12 Most Fun Things To Do In Carrabelle, Florida

Carrabelle is a charming coastal town in Florida’s Panhandle region with a rich history and appealing features that attract tourists worldwide.

First settled in the early 19th century, Carrabelle’s history is closely tied to its maritime heritage. It was once a bustling port for timber and seafood industries, and remnants of this maritime history can still be seen in the town’s museums and historic sites. 

The Carrabelle History Museum offers visitors a glimpse into the area’s past, while the Camp Gordon Johnston Museum pays homage to the World War II history of the region.

However, its stunning natural beauty provides many exciting things to do in Carrabelle, Fl, making it famous as a tourist destination. The town boasts miles of pristine, uncrowded beaches along the Gulf of Mexico, making it a haven for beachgoers, anglers, and water sports enthusiasts. 

St. George Island, just a short drive away, offers even more pristine beaches, birdwatching, and wildlife viewing opportunities.

In recent years, Carrabelle has gained fame for its tranquil atmosphere and laid-back charm, appealing to tourists seeking a peaceful escape from bustling city life. 

With its historical sites, natural beauty, and serene ambiance, Carrabelle continues to captivate tourists worldwide, offering a unique and memorable Florida coastal experience.

Carrabelle experiences a pleasant climate year-round. The best months to visit are typically from March to May and September to November. 

During these periods, temperatures are milder, and the humidity is lower, making it ideal for outdoor activities and beach outings. Winters are bearable, but summers can be hot and humid.

Furthermore, Carrabelle is a gateway to the Forgotten Coast, known for its unspoiled landscapes and abundant wildlife. It’s a haven for eco-tourism, with kayaking, hiking, and birding excursions attracting nature enthusiasts.

1) Carrabelle Bottle House 

The Carrabelle Bottle House, located in Carrabelle, Florida, is a unique historic structure built in 1967 by a local artist named Calvin Moore. It consists of over 6,000 glass bottles embedded in concrete, forming walls and decorative patterns. 

Carrabelle Bottle House

Moore designed it as a tribute to recycling and artistry. The structure now serves as a museum showcasing local history and art. It’s a testament to creativity and resourcefulness, attracting visitors with its unusual design and environmental message.

The Carrabelle Bottle House offers a range of artistic things to do in Carrabelle, Fl to make your visit enjoyable. Explore the museum within its whimsical walls, featuring local history and art exhibits. 

Stroll through beautifully landscaped gardens, perfect for picnics or leisurely walks. The site has a gift shop where you can find unique souvenirs. Additionally, the house hosts events like art workshops and cultural programs, adding to the fun. 

The vibrant colors of the glass bottles and the intriguing history of this eco-friendly masterpiece make it an attraction that’s both educational and visually captivating. Therefore, take advantage of this eco-art gem in Carrabelle, Florida, before your vacation ends!


604 Southeast Avenue F, Carrabelle, FL 32322, United States

2) St. George Island State Park

St. George Island State Park was established in 1967 and offers 2,023 acres of pristine Gulf Coast landscapes. Visitors can enjoy miles of sandy beaches, pristine dunes, and abundant wildlife. 

St. George Island State Park

The park is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts, offering outdoor activities and things to do in Carrabelle, Fl, including hiking, bird-watching, and fishing activities. 

With its diverse ecosystems and serene atmosphere, St. George Island State Park is a cherished destination for those seeking a tranquil coastal retreat.

You’ll find well-maintained picnic areas, restrooms, and ample parking for convenience. Camping enthusiasts can opt for the park’s full-facility campground, offering both RV and tent sites with electricity and water hookups.

The park’s pristine beaches are ideal for sunbathing, swimming, and shelling. Nature lovers can explore diverse ecosystems, including maritime forests and salt marshes, while bird watchers will be delighted by the abundant avian species. 

Fishing is a popular pastime, with opportunities to catch various Gulf Coast species. Hiking and nature trails wind through the park, providing an up-close experience with the local flora and fauna. 

Kayaking and paddleboarding are fantastic ways to explore the park’s waterways. Dolphins and sea turtles are frequent sights in these waters, so have your cameras in hand if you want them to be captured. 

St. George Island State Park offers a perfect blend of relaxation and outdoor adventure for visitors of all ages. 

Whether seeking a peaceful beach day, a nature-filled hike, or an educational experience, this park has something to offer everyone. Immerse yourself in the natural beauty and recreational opportunities that make this park a true gem on Florida’s Gulf Coast.


151 Laughing Gull Lane, Carrabelle, FL 32322, United States

3) Carrabelle History Museum

The Carrabelle History Museum, located in Carrabelle, Florida, is a repository of local heritage. Established in 1999, it preserves the rich history of this coastal community. 

