21 Most Fun Things To Do In North Conway, NH

North Conway is a small town quint fundamentally tucked away from big and megacity life, with heart-stopping Fall foliage and fresh air, optimal skiing attractions, and accommodating endless things to do in North Conway, NH.

North Conway is scrutinized as a CDP (Census Designated Place) and a village with a population of 2,241, obtaining an area of 6.96 square miles, a composite of land inheriting 6.82 square miles, and water consuming 0.14 square miles.

The town was founded in 1765 by Colonial Governor Benning Wentworth and named after Henry Seymour Conway, the aspiring son of remarkable English folk who opted for the House of Commons.

It’s a lovely cosmopolis in New Hampshire, positioned in the white Mountain, which became popular among the artist of the 19th century who considered this region as rugged terrain, incorporating several work and expedition programs.

things to do In North Conway, NH

North Conway is known as ‘The Birthplace of American Skiing.’ A fascinating remote developing town in the United States with multiple Large Outlet malls, a widening road system, and recreation. 

Summer activities on the water of the Saco River are an attraction for all ages. Grab Your Stuff Fast! Your next getaway destination is waiting for you to have a lot of entertainment and endless outdoor adventures in North Conway.

1) The League of New Hampshire Craftsmen

The league of New Hampshire Craftsmen has served the community for over 90 years and supports education and craftspeople, promoting inspiring things to do in North Conway, NH. 

The League of New Hampshire Craftsmen

It is a non-profit organization, accommodating a tagline of Signature of Excellence that is advanced to cultivate champion fine art and craft related to contemporary style and tradition.

A wide range of exceptional contemporary crafts, from Printmaking and Pottery to Wood and Baskets, from Folk Art and Quilt to Jewelry and photography, is promoted by 700 juried locals.

Things to do

You can learn about the league’s history of the mid-1920s, which promotes authenticity and technical and creative expertise to skilled craftspeople.

You can witness and inspect such crafts regarded as meaningful, relevant, and inspirational to the lives of people and community members, which are widely honored across the town.

You can participate in educational programs and activities related to making art and crafts through demonstrations, workshops, and strategic plans.

For visiting hours, get updated by approaching the given contact details, while the current hours are between 10 am to 5 pm from Monday to Friday, Saturday from 9:30 am to 6 pm, and Sunday from 9:30 am to 4:30 pm.


2526 White Mountain Highway, North Conway, NH 03860, United States

Contact Information

+1 603-356-2441

2) Conway Scenic Railroad

Conway Scenic Railroad is a train station that has stood still since 1874, accommodating streamlined passenger cars of the 1950s and allowing riding things to do in North Conway, NH.

Conway Scenic Railroad

They offer train rides to choose from mountaineer, which takes you to the Crowford Notch, or a Valley Train, which takes you to the Heritage Valley Excursion.

Budd Vista Dome is a premium railway train that offers 360 panoramic views of the Conway scenic railroad, which was opened for visitors in august 1974.

Things to do

You can get the opportunity to experience old-fashioned railroading with a family-friendly atmosphere to spend a lovely day and enjoy the informed commentary.

You can take a speedy and thrilling ride to the mountaineer that could take upto four and a half hours while witnessing breathtaking scenic vista along the path.

You can treat yourself to an exciting lunch menu that can be competitive with any 5-star eatery, spending some of the historic moments with your peers.

You can go for an Eighty minutes snow train ride, 50 to 60 miles roundtrip mountaineer, 2 hours and 21 miles round trip of Sawyer River Excursion, and 55 minutes on the Conway Valley train.


38 Norcross Cir, North Conway, NH 03860, United States

Contact Information

+1 603-356-5251

3) Diana’s Baths

Diana’s Baths is located in the southwest corner of the Bartlet, accommodating a series of waterfalls and providing some swimming things to do in North Conway, NH.

Diana's Baths

It is situated within the historic site of White Mountain National Forest, securing an area of about 5 acres, which George Lucy primarily brought in 1863.

The bath is fed from the huge Attitash Mountain, where grown-ups, kiddos, and all folks can explore the tranquility of nature, especially during Summer.

