11 Most Fun Things To Do In Clinton, Illinois

Hey there, adventurous spirits do you want to ditch the daily grind and embrace the wild wonders of vacation vibes with some fun things to do in Clinton, IL? 

In the land of Illinois was a charming little town called Hope that gave birth to a man named Bill Clinton. He was known for his charisma and political prowess; Clinton climbed the ladder of success and eventually became the 42nd President of the United States.

And with time Hope’s name transfered into Clinton. Tourists flock to Clinton’s birthplace, where his humble beginnings are showcased with Southern charm. 

If you want to see the birthplace of Bill Clinton, hop on the Clinton nostalgia train and head to Little Rock where William J. Clinton Presidential Library mesmerizes visitors with the past. 

But the real star of the show is the Clinton Presidential Center which is an architectural marvel perched along the Arkansas River. Its sleek design and interactive displays make history come alive for visitors of all ages.

If you want to enjoy every place to its fullest, remember to choose the months according to your convenience.

The best months to visit this region are typically spring (March to May) and fall (September to November). During these seasons, the weather is pleasant with milder temperatures that makes it ideal for exploring the attractions without the extremes of summer heat or winter chill.

Avoid visiting during the peak of summer (June to August) when temperatures can soar, especially in Illinois. The intense heat might dampen the joy of exploration. 

Similarly, winter (December to February) can bring colder temperatures, and some attractions may have reduced hours or closures.

So, now you must have gotten a big picture of why Clinton is a magnet for tourism. Come for the history, stay for the Southern charm – the Clinton saga awaits!

1) Clinton Lake State Recreation Area

Clinton Lake State Area was established in 1978 that spans over 9,000 acres surrounding the 4,900-acre Clinton Lake. Initially constructed for flood control, the lake became a focal point for outdoor activities. 

Clinton Lake State Recreation Area

The park offers diverse recreational opportunities, including fishing, boating, hiking, and camping. Its marina, beaches, and trails attract nature enthusiasts. 

Clinton Lake State Recreation Area is jam-packed with cool stuff and exciting things to do in Clinton, IL! With over 9,000 acres to explore, you can dive into a sea of fun. 

The 4,900-acre Clinton Lake is the star of the show, inviting you to splash around or cast your fishing line into its watery depths. Feel the breeze on your face as you sail through the waves – the marina’s got you covered!

Not just a water wonderland, this place is a land lover’s dream, too. Set up camp and let the stars be your nightlight or take a hike along the scenic trails where nature’s your tour guide. 

If picnics are your vibe, grab a blanket and feast in the shade of towering trees.

But wait, there’s more! The park’s got beaches that beg for sandcastles and sun-soaked relaxation. If you’re feeling adventurous, explore the diverse wildlife that calls this area home. 

Clinton Lake State Recreation Area is like a playground for outdoor enthusiasts – a place where every day is a new adventure waiting to unfold. 

So, whether you’re seeking serenity or an action-packed day, this recreation area has the facilities, amenities, and fun vibes to make it happen!


7251 Ranger Rd, De Witt, IL 61735, United States

2) McLean County Museum of History

The McLean County Museum of History preserves and showcases the rich history of McLean County. 

McLean County Museum of History

It was established in 1892, housing an extensive collection of artifacts, photographs, and documents spanning the region’s history from pre-settlement to the present day. 

Notably, the museum features Abraham Lincoln-related artifacts, as the county was a significant part of his political career. 

At the McLean County Museum of History, you’ll find fascinating exhibits that transport you through time, from pioneer days to the buzz of the present. 

With cool artifacts, old-school photos, and interactive displays, history becomes a hands-on adventure! 

The facilities here are top-notch with varieties of things to do in Clinton, IL– comfy seating for absorbing knowledge, modern restrooms for pit stops, and free Wi-Fi for those who want to share their historical journey on social media. 

Yep, they’ve got it all covered!

But wait, there’s more! The museum doesn’t just throw facts at you to get bored; it hosts groovy events, too. Imagine themed nights where you can time-travel in style or hands-on workshops that turn you into a history detective.

Now, for the cherry on top – the gift shop. It’s not your average spot; it’s a treasure trove of quirky souvenirs and history-inspired goodies. From vintage-style trinkets to funky T-shirts, you can take a piece of the past home with you.

So, whether you’re a history buff, a casual explorer, or just seeking a good time, the McLean County Museum of History is where the past meets fun!


