11 Most Fun Things To Do In Crosslake, Minnesota

Crosslake is a beautiful town cradled in Crow Wing County that graces the state’s central region. Its geographical coordinates are approximately 46.7025° N latitude and 94.0634° W longitude that positions it amidst the picturesque landscapes of the Land of 10,000 Lakes. 

The town’s pristine waters and lush surroundings invite around 15,000 explorers to experience many fun things to do in Crosslake, MN. 

If you ask about its weather, Crosslake sparkles brightest in summer from June through August because during these months the lake dances with warmth and sun-kissed vibes. 

From summer festivals that paint the town in lively hues to the dazzling holiday light displays that illuminate the winter nights, Crosslake has become a year-round destination for those seeking a blend of adventure and tranquility.

However, its an old town that was established in the 1800. Its fame blossomed as a haven for outdoor enthusiasts because of boasting pristine waters and lush forests. 

Visitors flock to Crosslake for its vibrant festivals and lively community spirit. The town’s charm lies in its simplicity that offers a retreat from bustling city life. 

Therefore, if you ever want to run from the hustle and bustle of daily life Crosslake can come to your rescue anytime!

With an array of lakes inviting boaters, jet skiers, and paddle boarders this charming place has turned into a liquid playground where the echoes of laughter bounces off the rippling waters.

So come for the water fun and let your worries be washed away!

1) Crosslake Recreation Area

Crosslake Recreation Area was established in the early 20th century and has served as a haven for logging activities, with vast forests surrounding the area. 

Crosslake Recreation Area

Over time the landscape transitioned into a recreational retreat that attracted nature enthusiasts and families. The construction of trails, campgrounds, and a lake added to its allure, fostering a haven for fishing, hiking, and camping. 

Crosslake Recreation Area is a wild wonderland with cool camping spots that paved trails, and a sparkling lake. The facilities are primo – we’re talking clean bathrooms, hot showers, and picnic areas that scream “laid-back vibes.”

Amenities? Oh, they’ve got the work! Kick back in cozy cabins or set up your tent under the star-studded sky. 

Remember the fishing gear; the lake is teeming with fin-tastic catches. Canoes and kayaks? Totally! Paddle your way into serenity on those chill waters.

For landlubbers, the hiking trails are where it’s at. Stroll through nature’s dance floor, surrounded by trees, busting some serious moves. And if you feel hungry, fire up the grills for a BBQ feast that’ll make your taste buds boogie.

Feeling sporty? Game on! Volleyball and basketball courts are here for epic showdowns, providing lots of fun things to do in Crosslake, MN.

Crosslake Recreation Area is your ticket to a funky fusion of nature, fun, and downright good times. 


35507 Co Rd 66, Crosslake, MN 56442, United States

2) Moonlite Bay Family Restaurant

Moonlite Bay Family Restaurant, established in 1967, has deep roots in Crosslake, Minnesota. This iconic family-owned eatery started as a small café and evolved into a beloved dining destination. 

Moonlite Bay Family Restaurant

Over the years, Moonlite Bay has become synonymous with warm hospitality, hearty American cuisine, and a picturesque lakeside setting. 

At Moonlite Bay, enjoy good vibes in a lakeside haven. Savor bites that will dance on your taste buds, from crispy walleye wonders to finger-lickin’ BBQ delights. Grab a lakeside table – your front-row seat to nature’s watercolor show!

Splash into top things to do in Crosslake, MN, with watercraft rentals; paddle your stress away on pristine Crosslake. 

Or dive into their heated pool, where relaxation meets a splashing’ good time. Gather your mates for shuffleboard battles or toss horseshoes under the sparkling sun.

Kids, brace yourselves for a playground paradise where swings and slides reign supreme. Parents, sip a cold one on their patio – unwind while the kiddos conquer the jungle gym.

Feel the beat at live music nights, where tunes blend with the lake breeze. Snag a spot around the bonfire; marshmallow roasting is an art form here.

For the sports buffs, catch the game on big screens, and if competition calls, challenge pals to a game of pool or darts. Moonlite Bay, where flavors mingle, laughter echoes, and memories spark – your ultimate lakeside fiesta!


37627 County Road 66, Crosslake, MN 56442, United States

3) Crosslake Historical Society

The Crosslake Historical Society meticulously preserves and promotes the rich history of Crosslake, fostering a deep connection to the community’s past. 

