19 Most Fun Things To Do In Lake Arrowhead, California

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Lake Arrowhead is a census-designated place of incorporated companies surrounded by San Bernardino, Santa Barbara, and San Bernardino National Forest mountains.

Lake Arrowhead was once famous as Little Bear Lake, but in 1920, a company from Los Angeles bought this area and named it Lake Arrowhead. It is called the Resort City of California because of the sparkling watery places.

The list of outdoor and indoor activities is vast, along with many adventurous things to do in Lake Arrowhead. It is widespread in 18.951 square miles, in which 17.727 square miles is land and 1.224 square miles is water.

The beautiful city of Lake Arrowhead is featured in many movies, including The Wolf Dog, Of Human Hearts, Spawn of the North, Comin’ Round The Mountain, Down in ‘Arkansaw,’ and The Royal Mounted Patrol.

It is famous for bicycling, hiking, snow skiing, fishing, and backpacking. Summers are warm and arid in Lake Arrowhead, while winters are freezing, snowy and cloudy. 

The best months to visit Lake Arrowhead are from June to September. During these months, the seasons are both mild and bearable. So if you ever plan a trip to Lake Arrowhead, mark this month for a better experience. And remember to visit the mind-blowing place we’ve mentioned below!

1) SkyPark at Santa’s Village

SkyPark at Santa’s Village is an adventurous-themed park with many entertaining things to do in Lake Arrowhead. The Village is recently restored for the new guests to have some unique pieces.

SkyPark at Santa's Village

Santas Village is specifically designed for families and friends to socialize outside.

SkyPark is a mountainous space with an out-class zipline, mountain bike trails, ice skates, roller coasters, rock climbing, bungee trampolines, North Pole Train, and pedal cars.

What Things Can You Do Here?

Whether you’re a kid, teen, or grown-up, SkyPark has many outdoor activities! Grab your tickets and enter the joyful world of Lake Arrowhead with your friends to have a fantastic day out.

Go mountain biking or zip lining; both will be enjoyable. You can also participate in ice or roller skating. Plan a competition with your buddies to win a game like a pro.

The Bungee trampoline is also ready to serve you with its unique tour; if you’re a pedal car lover, you can also find a pedaling car option here at SkyPark, so take your time and have unlimited fun.

Book your weekends as SkyPark is only operational on Saturday and Sunday from 10 am to 5 pm.


28950 CA-18, Skyforest, CA 92385, United States

Contact Information 

+1 909-744-9373

2) Lake Arrowhead Village

Lake Arrowhead Village is a breathtaking area alongside the river with a national park, eateries, and various shops. It is a fantastic touring thing to do in Lake Arrowhead.

Lake Arrowhead Village

The village of Lake Arrowhead has many restaurants, supermarkets, and a kid’s play area. The Lake area is private, but the town is accessible to all visitors.

This village is famous for its Queen Boat tour, Spa, and beach. It takes two to three hours to visit the Village of Lake Arrowhead. 

What Things Can You Do Here? 

Have you ever seen a Village situated alongside the lake area? If not, pack your bags and turn towards the Village of Lake Arrowhead and witness the beauty of nature.

Are you looking for a place to escape for a while? You’ll not get a better option than this. Plan a date at this place as here you’ll get lots of options for shopping and dining.

If you’re accompanying your kids to.CA, let them play freely inside the kid’s zone of Lake Arrowhead Village. They’ll also love the sparkling waters running alongside the small village.

The tour of Lake Arrowheads Village is available from Monday to Friday, 9 am to 5 pm.


28200 CA-189, Lake Arrowhead, CA 92352, United States

Contact Information 

+1 909-337-2533

3) Heaps Peak Arboretum Day Use Area

Heaps Peak Arboretum Day Use Area is located inside the national forest of Lake Arrowhead, the famous site organizing the Semi-Annual Native Plant Sale with different forest surveying things to do in Lake Arrowhead.

Heaps Peak Arboretum Day Use Area

Lake Arrowhead is home to Sequoia Trail, Demonstrated Gardens, and many other Resources. 

