Cruise Checklist: A Complete Guide to Packing Like a Pro in 2023

Cruising is one of the most enjoyable and convenient travel methods, providing a unique experience of exploring multiple destinations while indulging in all the luxuries and amenities onboard. 

As we approach the year 2023, the cruise industry is expected to undergo significant changes in terms of safety protocols, dining options, and onboard entertainment. To ensure a hassle-free and enjoyable experience, it’s essential to have a comprehensive cruise checklist in place. 

Cruise Checklist A Complete Guide to Packing Like a Pro in 2023

From planning and preparation to packing essentials, health and safety measures, and technology requirements, this article will provide you with all the information you need to prepare for a cruise in 2023. Whether you’re a first-time cruiser or a seasoned traveler, this guide will ensure that you’re ready to embark on an unforgettable adventure at sea.

Planning & Preparation: Before You Leave

Planning and preparation are essential for a successful cruise vacation. Here are some important things to keep in mind before you leave:

  1. Research and choose your cruise: Research different cruise lines, itineraries, and ships to find the one that best suits your needs and budget.
  2. Book early: Book your cruise early to get the best deals and ensure availability, especially if you’re traveling during peak season.
  3. Check visa requirements: If you’re traveling to foreign ports, check the visa requirements for each country and apply for them in advance.
  4. Purchase travel insurance: Purchase travel insurance that covers medical emergencies, trip cancellations, and other unforeseen events.
  5. Make flight arrangements: Book your flights to the departure port well in advance and consider arriving a day or two early to avoid any last-minute delays.
  6. Arrange transportation: Arrange transportation from the airport to the cruise port and consider pre-booking transfers or taxis to avoid long wait times.
  7. Pack wisely: Check the weather at your destination and pack accordingly, taking into account any dress codes or formal nights onboard.

By following these planning and preparation tips, you can ensure that you’re fully prepared and ready to enjoy your cruise vacation to the fullest.

Documents & Identification: Don’t Forget Your Papers

One of the most important aspects of cruise travel is ensuring that you have all the necessary documents and identification with you. Here are some essential documents to keep in mind before leaving for your cruise:

  1. Passport: A valid passport is required for most international cruises. Ensure that your passport is up to date and has at least six months’ of validity left.
  2. Visas: Some countries may require you to have a visa for entry, even if you’re only visiting for a day. Check the visa requirements for each port of call and obtain them in advance.
  3. Cruise boarding pass: Make sure you have your cruise boarding pass or e-ticket with you. This will be required to check in at the cruise terminal.
  4. Travel insurance documents: Keep a copy of your travel insurance documents with you, including the policy number and emergency contact information.
  5. Credit card and cash: Bring a credit card for onboard purchases and cash for shore excursions and tips.
  6. Health documents: If you have any medical conditions or are taking prescription medication, bring copies of your medical records and doctor’s notes.
  7. Other identification: Don’t forget to bring other identification, such as a driver’s license, as it may be required for certain activities or purchases onboard.

It’s essential to keep these documents and identification with you at all times during your cruise vacation. Ensure that you have them safely stored in a waterproof and secure place.

Packing Essentials: What to Bring on a Cruise in 2023

When packing for a cruise, it’s important to bring clothing that is comfortable and suitable for the different activities and times of day onboard. Here’s a list of clothing items to consider when packing for a cruise in 2023:

Daytime clothing: During the day, you’ll want to wear comfortable and casual clothing suitable for exploring the ship, taking part in activities, or going on shore excursions. Consider packing:

  • Shorts or skirts
  • T-shirts or tank tops
  • Sundresses or casual dresses
  • Swimwear and cover-ups for pool days

Evening wear: Most cruises have dress codes for dinner and special events, so you’ll want to pack some dressier options for the evening. Consider packing:

  • Cocktail dresses or skirts with blouses
  • Slacks or dress pants with collared shirts or blouses
  • Dress shoes or sandals

Formal wear: Many cruise lines have formal nights where passengers are required to dress up. Consider packing:

  • A formal dress or gown
  • A tuxedo or suit for men
  • Dress shoes or formal sandals