Things to do

You can go hiking on a mild and short track of 0.6 miles, fair wide gravel, and a relatively flat path is a common tourist attraction. 

The waterfall is approximately 75 feet in height and flows down beautifully so you can swim while inspecting various lodges, pools, cascading falls, and rocks in the brook.

Remember! The water flowing intensity and water levels can vary depending on the season. Other than that, you can safely wade in the pool and walk along the rocks. 

Currently, 5.00 dollars a day for the daily pass is charged per vehicle, which can be paid at a self-service pay station that displays your automobile on the dashboard.


3725 West Side Road, Bartlett, North Conway, NH 03812, United States

Contact Information

+1 603-536-6100

4) Echo Lake State Park

Echo Lake is a State Park and a public recreation area in Carroll county, featuring activities for all ages and various things to do in North Conway, NH.

Echo Lake State Park

The Park incorporates an area of 15.7 acres and about 6.4 hectares, having two rock ledges with an amazing scenic view, white Horse Ledge, and Cathedral Ledge. 

Echo Lake is an exquisite place for hiking, picnicking, swimming, fishing, and non-motorized boating while gazing upon the mesmerizing horizon, making your trip memorable.

Things to do

You can spend a peaceful day at Echo Lake Park, a relaxing spot and a perfect outdoor destination from hot weather to cooling off with your favorite gang. 

You can swim and try every style and technique in the lake water and afterward be able to fish out distinctive breeds while enjoying a symmetric reflection of beautiful ledges.

The well-maintained and marked trail of one mile is waiting, and you can hike, bike, walk or run as your heart desires on the easiest track around Echo Lake.

Although the visiting hours are between 9 am to 5 pm daily, give a call before approaching. In addition! Recent entry would cost you $2 for children and $4 for adults.


68 Echo Lake Road, North Conway, NH 03860, United States

Contact Information

+1 603-356-2672

5) Whitaker Woods

Whitaker woods is considered a town of Conway conservation land, launching new trails and kiosks for awesome outdoor activities and things to do in North Conway, NH.

Whitaker Woods

Although the place is situated within the town, it is quiet and peaceful for walking and bicycling, accommodating several miles of trail to the distance of downtown.

Want to take some free time stroll? You have reached the exact destination. Gather up your gang and hit the spot. Don’t forget to capture those precious memories.

Things to do

You can have some amazing moments with your companion while walking on the loop trail surrounded by woods and heart-melting nature perseverance.

There is an availability of well-marked trails with white and yellow signs. You can show off cascading skills and techniques while skiing, biking, and much more.

You can bring your loyal dogs along because Whitaker Woods is a dog-friendly park offering an open space to play ball while cherishing your friend.

The Park inherits restrooms and warming houses where you can organize or host picnics. A to-go place for fat bikers, runners, cross-country skiers, snowshoers, and many more.


White Mountain Highway 2820, North Conway, New Hampshire 03860, United States

Contact Information

+1 603-901-1139

6) Settlers Green Outlet Village

Settlers Green Outlet Village is an in-house Shopping center that was established and opened in February 1988, providing exploring things to do in North Conway, NH.

Settlers Green Outlet Village

Primarily that region belongs to White Mountain Airport, which was purchased from Wylie Apte. The outlet inherits an area of 500,000 square feet for retail space.

The settler’s green zone is divided into four segments, Settlers Corner, Streetside, the Outlet Village, and Settlers Crossing, making it the largest shopping center. 

Things to do

You can enjoy the sparks and heat of the community fireworks display and shop to your heart’s content because you don’t have to pay substantial taxes.

You can look after outlet stores or window shops, a combination of lifestyle, upscale, and specialty retailers in the expanded space of the industrial zone.

You can explore this attractive place that accommodates more than 70 outlets and shops, inheriting countless goods that grab the visitor’s attention.

Are you ready to seize a quick bite? The Settlers Green is completely packed with various bite-to-eat places, staples, home goods, local boutiques, home depot, and so on.


