20 Most Fun Things To Do In South Florida

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South Florida is a region of the U.S. The culture of South Florida is said to be Miami Accent. This city is famous for its arts performance, cultural scenes, music, nightclubs, and biodiversity.

If you are looking for a place with a limited budget with your family, you’ll get unlimited exciting things to do as a family in South Florida.

South Florida is known for its sparkling white sand beaches, warm weather, and mouth-watering food. Regarding flavorful delicacies, it is famous for Stone Crabs, Key Lime Pie, Gator TailApalachicola Oysters, and Cuban Sandwiches.

South Florida is a natural developer of Citrus fruits. It is also famous for the Sunshine State, lively Festivals, and Florida Man.

This region’s weather during summer is hot, wet, and oppressive. At the same time, winters are cold, windy, comfortable, and humid.

20 Most Fun Things To Do In South Florida

January is said to be the coldest month in Miami; if you plan your visit during January, carry some extra warm clothes with you. The rest of the month is normal and mild according to the seasons, so you can dress up keeping in mind the weather.

South Florida witnesses only two seasons the whole year, Summer and Winter. Mainly it does not make snow at this place. So plan your voyage here and enjoy the beaches fully without getting cold.

1) Palm Beach Zoo

Palm Zoo is a non-profit organization located inside West Palm Beach. The zoo gives shelter to hundreds of birds and animals, providing the visitors with unlimited animal-watching things to do as a family in South Florida.

Palm Beach Zoo

Palm Zoo is a tropical inhabitant of South Florida, containing 23 acres. It is also famous as a conservative society of South Florida.

It is home to the American alligator, Bald eagle, American black bear, Black swan, Turkey vulture, Rhinoceros hornbill, Red-crowned crane, Malayan tiger, and many other endangered species.

What Things Can You Do Here?

Park your vehicles freely and let your family wander happily in the beautiful garden of Palm Beach Zoo; your kids or grandkids will love the views of animals.

Spend some quality time with those tiny bundles of joy for two hours, it will take almost two hours to complete the tour, and you can spend more time here. There is no limitation.

Are you interested in the enclosure for animals? Palm Beach Zoo is the perfect place, tiger, LIlama, swans, and monkeys are waiting to welcome your family wholeheartedly.

Be kind towards those rescued creatures; they need your affection and love. You can spend some time with them any day from 9 am to 5 pm.


Summit Blvd 1301, West Palm Beach, 33405 FL, United States.

Contact Information

+1 561-990-4639

2) Zoo Miami

Opened in 1948, Zoo Miami is a zoological park consisting of 750 acres of South Florida’s state. Here you can find a list of outdoor recreational activities and things to do as a family in South Florida.

Zoo Miami

Zoo Miami has 3000 animals and almost 500 different species inside its home.

The famous exhibits of Zoo Miami are Florida: Mission Everglades, Samburu Giraffe Feeding Station, American flamingo exhibit, African elephant, and Amazon and Beyond.

What Things Can You Do Here?

Zoo Miami is one of the best family destinations in South Florida; you should visit once during your outstanding voyage. Here you’ll witness numerous animals and birds living together that you might not have even heard of.

Book your tickets earlier if you or any of your family members are interested in wildlife exploration, as they get sold out quickly. The zoo is so well designed that all the animals can roam freely and are not caught in a cage.

At Zoo Miami, you can rent cycles, scooters, boats, and trains to roam around the area without walking for hours. Consider this place a most comfortable choice!

Have a delicious breakfast before you visit Zoo Miami to roam the area fully energized any day from 10 am to 5 pm.


152nd SW Street 12400, FL 33177, Miami, United States.

Contact Information

+1 305-251-0400

3) Flamingo Gardens

Flamingo Gardens is a wildlife sanctuary and the most historical botanical garden in South Florida. It was opened in January 1927, having some interesting activities and things to do as a family in South Florida.

Flamingo Gardens

Jane Wray and Floyd L. are the official owners of Flamingo Gardens.

The botanical gardens of Flamingo contain various collections of unusual tropical fruits, exotics, specimens, and trees gathered from different places throughout the world.

What Things Can You Do Here?

Are you a botanist or interested in diving into the world of botany? If yes, then you must try Flamingo Gardens once, as here you’ll find the rarest collections of the earth not available at any other place.

Dive into crotons, gingers, heliconias, calatheas, flowering trees, bromeliads, palms, succulents, aroids, orchids, cycads, and mango orchards with your family to witness the unique products of nature with your eyes.

