20 Most Fun Things To Do In Newport, RI

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Are you looking for the most fun and adventurous place to visit? 

A place that has it all?

From top-rated beaches to fancy restaurants, (possibly) a haunted mansion that was built more than a hundred years ago.

Whatever it is, Newport has it all!

AND DID YOU KNOW this small city in the province of Rhode Island has been hosting visitors for more than four hundred years? Like there is no way this place can disappoint with years and centuries of experience.

So, prepare to be blown away by the waves and tides, delicious food, and never-ending exciting things every day!

Scroll down and explore some of the top fun things to do in Newport. I am sure this rich city will make you forget about your old life forever. 

Things to do in Newport RI

Let’s start exploring!

1) Play Like A Professional Player At the Tennis Hall Of Fame

Imagine you had the opportunity to play on the same field where hundreds of players worldwide have played for tournaments, championships, and many more.

Play Like A Professional Player At the Tennis Hall Of Fame

Just imagine you get to stand on the field where your country’s player once played and won the championship. How does that sound to you?

It sounds pretty cool, right?

In fact, too many, it just sounds like a straight-up movie plot but trust me when I say this, you can have that wild (but if you are a local in Newport, then not-so-wild) dream of yours come true.

How? Well, let me introduce you to the International Tennis Hall of Fame.

Built in the mid-1800s, the once prestigious 13,000 square feet place was a club-only court, but today the public has access to go there, play around or just have a self-tour.

So, if you love tennis and history then let me know that there is also a museum in this place where you can see the history of the sport, events, and anything!

And if you are even a wilder fan of tennis, wait until you find the perks of being a member.

Not only will that have you come every month to Newport, but you get to mingle and socialize with some of the top players in the tennis world!

So, an opportunity like this should not be kept waiting!

Reasons To Go

Still not convinced to go? No problem, we got something for you that might change your mind!

Throughout the International Tennis Hall of Fame Museum, visitors will learn about tennis’ history, from its origins to the present day.

There are three distinct periods in the history of tennis; The Birth of Tennis (1874 – 1918), The Popular Game (1918 – 1968); and The Open Era (1968 – Present).

And that does not end here!

Visitors can participate in a tricky yet exciting game of tennis where they will ‘’serve’’ the correct answer and ask questions to their opponent from the other side of the touchscreen table.

So, if you have an interest in the history of great knowledge of this game, then surely there are more exciting things for you to uncover

Here you will also find Indoor and Outdoor Tennis court to play ALL YEAR ALONG!

If you are looking for the perfect place to get married, consider booking the Tennis Hall of Fame!

Get yourself a membership to access some of the most exciting private events and membership perks you can’t miss out on, especially if you plan on visiting this place a little too often.

Hope to see you play, or maybe get married at the Tennis Hall of Fame!


194 Bellevue Ave, Newport, RI 02840, United States

Contact Information:

+1 401-849-3990

Hotels nearby:

Rodeway Inn, Marriott Hotel

2) Visit The Blue Garden

In 1913, Frederick Law Olmsted Jr. designed the Blue Garden on Beacon Hill for  Arthur Curtiss James’s estate.

Visit The Blue Garden

Arthur Curtiss James, one of the least known millionaires in America, had spent most of his youth sailing, and then he hired Frederick Law to design a monochromatic color palette of blue.

Flowers in shades of sapphire, periwinkle, purple, lavender, grey, and white reflected the sky and the surrounding ocean.

By the time of Arthur C. James’s death, the garden was left unattended and had lost its grace but in 1967, when a fire hit the mansion of Arthur, not only was the whole place destroyed, but the garden was unrecognizable at that point.

But in 2012, the generosity of Dorrance H. Hamilton,  resident, philanthropist, and garden enthusiast, restored its original glory—using original plans, drawings, and some old photographs.

In addition to being a classic example of American landscape art, the Blue Garden stands as a monument to the preservation of history.

Reasons To Go

For all garden enthusiasts, this is a place for you to admire a paradise in Newport! You get to experience the marvelous architecture and the perfect planning of the secret garden.

