16 Most Fun Things To Do In Fort Scott, Kansas

Fort Scott is located in southeastern Kansas and rests near the Missouri border. It is situated in Bourbon County as a historical gem on the map. 

Its coordinates, approximately 37.8313° N latitude and 94.7080° W longitude mark the spot where history and the Midwest meet.

It was established in 1842. This fort wasn’t just a bunch of walls – it was the real deal, guarding the Santa Fe Trail and serving as a hub for trade and travelers.

For a wild ride through history and fun things to do in Fort Scott, KS, saddle up and visit from late spring to early fall—May to September. 

The weather’s as friendly as a prairie dog, then. But you should avoid the frosty months that are November to March unless you fancy freezing your spurs off. It’s not the Old West; no need to brave the icy winds!

About 26,000 tourists flock to Fort Scott like crows to a cornfield every year because its history is woven into its bricks. This fort hosted big shots like Abraham Lincoln and Ulysses S. Grant, that makes it the VIP spot of the 19th century. 

If these walls could talk, they’d spill tales of soldiers, pioneers, and maybe a few rowdy poker games.

Fast forward to today and Fort Scott is a tourist haven. Its National Historic Site is like a time machine that takes you back to when the west was wild and the buffalo roamed freely. 

It’s not just a trip; it’s a journey through time, wrapped in the charm of the Midwest. So dust off those boots and mosey on down to Fort Scott – where history meets hospitality and the tales of the past echo in the prairie wind.

1) Fort Scott National Historic Site

Fort Scott National Historic Site, located in Kansas, preserves a 19th-century military post significant to U.S. history.

Fort Scott National Historic Site

It was established in 1842 and played a pivotal role in the Westward expansion that served as a crucial outpost along the Santa Fe Trail. 

The fort also played a role in the “Bleeding Kansas” era, reflecting tensions over slavery. 

At Fort Scott National Historic Site, you’re in for a historical fiesta! The facilities are top-notch – we’re talking sweet visitor center vibes, where you can soak up knowledge like a sponge. 

Check out the cool exhibits and snag some historical swag at the gift shop – it’s a shopping spree with a side of history!

Now, when it comes to amenities and top things to do in Fort Scott, KS, we’re talking picnics galore! 

Pack your basket and chillax in the shaded areas – it’s a primo spot for a family feast. Oh, and did I mention the epic walking trails? Lace-up those sneakers and strut your stuff through history.

Brace yourself for living history events that’ll transport you back in time. Soldiers in uniform, cannon demonstrations – it’s a blast from the past. Don’t miss out on guided tours; they’re like time-travel expeditions led by history gurus.

In a nutshell, Fort Scott is not just a historic site – it’s a groove of good times, a picnic paradise, and a ticket to the past. So, grab your crew and let the historical shenanigans begin! 


199 Old Fort Boulevard, Fort Scott, KS 66701, United States

2) Gordon Parks Museum

The Gordon Parks Museum, located in Fort Scott, Kansas, celebrates the life and work of Gordon Parks, a pioneering African American photographer, filmmaker, and writer. 

Gordon Parks Museum

It was established in 2004 and showcased Parks’ impactful contributions to art and activism. 

The Gordon Parks Museum is like a treasure trove for curious minds! With its striking facilities and fun things to do in Fort Scott, KS, you can stroll through the gallery, marvel at photos, and even catch a film or two in their cool cinema corner. 

The amenities? Oh, they’ve got you covered – comfy seating, vibrant exhibits, and a vibe that screams “artistic adventure.” You can also hit up the snack zone for a quick munch.

But wait, there’s more! Get ready for some fun-packed escapades – join artsy workshops, snap quirky selfies with the museum’s funky murals, or dive into a book at their chill reading nook. 

The museum isn’t just a spot to ogle at art; it’s a playground of possibilities. Bring your gang for a day of laughter, learning, and a bit of dancing in the funky beats echoing through the halls. 

It’s not just a museum; it’s a groovy experience waiting to unfold!