Heaps Peaks consists of several native plants, trees, wildflowers, shrubs, and gardens, which makes this unique among all. It is a non-profit organization preserving the natural beauty of Lake Arrowhead.

What Things Can You Do Here? 

Tighten your shoelace and start trailing at the Heaps Peak Arboretum, to witness the beauty of nature and various wildlife of plants.

It is a walk of almost thirty to forty minutes, so carry a water bottle if you get thirsty quickly and go on a complete tour of Heaps Peak for a better experience.

There are 25 stops available at the park to keep the visitors on track while resting; you can also plan a date here with your loved one to take your relationship to another while walking in the scenic gardens of Lake Arrowhead.

Looking forward to the timings, Heaps Peak Arboretum is operational from Monday to Sunday, 7 am to 7 pm.


Rim of the World 29358 Hwy #18, Skyforest, 92385 CA, United States

Contact Information 

[email protected]

4) Lake Gregory Regional Park

Lake Gregory is a reservoir area originally named Houston Flat; Sr. Gregory developed it. The total length of Lake Gregory is 2.5 miles, with many watery things to do in Lake Arrowhead.

The Regional Park of Lake Gregory offers various recreational activities throughout the year.

Lake Gregory Regional Park

On 4th July, the sky of Lake Gregory comes to life by the fireworks above the beach. The surface area of the regional park is 84 acres. Amenities like a fitness trail, boat rentals, fishing, water slides, and playgrounds are available here at Lake Gregory Park.

What Things Can You Do Here? 

Reserve your tickets and have a blast at Lake Gregory with your family and friends to have many outdoor activities. It is a place for relaxing your mind and soul unconditionally.

You can go hiking, trailing, walking, swimming, or fishing. Here at the regional park of Lake Gregory, there are many options for entry for visitors.

You can also spend some quality time at the water park inside Lake Gregory; there are many other options for sliding, splash pad, and cabana rentals. You can also try boating to take a complete tour of the beautiful lake of Arrowhead.

You can reserve a day out at Lake Gregory Regional Park from Monday to Sunday, 10 am to 5 pm.


24171 Lake Dr, Crestline, CA 92325, United States

Contact Information 

+1 909-338-2233

5) Snow Valley Mountain Resort

Snow Valley Mountain Resort is the oldest Ski Resort in California, which has a bucket full of icy things to do in Lake Arrowhead. Night skiing at Snow Valley is also accessible.

Snow Valley Mountain Resort

The resort was constructed in 1920 by the famous Swetkowich brothers. Later in 1940, the resort was bought by Johnny Elvrum.

Johnny Elvrum was a Norwegian-American ski jump champion; after buying this resort, he expanded it and built a vast skiing space for the visitors of Lake Arrowhead.

What Things Can You Do Here? 

Snow Valley is one of the best and easiest skiing mountains, whether you’re an expert or a beginner.

Spend your minutes reaching the top of the mountain with your travel buddies.

It is a beautiful and scenic ride to the valley’s top; you can also hike after getting to the top. The cherry on top, Snow Valley, is also accessible for mountain bikers. So if you’re looking for a biking place, go to Snow Valley Resort. 

The staff of Snow Valley Resort are very polite and welcoming; you’ll be amazed at their services. It is a perfect winter getaway for you and your whole gathering. 

You can have unlimited fun at Snow Valley Resort from 9 am to 4 pm, Monday to Friday. Remember to take some mind-blowing selfies while playing with some fresh snow.


35100 CA-18, Running Springs, CA 92382, United States

Contact Information 

+1 909-867-2751

6) Mountain Skies Astronomical Society Astronomy Village

Mountain Skies Astronomical Society offers astronomy and space programs, a gift shop, and space-related exhibits. These programs feature the complete process of astronomy, the solar system, and telescope basics.

Mountain Skies Astronomical Society Astronomy Village

At Mountain Skies Astronomical Society Astronomy Village, you’ll only get astronomical things to do in Lake Arrowhead.