And even if you aren’t familiar with gardening or architecture, that should not stop you from visiting this place. You will be amazed at the planning and structure and get dissolved in the fresh air and fragrance around you!

Also, if you are a social media influencer, you could not get a better place than this!


Newport, RI 02840, United States

Hotels nearby:

Hilton Manila, Eighty-One Newport

3) Take A Tour Of Fort Adams

If you love history, or you are looking for an area for hiking with harbor views, or maybe have some adventurous kids, then Fort Adam’s is worth a stop for you and is best thing to do in Newport.

Take A Tour Of Fort Adams

You may be disappointed with the fact that the tour is 90-minute (but honestly, even if it were longer, you wouldn’t get enough of this place), but you still have the option to roam around the surroundings to see more of this place.

Before entering the Fort, you must go to the building where you can get the tickets, some snacks, and drinks to munch along with, and souvenirs.

Once you enter the fort, you will find small scattered pieces of information, along with a small interior section with some museum-style displays and information panels.

To make your trip even better, we recommend you opt for a guided tour.

Because with a guided tour, you get all of the details you might be missing out on. In the guided tour, you also get access to additional locations which you might not know about, like the tunnels!

Be sure to explore the Fort’s interior, but also head toward the North of it, behind the Fort…you’ll get some great water views.

Reasons To Go

Here you will get a chance to for free Parking, to fire canon, and watch boats of all sizes sail by while you admire the beauty of water and beach (which is accessible through this place!)

Here are also organized events and activities that will keep you busy and engaged with the history of this fort and the American war history

Moreover, If you have a crazy obsession with ghosts, don’t miss out on the chance of going on a four-hour exploration of Fort Adams to hear some of the places and experience the paranormal side of the fort!

Also book for yourself and for your friends a night to sleep on bunk beds, as the soldier did inside the 19th Century Fortress. If you don’t want to go inside the place, you can simply walk around the outside of the fort.

It is still worth it, plus you get great views of Downtown Newport and the Pell Bridge. A perfect venue for hosting an event or a wedding!


90 Fort Adams Drive, Newport, RI 02840

Contact Information:

(401) 841-0707, [email protected]

Hotels nearby:

Newport Marriott, Newport Harbour, and Maria Hotel

4) Take A Self-guide At The Breakers

Symbolizing the Vanderbilt family’s relative financial and social dominance at the turn of the century, The Breakers is the largest of Newport’s summer cottages.

Take A Self-guide At The Breakers

To date, the mansion is not new to visitors coming daily to view its extraordinary architecture and roam over 50 rooms of this place! It has been recorded that this place greets more than 300,000 visitors annually!

And it has also been awarded the status of a National Historic Landmark.

Tours are available daily to the public and include access to most of the first floor. The great hall, dining room, music room, and kitchen are some of the must-sees of this place.

Don’t forget to enjoy the gorgeous views from the loggia while breathing in the fresh ocean air.

Occasionally, there are special tours available. Visitors can access previously closed-off areas through this tour, including the underground tunnel and basement.

It is safe to say that you don’t have to be a billionaire like Cornelius Vanderbilt to feel like a king (or queen). Just visit his place, and pretend you are him *wink*

Reasons To Go

Firstly, who would miss out on the chance to visit this mansion? It has 70 rooms for you to explore and maybe a chance to meet a ghost.

Don’t be spooked already, but rumors have it that one of the family member’s ghosts can be seen roaming on the first floor, where her room is. So Why miss out on saying hello to the hundred-year-old lady?

But honestly, there is so much more for you to explore! Don’t look for reasons because no website can do justice to what this place has to offer!


44 Ochre Point Ave, Newport, RI 02840, United States

Contact Information:

+1 401-847-6544

Hotels nearby:

Rodeway Inn, Atlantic Beach Hotel

5) Marble House, Another Extraordinary Mansion of The Prominent Vanderbilt For You To Discover

There is no doubt that the Marble House is a truly magnificent and well-developed Beaux Arts-style mansion in Newport, Rhode Island, and is the best place to visit in Newport.

Marble House, Another Extraordinary Mansion of The Prominent Vanderbilt For You To Discover

Built-in between 1888-1892, the marble house was designed by one of the renowned architects, Richard Morris Hunt.