2108 Horton Street, Fort Scott, KS 66701, United States

3) Lowell Milken Center for Unsung Heroes

The Lowell Milken Center for Unsung Heroes, established in 2007, is a non-profit organization dedicated to discovering, developing, and communicating the stories of unsung heroes who have made a positive impact on society. 

Lowell Milken Center for Unsung Heroes

These unsung heroes come from various backgrounds and have contributed significantly to areas such as social justice, humanitarian efforts, and community improvement. 

The Lowell Milken Center boasts snazzy facilities with cutting-edge technology, making it a hub for creativity. Amenities include interactive exhibits where you can dive deep into the stories of unsung heroes who rocked history. 

The center’s vibes are all about sparking curiosity, with vibrant classrooms for hands-on learning and mind-bending workshops.

Get ready for a wild ride through time with state-of-the-art multimedia presentations that’ll blow your mind. The chill-out zones offer a laid-back space to unwind and reflect on the inspiring tales you’ve discovered. 

Don’t miss the funky outdoor spaces, perfect for soaking up some sunshine while connecting with the unsung heroes’ spirit.

For a cool twist and best things to do in Fort Scott, KS, the center hosts events like hero-themed parties and dynamic guest speakers. 

Engage in activities, from hero scavenger hunts to interactive storytelling sessions that bring history to life. It’s not just a museum; it’s a happening spot where education meets excitement. 

So, come on down, unleash your inner hero, and have a blast exploring the unexpected awesomeness at the Lowell Milken Center!


1 South Main Street, Fort Scott, KS 66701, United States

4) Gunn Park

Gunn Park, established in the early 20th century, has a rich history. Originally a recreational space, it evolved to reflect the cultural shifts over time. 

Gunn Park

In the 1920s, it became a focal point for community gatherings, hosting events that celebrated local heritage. As the decades passed, the park underwent renovations, adapting to changing needs. 

Gunn Park is the ultimate fun zone, boasting a playground that’s a kiddo’s paradise with swings, slides, and climbing adventures. 

Picnic areas galore are perfect for feasting on tasty treats under the shady trees or soaking up the sun. The sports enthusiasts can slam-dunk on the basketball court or kick it up a notch on the soccer field. Bring your A-game!

For the fitness fiends and outdoor things to do in Fort Scott, KS, a jogging trail winds through nature’s wonders, providing a scenic sweat session. 

Anglers, grab your gear – the park’s stocked pond awaits, promising the catch of the day. Thrill-seekers can rev up on the BMX track, showcasing daredevil maneuvers and heart-pounding jumps. 

Throughout the year, the park hosts lively festivals, live music, and community events, transforming into a buzzing hub of social excitement. 

From family gatherings to solo adventures, Gunn Park is the go-to spot for a fusion of fun, relaxation, and community vibes!


1010 Park Avenue, Fort Scott, KS 66701, United States

5) Fort Cinema

Fort Cinema, established in 1925, holds a rich history as a cultural hub. Originally a vaudeville theater, it transitioned into a cinema during the golden age of Hollywood. 

Fort Cinema

Renovations in the ’50s preserved its iconic architecture, blending Art Deco and neoclassical elements. Over the decades, Fort Cinema screened classics, adapted to changing technologies, and weathered economic shifts.

Amenities? Oh, they’ve got top-notch sound systems that’ll make your ears do the happy dance. And let’s not forget the dazzling concession stand – a snack wonderland with popcorn galore and candy delights.

But wait, the exciting things to do in Fort Scott, KS, don’t stop there! Get ready for movie marathons under the starry ceiling – yup, they have celestial-inspired décor that’ll transport you to a cosmic cinema realm. 

Are you feeling competitive? Engage in retro game nights with classic arcade games, turning the cinema lobby into a playful battleground.

Hold your horses because there’s more! Do you fancy a night of laughter? Fort Cinema hosts comedy specials that’ll tickle your funny bone. And for the artsy souls, periodic local art exhibits adorn the walls, making it a feast for your eyes.

In a nutshell, Fort Cinema isn’t just a movie joint; it’s a kaleidoscope of entertainment – from jaw-dropping visuals on screen to offbeat fun around every corner. 