Meteorites, aliens, rock space, and shooting stars and comets are the main attractions of Mountain Skies. They also feature telescope-making kits.

What Things Can You Do Here? 

Want to learn how telescopes are manufactured? Then visit Mountain Skies Astronomical Society and explore the galaxy as if you’re traveling to the real one.

Have you ever met an alien? Consider yourself lucky as the Mountain Astronomical Society also allows their visitors to hold aliens in their hands and spend some time learning the process of their makings.

You can also learn ways to use the telescope at the Astronomical Society of Astronomy Village and dive into the universe of star patterns and meteorites. You’ll not get a better chance than this, so save time and visit this fantastic place once in your journey.

The Timings of Mountain Skies Astronomical Society change according to seasons; before visiting this delightful place, confirm the timings by calling the number below.


2001 Observatory Way, Lake Arrowhead, CA 92352, United States

Contact Information 

+1 909-336-1699

7) Wildhaven

Wildhaven is an animal sanctuary in Lake Arrowhead, established in 1994 by the San Bernardino Mountains Wildlife Society. There are many entertainment options and delightful things to do in Lake Arrowhead Wildhaven park.


Wildhaven is a non-profit organization comprising wildlife sanctuary and education about their lives and breeding in San Bernardino Mountains.

They also have an endangered visitation center and indigenous animals inside their home. They have animals like bobcats, deer, raccoons, and bears.

What Things Can You Do Here? 

Interact with the wildlife of Wildhaven with your kids, family, or friends to have some quality time with those well-tamed animals. Some were brought here when they were only a few days old.

These animals are so well interactive with humans that they behave just like a pet dog or animals by human touch. Wildhaven is the most amazing chance you’ll get in the Wildhaven, as when you visit zoos, those animals just sit back and don’t respond.

Here at Wildhaven, you’ll get to see the love of wild animals because they get excited after seeing visitors and move from their cages to come closer to them. So experience this unique animal behavior at Wildhaven and have unlimited fun.

Mark your Saturday if you want to experience Wildhaven, as it is only operational on Saturdays from 12 pm to 3 pm.


Pineridge Dr 29453, Cedar Glen, 92321 CA, United States

Contact Information 

+1 909-337-7389

8) Lake Arrowhead Country Club

Opened in 2008, Lake Arrowhead Country Club is 540 acres golf club located at the Highlands with exceptional outdoor things to do in Lake Arrowhead.

Lake Arrowhead Country Club

The Country Club of Lake Arrowhead has 18-hole championships of Highland; as of 2008, it is also ranked as the best golf course in Lake Arrowhead.

It has 6889 yards of driving ranges, chipping, and putting greens. HMS Golf Management manages the Country Club.

What Things Can You Do Here? 

Apart from games and golf, the Country Club is famous for its grilled food serving. So if you’re looking for the signature food of Lake Arrowhead, visit this place and savor their finger-licking grilled dishes in the open green space.

You can also book the venue of the Country Club for weddings or other special events. So look no further and enjoy your special day at the breathtaking views of Lake Arrowhead.

This golf club is always open to the public, so whenever you look out for a place to spend outdoor time playing games, choose this spot for your convenience.

You can play unlimited outdoor games at Lake Arrowhead Country Club from 7 am to 6 pm, Monday to Sunday.


Golf Course Road 250, Lake Arrowhead, 92352 CA, United States

Contact Information 

+1 909-337-2441

9) Silverwood Lake State Recreation Area

Nestled in Lake Arrowhead, Silverwood is a recreational area located around 4000 feet under the mountains of San Bernardino, along with many natural things to do in Lake Arrowhead.

Silverwood Lake State Recreation Area

Silverwood is a state park in California. It is known as a good fishing spot during summer season. It is ideal for boating, cruising, and watersports.

The lake’s level might go up and down according to the weather, but it doesn’t go too low and rough. It is the most crucial feature of Silverwood, and that’s why it is known as the most visited place of Lake Arrowhead.