The Marble House originally served as the summer cottage for Sir William Kissam Vanderbilt, an American businessman, philanthropist, and a member of the well-known Vanderbilt Family,  and his wife, Miss Alva Vanderbilt.

Due to its rich heritage, great furnishings, and exquisite architectural features, the ‘’cottage’’ is listed on the National Register Of Historic Places.

At present, The Marble House is now a historic house museum run which is operated and maintained by the Newport Preservation Society.

Reasons To Go

Why would you miss the chance to go to the Marble house? The place is decorated with over 500,000 cubic feet of marble, and there is nothing in this house that will keep your mouth from hitting the floor!

In addition to the house’s marble features, the house’s exterior facade and extravagant staircases, which are made of yellow Siena marble, are something that will keep you captive.

And did I mention that in the past many shows and events were shot here,  including Victoria’s Secret’s holiday commercial in 2012?


596 Bellevue Ave, Newport, RI 02840, United States

Contact Information:

+1 401-847-1000

Hotels nearby:

Ocean Cliff Hotel

6) Cliff Walk

Cliff walk is one of the most beautiful places you can go for a jog or hiking, and it is worth every picture and video you plan on taking here.

Cliff Walk

If I am being honest, you can even make your friends jealous of such a beautiful place, and I don’t blame them for not!

On one side, you get a view of some of the Gilded Age Mansions and some new modern residences; on the other, you get a view of the ocean.

If you plan on going for a run, then just be aware that some of it is an easy walk on level ground, but some are just figuring out the best path along the uneven rocks and terrain. There are also few tunnels and steps along the way.

Regardless, this is still a fun path to take but just make sure you go to the washroom first and bring your water bottle cause you will be needing that a lot!

Reasons To Go

Going to the cliff walk is worth the experience, and just reaching there before sunrise just gives you an experience you might have been missing your whole life.

The fresh air, boats, and yachts sailing by, and mansions view is just a view that you might have imprinted on your mind.

Plus, this might be a push to start getting fit.


Newport, RI 02840, USA

Hotels nearby:

Cooney Cottage, Town & Tide Inn, Admiral Sims’ House

7) White Horse Tavern, The Oldest Place In The World To Dine

The White Horse Tavern is one of America’s Oldest Restaurants, and it is also a National Historic Landmark. The White Horse aspires to create a fresh, trendy culinary experience in a historic tavern atmosphere.

White Horse Tavern, The Oldest Place In The World To Dine

For generations, the White Horse has served their delicious and fresh fish, clams, and lobsters coming from Narragansett Bay along with just-picked produce from local Rhode Island farms.

Quite interesting to point out, but this place is older than the country!

Although there are rumors that the once-pirate (YES PIRATES!) owned restaurant is haunted. But still, it has not stopped customers from rushing into this place for their delicious and mouth-watering food!

Reasons To Go

So, apart from being a historic landmark and also a pirate-owned restaurant ( honestly, this has already made me excited!), they serve food that has ghosts clinging along the place. Quite literally!

With an experience of more than four centuries, this has to be on your bucket list!

Also, their beef Wellington ( which has been on their menu for more than 50 years!) will definitely be one of the main reasons that will make you come back soon.


26 Marlborough St, Newport, RI 02840, United States

Contact Information:

+1 401-849-3600

Hotels nearby:

Chart House Inn, Newport Harbour Hotel, and Marina

8) Head To Clarke Cooke House For A Snowball From Hell

Confused by the title? Well, that does not matter but if you are looking for a restaurant that not only serves you a fine dinner with your special ones but also offers some special things then consider going to this place.

Head To Clarke Cooke House For A Snowball From Hell

YOU ARE GOING CLARKE COOKE FOR A SNOWBALL FROM HELL. Let me get this straight, it is not literally from hell, but it can send you to one (or heaven, depending on your deed).

So what is this, you are wondering?

The dessert consists of the chocolate roulade, shared with vanilla ice cream that would be coated with Callebaut chocolate and coconut, it may sound a little heavy to some of you, but with every bite you take, you might just forget what is going around you.