Exhibits showcase maritime, logging, and cultural aspects of Carrabelle’s past, including artifacts and photographs. 

Carrabelle History Museum

Visitors can learn about the town’s role in World War II and its fishing industry. The museum offers a fascinating glimpse into the town’s evolution, making it a must-visit for history enthusiasts in the Florida Panhandle.

The Carrabelle History Museum offers a deep dive into the town’s heritage and offers visitors several amenities and fun things to do in Carrabelle, Fl. 

You’ll find informative exhibits, including interactive displays and captivating artifacts, making it an engaging educational experience for all ages. 

The museum also boasts a charming gift shop to purchase unique local crafts and souvenirs.

In addition to the museum itself, Carrabelle’s coastal location offers exciting opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts. You can explore nearby beaches, go fishing, or even embark on boating adventures. 

Carrabelle’s beautiful scenery and proximity to nature reserves make it a perfect destination for hiking, birdwatching, and wildlife spotting.

After a day of exploring, you can enjoy delicious seafood at local restaurants or grab a drink at one of the nearby bars. 

Carrabelle History Museum is more than just a place to learn about history; it’s a gateway to a delightful coastal experience filled with adventure, relaxation, and delectable cuisine.


106 Southeast Avenue B, Carrabelle, FL 32322, United States

4) Camp Gordon Johnston WWII Museum

The Camp Gordon Johnston WWII Museum, located in Carrabelle, Florida, honors the legacy of Camp Gordon Johnston, an important WWII amphibious training center. 

The museum showcases artifacts, photographs, and exhibits, offering a glimpse into the training and sacrifices made by soldiers during the war. 

Camp Gordon Johnston WWII Museum

It is a tribute to the brave men and women who prepared for D-Day and the Pacific theater here. This museum preserves the vital history of Camp Gordon Johnston and its crucial role in the Allied victory during World War II.

The Camp Gordon Johnston WWII Museum provides a range of facilities and things to do in Carrabelle, Fl to enhance your visit. Explore captivating exhibits filled with wartime memorabilia, uniforms, and photographs, offering an immersive experience of WWII history. 

Knowledgeable docents are on hand to provide insightful tours and answer questions, making your visit educational and engaging.

The museum also hosts special events, lectures, and workshops, providing opportunities to deepen your understanding of WWII. It’s a great place for history enthusiasts and families to learn and connect with the past.

Surrounded by the scenic beauty of Carrabelle, the museum’s location allows you to enjoy outdoor activities like beachcombing, fishing, and hiking in the nearby Apalachicola National Forest. 

The charming coastal town offers dining options and accommodations for a complete experience.

Come to the Camp Gordon Johnston WWII Museum for a day of exploration, learning, and relaxation, and immerse yourself in the rich history of World War II.


1873 Highway 98 West, Carrabelle, FL 32322, United States

5) Crooked River Lighthouse

The Crooked River Lighthouse was built in 1895. Standing at 103 feet tall, it guided ships safely through the treacherous Apalachee Bay waters. 

The lighthouse served until 1995 when it was decommissioned. Today, it’s a historic landmark and museum, offering visitors a glimpse into maritime history. 

Crooked River Lighthouse

To witness this icon, you must climb 128 steps for a breathtaking Gulf of Mexico and St. George Sound view.

Crooked River Lighthouse has many enriching things to do in Carrabelle, Fl. Explore the onsite museum, delving into maritime history through exhibits and artifacts. The lighthouse is a marvel to behold, with a captivating climb up 128 steps that rewards you with panoramic views of the Gulf of Mexico and St. George Sound. 

The grounds feature picnic areas, making it an ideal spot for a leisurely outdoor lunch. Engage in interactive educational programs and special events hosted here, appealing to history buffs and families alike. 

Additionally, nearby beaches, fishing, and hiking opportunities make it a versatile destination for all interests. Gather your companions and have an amazing day out here without any delay. 


1975 Highway 98 West, Carrabelle, FL 32322, United States

6) Tate’s Hell State Forest

Tate’s Hell State Forest, located in Florida, spans over 202,000 acres and is named after pioneer Cebe Tate, who got lost in the swamp in the 1870s. 

Tate's Hell State Forest

Historically, the area was logged extensively, leaving behind a vast wilderness. Today, it’s a haven for outdoor enthusiasts, offering hiking, fishing, and wildlife viewing. 

The forest’s diverse ecosystems foster biodiversity, including swamps, pine flatwoods, and wet prairies. It’s a testament to Florida’s conservation efforts, providing visitors with a unique natural experience.