What Things Can You Do Here? 

Looking for a natural beauty to escape? Silverwood Lake State Area is all set to greet you. You can go fishing, boating, and cruising with your family and friends without being tired for hours.

It is an overwhelming place; you can also plan night camping and picnicking at Silverwood Lake. So look no further and plan a girl’s or boy’s night out between the magnificent beauty of Lake Arrowhead.

You can also rent boats to celebrate birthdays or party with your friends. Who doesn’t want to party hard while sitting in a sparkling lake? So reserve your boats and have unlimited fun.

You can visit Silverwood Lake State Recreation Area from Monday to Sunday, 6 am to 9 pm, and for night campings, you can reserve the place by contacting on below number.


14651 Cedar Cir, Hesperia, CA 92345, United States

Contact Information 

+1 760-389-2281

10) Big Bear Alpine Zoo

Big Bear Zoo is one of the two bear zoos in the U.S. They specialize in rehabbing and releasing local Alpine species. Big Bear Alpine Zoo has a permanent collection of varieties of animals with different outdoor things to do in Lake Arrowhead.

Big Bear Alpine Zoo

Big Bear Alpine Zoo was opened in 1959; until now, it is home to 160 different animals and 80 various species.

Officially it is not a zoo but a safe place for injured animals to improve their health after rehabilitation and get back on their feet. Big Bear Valley Recreation operates this non-profit zoo.

What Things Can You Do Here? 

Spend some time between the saved animals of Lake Arrowhead; they need love, so pat them, play with them, or feed them with your hands. They’ll love your company.

If you’re looking for a calmer place to relax your mind, you’ll not get a better place than Big Bear Alpine Zoo. It is so calm and peaceful here that you’ll love every moment you spend alone or with the company.

Big Bear Alpine Zoo also has guest houses, so you can have a chance to spend your night here. They have mind-blowing food and services that all the tourists even intend to spend weeks here if they have more time. Don’t miss a chance to explore heaven on earth.

You can visit Big Bear Alpine Zoo anytime from 10 am to 4 pm.


42801 Moonridge Rd, Big Bear Lake, CA 92315, United States

Contact Information 

+1 909-584-1299

11) Will Abell Memorial Trail at Arrowhead Ridge

Will Abell Memorial Trail is a trail of 1.9 miles on 80 acres of Lake Arrowhead preserved area. It is nestled under the San Bernardino mountains trust land, providing a trailing experience and things to do in Lake Arrowhead.

Will Abell Memorial Trail at Arrowhead Ridge

It is a paved trail of three lines and takes up to one complete hour. Throwing trash is strictly prohibited here.

Abell Memorial Trail is known as one of the famous hiking spots of Lake Arrowhead. During the winter seasons, this spot becomes crowded due to snowshoeing.

What Things Can You Do Here? 

Looking for a place to take your dog for a serene outdoor walk? Leash them, start trailing at Woll Abell Memorial Trail, and give them some fresh air of Lake Arrowhead.

Whether it’s summer or winter, you’ll have plenty of things to do here. If you can visit Will Abell Memorial Trail in summer, go hiking in the shining rays of Lake Arrowhead.

If you visit this place in winter, don’t forget to take advantage of snowshoeing. Carry your water bottles and go on a jaw-dropping trail. Remember to take some mind-blowing pictures, as the scenery of this place is irreplaceable.

The cherry on top, Will Abell Memorial Trail is operational 24 hours a. So if you get time during night hours, enjoy it without hesitation.


Lake Arrowhead, CA 92352, United States

Contact Information 

[email protected]

12) Rim of the World Scenic Drive

Rim of the World is an alpine drive starting from the mountains of San Bernardino and going towards Big Bear Alpine Zoo. The drive-through passes through the beautiful mountains, and it is so charming and alluring, along with various roadside trips and things to do in Lake Arrowhead.

Rim of the World Scenic Drive

Rim of the World Scenic Drive is 110 miles of routes of easy trail. Dogs are prohibited in this place.