Outerwear: Depending on the destination and time of year, you may need some outerwear for cooler temperatures or rainy days. Consider packing:

  • A light jacket or sweater
  • A raincoat or poncho
  • Scarf, hat, or gloves for colder weather

Workout clothing: Many cruise ships have gyms or fitness centers, so consider packing workout clothing if you plan on exercising during your trip. Consider packing:

  • Athletic shorts or leggings
  • Sports bras or tank tops
  • Running shoes or sneakers

Shoes: It’s important to pack comfortable shoes for walking around the ship or going on excursions. Consider packing:

  • Sandals or flip-flops for pool days
  • Comfortable walking shoes or sneakers for shore excursions
  • Dress shoes or formal sandals for evening wear

Health & Safety: Staying Safe on a Cruise Trip

While cruise vacations are a fun and exciting way to travel, it’s important to prioritize your health and safety. Here are some tips to stay safe on a cruise in 2023:

  1. Wash your hands frequently: Washing your hands frequently is the best way to prevent the spread of germs onboard. Use soap and water or hand sanitizer if soap and water are not available.
  2. Get vaccinated: Check with your cruise line and destination countries to see if they have any specific vaccination requirements.
  3. Practice safe food and water habits: Only drink water from sealed bottles and avoid eating raw or undercooked food.
  4. Be careful when drinking alcohol: Drink alcohol responsibly and be aware of your limits.
  5. Use sunscreen: Protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays by wearing sunscreen with a high SPF.
  6. Be aware of your surroundings: Always be aware of your surroundings and report any suspicious behavior to the ship’s crew.
  7. Attend the safety drill: All cruise ships conduct a mandatory safety drill before setting sail. Attend the drill and familiarize yourself with the ship’s emergency procedures.
  8. Stay hydrated: Drink plenty of water throughout the day, especially if you’re spending time in the sun or participating in physical activities.
  9. Pack a small first-aid kit: Bring a small first-aid kit with bandages, pain relievers, and stomach remedies.
  10. Follow the ship’s rules: Follow the ship’s rules and regulations, including dress codes, smoking policies, and safety procedures.

Onboard Activities: Fun & Entertainment Options for 2023

Cruise ships offer a variety of fun and entertainment options for passengers of all ages. Here are some onboard activities to look forward to on your cruise vacation in 2023:

  1. Shows and performances: Most cruise ships have a theater where they offer a variety of shows and performances, including musicals, comedy acts, and magic shows.
  2. Casinos: Many cruise ships have onboard casinos where passengers can play games like blackjack, roulette, and slot machines.
  3. Fitness and sports activities: Most cruise ships have gyms, fitness classes, and sports activities like basketball, volleyball, and rock climbing.
  4. Pools and water parks: Cruise ships often have multiple pools and water parks, including slides and other water attractions.
  5. Spa and wellness facilities: Relax and unwind at the onboard spa and wellness facilities, including massages, facials, and yoga classes.
  6. Kids’ clubs and activities: Most cruise ships have kids’ clubs and activities, including scavenger hunts, arts and crafts, and games.
  7. Culinary experiences: Indulge in culinary experiences onboard, including wine tastings, cooking classes, and specialty dining options.
  8. Nightlife and bars: Cruise ships have a variety of bars and lounges where passengers can enjoy drinks, live music, and dancing.
  9. Shopping: Most cruise ships have onboard shops where passengers can purchase souvenirs, jewelry, and other items.
  10. Excursions: Take part in shore excursions offered by the cruise line, including sightseeing tours, beach days, and adventure activities.

Dining & Drinks: What to Expect from Cruise Cuisine ?