Tate’s Hell State Forest is a spot featuring nature exploring things to do in Carrabelle, Fl for an unforgettable outdoor experience. Visitors can explore its 202,000 acres through a network of hiking trails. 

The trails include the renowned High Bluff Coastal Hiking Trail, offering breathtaking views of the Apalachicola River. Camping enthusiasts can enjoy primitive camping and picnicking areas amid the lush surroundings.

Anglers will appreciate the opportunity to fish in the pristine waters of the New River and the numerous creeks that wind through the forest, teeming with bass and panfish. 

Birdwatchers can spot various avian species, while wildlife photographers can capture glimpses of deer, bears, and the elusive Florida panther.

Tate’s Hell State Forest also provides excellent hunting opportunities during designated seasons, making it a popular destination for hunters. Additionally, the forest offers designated areas for horseback riding and ATV use, catering to diverse recreational interests.

Nature enthusiasts will revel in the diverse ecosystems, from cypress swamps to pine flatwoods, fostering biodiversity and providing educational opportunities. 

With its rich history, natural beauty, and abundant activities, Tate’s Hell State Forest is a must-visit destination for those seeking an immersive outdoor adventure in Florida’s wild heartland.


290 Airport Road, Carrabelle, FL 32322, United States

7) Rio Carrabelle Gallery

The Rio Carrabelle Gallery is a renowned art gallery showcasing diverse artistic expressions, including paintings, sculptures, and crafts.

Since its opening, it has become a hub for local and regional artists to exhibit their work. The gallery often hosts exhibitions, art workshops, and cultural events, contributing to the vibrant arts scene in the area. 

Rio Carrabelle Gallery

Visitors can explore this coastal community’s rich tapestry of creativity and culture. Rio Carrabelle Gallery offers delightful, engaging activities and things to do in Carrabelle, Fl for art enthusiasts and visitors. 

The gallery boasts well-lit exhibition spaces, showcasing an eclectic mix of paintings, sculptures, and crafts by talented local and regional artists. 

Art lovers can immerse themselves in the vibrant cultural scene, attending workshops and lectures to deepen their understanding of various art forms.

Additionally, the gallery features a charming gift shop where you can purchase unique art pieces and souvenirs. The welcoming staff are eager to share insights about the artists and their works, creating an enriching and educational experience for guests.

For those seeking even more entertainment, Carrabelle offers various attractions. Explore the picturesque coastal town, stroll along the beautiful Carrabelle Beach, or visit the nearby Carrabelle History Museum to delve into the area’s rich heritage. 

Water enthusiasts can indulge in fishing, kayaking, or boating, making the most of Carrabelle’s stunning waterfront.

With its artistic inspiration and coastal charm blend, Rio Carrabelle Gallery and the surrounding area promise a fulfilling and enjoyable experience for all who visit.


102 Saint James Avenue, Carrabelle, FL 32322, United States

8) Dog Island

Dog Island is a remote barrier island in the Gulf of Mexico, located off the coast of Florida, USA. It has a rich history dating back to Native American settlements and Spanish exploration. 

Dog Island

In the 19th century, it became a hub for shipbuilding and timber production. Today, it’s known for its pristine beaches, wildlife, and as a destination for outdoor enthusiasts. 

Its name is believed to originate from the shipwrecked sailors’ loyal dogs who survived on the island. Conservation efforts are in place to protect its unique ecosystem.

Dog Island offers a serene escape with limited amenities and things to do in Carrabelle, Fl to preserve its natural beauty. Visitors will find pristine sandy beaches perfect for sunbathing, beachcombing, and swimming. 

The island is a haven for birdwatchers and wildlife enthusiasts, hosting diverse avian species and marine life.

Fishing is a popular pastime, with opportunities for surf fishing or chartering boats for deep-sea excursions. Hiking and nature walks allow you to explore the island’s lush vegetation and breathtaking views.

Remember that facilities are minimal, with no restaurants or stores, so bringing your supplies and camping gear is advisable. However, this remote paradise offers a chance to disconnect from the world and immerse yourself in nature’s tranquility.


Dog Island, Florida 32322, United States 

9) Carrabelle Boat Club Marina

The Carrabelle Boat Club Marina in Carrabelle, Florida, dates back to the early 20th century. Originally a hub for timber and seafood industries, it transformed into a modern marina, offering boating enthusiasts a sheltered harbor with access to the Gulf of Mexico. 

Carrabelle Boat Club Marina

Today, it provides a range of amenities, including boat slips, fuel, and a clubhouse. Visitors can enjoy fishing, water sports, and a glimpse of the area’s maritime heritage.