Two Common Ct, North Conway, New Hampshire 03860, United States

Contact Information

+1 888-667-9636

7) Cranmore Mountain Resort

A local businessman Harvey Gibson founded Cranmore Mountain Resort and opened it for the season of 1937- 1938 with a single rope tow for skiing things to do in North Conway, NH.

Cranmore Mountain Resort

It is owned by the Schneider family, purchased in 1984, and operated as Cranmore Mountain Adventure Park during Summer. It keeps expanding and modernizing.

Primarily, the region accommodated a ski mobile, base area, lodging, and ski school, which European Skiers operated, distinguishing itself from other ski areas.

Things to do

You can avail yourself an opportunity to choose from forty distinctive trails variety, advancing towards the average base depth of seventeen to twenty inches.

The skiable terrain entertains visitors of all ages and levels. 24% of the terrain is identified as easy, 46% for intermediate-level skiers, and  14% trail is for expert skills.

It is a fantastic winter destination where you can explore an area of over 200 acres while enjoying numerous lifts, uphill series, skiing of 2,100 vertical feet, and so on.

Start Planning Today! We have gathered enough lessons and rules you need to know, and don’t worry about your stay; the mountain also inherits slopeside lodging.


239 Ski mobile Road, North Conway, New Hampshire 03860, United States

Contact Information

+1 800-786-6754

8) Dahl Wildlife Sanctuary

Dahl Wildlife Sanctuary is located in L.L.Bean, incorporating a trail of several miles along the Saco River of Mount Washington, allowing hiking things to do in North Conway, NH.

Dahl Wildlife Sanctuary

The sanctuary accommodates a loop trail route type with an elevation gain of Eighteen Meters and 3.1 kilometers in length, which is generally considered an easy route.

Ruth Dahl and Helen donated this peaceful field in 1988. Dahl Sanctuary is essential to the native wildlife preserving the finest Silver Maple, White Ash Flood, Sugar Maple, and so on.

Things to do

Dahl Wildlife Sanctuary in Conway is dog-friendly. You can bring your faithful friend along on a six-foot leash and play in an open space of 56 acres.

You can hike or walk on a serene well-maintained trail, which can take upto an average of 36 minutes to complete, while having loads of fun. 

You can inspect an exquisite sanctuary that protects wild creatures and lives, such as distinct species of birds, mammals, amphibians, warblers, bunting, and many more.

Be an early visitor because they have limited parking space, and you are not permitted to park nearby stores. Currently, hours are followed from 6 am to 9 pm daily.


1390 White Mountain Highway, North Conway, New Hampshire 03860, United States

Contact Information

+1 603-224-9909

9) New England Ski Museum

New England Ski Museum is where ski history is collected, exhibited, and conserved for education, inspiration, entertainment, and researching things to do in North Conway, NH.

New England Ski Museum

New England Ski is an Eastern slope branch that has been operating since February 2018. The permanent collection consists of ‘From the First Tracks to the Fall Line: eight thousand years of skiing.’

The timeline of the exhibition roots up from the prehistoric development of skiing to the advent of the shaped ski in the 1990s and the career of native Bode Miller.

Things to do

You can treat yourself to free admission to the ski club, 10th Mountain division veteran, general public schools, and much more with your compatible group.

You can attend open-house events and fill yourself with consequential information, then freshen up and relax your mind with the drinks served by Cathedral Ledge.  

You can purchase unique ski gifts, collectibles, and several important national implications vintage films and videos at the Ski Museum shop, England Ski Museum, which was opened a few years ago.  

You can visit in person or explore online, and they encourage the chronicles of skiing for you to enjoy relevant vintage stories through both mediums.


2628 White Mountain Highway, North Conway, New Hampshire 03860, United States

Contact Information

+1 603-730-5044

10) Cathedral Ledge State Park Barlett

Cathedral State Park inherits an auto road 700 feet ledge that provides a view from the Saco River Valley to the White Mountain, permitting outdoor things to do in North Conway, NH. 

Cathedral Ledge State Park Barlett

It is a popular place for ice and rock climbing walls. Hiking trails can provide access to cross White Horse Ledge throughout the season.