So as you know, this dessert has been on the menu for more than 50 years, and there is a good reason for that.

Reason To Go

Still thinking of a reason to miss out on the chance to eat every Newport-resident favorite and famous dessert?

Well then, there is still a lot on the menu for you to be satisfied and with the staff who always ensure you are satisfied with the food and atmosphere.

So, the real question would be, why are you not going?


24 Bannister’s Wharf, Newport, RI 02840, United States

Contact Information:

+1 401-849-2900

Hotels nearby:

Chart House Inn, Newport Harbour Hotel, and Marina

9) Attend Newport’s Music Festivals

Newport Classical is not obvious to concerts and music festivals. In fact, the city has three active organizations that arrange three different genres (jazz, classic, and folk) for visitors and residents to enjoy.

Attend Newport’s Music Festivals

Each year, these three organizations set up venues and concerts that invite more than 20,000 people to attend these concerts,

Famous jazz artists, including Ben Harper, Ben Ellis, and many others are going to perform next year!

And that is not it; two more exciting concerts are coming for 2023. So, grab your tickets to enjoy blasting music from your favorite artists

Reason To Go

Are you looking for an excuse to miss out on some of the top artists?

Are you looking for an excuse to make your trip just like an ordinary trip?

Are you looking for an excuse to miss out on a memorable night?

If not, then keep checking the websites and book your tickets! Maybe you might as well get a chance to meet your favorite artist!

10) A Memorable Night At Newport Blues Cafe

Newport Blue Cafe has been a platform for local artists to perform their shows, it has been a family to these people, and that is not!

A Memorable Night At Newport Blues Cafe

For a wild place to party at boozes that you can drink and a staff that ensures you are safe from predators, this is the safest place to spend your night after a messy breakup or enjoy yourself.

With over 400 entertainers, there is no way you can get bored of this place.

Reasons To Go

If you are looking for a perfect place to get out of your comfort zone and dance to the rhythm of jazz, hip-hop, and many other genres, then this is your place.

Newport Blues will have you shifting your hips and forgetting everything for once.

So, why would you miss this chance?

Food is also an option, but the live music is different if you talk about the drinks they serve.


And parties for you to host!

This place has it all!


286 Thames St, Newport, RI 02840, United States

Contact Information:

+1 401-841-5510

Hotels nearby:

The Breton Hotel, Mill Street Inn

11) Thames Street

Thames street is the perfect place for a tourist to check out. This place has more than to offer, from places to eat to good shopping and some of the top sites to visit.

Thames Street

You name it, and this street has it all!

Reasons To Go

Why should you go to Thames Street? That is an interesting question. Here is a great answer to beat it!

Close to Fort Adams, this is a place where you camp at night or go for a ghost investigation at the 19th-century Fort. Also here is Armoury Antique Marketplace for you to buy some great souvenirs and many more things at a reasonable price

This place is heaven for its delicious and cute cafes! If you are a foodie, then this place should be the first one on your list.

Thames Street is also known as a home to a few art galleries you must check out! Yes, they may be a little pricey, but you can also find some great things in your range!

Moreover, here Newport Sea Foam Trading is a perfect place if you love soaps! You will find soaps of different colors, textures, and some even custom-made!

Hotels nearby:

The Breton Hotel, Mill Street Inn

12) Touro Synagogue

If you love American History, then you might be amazed at the Touro Synagogue and the history and significant role it plays in the city.

Touro Synagogue

Touro Synagogue is one of the oldest synagogues built in the United States of America, but it’s more than just that. The synagogue shows the history of America and the religious freedom given here.

It was built by immigrants from various places, including Spain and the Portuguese, to settle in Newport. The synagogue was built in 1763 and had been an important place of worship for the Jews around the area.

However, when the revolutionary war broke out, many Jews were worried about the synagogue. So, a conclusion came out, and caretakers transferred the deed to the New York congregation for safekeeping.

Now, the congregation owns Touro. Surely, this is one of the places you can’t miss out on!

Reasons To Go

This is a Must See for all the visitors planning on going to Newport. The Touro Synagogue is rich in history and dates more than a hundred years back.