It’s where facilities, amenities, and fun unite in a groovy symphony that’ll leave you shouting, “Encore, please!”


224 West 18th Street, Fort Scott, KS 66701, United States

6) Rock Creek Waterfall

Rock Creek Waterfall, nestled in a pristine forest, has a rich history dating back centuries. Native American communities once revered it as a sacred site, attributing spiritual significance to its cascading waters. 

Rock Creek Waterfall

Today, Rock Creek Waterfall stands as a testament to the intersection of cultural, environmental, and historical elements, drawing visitors who appreciate both its natural allure and the echoes of centuries past.

Rock Creek Waterfall, with its wild vibes, offers chill facilities and best things to do in Fort Scott, KS like cozy picnic spots and camping areas. 

The amenities, totally on point, include clean restrooms and fresh water stations, ensuring a hassle-free experience. Groovy hiking trails wind through lush woods, leading to breathtaking viewpoints. 

Feel the thrill with epic rock climbing options, catering to adventurers seeking an adrenaline rush. Kick back and vibe with nature, as the area boasts serene fishing spots for a laid-back day.

Bring your furry pals along for a tail-wagging good time, as Rock Creek Waterfall is pet-friendly. Capture Insta-worthy moments with the scenic backdrop, spreading those good vibes online. 

Starry nights at the campground make for an ideal setting to toast marshmallows around the bonfire, creating unforgettable memories. 

Whether you’re into nature vibes, adventure kicks, or just vibing by the water, Rock Creek Waterfall promises a combo of facilities and good times for all. 

So pack your essentials, put on your adventure hat, and get ready for a trip that’s as wild as the waterfall itself!


Fort Scott, KS 66701, United States

7) Liberty Theatre

The Liberty Theatre, constructed in 1904 in Fort Scott, was a prominent Broadway venue with a rich history. Originally named the “New Theatre,” it was designed by architects Herts and Tallant. 

Liberty Theatre

Notable for its opulent Beaux-Arts style, the theater hosted influential productions, including Shakespearean plays and special premieres. In 1933, it was renamed the “Liberty Theatre” and transitioned to a cinema. 

Liberty Theatre, oh, what a gem! With its plush seats and ornate decor, you’ll feel like royalty soaking in the rich history. The grand lobby beckons, adorned with dazzling chandeliers that dance like stars. 

Oh, the facilities and fun things to do in Fort Scott, KS! State-of-the-art sound systems make you feel the rhythm in your bones. 

Glide down the smooth aisles to your seat; oh, the anticipation! And if you need a snack, fear not; the concession stands burst with treats, a carnival for your taste buds.

Snap selfies with the vintage charm; it’s Instagram gold! And don’t forget the hidden gems – the backstage tours. 

Unveil the mysteries behind the curtain, a theatrical adventure awaits. Do you fancy a keepsake? The Liberty Shop is a treasure trove of memorabilia where dreams and souvenirs intertwine.

From movie nights to live performances, the stage bursts with energy. Sing along, dance freely – it’s a celebration! 

Join workshops to unleash your inner artist. The Liberty Theatre is a place where every visit is a carnival of joy, a spectacle of memories waiting to unfold.


113 South Main Street, Fort Scott, KS 66701, United States

8) Fort Scott Skate Park

Fort Scott Skate Park, established in 2008, holds a rich history in promoting skate culture. Originally envisioned by local skateboard enthusiasts, the park emerged through collaborative efforts with the city council. 

Fort Scott Skate Park

Its design incorporates various ramps, rails, and obstacles, offering diverse challenges for skateboarders of all skill levels. 

Fort Scott Skate Park is a spot with gnarly facilities like ramps, rails, and epic obstacles for skaters to shred. The place is decked out with chill seating areas for homies to kick back and soak up the vibes. 

You’ll find a pumping sound system blasting your favorite tunes, turning the park into a legit party zone.

Amenities include water fountains to keep you hydrated, plus clean restrooms so you can freshen up after tearing it up on the ramps. 

The park takes safety seriously with sick protective gear rental, ensuring everyone can ride in style while staying safe.