It is free to visit the state park, while it can take upto 20 minutes to reach the top of the cathedral ledge to witness the combination of three exquisite locations.

Things to do

Explore this 4.5-km in-and-out trail of North Conway. Generally, it is considered a challenging route; it will take an average of 1 hour and 30 minutes to complete this trail.

Cathedral Ledge State Park Bartlett is a popular place for snowshoeing and hiking, so you can also encounter many people exploring this space.

Dogs are not allowed at Cathedral Ledge, and if, if you want to take your dogs or any pet with you, you can take them to the back side of the White Horse Space.

The best time to visit this trail is from April to November, as it is famous for snowing. Pack your clothes accordingly, which can keep you warmer for a better touring experience.


State Park, 579 Cathedral Ledge Road Bartlett, New Hampshire 03812, United States

Contact Information

+1 603-356-2672

11) White Mountain National Forest

White Mountain National Forest was established on May 16, 1918, and has been federally managed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture Forest Service since 1984.

White Mountain National Forest

White Mountain secured an area of approximately 750,852 acres. The national forest is generally referred to as a Park for commercial things to do in North Conway, NH.

The major mountain peaks have heights of over 4,000 feet, which is commonly used for peak bagging, incorporated by three distinctive regions.

Things to do

It is home to the majestic Alpine peak, where you can explore hundreds of miles of trails within the premises of a white mountain while witnessing a breathtaking scenic forest.

You can often hike, bike, and ski on the Appalachian Trail that transverse within the national forest, where descending land inherits parts of Coos, Carroll, and Grafton Counties.

You can spend some relaxing hours or stay for the night in the commercial lodging accommodated for a hassle-free, safe, and tranquil trip.

The activities are not just limited to sporting. Rather you can gather up for camping as well in the proximity of the forest between distinctive wildlife species.


71 White Mountain Dr, Campton, North Conway, New Hampshire 03223, United States

Contact Information

+1 603-536-6100

12) Swift River Covered Bridge

Swift River Covered Bridge came into existence in 1850, securing a style of Paddleford truss with some added Arches, permitting crossing things to do in North Conway, NH.

Swift River Covered Bridge

Amzi Russell and Leandre Morton elegantly structured the covered bridge with a clear span of 120 feet long, a roadway width of 21.0 feet, and 13.2 inches of minimal vertical clearance. 

The Swift River Bridge is maintained by the town of Conway, which is only permitted for traveling on foot and is closed for traffic.

Things to do

Are you guys Searching for a picnic space?  Stop at Swift River Covered Bridge, as here you’ll find all the picnic amenities to spend quality time alone or with your companions.

Have delicious lunch or dinner on the bridge, with a beautiful scenic river below the creek. The bridge is fully covered, so you need not worry about sun tanning or rain.

If you’re a social media worm, mark Swift River Covered Bridge as your must to visit a place, as it is famous for its photogenic sites. Capture your mind-blowing pictures and post them on your social media handles to gain popularity.

Thinking about timings? Visit the landmark of North Conway any day, any time, as it is open 24/7.


West Side Rd, North Conway, New Hampshire 03860, United States

Contact Information

+1 518-885-3639

13) Story Land

Story Land is located in Glan and was constructed in 1954. A themed park that appeals to audiences from children to teenagers continues to develop. 

Story Land

The Land incorporates an area of 35 acres consisting of approximately 20 rides, while a wooden Roller Coaster and Roar o Sauras are a new addition to the recreational area.

It is a dreamy storybook-themed getaway founded by Bob and Ruth Morrell, who bought a wide range of dolls from Germany based on comic characters.

Things to do

You can treat yourself to the 30 must-visit attractions, which include the live shore aquarium. Friendly Otters, Atlantic rays, and lorikeets are ready to get acquainted.

You can Participate in special events, which is a perfect family dining option that includes embracing tea time and dinner along with the character to create precious memories.

You can surprise your little ones with the amusement fun of a fairy tale that accommodates rides, such as Huff Puff Whistle Road, Bamboo Chutes, and much more.