200 North Main Street, Bloomington, IL 61701, United States

3) Weldon Springs State Park

Weldon Springs State Park, located in Illinois, was originally a Native American hunting ground that later became part of the Sangamon County Farm in the mid-19th century. 

Weldon Springs State Park

The land was transformed into a state hospital for mentally ill patients in 1874 and operated until 1972. In the 1950s, the U.S. Army developed a munitions plant producing trinitrotoluene (TNT). The site was decommissioned in 1969 and underwent extensive environmental cleanup. 

Weldon Springs State Park is the bomb with its cool facilities like picnic areas begging for a feast and relaxing campsites for a night under the stars. 

Hit the trails on your two-wheeled sidekick or hike through the lush greenery for a natural high. The fishing spots are legit – cast a line, reel in the big one, and boast your catch-of-the-day tales. 

Feeling sporty? The park serves up volleyball courts and ball fields to unleash your inner athlete.

If you’re more of a chillaxer, the serene lake vibes are perfect for paddling – canoe or kayak, your call! They’ve got playgrounds that’ll have the kiddos grinning ear to ear and a cool pool to beat the heat. 

Dog lovers rejoice – the bark park is a tail-wagging haven. And guess what? Winter brings sledding thrills on snow-covered slopes with lots of cheap things to do in Clinton, IL. 

After all the action, kick back at the well-equipped visitor center for a dose of local knowledge. From historical exhibits to bird-watching hotspots, it’s a knowledge buffet. Weldon Springs State Park – where fun meets amusement, and nature rocks the party! 


4734 Weldon Springs Road, Clinton, IL 61727, United States

4) The Palms Grill Café

The Palms Grill Café was opened in 1934 and served as a popular stop for travelers during the heyday of the Mother Road. The café witnessed the evolution of transportation and cultural shifts over the decades. 

The Palms Grill Café

Despite facing closure in the 2000s, community efforts led to its restoration in 2009, preserving its nostalgic charm. 

Today, the Palms Grill Café stands as a living testament to the enduring spirit of Route 66, welcoming visitors with a blend of historic ambiance and classic American diner fare.

Palms Grill Café boasts retro vibes and cozy booths for a chill hangout. This spot offers WiFi, ideal for catching up on socials or sharing vintage snaps of your grub. 

For amenities, there’s a classic soda fountain serving up old-school floats and shakes—sip on nostalgia! The outdoor seating is primo for soaking in the sun or enjoying a starlit supper.

Feeling playful? Engage in a friendly board game showdown or challenge pals to a round of trivia. If you’re into history, explore the vintage artifacts decorating the joint—each item tells a tale from the café’s past.

Remember the grub! Dive into all-day breakfast, tantalizing burgers, and mouthwatering pies.

Veggie options are on the menu for those feeling plant-powered. It’s not just a meal; it’s a journey through time at the Palms Grill Café—where good eats meet good times with many exciting things to do in Clinton, IL!


110 SW Arch St, Atlanta, IL 61723, United States

5) Prairie Aviation Museum

The Prairie Aviation Museum was founded by local aviation enthusiasts, showcasing a diverse collection of aircraft and artifacts. 

Prairie Aviation Museum

Its mission revolves around preserving and educating visitors about aviation history, particularly focusing on the contributions of Central Illinois. 

The museum has grown over the years, featuring exhibits on military aviation, vintage aircraft, and interactive displays. 

At the Prairie Aviation Museum, you’re in for a treat! The facilities are top-notch, with spacious hangars that house an array of cool planes with exploring things to do in Clinton, IL. 

These aren’t just any planes; we’re talking vintage beauties that tell stories from the skies. As you stroll through, you’ll find interactive displays that let you get hands-on – buttons to push, levers to pull, and yes, even pilot hats to try on!

Now, let’s talk amenities. Need a break from the aviation awesomeness? They’ve got you covered with cozy seating areas and a snack bar that’ll satisfy your cravings. 

Plus, their gift shop is loaded with aviation-themed goodies – perfect for treating yourself or finding that unique gift for your aviation-crazy friend.

Looking for some fun activities? How about flight simulators that let you experience the thrill of soaring through the clouds? Bring the family because they’ve got educational programs for the kiddos, turning their curiosity into aviation adventures. 

Don’t miss their special events – from airshows to pilot meet-and-greets, there’s always something exciting happening at the Prairie Aviation Museum. So, buckle up and get ready for a sky-high good time!