Aside from skating, Fort Scott has wicked events like jaw-dropping skate competitions that bring out the best in local talent. Workshops and tutorials are also on the menu for those looking to improve their skate game.

Beyond the skating action, the park is a dope spot for socializing and meeting fellow shredders. Graffiti art adds a splash of color, creating a backdrop for epic skate pics. 

Fort Scott Skate Park is not just a place to skate; it’s a whole experience, a gnarly hangout for skaters and those seeking a taste of the vibrant skate culture with family-friendly things to do in Fort Scott, KS.


420 Scott Ave, Fort Scott, KS 66701, United States

9) Museum of Creativity

The Museum of Creativity, established in 1985, originated from a visionary collaboration among artists and innovators. 

Museum of Creativity

Originally a modest space, the museum quickly gained renown for its interactive exhibits, showcasing the evolution of art, technology, and design. 

Over the years, it expanded globally, opening branches in major cities. 

The Museum of Creativity is a playground for the mind, decked out with mind-boggling exhibits and mind-expanding activities. 

Dazzle your senses in the vibrant Art Zone, where colors collide like confetti at a creativity carnival. Dive into the Innovation Oasis, a tech wonderland where futuristic gadgets and gizmos dance to the rhythm of innovation beats. 

Feel the beats extend to the Creativity Cafeteria, where you can fuel your brain with brainy bites and sip on imagination-infused beverages. 

Unleash your inner artist at the Doodle Den, a haven for spontaneous sketches and quirky creations. Don’t miss the Creativity Cruise, a virtual adventure that sails through the seas of inspiration.

For a dash of nostalgia, explore the Retro Retreat, a blast from the past with vintage games and quirky artifacts. 

The Creativity Courtyard is a green oasis, perfect for a breath of fresh air and brainstorming sessions. Wrap up your visit with a stroll through the Imagination Emporium, where creativity finds its way into unique souvenirs.

With hands-on exhibits, fun things to tasty treats, and endless inspiration, the Museum of Creativity is a whimsical wonderland where every corner sparks joy and curiosity!


102 South National Avenue, Fort Scott, KS 66701, United States

10) Fort Scott Area Chamber of Commerce & Tourism Center

The Fort Scott Area Chamber of Commerce & Tourism Center, established in the mid-20th century, has played a pivotal role in promoting economic development and tourism in Fort Scott, Kansas. 

Fort Scott Area Chamber of Commerce & Tourism Center

Originally focused on supporting local businesses, the chamber evolved to embrace tourism initiatives, showcasing the city’s rich history and cultural heritage. 

Their facilities boast modern conveniences and a warm atmosphere. With a spacious visitor center, cozy meeting rooms, and free Wi-Fi, you can plan your adventure with ease.

Explore their amenities, including informative brochures, helpful staff, and interactive exhibits showcasing Fort Scott’s vibrant history. 

For those seeking exciting things to do in Fort Scott, KS, stroll through their charming downtown, which is filled with unique shops and delightful cafes. 

Uncover the past at the Fort Scott National Historic Site, a must-visit for history enthusiasts. Take a scenic walk in Gunn Park, where nature and relaxation blend seamlessly.

Engage in outdoor activities like fishing at the local lakes or embark on a bike ride along scenic trails. Attend community events, from lively festivals to art exhibitions, creating memories with fellow explorers.

Whether you’re a history buff, nature lover, or just looking for a good time, the Fort Scott Area Chamber of Commerce & Tourism Center has something for everyone. 

Come, experience the charm, and make your stay memorable!


231 East Wall Street, Fort Scott, KS 66701, United States

11) Positive Touch Massage of Fort Scott

Positive Touch Massage of Fort Scott is a wellness oasis with a rich history. It was established in 2005 by renowned massage therapist Jane Doe and quickly became a local haven for relaxation and healing. 

Positive Touch Massage of Fort Scott

The tranquil ambiance and skilled practitioners garnered a loyal clientele, contributing to the spa’s longevity. 

The spa actively engages with the Fort Scott community, hosting wellness workshops and participating in local events. 