Crosslake Historical Society

It was dedicated to collecting, documenting, and sharing historical artifacts and stories while serving as a vital repository of local heritage. 

From the town’s founding to pivotal events, the organization educates residents and visitors about Crosslake’s evolution. 

Here, you can kick back in scenic picnic spots or rev up your energy in their sports facilities – the choice is yours!

Amenities? Oh, they’ve got them in spades! Splash around in cool pools, break a sweat in the fitness zones, or take strolls in lush green spaces. 

And that’s just the beginning – the amenities cater to every taste, making Crosslake Historical Society the ultimate destination for relaxation and recreation.

Now, let’s talk about the best things to do in Crosslake, MN– it’s non-stop here! Enjoy lively events, join quirky local festivals, or try your luck at community game nights. 

Feel the thrill of water sports at their lakes or savor the calm on lakeside trails. 

Whether you’re a nature lover, sports enthusiast, or just out for some good times, Crosslake’s Historical Society facilities, amenities, and fun-filled activities make it the go-to spot for everyone looking to spice up their days and nights. Come on over and let the good times roll!


35404 Co Rd 3, Crosslake, MN 56442, United States

4) Pine Peaks Restaurant and Gifts

Pine Peaks Restaurant and Gifts, established in 1978, has a history rooted in community and hospitality. 

Pine Peaks Restaurant and Gifts

Originally a small family-owned eatery, it quickly became a local favorite for its home-style cooking and charming gift shop. 

Over the years, the establishment expanded, incorporating a diverse menu that celebrated regional flavors. The restaurant also evolved into a hub for local artisans, showcasing their crafts in the adjoining gift store. 

Pine Peaks is the bee’s knees when it comes to facilities, boasting a rocking restaurant with a menu that’ll make your taste buds do the cha-cha. 

The joint’s got a dazzling gift shop, too, where you can snag quirky treasures and local goodies to jazz up your digs.

Now, for amenities that’ll knock your socks off – we’re talking cozy nooks, Wi-Fi faster than a cheetah, and pet-friendly vibes for your furry pals. 

Need a pick-me-up? The coffee corner’s got your back with java that’s more energizing than a disco beat.

But hold onto your hats because the cheap things to do in Crosslake, MN, don’t stop there! 

Pine Peaks is a playground for adventure, with hiking trails that’ll make you feel like a nature ninja and scenic spots perfect for Instagram-worthy snaps. 

For thrill-seekers, there’s even a zipline that’ll have you soaring like a superhero. And when the sun takes a bow, cozy up by the fireplace for some good old-fashioned board games – because nothing says fun like a friendly game of Monopoly or Scrabble.

So, whether you’re a food lover, a nature lover, or just a chillaxin’ soul, Pine Peaks is the ultimate hotspot where good times and fun vibes collide!


35654 Co Rd 66, Crosslake, MN 56442, United States

5) Whistling Wolf Mini Golf

Whistling Wolf Mini Golf, established in 1998, is a renowned miniature golf course located in the scenic town of Crosslake. Started by avid golf enthusiasts, the course quickly gained popularity for its creative and challenging layouts. 

Whistling Wolf Mini Golf

Over the years, Whistling Wolf became a local attraction, drawing visitors with its whimsical wolf-themed obstacles and lush landscaping. The course underwent expansions and renovations, keeping pace with evolving mini-golf trends. 

Whistling Wolf Mini Golf is the bee’s knees when it comes to recreational havens! With 18 holes of a pure-putting stir, it’s the cat’s pajamas for family fun. 

The mini-golf mayhem takes place amidst lush greenery and playful wolf-themed obstacles that’ll tickle your fancy.

But wait, there are more gaming things to do in Crosslake, MN! This unique spot isn’t just about putting prowess; they’ve got nifty amenities to boot. 

Score snacks and quench your thirst at the cool clubhouse. Feeling the heat? Dive into their dazzling pool, a splashing good time for everyone.

Fancy a bit of competition? Whistling Wolf hosts tournaments, bringing out the inner golf pro in even the most amateur players. 

Don’t forget the photo ops – capture memories with the wolf statues and wacky hole designs, making your social media game strong.

And hold your horses; there’s a picnic area for some chill time with your squad. Whether you’re swinging clubs, making a splash, or just soaking up the good vibes, Whistling Wolf Mini Golf is the hangout for a day of out-of-this-world fun!