As the oldest synagogue in America, the story of Touro shows the importance of freedom of religion in the United States and the city’s unity.

Apart from that, the tour guides are just quite knowledgeable. Although the tour lasts for roughly around 40 minutes, and in those forty minutes, you learn more than you can ever know.

The tour guides are friendly and always welcome to answer any questions coming from the visitors.

Also, don’t miss out on the chance to check nearby shops. You will get some great souvenirs for your loved ones and yourself as well, and at a reasonable price.


85 Touro St, Newport, RI 02840, United States

Contact Information:

(401) 847-4794

Hotels nearby:

Chart House Inn, Hotel Viking

13) Mamma Luisa Restaurant

We all know that Bologna is the capital food in Italy, right? Now imagine how great it would be to eat the food from there but at Newport.

Mamma Luisa Restaurant

Pretty great, right? And if this makes you excited, then you are the perfect person to eat at Mamma Luisa Restaurant! And even if you are from Italy, I can promise you that this place has the best Italian food you will ever try.

Whatever you plan to order will not bring disappointment to your face! You might just pay more for their food.

Reasons To Go

The fact that this place is close to Fort Adams, The Breakers, and many more places makes it an ideal stop for you to try their food.

Apart from the authentic and delicious Italian cuisine, you will be greeted with professional and insanely helpful staff who can help you choose the perfect food to fill your tummy!

Some of their popular dishes include:

  • Fava bruschette – it is a  combo of bean spread, pecorino & prosciutto 
  • Caprese al pesto
  • Tagliatelle al ragù Bolognese
  • Penne del pastore 
  • Tiramisu

Also, don’t forget to save some room for dessert because they serve the best lemon tart. So let me know if you have tried it!


673 Thames St, Newport, RI 02840, United States

Contact Information:

+1 401-848-5257

Hotels nearby:

Vacation Newport, Wellington Resort

14) Rough Point Museum

If you keep thinking about a place and expect to go there again to try something new, then $20 is just too cheap for an experience like this.

Rough Point Museum

The Rough Point Museum is so much more than a museum.

If you take the time to ask questions about the people who have lived there, you will learn so much from them. You will find a deeper meaning as to why this mansion is a home.

The tour guide can keep up with all your questions and share personal and interesting stories about the mansion and the Duke herself. You might learn a little more than you expected from this place.

While the mansion is considerably large, there is a personal touch to some of the rooms.

On the second floor is an exhibit where you can learn about Doris Duke’s lifestyle, including her clothing. It is safe to say that the women had rich taste and were quite graceful.

An elevator on the second floor and a lift on the third floor make the museum fully accessible

Don’t forget to check out the gardens at the museum. They host special events that are the most exciting part of the mansion, don’t miss your chance at it!

Reasons To Go

Doris Duke was a woman of power and great wealth, although her house may not seem the largest compared to the other mansions.

Maybe the mansion doesn’t have the most marble, despite the owner being the richest woman.

But regardless of the story, Doris Duke has always fascinated people worldwide, which is why her house, the story told by the staff members, makes her alive in a unique way. 

So, don’t miss out on a chance to know the details about the most controversial woman! You will be amazed by many things the media might have hidden up to now.

Pro tip:

For a mesmerizing ocean view at the vantage point, the grounds at Rough Point will give you a glimpse of about 2 miles of the 4-mile Cliff Walk.


680 Bellevue Ave, Newport, RI 02840, United States

Contact Information:

+1 401-847-8344

Hotels nearby:

Hotel Viking,  Wyndham Newport Hotel, Newport Beach Hotel & Suites

15) Check Out The Old Stone Mill in Touro Park

An interesting fact about the Old Stone Mill is that no one knows anything about it, hence the obvious name ‘’old stone’’. Some hypotheses suggest that it may be from space, others suggest Viking, but no one has a clue!

Check Out The Old Stone Mill in Touro Park

But whatever the origin of the Old Stone, it is still a nice attraction for the tourist to see. It is not far from Thames Street, so if you wish to take a break from the shopping spree or just want a place to sit and observe this thing, then the address is below!