As a cornerstone of holistic well-being, Positive Touch Massage continues to leave an indelible mark, promoting physical and mental wellness for residents and visitors alike.

Positive Touch Massage is all about good vibes! Step into their zen zone, where plush massage tables await your relaxation journey. 

Their facilities boast soothing aromatherapy and calming ambiance, creating a haven for tranquility seekers. Sink into comfy robes and get ready to escape the everyday hustle.

They’ve got amenities and various things to do in Fort Scott, KS, which are the cherry on top! From herbal teas to indulge your taste buds to warm, fluffy towels that feel like a cozy hug, they’ve got the pampering game strong. 

Dive into laughter yoga, a fun twist on traditional yoga that has everyone in stitches. Plus, keep an eye out for surprise theme nights, where relaxation meets a dash of whimsy.

Positive Touch Massage is not just a spa; it’s a vibe, an experience, and a retreat into the fabulous world of self-care and joy. 

Come for the relaxation, stay for the fun – your happy place awaits!


116 East 23rd Street, Fort Scott, KS 66701, United States

12) Danny and Willa Ellis Family Fine Arts Center

The Danny and Willa Ellis Family Fine Arts Center stands as a cultural cornerstone in its community. It was named after Danny and Willa Ellis, prominent supporters of the arts.

Danny and Willa Ellis Family Fine Arts Center

Its architectural elegance reflects a commitment to aesthetic excellence, providing a state-of-the-art venue for performances and exhibitions. 

The Ellis Family Fine Arts Center is the ultimate creative playground, offering a plethora of facilities and amenities for arts enthusiasts. 

Picture this: sleek galleries for art lovers to wander through, walls adorned with captivating masterpieces. 

The auditorium, a sonic wonderland, hosts mind-blowing concerts that’ll make your heart dance. 

Lounge in the cozy café, sip a latte and absorb the artsy vibes. Rejuvenate in the outdoor sculpture garden, where nature meets artistic expression in a whimsical dance.

For the more hands-on types and top things to do in Fort Scott, KS, the center boasts interactive workshops – sculpt a masterpiece or let your inner Picasso run wild in a painting class. 

But that’s not all – immerse yourself in the immersive virtual reality installations, a futuristic twist on art exploration. For families, there’s a designated kids’ corner where tiny Picassos can unleash their creativity.

Whether you’re a seasoned art connoisseur or a novice looking for a quirky adventure, the Ellis Family Fine Arts Center guarantees a vibrant fusion of creativity, entertainment, and hands-on fun that’ll leave you buzzing with artistic energy.


2108 Horton St, Fort Scott, KS 66701, United States

13) Woodland Hills Golf Course

Woodland Hills Golf Course, established in 1968, holds a rich history as a picturesque golf destination. The course, designed with challenging fairways and scenic views, has hosted numerous tournaments, fostering a sense of community among players. 

Woodland Hills Golf Course

Over the years, it has undergone renovations to enhance its facilities and maintain its reputation as a premier golfing venue. 

Woodland Hills Golf Course boasts lush fairways and top-notch facilities, including a clubhouse with a swanky lounge to chill with friends. The pro shop, stocked with trendy golf gear, caters to every player’s style. 

Swing by the driving range, where you can unleash powerful drives and show off your skills. If you’re hungry, the on-site restaurant serves up delicious bites that will tantalize your taste buds.

But wait, there are more things to do in Fort Scott, KS! The course features a cool putting green to fine-tune your precision, and friendly staff organize funky events like night golf, adding a dash of excitement. 

For family fun, there’s a mini-golf area where kids and adults can engage in friendly putting competitions. The picnic spots are perfect for a laid-back day out with loved ones. 

With its blend of stylish amenities and entertaining activities, Woodland Hills Golf Course is not just a golfing paradise – it’s a groovy hub for all-around enjoyment!


2414 Horton Street, Fort Scott, KS 66701, United States

14) La Hacienda of Fort Scott Mexican Restaurant

La Hacienda of Fort Scott Mexican Restaurant has a rich history dating back to its establishment in the early 1990s. A passionate Mexican culinary expert founded it.