Get a hold of the entry tickets immediately because the sale could end soon, and you can get passes for just $15 in six payments for each person above 2 years.


850 NH-16, Glen, North Conway, New Hampshire 03838, United States

Contact Information

+1 603-383-4186

14) Gibson Woodbury House

Gibson Woodbury House is one of the tourist attractions in North Conway, which is currently home to Victoria and Mark Butterfield, relatives of the Gibsons family.

Gibson Woodbury House

It is a 19th-century home constructed with cordwood and was painted yellow by John Clymer over 60 years ago. The Moats and Barns are present in the backyard. 

In 2010 a trust of charity was established in the name of Gibson and Woodbury, which enhanced the comfort and prosperity of the residents of Mount Washington Valley.

Things to do

If you’re a history lover and interested in looking for vintage places and things, visit Gibson Woodbury House once with your friends to learn about the history of Gibson’s family.

Enjoy a relaxing walk in the scenic garden of Gibson Woodbury’s house as the plants, flowers, and green environment will make your mind relaxed unexpectedly with its pretty views.

Look at the modern kitchens, wooden floors, and layouts of open concepts. It is a sunshine coast, so have plenty of exploring while getting some initial vitamin B in your body.

This place is located between many shops and restaurants. So when you get tired of walking and talking, try the nearest hotels to satisfy your food cravings without traveling miles away.


2706 White Mountain Hwy, North Conway, New Hampshire 03860, United States

Contact Information

+1 440-532-1887

15) Champney Falls Trailhead

Champney Fall is a beautiful pet and kids-friendly park where you will encounter a lot of public exploring and enjoying trails that can take upto 2 hours and 36 minutes to complete.

Champney Falls Trailhead

The falls were named after ‘Benjamin Champney,’ and cascade about 70 feet long for you to visit from September to October for fall things to do in North Conway, NH.  

It is home to 6 to 7 miles of trails that grants you access to Mount Chocorua near Albany. A moderately challenging route with an elevation of 208 meters.

Things to do

Beginner in hiking? Try Champney Falls Trailhead once to put your hands down on the hiking experience. Wear your clothes and shoes accordingly as some areas might be muddy.

You can also do rock climbing here at Champney Trailheads, as it is quite a comfortable yet safe place for rock climbing with your friends and family members.

Sparkling streams and waterfalls surround the trail. Have a great time between these streams while hiking up the easy trails of Champney Falls, as this place is operational 24/7 for all visitors.

Bring a bucket full of snacks, water, and a tent, as you’ll find plenty of spots for camping and picnicking. So don’t miss out on a place like Champney to have an unforgettable trip up the hill near the stream and waterfalls.


North Conway, New Hampshire 03818, United States

Contact Information

+1 603-536-6100

16) Sugar Hill Scenic Vista

Sugar Hill Scenic Vista offers a fall foliage panorama that will blow you away. A small pavilion with a crowd incorporating attractive things to do in North Conway, NH. 

Sugar Hill Scenic Vista

It is roughly located among the popular Kancamagus Highway, which provides an amazing overlook to Bear Mountain, Sugar Hill, Mount Tremont, and Owl Cliff. 

Wondering about a place to spend this fall? We have found a perfect destination in North Conway that will blissfully fill your eyes with the contrast of fall colors.

Things to do

Sugar Hill Scenic Vista is a heaven on earth, witnessing the shining colors of fall, containing a touch of yellow, red, and orange. It is an admirable place, so remember to capture every spot in your mind and your camera.

Tourists fall in love with Sugar Hill Scenic Vista at once, so there might be some unique reason behind it. To find out why you have to visit this place only once. Grab your bags and start your hike toward Sugar Hill right away.

The astonishing view of mountains, maple trees, and greenery will not let you slip away easily when you come here; hours will pass like minutes, so keep an extra eye on your tight schedule as you have other places to visit on your list.

The National Forest is already welcoming you from Monday to Friday, 8 am to 4.30 pm, camp, party, hike, click pictures or watch birds and other reptiles, and this place will never bore you with its site.