You know what to do after this (HINT: GO TO IT)

Reasons To Go

Vikings or others may have built it, but it is likely to be a 1600s grist mill. At least it’s a beautiful structure in Touro Park that you can not miss out on.

So, whether you want to take pictures or just sit back, the small park offers you that while you watch little kids play around.

If you are a solo traveler, I hope you find someone interesting at Touro Park.


5 Touro Park St W, Newport, RI 02840, United States

Hotels nearby:

The Breton Hotel, Mill Street Inn

16) Go For A Kite Flying At Newport!

Have you ever flown a kite in your childhood?

Go For A Kite Flying At Newport!

Well, if this is something that you have missed out on then get a chance to do it,  and if you have kids, then it’s the perfect activity for you to participate in at Brenton Point State Park.

In addition, Brenton Point State Park offers one of the most breathtaking views on the East Coast, which will captivate you.

And did I mention that the 86-acre park has the Portuguese Discovery Monument, built in 1998 to honor the Portuguese navigators and all those who administered the discovery of the maritime route?

So by visiting this place you will also get a chance to visit and pay tribute to them.

Reasons To Go

The Park has a lot to offer.

The spacious area of the park makes it a perfect place for you and your family to play around and have a great time together. You can also reserve an area for more than 500 people at the park!

You can even bring your pet! So, it’s a win-win for everyone,e and who knows, maybe your cute pups can get a soulmate for you.

Moreover, It is a place perfect for you to do one of the Pinterest-DIYs dates for your special one.  There are activities that you can be a part of, so don’t miss out on these!


Ocean Drive, Newport, RI 02840, United States

Contact Information:

+1 401-849-4562

Hotels nearby:

The Chanler at Cliff Walk, The Brenton Hotel, The Sea Breeze Inn

17) Gooseberry Beach, A Place To Relax

Gooseberry Beach is probably a hidden gem in Newport (not so hidden anymore?) that you must check out, especially if you love going to the beaches!

Gooseberry Beach, A Place To Relax

One of the best things about this beach is that even though it is a little smaller than the other beaches in Newport, no doubt it is no lesser than those beaches!

It’s almost like this place is never crowded, you can go there anytime (it is open from 11 am to 5 pm) and you will be surprised how it’s never crowded.

There are just enough people not to feel suffocated and just enough not to feel isolated.

If you are bringing a car, then there will be a $20 fee for it, but apart from that, it is completely open to the public.

Reasons To Go

So, why do people go to the beach?

There are many reasons, but the most common one is to sit back and relax while the heart calms the sound of the waves. So, for a relaxing day, why not head to Gooseberry beach?

Not only is the beach a little underrated (which is the best part!), but it is quite well maintained, with lifeguards patrolling the beach just to ensure everything is alright.

There is a cute little place at the beach where you can grab a little bit or just have a great lunch at a reasonable price.

And that is not it; you have access to nearby beaches if you are a little bored of this one (which is highly unlikely!) and did I mention the activities you can do?

If not, one mall hint should be driving you crazy for all the activities you can’t miss out on!

So, if you are looking for a well-maintained, monitored beach for you to relax and kids to play around, then Gooseberry is the one for you!


130 Ocean Ave, Newport, RI 02840, United States

Contact Information:

+1 401-847-3958

Hotels nearby:

Mill Street Inn, Forty 1⁰ North, The Attwater

18) Audrain Automobile Museum

If you are a car enthusiast, you might just go crazy for the place I am about to reveal. Audrain Automobile Museum is not your regular museum but one of the most remarkable museums.

Audrain Automobile Museum

 It takes pride in displaying more than 200 automobiles dating from 1899 to the modern day. You will find some of the oldest models, most of which would be the rarest you have ever heard or seen.

Just to pop the bubble, not all 200 automobiles are showcased at once; rather, they’re presented based on the exhibition thesis, with just a limited number of cars.

So, whenever you decide to step into the museum, get surprised by the new monthly themes, with some exciting models to fuel your desires.

Reasons To Go

The museum may look a little small, with only 15 to 20 cars for display, but if you know about cars, you might spend more than in this museum. Get fascinated by some of the rarest and oldest models no one has ever heard of!