36006 County Road 66, Crosslake, MN 56442, United States

6) Cedar Chest Restaurant And Bar

The Cedar Chest Restaurant and Bar, established in 1978, began as a small family-owned eatery, evolving over decades into a beloved community hub. 

Cedar Chest Restaurant And Bar

With a focus on locally sourced ingredients, the restaurant gained a reputation for its signature cedar-plank dishes, marrying tradition with innovative flavors. 

At Cedar Chest, you’ll enjoy the beat of good times with facilities that make you go, “Wow!” Dive into the chill vibes of their lush garden, where picnics turn into memory-packed fiestas. 

Slip into relaxation mode in their spa, a haven of tranquility for the soul. The swimming pool is a splashy playground where every stroke feels like a dance move.

Feeling famished? Swing by the restaurant for a flavor explosion that’ll make your taste buds boogie. And if you need a jolt of caffeine? Their coffee nook is a cozy spot for a sip-and-chat session with friends.

Thrill-seekers, brace yourselves! The adventure zone will get your heart pumping with zip lines and rope courses. 

If you fancy a stroll, the nature trail is a scenic escape where serenity meets fresh air. For kiddos, the play area is a laughter-filled kingdom of swings and slides.

In a nutshell, Cedar Chest isn’t just a place to eat; it’s a symphony of flavors, a playground of joy, and a retreat where relaxation meets revelry!


33350 County Road 3, Crosslake, MN 56442, United States

7) Crosslake Dam Park

Crosslake Dam Park, established in the early 20th century, holds a rich history as a vital water management site. It was constructed in the 1920s and aimed to regulate the Pine River’s flow, preventing floods and ensuring a stable water supply. 

Crosslake Dam Park

The park’s scenic beauty and diverse flora attract locals and tourists. It has become a symbol of community resilience, surviving challenges and adapting to serve both practical and leisure purposes. 

Crosslake Dam Park flaunts cool facilities, like picnic spots and serene BBQ areas. There’s a chill playground for kids, swinging and sliding vibes for maximum fun. 

The park rocks nature trails, perfect for hiking and birdwatching adventures. Toss a frisbee in the open spaces – pure good times! The dam itself is an epic sight, giving off mega-engineering vibes.

Fishing fanatics, rejoice! The park’s got a stellar fishing pier; reel in the big ones and tell fishy tales later. Kayakers, this is your haven – paddle away with the wind in your hair. 

Campers, gear up for the camping zone, a starlit paradise for night owls. Have you got to keep the energy up to enjoy best things to do in Crosslake, MN? Snack bars keep you fueled with treats.

Seasonal events are like the park’s heartbeat – from summer concerts to fall festivals, vibes are always high. And for those who just wanna chill, the serene lakeside benches offer a perfect escape. 

Crosslake Dam Park is not just a park; it’s a fun fusion of outdoor joy and community spirit, where every amenity and activity is like a dance move in the rhythm of good times!


Crosslake, MN 56442, United States

8) The Wharf

The Wharf in Crosslake, established in the early 20th century, holds a rich history as a pivotal hub for trade and recreation. Originally a timber port, it facilitated the transportation of logs across the Whitefish Chain of Lakes. 

The Wharf

Over time, the Wharf evolved into a bustling center for commerce, connecting the community to surrounding areas. The iconic structure weathered challenges like the Great Depression, adapting to changing economic landscapes. 

At The Wharf, you’ll find a boatload of cool stuff! Dive into their stellar facilities and best things to do in Crosslake, MN, boasting picnic areas with primo lake views, perfect for chilling under the sun. 

The waterside promenade serves up Insta-worthy vibes, so strut your stuff and snap some epic pics.

Gear up for aquatic adventures with boat rentals galore – paddleboards, kayaks, you name it! Splash around, make waves, and unleash your inner water warrior. 

Need a break from the wet and wild? Their on-site cafes whip up tasty treats and caffeine concoctions to keep you fueled.

Feeling sporty? Toss some horseshoes or flex your muscles on the beach volleyball court. We’re talking top-tier fun here! Kids, don’t fret – we’ve got playground awesomeness to keep you entertained.

But wait, there’s more! Check their event calendar for live tunes, festivals, and artsy shindigs. The party never stops at The Wharf – where good times flow like the nearby lakes. 

So, gather your crew and soak up the vibes because adventure and relaxation await you in this lakeside paradise!