2929 East Empire Street, Bloomington, IL 61704, United States

6) Clinton Country Club

The Clinton Country Club, established in 1898, boasts a rich history rooted in community and golfing excellence. Over the decades, it has witnessed numerous tournaments, social events, and renovations, each contributing to its enduring legacy. 

Clinton Country Club

The meticulously maintained golf course, designed by renowned architects, provides a challenging yet picturesque backdrop for members. 

Swing into action on their lush golf course, where manicured greens meet challenging fairways. You can also tee off with your pals or join a lively tournament for some friendly competition.

Dive into the cool vibes at their sparkling pool, perfect for making a splash with family and friends. Poolside relaxation awaits, so soak up the sun or enjoy a refreshing beverage at their vibrant lounge area.

Craving a workout? Their state-of-the-art fitness center is the place to pump iron or break a sweat with energizing classes. Flex those muscles and feel the burn!

Hungry? Their clubhouse serves up tasty treats and gourmet delights, satisfying every craving. Whether it’s a casual meal or a celebratory feast, their culinary delights will tantalize your taste buds.

For a more laid-back experience and best things to do in Clinton, IL, unwind in their cozy spa, where pampering meets tranquility. Let stress melt away with soothing treatments that’ll leave you feeling rejuvenated.

From golfing glory to poolside pleasure, fitness frenzy, and culinary wonders, the Clinton Country Club is your one-stop destination for all things fun and fabulous!


9530 Texas Church Road, Clinton, IL 61727, United States

7) C.H. Moore Homestead DeWitt County Museum

The C.H. Moore Homestead DeWitt County Museum, located in Clinton, Illinois, preserves the rich history of the Moore family and the region. It was established in 1865 by Charles H. Moore, showcasing a meticulously restored Victorian mansion, agricultural exhibits, and historical artifacts. 

C.H. Moore Homestead DeWitt County Museum

The museum’s extensive collection includes antique furnishings, clothing, and farm equipment, providing a captivating glimpse into the past. 

Step into the C.H. Moore Homestead DeWitt County Museum for a blast from the past! With its nostalgic Victorian mansion, the museum takes you on a wild ride through time. 

Check out the gnarly agricultural exhibits showcasing how folks farmed back in the day. The place is decked out with legit artifacts, giving you a totally tubular glimpse into history.

But that’s not all, my friend! The mansion’s rooms are like a time machine, showing off antique furniture and duds straight from the 1800s. 

Get ready for some serious time-traveling vibes and historical things to do in Clinton, IL! Plus, the museum rocks cool events and programs that’ll school you on Central Illinois’ culture and farming hustle.

And guess what? The fun continues beyond there. It’s not just a museum; it’s a happening spot where history comes alive. 

So, whether you’re a history buff or just looking for a far-out time, this place is a must-visit. Get your moves on and explore the awesomeness at the C.H. Moore Homestead DeWitt County Museum!


219 East Woodlawn Street, Clinton, IL 61727, United States

8) Kickapoo Creek Park

Kickapoo Creek Park was originally inhabited by the Kickapoo Native American tribe, who relied on the creek for sustenance. European settlers arrived in the 19th century, establishing farms and communities along the creek. 

Kickapoo Creek Park

Over time, the park evolved into a recreational space, preserving its natural beauty while providing amenities for outdoor activities. 

Kickapoo Creek Park is the bomb! You’ve got picnic spots galore, perfect for munching on sandwiches or throwing a BBQ bash with your crew. The playground is wild, with swings and slides to launch you into outer space—kids and adults can let loose and have a blast.

Feeling sporty? Get your game on at the basketball courts, or kick it up a notch on the soccer fields. Remember your Frisbee for a game of ultimate on the open grassy areas. 

If you’re a water baby, the creek is calling for some fishing fun or lazy paddling in a kayak.

Hikers, rejoice! There are trails for days, winding through nature’s wonderland. Keep your eyes peeled for critters and colorful birds. Need a breather? The benches are your chill zones—sit back, relax, and soak in the green vibes.

Did I mention the disc golf course with lots of gaming things to do in Clinton, IL? It’s like regular golf but with frisbees, making it a hole-in-one experience for disc enthusiasts. 

And when the sun starts to dip, gather around the fire pits for s’mores and storytelling. Kickapoo Creek Park is where the good times roll—so grab your gear, round up your pals, and let the fun game begin!