Carrabelle Boat Club Marina boasts many fun things to do in Carrabelle, Fl for maritime enthusiasts. It offers well-maintained boat slips and a fuel dock for easy access to the pristine waters of the Gulf of Mexico. 

The clubhouse provides a comfortable retreat with showers, laundry facilities, and a lounge area. For those seeking adventure, the marina is an ideal gateway to fantastic fishing opportunities, including offshore and inshore angling. 

Water sports lovers can indulge in kayaking, paddleboarding, and snorkeling. The surrounding area offers scenic nature trails and birdwatching. 

So wait no more and take the chance to explore Carrabelle’s maritime history at local museums, making this marina a captivating destination for all.


1570 US-98, Carrabelle, FL 32322, United States

10) Carrabelle Junction

Carrabelle Junction, located in Carrabelle, Florida, was historically a vital railroad junction connecting the Gulf, Florida, and Alabama Railroad with the Apalachicola Northern Railroad. 

Carrabelle Junction

This junction significantly transported timber and seafood in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Today, it is a charming coastal town with a rich maritime heritage, offering visitors a glimpse into its past through museums and preserved landmarks.

Carrabelle Junction offers a range of facilities and things to do in Carrabelle, Fl for travelers and locals alike. Explore its historical significance through museums and heritage sites like the Carrabelle History Museum and Camp Gordon Johnston WWII Museum. 

Carrabelle Beach Park, located inside, also provides sandy shores and water sports opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts.

Boating and fishing are popular pastimes, with access to the Gulf of Mexico and pristine waterways. Enjoy fresh seafood at local restaurants, savoring the coastal flavors. 

Campgrounds and RV parks cater to adventurers, while quaint shops offer unique souvenirs because Carrabelle Junction beckons with a rich history, natural beauty, and recreational delights.


88 Tallahassee Street &, US-98, Carrabelle, FL 32322, United States

11) Carrabelle Beach RV Resort

Carrabelle Beach RV Resort has been a popular destination for RV enthusiasts since its establishment. While offering stunning oceanfront views, the resort provides a range of amenities, including full hookups, a swimming pool, and access to beautiful Carrabelle Beach.

Carrabelle Beach RV Resort

It’s an ideal spot for relaxation, outdoor activities, and things to do in Carrabelle, FL, like fishing and kayaking. With its rich history of catering to travelers, Carrabelle Beach RV Resort continues to be a sought-after destination for those seeking a coastal getaway in the Florida Panhandle.

It’s a dream destination for RV enthusiasts with full hookups, spacious sites, and pristine oceanfront views. Relax by the sparkling swimming pool or briefly stroll to Carrabelle Beach’s powdery sands. 

Fishing and kayaking enthusiasts will relish the nearby opportunities, while the resort’s clubhouse provides a cozy gathering spot. 

You can also explore the town’s history at Carrabelle’s museums or savor fresh seafood at local restaurants. With its captivating blend of relaxation and adventure, Carrabelle Beach RV Resort is your ideal coastal escape.


1843 Highway 98 West, Carrabelle, FL 32322, United States

12) Carrabelle’s World’s Smallest Police Station

Carrabelle, Florida, boasts the “World’s Smallest Police Station,” a former telephone booth. Built in 1963, it was a communication point for the town’s sole police officer. 

Carrabelle's World's Smallest Police Station

Visitors intrigued by this quirky landmark can find it on U.S. Highway 98. While no longer functional, it remains a popular tourist attraction, symbolizing Carrabelle’s charming character and history.

However, it offers a charming mix of facilities, amenities, recreational activities, and things to do in Carrabelle, Fl. Its picturesque location invites sunbathing and outdoor opportunities like walking and hiking. 

Explore the local history of Carrabelle while you visit the World’s Smallest Police Station. For nature enthusiasts, exploration and birdwatching are also famous here.

If you feel hungry, enjoy freshly served foods served at highway-front restaurants and browse quaint shops for unique souvenirs. Moreover, it provides camping opportunities to outdoor enthusiasts. So take a day out and go on a highway drive to see the smallest station with your own eyes.


102 Avenue A North, Carrabelle, FL 32322, United States

Best Hotels To Stay In Carrabelle, Fl

These hotels in Carrabelle, Florida, offer various appealing features, from stunning waterfront views to proximity to outdoor activities. 

Guests can enjoy comfortable accommodations, friendly service, and convenient access to nearby attractions, making them great choices for a relaxing stay in this charming coastal town.

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  • The St. James Bay Golf Resort
  • Moorings at Carrabelle
  • Carrabelle Palms RV Park
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