The Rim of the World trail is a year operational place of 57 km. The mountains of Santa Ana and San Jacinto are also be viewed from this site.

What Things Can You Do Here? 

Rim of the World Scenic Drive is heaven yet fairyland on earth. Yes, you read it right! If you’re ready to take your breath away, just visit this place; you’ll be stunned by the beauty hidden in Lake Arrowhead.

Keep all your essentials inside your bags, tighten your shoes, park your cars and go for a long walk with your friends or family and spend some time away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Want to go on an adventurous long drive with your friends? Try Rim of the World Scenic Drive, as it is the perfect spot for going on a roadside trip for a day or night.

This heavenly place is operational 24/7 for all visitors. So plan a day or night trip here at Rim of the World Scenic Drive and spend outdoor time unexpectedly.


23270 CA-18, San Bernardino, CA 92404, United States

Contact Information 


13) Church of the Woods

Church of the Woods is a place established to connect with God. Their motive is to share the love of God with the local community, along with many religious things to do in Lake Arrowhead.

Church of the Woods

It is managed by the senior pastor, Rod Akins. Church of the woods was opened in 1982. It is a faithful place for the Christian community.

Church of the Woods also has many educational campuses and resorts where locals can participate in their programs and functions. It is a bible-based church of Lake Arrowhead.

What Things Can You Do Here?  

Whatever religion you belong to, you can visit the Church of the Woods unhesitantly to explore the religion of Christianity with a pure heart. 

Church of the woods is a calm and peaceful place; you can take part in bible based sermons or strong youth programs inside it to connect with God truly.

If you’re looking to buy some holy things, Church of the Woods is the best option. Carry your carts and bring back some unique things for women and men. Church of the Woods people are very welcoming; you’ll appreciate spending time with them.

You can visit Church of the Woods from 8 am to 3 pm, Sunday to Friday.


1410 Calgary Dr, Lake Arrowhead, CA 92352, United States

Contact Information 

+1 909-337-5483

14) Mountain Off Road ATV Adventures in California & Texas

The Mountain Off Road ATV Adventures in California & Texas is an RV rental company offering mountain touring things to do in Lake Arrowhead. 

Mountain Off Road ATV Adventures in California & Texas

Mountain Road ATV provides 4 RVs for groups with different difficulty levels.

The minimum age to ride in the RVs is set to 14. Lake Arrowhead is called the jewel of California, so this company provides complete tour packages of different mountains with additional professional guides to the tourists, locals, and visitors.

What Things Can You Do Here? 

Enjoy the mountains of San Bernardino, Santa Barbara, and San Jacinto with professional guides of Mountain Road ATV Adventures. They explain the history of Lake Arrowhead along with thoroughly guided tours.

Ready for mountain riding, biking, or hiking? Okay, then tighten your shoes and helmets and start playing along the trails of different mountains of Lake Arrowhead.

Rent an RV, don’t worry if you haven’t driven a car before, as new drivers can also rent and drive an RV with the guides for a better hassle-free experience of dirt biking.

The jaw-dropping mountains of Lake Arrowhead are all set to welcome visitors from Monday to Sunday, 8 am to 7 pm.


8605 Santa Monica Blvd 98844, Los Angeles, California, 90069, United States.

Contact Information 

+1 844-386-6691

15) Deep Creek Hot Springs

Deep Creek Hot Springs is a natural hot spring connecting San Bernardino National Forest and San Bernardino County with many exciting outdoor activities and things to do in Lake Arrowhead.

Deep Creek Hot Springs

This deep creek features cold and hot water, clothing, and bathing facilities. The National Forest of San Bernardino manages it.

The hot pools of Deep Creek contain a rare disease of primary amoebic meningoencephalitis. It also has hiking trails of 1.6 miles. Campfires are strictly prohibited in Deep Creek Hot Springs.

What Things Can You Do Here? 

Carry extra clothes with you or not, the choice is all yours as the private area is accessible for picnicking for everyone, and there are no clothes restrictions.