2000 Jefferson St, Lincoln, IL 62656, United States

9) Memories Past Antiques

“Memories Past Antiques offers a captivating journey through history, specializing in artifacts from the 17th century. With a diverse collection spanning furniture, art, and everyday items, the shop transports visitors to a bygone era. 

Memories Past Antiques

Memories Past Antiques is not just a store; it’s a living testament to the rich tapestry of history, allowing patrons to touch, feel, and appreciate the enduring legacy of the 17th century.”

Amenities? They’ve got them! Complimentary tea sipped from timeless teacups, plus comfy couches for those moments of antique admiration.

But wait, there are more adult things to do in Clinton, IL! Dive into their “Time Traveler’s Lounge” – a space where history buffs can geek out together. 

For the adventurous, they offer antique scavenger hunts, find hidden gems, and unlock the secrets of the past. Feeling artsy? Join their periodic paint-and-sip nights, where creativity flows as freely as the vintage wine!

Did someone say “Amazing Fridays”? Yup, that’s them! Every week, they crank up the retro tunes and host a dance-off amid their antique aisles. 

Memories Past Antiques isn’t just a place; it’s a vibe, a fusion of history and hilarity. So, whether you’re an antiquarian or just looking for a lively time, swing by – the fun’s timeless, and the memories unforgettable!”


102 East Side Square, Clinton, IL 61727, United States

10) Clinton Area Farmers and Artisans Market

The Clinton Area Farmers and Artisans Market, established in the early 2000s, has become a vibrant community hub in Clinton. Over the years, it has evolved into a diverse marketplace offering fresh produce, handmade crafts, and a variety of locally sourced goods. 

Clinton Area Farmers and Artisans Market

This charming spot boasts top-notch facilities and relaxing things to do in Clinton, IL, like a chill picnic area where you can munch on local treats. 

The vibrant marketplace flaunts colorful stalls, hosting everything from fresh veggies to handmade trinkets. Kick back in the cozy seating zones, perfect for mingling with fellow market enthusiasts.

Amenities galore await you – imagine artisanal coffee spots brewing aromatic delights or quirky food trucks dishing out delectable bites. Stroll through the artsy section, where live music sets the funky vibe, and local artists showcase their rad creations.

Feeling playful? Engage in some lively activities! Join a lively cooking class or get hands-on with DIY craft workshops. Kiddos can revel in the cool play area, ensuring family fun for all.

As the sun sets, the market transforms into a vibrant social hub. Picture this: fairy lights twinkling overhead, creating a whimsical atmosphere as folks gather for evening entertainment – maybe an impromptu dance-off or a laid-back acoustic jam session. 

With its eclectic mix of facilities, amenities, and fun happenings, this spot guarantees a memorable and oh-so-groovy experience!


100 S Center St #101, Clinton, IL 61727, United United 

11) Triple M Farm: Mariah’s Mums & More, LLC 

Triple M Farm, officially Mariah’s Mums & More, LLC, traces its roots to 2010 when Mariah Williams, a passionate horticulturist, founded the enterprise in rural Clinton. 

Triple M Farm Mariah's Mums & More, LLC

Initially focused on cultivating and selling vibrant chrysanthemums, the farm quickly diversified its offerings to include a wide array of seasonal flowers, plants, and organic produce. 

At Triple M Farm, the air is all about green goodness and cozy charm. With sprawling flower fields and vibrant veggie patches, the scenery is an Insta-worthy haven. Wander through their floral wonderland, bask in the colors, and snap pics that’ll make your friends jealous.

Their chill-out zones are not your average hang spots; they’re relaxation hubs. Unwind in hammocks strung between shady trees, or grab a blanket for a picnic on the lush grass. Got little ones? 

Check out the kiddie corner, a whimsical play area where giggles and imagination run wild.

Feeling hands-on? Join their seasonal workshops and get down and dirty with flower arranging or veggie planting. Embrace your inner gardener and leave with skills to impress even the most stubborn houseplants.

For those taste buds itching for excitement, swing by their farm-to-table stand. Savor freshly picked produce or indulge in homemade treats crafted from the day’s harvest. It’s a flavor fiesta that’ll make your taste buds dance.

Triple M Farm isn’t just a farm; it’s a full-on, feel-good experience. Come for the blooms, stay for the vibes, and leave with a heart full of farm-fresh memories after enjoying lots of fun things to do in Clinton, IL!


16727 Airport Road, Clinton, IL 61727, United States

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