Kancamagus Hwy 112, Livermore, North Conway, New Hampshire 03818, United States.

Contact Information

(603) 536-6100

17) Saco River Covered Bridge

Saco River Covered Bridge was constructed in 1890 and got listed in the World Guide of Covered Bridges, allowing stunting things to do in North Conway, NH.

Saco River Covered Bridge

The Bridge is situated on the span of the Saco River, Built with Paddleford with added arches architectural style, maintained by the New Hampshire Department of Transportation.

It incorporates a clear stretch of 94 to 103.4 feet, a length of 224.9 feet, a roadway width of 30.4 feet, and a vertical clearance of about 13.7 feet,  which can hold upto six tons of weight.

Things to do

Have unlimited fun at one of the several covered bridges in North Conway. The historical, terrific, and worth seeing bridge will give you unexpected fun. It is easy to walk and go through the area while taking photos.

It is a very unique yet smooth historical place to spend time. Walk on the side footpaths to tour either side and look down at the ice sheets in the river. You’ll love the views.

Traveling in a car? Remember to pass through Saco River Covered Bridge only once; it is a place to die for. You’ll never find an elegant place like this anywhere else.

The unique structure will capture your heart at a glance, so carry an extra power bank when you visit North Conway because your phone’s battery will end, but these places will not.


East Side Rd, Conway, New Hampshire 03818, United States

Contact Information

+1 603 447-4275

18) Green Hills Preserve / Pudding Pond

It is a small Mountain with a bald peak; far from the hustle and bustle of city life lies Green Hills Preserve for peaceful and relaxing things to do in North Conway, NH.

Green Hills Preserve / Pudding Pond

The ridge line of Green Hill secured an area of approximately 5,500 acres, serving an outstanding panorama of the Presidential Range and Mount Washinton.

It preserves the habitat of red pine rocky ridge and golden plant species, such as smooth sandwort, white mountain silverling, green adder’s mouth, and so on.

Things to do

Are you a plant lover, or do you love to study the plant world? Mark Green Hill Preserve right away. You’ll find a bucket full of plants, including sandwort and white mountain silvering. Find them and study them with extra precautions.

Take a round trip with your buddies at 1.6 miles of distance. Carry an extra water bottle to keep yourself hydrated during your trailing period.

Fir and hemlocks are all ready to welcome you! So what else are you looking for? Take your map and start walking; the map will help you to stay on track without getting lost in the roundabouts of Green Hills.

You, people, are very lucky as this place is open 24 hours, so you can also go for night hiking and camping at the Green Hill Preserve.


252 Thompson Rd, North Conway, New Hampshire 03860, United States

Contact Information

+1 703-841-5300

19) Rotary Park of North Conway

Rotary Park is located at the corner of the white mountain highway, promoting several activities and a food pantry, allowing celebrating things to do in North Conway, NH. 

Rotary Park of North Conway

The rotary club was built in honor of Robert Therrien and was titled ‘Rotarian of the Year,’ having a great passion and love for the rotary garden and maintaining it over the years.

Club and open forum meetings are organized within the park premises, providing information and news about the heritage of North Conway.

Things to do

Must visit Rotary Park on your trip to North Conway, as it will take you directly to Cape Coral. It is a great loop for walking and running. You can also have some nice trails with an additional dog park to give your dogs quality time.

If you’re a tired traveler, relax your muscles a bit at the comfortable yet cozy restrooms of Rotary Park. You’ll get plenty of opportunities for remote trailings, tower lookouts, and picnicking.

Paddle your bicycles or jog out at the trails of Rotary Park; the choice is all yours as this area is designed for all visitors’ jogging, bicycling, and biking.

Spend unlimited outdoor time with exceptional outdoor activities 24/7, as Rotary Park is operational all week.


30 Beacon St E, Laconia, North Conway, New Hampshire 03246, United States

Contact Information

+1 603-901-1139

20) The Kancamagus Highway

The Kancamagus Highway provides a scenic drive through 56.39 miles long passage that winds across the state, providing excursion things to do in North Conway, NH. 