The trail at the 1.5 miles loop of Deep Creek Hot Springs with your friends and take advantage of cold and hot water according to the seasons. But remember to be extra cautious in hot water to avoid catching rare diseases.

Looking for a water place for hiking? Deep Creek Hot Springs is a small camping site with scenic views of water springs. You can get unlimited fun activities here at Deep Creek, so plan your day accordingly.

This place is open for visitors from sunrise to sunset if you can witness the beautiful sunset scene and take some sparkling pictures.


Pacific Crest Trail, Apple Valley, CA 92308, United States

Contact Information 

+1 909-382-2600

16) Aztec Falls

Known as the Alp of California, Aztec Falls is a swimming hole with a dotted river, a perfect summer escape, and exceptional picnic things to do in Lake Arrowhead.

Aztec Falls

The bottom land of Aztec Falls is filled with large bedrock and boulders, containing a trail of 1.5 miles. It is a perfect place for sunbathing and lounging. 

Aztec Falls contains crystal clear water with ledges of 5 to 40 feet. It also features Splinter Cabin Park, which displays the Interagency pass of California. Aztec Falls is known as one of California’s most visited places so it might be crowded during peak tourism seasons.

What Things Can You Do Here? 

Jump in the crystal clear water of Aztec Falls but remember to check the depth of the water before jumping, as it can get deeper at some spots. So it’s always better to be extra cautious.

Experience the bedrock and boulders of this beautiful fall, as you’ll not get these unique sites at any other place on Lake Arrowhead. Carry an extra pair of clothes to take the unlimited benefits of Aztec Falls with your companions.

Chill, take pictures, cliff jump, hike or swim. The choice is all yours! As every outdoor activity is here at Aztec Falls, you better visit this place early in the morning to have more time to explore.

To treasure this hidden adventure of Lake Arrowhead, you must spend 3.5 hours here. You can confirm the timings by contacting the number below, which changes according to the seasons.


Pacific Crest Trail, California, United States

Contact Information 

+1 909-382-2790

17) Rim Nordic Ski Area

Nestled in the National Forest of San Bernardino, Rim Nordic is a pure skiing area 10 miles with a base elevation of 6,775 feet. It features cross-country skiing things to do in Lake Arrowhead.

Skiing of Rim Nordic has three levels 45% are beginners, 22% are intermediate, and 33% are experts.

Rim Nordic Ski Area

Rim Nordic has no lift system and is not operational at night hours. Rim Nordic organizes bicycle racing programs, mountain biking, and USA cycling during the summers.

What Things Can You Do Here? 

Want to play in the fresh snow of Lake Arrowhead? You’ll not get a better place than Rim Nordic Ski Area. You can take advantage of mountain biking, cycling, and hiking with your friends in the snow here.

You can also snowshoe here at Rim Nordic, so what else are you waiting for.? Wear warmer clothes and enjoy as much as possible here while making a snowman bigger or shorter with a long nose.

Ready to ski at Rim Nordic Ski Area? No worries, even if you are a beginner, as 45% of the area is specified for beginners. To learn how to ski like an expert to become the next famous expert of snow skiing.

Rim Nordic Ski Area is only open for visitors from 9 am to 4 pm on Saturday and Sunday. So must mark these days if you want to visit this stunning place.


35050 CA-18, Running Springs, CA 92382, United States

Contact Information 

+1 909-867-2600

18) Camp BigHorn

Ruling over Lake Arrowhead for 75 years, Camp Bighorn is a camp of 5000 feet elevation widespread on 200 acres of Pristine Forest connecting to the mountains of San Bernardino. 

Camp BigHorn

Camp Bighorn accommodates the scouts with different scout programs and things to do in Lake Arrowhead.

Camp Bighorn includes shooting sports, swimming pools, horseback riding, COPE programs, an astronomy course, wall climbing, nature, and craft programs, and Zip foot lines. 

What Things Can You Do Here?