Cruise vacations are known for their delicious and varied dining options. Here’s what you can expect from cruise cuisine in 2023:

  1. Main dining rooms: Most cruise ships have main dining rooms where passengers can enjoy breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The menus feature a range of cuisine, including international dishes, vegetarian options, and specialty diets.
  2. Buffets: Cruise ships also offer buffets for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, with a variety of options including hot and cold dishes, salads, and desserts.
  3. Specialty restaurants: Many cruise ships have specialty restaurants, including Italian, steakhouse, and sushi restaurants. These restaurants often require a reservation and an additional fee.
  4. Room service: Most cruise lines offer 24-hour room service, with a range of options from light snacks to full meals.
  5. Drinks packages: Many cruise lines offer drinks packages that allow passengers to enjoy unlimited alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages during their trip.
  6. Food events and themed nights: Cruise ships often feature food events and themed nights, including seafood buffets, BBQs, and formal nights.
  7. Local cuisine: When the ship is in port, passengers can often sample local cuisine through shore excursions or by visiting local restaurants.
  8. Dietary restrictions: Cruise lines are equipped to handle various dietary restrictions, including vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, and kosher diets. Be sure to inform the cruise line of any dietary restrictions before your trip.

By taking advantage of the many dining options offered on your cruise vacation in 2023, you can enjoy a variety of delicious meals and culinary experiences. Bon appétit!

Shore Excursions: Exploring Ports of Call in 2023

One of the highlights of a cruise vacation is the opportunity to explore different ports of call. Here’s what you can expect from shore excursions in 2023:

  1. Guided tours: Most cruise lines offer guided tours of the port of call, including sightseeing tours, historical tours, and cultural tours.
  2. Adventure activities: For the more adventurous traveler, there are excursions like zip-lining, snorkeling, and hiking.
  3. Beach days: Many ports of call offer beautiful beaches where passengers can relax and enjoy the sun and sea.
  4. Shopping and sightseeing: For those who prefer to explore on their own, there are opportunities for shopping and sightseeing in local towns and cities.
  5. Culinary experiences: Many shore excursions offer the opportunity to sample local cuisine through food tours, cooking classes, and visits to local markets.
  6. Wildlife encounters: In some ports of call, passengers can enjoy wildlife encounters, including dolphin and whale watching and visits to animal sanctuaries.
  7. Cultural experiences: From visiting ancient ruins to attending traditional festivals, shore excursions can offer unique cultural experiences that allow passengers to immerse themselves in the local culture.
  8. Transportation options: Depending on the port of call and the excursion, transportation options may include buses, boats, or even helicopters.

Technology & Connectivity: Staying Connected on a Cruise in 2023

Staying connected while on a cruise can be important for many travelers. Here’s what you can expect from technology and connectivity on a cruise in 2023:

  1. Wi-Fi: Most cruise ships offer Wi-Fi, but it’s important to note that it can be slow and expensive. Some ships offer packages that allow you to purchase a certain amount of data or time, while others offer unlimited packages.
  2. Cell phone service: Depending on your mobile carrier and the location of the ship, you may be able to use your cell phone while on board. However, international roaming charges can be very expensive. Many cruise lines offer their own cell phone plans, so be sure to check with your cruise line for options.
  3. In-room entertainment: Many cruise ships offer in-room entertainment systems, including flat-screen TVs and movie libraries.
  4. Apps and online tools: Some cruise lines offer their own apps and online tools that allow you to check your account balance, book shore excursions, and make reservations for dining and entertainment.
  5. Onboard activities: Many cruise ships offer a variety of onboard activities that can help you stay connected, including fitness classes, lectures, and workshops.
  6. Connectivity in port: When the ship is in port, you may be able to use local Wi-Fi or purchase a local SIM card to stay connected.
  7. Virtual reality experiences: Some cruise lines are starting to offer virtual reality experiences, allowing passengers to explore destinations and participate in activities from the comfort of the ship.

By taking advantage of the technology and connectivity options on your cruise vacation in 2023, you can stay connected with friends and family back home, keep up with work if needed, and make the most of your time onboard. Just be sure to plan ahead and budget for any additional costs associated with staying connected on a cruise.


A cruise vacation in 2023 offers endless possibilities for fun, relaxation, and adventure. From exploring new destinations and enjoying onboard activities to indulging in delicious cuisine and staying connected with loved ones, there’s something for everyone.

By following the cruise checklist and preparing ahead of time, you can ensure a smooth and enjoyable vacation experience. Whether you’re a first-time cruiser or a seasoned pro, a cruise in 2023 is the perfect way to escape, unwind, and make unforgettable memories.