Go on a walk to watch the naughty animals of South Florida, including flamingos, peacocks, ducks, and swans.

You can also touch and feed those loving animals inside the Flamingo Gardens, keeping the timings in mind. You can come here any day from 9.30 am to 5 pm with your group of family.


S 3750 Flamingo Road, Davie, 33330 FL, United States.

Contact Information

+1 954-473-2955

4) Jungle Island

Jungle Island is an eco-adventure escape and park once known as Parrot Jungle. It went through tremendous damage because of the disastrous hurricane Irma

Jungle Island

But after its renovation again, it started serving as an amazing outdoor adventurous thing to do as a family in South Florida.

Jungle Island features a wind tunnel, zip lines, pop-up water slides, flight simulators, nerf battle experience, and escape rooms.

What Things Can You Do Here?

At Jungle Island, you can spend favorable time with animals and get to know them more closely, guided by professionals.

You can start from the gardens, environment, atmosphere, and scenic views; everything is so perfectly organized here that visitors consider it a whole package of fun things to escape for some hours.

You can experience zip lining with your family, go on flight simulators, or get wet in the popping water slides, but remember to capture those cheesy memories in your camera to bring some unforgettable memories with you home.

Regarding the visiting time, enter into the world of happiness from Monday to Sunday, 10 am to 4 pm, along with your loved ones.


Parrot Jungle 1111 Trail, Miami, 33132 FL, United States.

Contact Information

+1 305-400-7000

5) Museum of Discovery and Science

The Museum of Discovery and Science is focused on the exhibits of Fort Lauderdale. It was established in 1976, protecting Fort Lauderdale’s inheritance. Here you’ll find many touring things to do as a family in South Florida.

Museum of Discovery and Science

The Museum of Discovery features unique items, including AutoNation IMAX theater, ecoscapes, a simulated ride to Mars, and a  3-D IMAX.

It also showcases a simulated airboat, MaxFlight airplane flight simulator, and some wild animals like snakes, baby alligators, rabbits, tortoises, tarantula, bats, geckos, scorpions, cockroaches, centipedes, and hermit crabs.

What Things Can You Do Here?

Looking for a perfect, stimulating place for you or your kids? Now is your chance to conquer the Museum of Discovery and Science to feel the best stimulators in the world.

Many animals are waiting to welcome your whole family. Have a historical time along with the scenic views of the gardens and unnatural exhibits.

Regardless of scientific things, you’ll also find varieties of wildlife at the museum, including reptiles, farm animals, and some birds.

Let your kids explore the undersea exhibits and aerospace; they’ll love each and everything present there. Visiting hours of the Museum of Discovery and Science are 10 am to 5 pm the whole week.


SW 401 2nd Street, Fort Lauderdale, 33312 FL, United States.

Contact Information

+1 954-467-6637

6) Butterfly World

Located inside Coconut Creek, Butterfly World is a heaven on earth featuring 20,000 butterflies that are alive and living a free life inside the open houses.  

Butterfly World

Butterfly World came into existence on 28 March 1988, with many appealing things to do as a family in South Florida.

There are almost 50 species of butterflies inside the Butterfly World. The museum also exhibits specimens of insects, beetles, moths, scorpions, moths, water bugs, mantises, spiders, walking sticks, and wasps.

What Things Can You Do Here?

Ready to witness the heaven of South Florida with your family? Come and join us at tha Butterfly Gardens, and enjoy a tremendous walk in the heavenly gardens to refresh your soul and mind.

Thinking about a place to take your better half for a romantic evening? You’ll not find a better place than this; everything here is so relaxing that your relationship will get steamy.

Butterfly World is a low-key place with benches and some relaxing music. If you want to run from your daily routine, sit here for minutes or hours to refresh your mind.

The aviaries contain butterflies and birds; chirping and flying wings sound will make your soul happy. You can visit this amazing place all week from 9 am to 5 pm hassle-free.


W 3600 Sample Road, Coconut Creek, 33073 FL, United States.

Contact Information

+1 954-977-4400

7) Miami Seaquarium

Miami Seaquarium was opened on 24 September 1955, containing an oceanarium of 38 acres on the Island of Virginia key. It is home to various marine mammals; you’ll get countless interesting things to do as a family in South Florida.