Have you ever wondered about enjoying scout camp? Curious? As scout camping might seem boring, but Camp Bighorn is not! You can have unlimited adventures at this camping site, go boating in the lake, or swim, as the lake covering this area is accessible for both activities.

Take your bike and go on a long drive in the open space of Camp Bighorn to refresh your mind. You can also learn wall climbing and horse riding here at Camp Bighorn.

Are you interested in learning shooting sports? Join the shooting programs held at Camp Bighorn; you can also join the scouts hassle-free if you’re a local citizen of Lake Arrowhead.

Visitors can visit Camp Bighorn to learn about the importance of scouts from Monday to Friday, 9.30 am to 4 pm.


Running Springs, CA 92382, United States

Contact Information 

 +1 406-826-3144

19) Emerald Cove Outdoor Science Institute

Emerald Cove, Outdoor Seince Institute, has nurtured thousands of kids since 1972, along with many science things to do in Lake Arrowhead. The staff of Emerald Cove has a successful relationship with the education department, parents, and students.

Emerald Cove Outdoor Science Institute

Emerald cove is a unique learning school of Lake Arrowhead that features science classes in the mountainous outdoor location of California.

Their motive is to awaken the sparkle in students to explore natural science with a pure heart. It is an eco institute with learning programs accessible to tourists and local citizens. 

What Things Can You Do Here? 

Have you ever seen fall colors? No? You’re a lucky tourist to Lake Arrowhead. At Emerald Cove, you can experience the pure colors of fall unhesitantly. So grab your passes and enjoy the natural beauty of the fall season.

If you visit Lake Arrowhead in January, don’t forget to witness the red blood moon eclipse that is only visible at this sight of California every year.

You’ll get obsessed with Emerald Cove as it is a famous place for bird watching; consider this place a gem of Lake Arrowhead, as apart from learning programs, there are many magical things to do here.

Contact the given number below before visiting Emerald Cove, as the timings change according to the programs held. You must visit this place whenever you plan a trip to Lake Arrowhead to know the scientific beauty of this place. 


33255 Camp Cedar Crest Rd, Green Valley Lake, CA 92341, United States

Contact Information 

 +1 909-206-5070

Best Hotels To Stay In Lake Arrowhead

Visiting Lake Arrowhead? Whether you travel alone or with family and friends, you’ll need a place to stay after getting tired of exploring things to do in Lake Arrowhead. We have gathered some top-notched hotels to eliminate your tiredness and sore muscles.

Spend hours, days, nights, or weeks in these hotels. You’ll be purely satisfied by their customer services as these hotels are rated above 4 by all the visitors.

  • Holiday Inn Express and Suites Loma Linda, an IHG Hotel, San Bernardino.
  • Homewood Suites by Hilton San Bernardino.
  • SpringHill Suites by Marriott Victorville Hesperia.
  • Residence Inn by Marriott San Bernardino.
  • Hampton Inn & Suites San Bernardino.
  • Courtyard by Marriott Victorville Hesperia.
  • Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott San Bernardino.
  • Holiday Inn Express and Suites Hesperia, an IHG Hotel.
  • Wander Haus”~Sleeps 8~Pet Friendly!!.
  • Candlewood Suites, Loma Linda, an IHG Hotel, San Bernardino.

Final Words

Lake Arrowhead is the heart of California; it is said to be the Paradise city; if you’re ever looking for a place covered with natural beauty and beaches and lakes, Lake Arrowhead should be your first shot.

There are a lot of places with unlimited entertainment and things to do in Lake Arrowhead, as it has undeniable beauty and charm. Make sure you visit the designated places earlier as it might get crowded after evenings to avoid getting lost in the crowds. Morning and afternoon times are the best to tour the streets of Lake Arrowhead.

Unwind yourself, party hard, spend indoor or outdoor time, go hiking, trailing, walking, or dance to the live music the local artists play on the streets. You’ll get all the essential amenities here under your budget. And yes! The delicious food of Lake Arrowhead is also available to be savored, have a happy meal with a happy deal!