And if you think this place might not be suitable for you just because you are not into cars. Then you might be wrong. Even just looking at and hearing some interesting stories related to the creation or owner of the cars will keep you engaged.

It’s a perfect place for everyone to learn something new and interesting.

So don’t forget to check this place out!


Audrain Building, 222 Bellevue Ave, Newport, RI 02840, United States

Contact Information:

+1 401-856-4420

Hotels nearby:

The Chanler at Cliff Walk, Mill Street Inn, Forty 1⁰ North

19) Curryland

Looking for a different cuisine to eat, or just craving something with all the rich flavors from South Asia? I think that was a little too specific.


But anyway, which restaurant would deal with such crazy cravings? I have the perfect place for you, Curryland. Don’t let the name confuse you, because this place is a hidden gem for those looking for something different.

Also, if you are a Muslim, then this restaurant might be your go-to restaurant since it serves halal food! So, no more worrying and thinking twice about your first bite!

Reasons To Go

For all Indian-cuisine lovers, you don’t even have to read this part, but if you doubt it, trust me, this place is just as great but much more than the regular ones. *wink*

As for those who have not tried this cuisine yet, you are missing out on a whole subcontinent’s food, which is insane! It is time to get out of your comfort zone and try this food.

If you are unsure what to order, then don’t worry. We got you covered, their famous dish lentils, served with tortilla (be the appropriate term would be Roti), their delicious coconut curry is to die for, and lastly, their well looked crispy okras that you can either eat with rice or as popcorn!


163 JT Connell Hwy, Newport, RI 02840, United States

Contact Information:

+1 401-619-8574

Hotels nearby:

Motel 6, Rodeway Inn

20) Head Towards The Redwood Library

The Redwood Library is one of the oldest libraries and has recently celebrated its 275th birthday. It was established in the 17th century and has been billed as America’s First Purpose Library.

Here Lectures, gallery talks, and musical events are organized throughout the year. You can buy some unique gift items and used books at the gift shop.

Tours are given from  Monday to Friday from 10:30 am to 2:00 pm, and on Saturday its 10:30 am.

Reasons To Go

This library is one of the oldest in the states, so not going there is something you might regret later.

Now, what makes the trip a little exciting is that the staff offers a small tour that tells the visitors about the factual history of the library, including how libraries were established before our current public library system.

The staff are very knowledgeable, keep up with all the questions, and provide additional facts, making the tour a little interesting.

Apart from that, there are many events that you don’t want to miss out on. From music shows to gallery talks, you can’t miss the lecture talks if you are a researcher.

And if you are looking for a venue, this might be the perfect place! Who knows, maybe one day your marriage outlives the library?


50 Bellevue Ave, Newport, RI 02840, United States

Contact Information:

+1 401-847-0292

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Is Newport Worth Visiting?

Newport may be a little small, but the city has so much to offer that you wouldn’t know what to do. From beaches to mansions, to forts, and then museums, you can head to Thomas Street for a little shopping spree and then to the cliff walk for an unforgettable view.

These are just a few places I have mentioned, but there is a lot to explore here!

2. How Many Days Should We Stay In Newport?

Four days are just the normal days a visitor stays at Newport, but with a city with a little too much to offer. I am pretty sure you might extend your trip to a whole week (or two)

3. Are There Any Mosque In Newport

Yes, there are many mosques in Newport for the Muslim community or anyone who wants to visit the mosque.

4. When Is The Best Time To Visit Newport?

According to my analysis, March to May and September to November are the best times to visit Newport.

You’ll be able to explore the city’s famous mansions in May (the end of the spring season) and September (the start of the autumn season) due to mild temperatures and few rain showers.

5. Is Newport Safe For Solo Female Visitors?

Regardless of your gender, ethnicity, and color, this place is considered to be a safe city but despite that, anything can happen to anyone, anywhere. So, be sure not to go to any sketchy areas.

6. Are Mansions In Newport Haunted?

Some are, some aren’t. But most of these things are rumors. Most might not be rumors but don’t worry; I am pretty sure that if the mansions are haunted, then one thing is for sure, these ghosts take pride in showing their place to 21st-century visitors.