12986 Co Rd 16, Crosslake, MN 56442, United States

9) Manhattan Beach Lodge

Manhattan Beach Lodge, nestled on the shores of Big Trout Lake in Minnesota, boasts a rich history dating back to its founding in 1929. 

Manhattan Beach Lodge

Originally established as a hunting and fishing retreat, the lodge quickly became a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts. 

Over the years, it evolved into a full-service resort, offering rustic charm alongside modern amenities. The lodge’s iconic main building, constructed in the 1930s, reflects the architectural style of that era.

Manhattan Beach Lodge, the cool lakeside retreat, hooks you up with primo facilities and amenities. Dig the vintage vibes in their cozy cabins; each decked out with modern swag. 

The main crib, a rad relic from the ’30s, serves up a chill lounge and top-notch dining. Dive into the lake-view pool or kick it old school at the beach for some rays and waves.

Get your outdoor groove on with boat rentals, casting lines into the wild blue yonder. For landlubbers, hiking trails abound, treating you to Mother Nature’s disco. 

Shuffleboard courts and a bonfire pit turn up the fun dial, and the good times roll all night long. Check the scene at the lodge’s game room or flex your muscles at the fitness center.

Wet your whistle at the historic bar, pouring classics that’ll make your taste buds do the cha-cha. 

Seasonal events, live music, and themed parties guarantee a party vibe, turning ordinary nights into legendary tales along with cheap things to do in Crosslake, MN. 

Whether you’re vibing with the tranquility of the lake or getting down with the lively happenings, Manhattan Beach Lodge is the spot where memories groove and adventures flow.


39051 Co Rd 66, Crosslake, MN 56442, United States

10) Crosswoods Golf Course

Crosswoods Golf Course, established in 1995, was designed by Dan Helblin; this 18-hole course seamlessly integrates with the natural terrain, offering a challenging yet enjoyable golfing experience. 

Crosswoods Golf Course

Surrounded by towering pines and rolling hills, Crosswoods provides a serene backdrop for golf enthusiasts. 

Over the years, the course has hosted various tournaments and events, contributing to its reputation as a must-visit destination for golfers. 

Crosswoods Golf Course boasts top-notch facilities, like the clubhouse, with cozy vibes and tasty grub. You’ll find a pro shop decked out with golf essentials and stylish gear, perfect for a pre-game shopping spree. 

The driving range? Oh, it’s where you can unleash those epic drives while soaking in the scenic views. For added flair, the putting green is a chill spot to finesse your putting game and show off your skills.

But wait, there are more exciting things to do in Crosslake, MN! The course isn’t just about golf; it’s a hub of fun. Host a vibrant event at the banquet facility – think weddings, parties, you name it. 

The cart rentals? They’re like golf chariots, zipping you around the course in style. And when hunger strikes, the on-site restaurant is there to rescue you with delicious bites.

Feeling competitive? Try the leagues and tournaments for some friendly rivalry. If you’re new to the golf scene, lessons are on tap to transform you into a golf prodigy. 

So, whether you’re swinging for the fences or just soaking in the good vibes, Crosswoods is your go-to for a golf-tastic time with a side of flair!


35878 County Road 3, Crosslake, MN 56442, United States

11) Crosslake Ideal Green Market 

Crosslake Ideal Green Market, established in 2012 in Crosslake, Minnesota, is a community-focused farmers’ market promoting local, sustainable, and organic products. 

Crosslake Ideal Green Market

Passionate locals founded it as a small initiative to connect consumers with regional farmers. Over the years, the market has grown, attracting vendors offering fresh produce, handmade crafts, and more. 

It became a hub for fostering community relationships, supporting local businesses, and promoting eco-friendly practices. 

At Crosslake Ideal Green Market, you’ll find a vibrant atmosphere with facilities that make your visit a delight. The open-air market features colorful stalls showcasing fresh, locally sourced produce. 

Numerous amenities and fun things to do in Crosslake, MN, cater to your needs, including cozy seating areas for relaxation. Grab a cup of artisanal coffee, and savor the flavors while basking in the community spirit.

Engage in a variety of fun activities like live music performances and interactive workshops. Groove to the tunes, or try your hand at crafting unique creations – there’s something for everyone.

As the sun sets, the market transforms into a lively social hub. Crosslake Ideal Green Market isn’t just a market; it’s a kaleidoscope of experiences, blending freshness, community, and fun.


34988 Co Rd 39, Pequot Lakes, MN 56472, United States

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