The Kancamagus Highway

The highway is famous for its fall foliage panorama, now designated American Scenic Byway, which preserves esthetic beauty, rich history, and culture.

It was formerly opened in August 1959 and serves as a path cut through heart-melting scenes incorporating an elevation of 3000 feet to get a glimpse of color paradise.

Things to do

Winter, summer, fall, or spring Kancamagus highway will provide a refreshing yet fascinating space for picnicking, hiking, and trailing. Start your trails from Lincoln to experience fresh snowing flakes in the winter.

Are you a motorbike traveler? Consider Kancamagus, a treasured spot for motorbiking, and wear your helmet, gloves, and jacket to start your biking tour on dirt roads.

Have you not witnessed the white mountains yet? Then here comes your turn, visit this extraordinary place to witness the white mountains of Hampshire.

Take almost three hours from your busy schedule to adventure in this place.


I-93 In Lincoln, North Conway, New Hampshire Route 112, United States.

Contact Information

+1 603-396-8841

21) Kahuna Laguna Indoor Water Park

Kahuna Laguna is an indoor water park with a tropical of 82 degrees, securing some parts of Red Jacket Mountain Resort for splashing things to do in North Conway, NH.

Kahuna Laguna Indoor Water Park

The adventurous zone inherits various attractions, including a wave pool, three-story four slides, a fountain, tube slides, bridges, and so on, that captivated everyone. 

The water Park accommodates other activities and amenities, such as a spa, arcade games, basketball court, cafe, volleyball courts, Resorts, and much more.

Things to do

Slide until you get tired; at Kahuna Laguna, you’ll get unlimited hot tubbing, sliding, and swimming opportunities with your buddies.

It is an awesome place for family; burn your energy with huge water pools and slides. If you’re accompanying your kids, this place will make them happier too.

Regarding food, dont carry extra buckets with you as you’ll get all the yummy edible snacks at the snacks bar of Kahuna Laguna at reasonable rates.

It is a seasonal park, so timings may vary according to the season; remember to call them once before visiting to confirm the timings.


2251 White Mountain Hwy, North Conway, New Hampshire 03860, United States.

Contact Information

+1 603-356-5411

Best Hotels To Stay In North Conway, NH

Visiting North Conway, NH? Oh, you must be thinking about places to live in. The town of North Conway is small and specific; here, you’ll find limited options of hotels, restaurants, and resorts. It is home to many beautiful hotels, some of which are mentioned below to provide you with a hassle-free voyage.

  • The White Mountain Hotel and Resort.
  • Residence Inn by Marriott North Conway, NH.
  • Cranmore Mountain Lodge Bed and Breakfast.
  • The Lodge At Jackson Village, NH.
  • Villa Hygge Scandinavian and Boutique Hotel.
  • North Conway Mountain Inn, NH.
  • The Inn at Thorn Hill and Spa.
  • Eagle Mountain House and Golf Club.
  • Spruce Moose Lodge Bed,  Breakfast, and Restaurant.
  • North Conway Condo in the White Mountains, NH.
  • Grimstad Building and Nordic Village Condominium Resort.

All these hotels are just a call away from booking your rooms! Book them online even before your visit so that when you reach this town, you already have space for resting before you start your hiking, walking, exploring, and partying journey. Worry, not all these hotels are rated above 4, so you can trust them with your belongings without hesitation.

Final Words

If you’re looking for a town surrounded by beautiful mountains, North Conway, NH, is your destiny. There are plenty of indoor and outdoor things to do in North Conway, NH, for the whole traveler society. Whether you go for the first time or it’s your sixteenth time, North Conway will not bore you; every time, it will provide you with new amusements and activities. 

The heart of New Hampshire is between the white mountains; summers will take you to swim in the lakes, while winters are all about snowmobiling while skiing. And regarding fall, it is dedicated to leaves falling from every side. Visiting during spring? Then it is a well-known season for hiking. 

Outdoor adventures and indoor amusements are ready to welcome you, so start your journey toward North Conway today. Have a great time!