Miami Seaquarium

Marine mammals like sharks, turtles, house fish, reptiles, birds, and manatees live in Miami Seaquarium.
The park of Miami Seaquarium also hosts various programs and night camps for visitors to participate in the famous killer whale show.

What Things Can You Do Here?

Get ready to witness the biggest show of dolphins and Sea lions; their performances will leave you in awe as they are so well trained that you’ll get inspired by their performances.

After spending several minutes getting wet in the whale shows, you can meet the delicate flamingo, penguins, and squeaking parrots. 

Your family will also love to feed the manatees; consider Miami Seaquarium a whole-in-one package of fun water adventures. Don’t miss a chance to take advantage of this place.

Miami Seaquarium and its well-trained animals are available at your service the whole week from 10 am to 5 pm.


Rickenbacker 4400 Causeway, 33149 FL, Key Biscayne, United States.

Contact Information

+1 305-361-5705

8) Dry Tortugas National Park

Dry Tortugas National Park is a 100-square-mile space covered with water and seven small islands. Dry Tortugas are only accessible by boat or seaplane; you’ll catch plenty of fun water things to do as a family in South Florida.

Dry Tortugas National Park

It is also said to be the home of Fort Jefferson, blue waters, coral reefs, marine life, and bird watching.

Dry Tortugas National Park came into existence on 4 January 1935. Sea turtles have their home inside the water of this National Park. They also breed here.

What Things Can You Do Here?

Do you want to make a long-lasting memory with your family? Get ready to put your feet down in birdwatching, diving, and kayaking. Here you’ll find plenty of outdoor activities!

Spend your day snorkeling with your loved ones; you can also picnic at the white sandy beach of Dry Tortugas National Park.

It is an amazing place for witnessing marine life and different schools of tropical fish; you can also get a chance to see the lives of turtles and their kids. Get to know these little fellas closely and touch them very gently!

There are varieties of freshly made snacks here at Dry Tortugas Park. Let your family have an exceptional outdoor day with you from early morning till sundown. It is the least disturbed area of South Florida.


40001 SR-9336 Homestead, FL 33034.

Contact Information

+1 305-242-7700

9) Walt Disney World

Founded by Roy O. Disney on 1st October 1971, Walt Disney World is a famous entertainment center that allows visitors with numerous engaging things to do as a family in South Florida.

Walt Disney World

Walt Disney is a themed park in Orlando; the main attractions of Disney World are Epcot, Disney’s Animal Kingdom, Magic Kingdom, and Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

Walt Disney World also features huge water with different attractive activities, including Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon and Disney’s Blizzard Beach.

What Things Can You Do Here? 

Serving the community 24/7, Walt Disney World is waiting for you and your family to be taken away from the hustle and bustle of daily life to make unremovable memories.

Whether you’re a kid, teenager, or grown-up person, Walt Disney has high-quality entertainment for all ages starting from just $109.

Grab your tickets and choose wherever you want to spend time, be it the themed park or water world. Both spaces have exceptional indoor and outdoor activities for you people.

Discover the magical world of Disney Land at Walt Disney World; you can also stay with your family for days or weeks, as the resorts are open for visitors to be served with their outstanding services.


Orlando, FL, United States.

Contact Information

+1 407-939-5277

10) Lion Country Safari

Lion Country Safari is a walk-through enjoyment and a drive-through safari park located near Palm Beach, consisting of 600 acres of Loxahatchee. Lion Safari offers animal-watching things to do as a family in South Florida to all visitors.

Lion Country Safari

The safari of Lion Country was founded in 1967 and is known as the first cageless zoo in South Florida.

Animals live here freely; they are not captured in cages. Lions, giraffes, Ostriches, chimpanzees, Waterbucks, Zebra, rhinos, and many other animals have their home here at Lion Country Safari.

What Things Can You Do Here? 

Spend only $45 per person and get a whole day off at the Lion Country Safari, where you can see the uncaptured wildlife while sitting safely in a car provided by the Safari’s department.

No need to fear those free-roaming lions; explore their homes and learn about different species through the guides of Country Safari. You can also click marvelous pictures to put them on your social media handles.

Some animals, like giraffes, monkeys, and ostriches, can be touched with extra precautions. You can also go for a splash pad after spending time with those animals. The cherry on top is a gift shop inside the Safari, so buy some unique pieces of a gift for your family and excite them.

Lions of South Florida are all set to greet you and your family from Monday to Sunday, 9.30 am to 5.30 pm.


