chance to learn something new together.


5657 E Warm Springs Ave, Boise, ID 83716, United States

10) Lake Coeur d’Alene

Lake Coeur d’Alene, located in Idaho, became a vital transportation route during the steamboat era and in the mid-20th century, the Coeur d’Alene Resort was established, further boosting tourism.

Lake Coeur d'Alene

Lake Coeur d’Alene offers a variety of facilities and amenities for couples seeking a romantic getaway with many fun things to do in Boise for couples. The Coeur d’Alene Resort provides luxurious accommodations with lake views and amenities like spa services for a relaxing experience. 

For outdoor enthusiasts, there are hiking trails around the lake, providing a chance to connect amidst nature. Additionally, the Tubbs Hill Nature Trails offer a scenic stroll with panoramic views where cruise options, like the Lake Coeur d’Alene Cruises, offer romantic boat rides with dinner, creating a memorable experience. 

The area hosts events and festivals, providing entertainment and a vibrant atmosphere. In winter, couples can explore nearby ski resorts for a mix of adventure and relaxation.

Overall, Lake Coeur d’Alene caters to diverse interests, offering a perfect blend of natural beauty, recreational activities, and romantic experiences for couples to create lasting memories together.


Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, United States 

11) United States Capitol

The United States Capitol building in Boise, Idaho, holds a unique history as a symbol of democratic governance in the state. Constructed in the late 19th century, it initially served as the seat of Idaho’s territorial government. 

United States Capitol

The building’s architecture reflects a blend of classical and neoclassical styles where notable events, such as legislative sessions and gubernatorial inaugurations, have taken place within its walls. Moreover, beautifully landscaped Capitol grounds provide a serene environment, ideal for a stroll or a romantic picnic. 

The Capitol Building itself, with its historic architecture, offers a unique backdrop for couples looking to explore the region’s rich political history.

Inside, visitors can access informative exhibits detailing Idaho’s journey to statehood and the legislative process. The Capitol also hosts events, providing an opportunity for couples to experience cultural and community activities together.

Nearby amenities include charming cafes and restaurants, perfect for a cozy meal or coffee date to keep your hunger controlled for a longer time. The Capitol is situated in the heart of downtown Boise, making it convenient for couples to explore the vibrant city life, from boutique shopping to art galleries.

For those seeking a bit of adventure, it offers many outdoor activities and fun things to do in Boise for couples, like hiking or biking along the nearby trails, allowing couples to craft a memorable experience that combines history, culture, and the beauty of Boise.


Washington, DC 20004, United States

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