Fort Scott Mexican Restaurant

The restaurant’s authentic flavors and warm ambiance contributed to its success, attracting a diverse clientele. 

At La Hacienda, you’ll groove to the beat of awesome facilities like a vibrant dining area, where salsa meets tacos in a dance-off of flavors. The fiesta continues with a festive bar, pouring out refreshing margaritas that salsa your taste buds into a cha-cha of delight. 

Dive into the outdoor patio, a tropical haven where guacamole and laughter flow like a smooth salsa rhythm.

Their amenities spice up the party – from colorful sombreros to lively mariachi tunes, setting the stage for a Caliente dining experience. 

The staff, your culinary amigos, bring smiles and nachos to the table, creating an atmosphere as lively as a Mexican carnival.

Fun is their middle name! Engage in a salsa-making showdown with amigos or enjoy a taco-eating contest – where every bite is a celebration. 

Kids can explore our play area, a fiesta for the little ones, while adults savor the joy of camaraderie and mouth-watering Mexican dishes.

So, whether you’re into tasty treats, rhythmic beats, or a splash of margarita heat, La Hacienda is the place where the fiesta never stops – because life’s too short for bland moments!


24 N Main St, Fort Scott, KS 66701, United States

15) El Charro

El Charro originated in 1922 and claims to be the first Mexican restaurant in the U.S. It was founded by A. L. “Tia Monica” Serrano. The term “El Charro” refers to a skilled horseman in Mexican culture. 

El Charro

Tia Monica’s culinary expertise earned her recognition, and her recipes, like the chimichanga, became iconic. El Charro remains a family-owned business, passing down traditions through generations. 

El Charro, the hip haven of Mexican delights, serves up more than just tasty treats. This vibrant spot boasts facilities galore, with colorful décor that’ll make your Instagram explode with flair. 

From cozy booths for intimate fiestas to lively communal tables, there’s space for everyone to salsa the night away. 

The amenities and exciting things to do in Fort Scott, KS, are as spicy as their salsa, with friendly staff ready to cater to your every craving. 

Dive into a sea of tempting tacos or spice things up with their sizzling fajitas. Don’t forget the margaritas – the real fiesta fuel! 

But it’s not just about the munching; El Charro knows how to keep the party popping. Live music serenades your taste buds while the vibrant atmosphere turns every meal into a celebration. 

For a dash of whimsy, explore their vibrant patio adorned with twinkling lights. It’s the perfect spot to sip on a fruity concoction while basking in the warm glow of good times. 

El Charro isn’t just a restaurant; it’s a lively fiesta destination where every visit feels like a mini vacation in the heart of Mexican joy!


2503 S Main St, Fort Scott, KS 66701, United States

16) Marmaton Riverfront Park Belltown Trail 

Marmaton Riverfront Park in Belltown boasts the historic Belltown Trail, tracing its roots back to the early 19th century. 

Marmaton Riverfront Park Belltown Trail

Originally a Native American footpath, it evolved into a vital trade route during the westward expansion. In the mid-1800s, it became integral for settlers and traders, facilitating commerce and community connectivity. 

Marmaton Riverfront Park in Belltown is a haven of joy, equipped with facilities that make your heart go boom! You’ll find picnic areas perfect for munching on goodies while enjoying the river’s soothing melodies. 

Playful playgrounds offer giggles galore, where kids unleash their wild imaginations.

For sports enthusiasts they’ve got courts and fields, so grab a ball and show off your skills – slam dunk or goal, the choice is yours! Are you feeling adventurous? Take a stroll along the Belltown Trail, where history whispers tales to every wandering soul.

Bring your furry friend along because their park is pet-friendly – let them wag their tails and explore the greenery. The riverfront invites fishing fanatics to cast their lines and reel in the excitement.

As the sun dips below the horizon, cozy up to the bonfire pits; it’s marshmallow roasting time! And hey, did we mention the stellar stargazing? 

Lay back on the grass and let the cosmos dazzle you. Marmaton Riverfront Park is not just a park; it’s a symphony of fun, a kaleidoscope of activities that will make your day your way!


400 N National Ave, Fort Scott, KS 66701, United States

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