Lion Country Safari 2003 Road, Loxahatchee, 33470 FL, United States.

Contact Information

+1 561-793-1084

11) Biscayne National Park

Biscayne National Park is known for its scuba diving specialty, with additional mangrove forests located at the seashores. Biscayne is the largest coral reef in the world, ranking in the third spot.

Biscayne National Park

Biscayne comprises huge coral reefs and islands, but they are only accessible by boat. The waters of Biscayne are home to turtles, dolphins, and pelicans.

It is a favorite site for seeing shipwrecks; Biscayne National Park officially opened its door for visitors on 28 June 1980 and has served the nation with its Historical stuff until now.

What Things Can You Do Here? 

You and your family will enter a new world at Biscayne National Park, as you’ll not find the unique mangroves and magnificent tropical Islands anywhere.

Have you ever seen parrot fish, grunts, or striped sergeants? If not, you’re very lucky as you’ll find all these little sparking creatures here in the water of Biscayne National Park. Start diving!

Go on a long walk at the seashores of Biscayne or snorkel underwater with the colorful fishes; the choice is all yours. You’ll not get short on outdoor things for your family here.

Scuba diving, swimming, marine animal exploring, and many other outdoor adventures await you to be conquered here at Biscayne; waste no further time and start playing your cards today for a long-lasting victory.


9700 SW 328th Street Sir Lancelot Jones Way Homestead, FL 33033

Contact Information 

+1 305-230-1144

12) Rapids Water Park

Rapid Water Park of Riviera Beach was opened in 1979, occupying 30 acres of South Florida. EPR Properties owns it, but it is under Bryan Megrath and operated by Premier Parks, LLC.

Rapids Water Park

Rapids Water Park has many amazing water fun things to do as a family in South Florida.

They have 42 water rides, a wave pool of six feet, seven-story slides, half a mile lazy river, and many other deep and shallow swimming pools.

What Things Can You Do Here?

Are you and your family members ready to dive in the waters of Rapids Water Park? If yes, wear swimsuits and start racing down the huge water slides of this stunning water park.

You’ll not get so easily tired here as 42 water slides are waiting for you to be taken away; if you’re not adventurous, you can choose a floating option.

Yes, the lazy river will also give you a good time swaying in the sunshine of South Florida; remember to put on your sunscreen to avoid extra tanning.

Short on places or activities? You’re at the right place! Rapids Water Park also has a wavy pool where you can have beachy vibes with your loved one, so wear your tubes and smash in the live waves of Rapids world.


6566 N Military Trl, West Palm Beach, FL 33407, United States.

Contact Information 

+1 561-848-6272

13) Sun-N-Fun Lagoon

Sun N Fun Lagoon is a children’s water park only operational when the kids have their schools off. It is usually closed during school days.

Sun-N-Fun Lagoon

Sun N Fun is an entertainment place designed for the kids as an outdoor recreational thing to do as a family in South Florida.

It is a water park featuring water slides, diving pools, a lazy river, a family pool, and many other water play areas for the whole family, especially the kids.

What Things Can You Do Here?

Let your kids swim in the toddler pools and float in Sun N Fun’s huge lazy river. Here is an additional family pool for the adults to enjoy swimming with their kids.

It is a seasonal park that will not break your wallet and give your children the full authority to have water fun according to their will.

Apart from swimming and diving, it is a perfect place for your kids to socialize with their age group. Let them freely wander here at Sun N Fun Lagoon to make new friends in a new place.

You can also take them on water slides and let them take a break from their busy schedule to have some rejuvenating time with you or their friends. This place will surely provide them with some long-lasting happy memories.


15000 Livingston Rd, Naples, FL 34109, United States

Contact Information 

+1 239-252-4021

14) Miami Children’s Museum

Miami Children’s Museum is a non-profit educational institute specifically designed for children. It was established in 1983 by Deborah Spiegelman.

Miami Children's Museum

It was once famous as the Miami Youth Museum providing the citizens and tourists with historical things to do as a family in South Florida.

The museum of Miami Children usually focuses on classes and programs in arts, communication, culture, and community. Miami also provides extra-focused classes for children with special and bilingual needs.

What Things Can You Do Here? 

The children’s museum of Miami is a good option to go and enjoy some quality time with your children; the staff is very friendly here, and it’s worth going there with your family.

Here you’ll get excellent and royal customer service that will be above and beyond your imagination. So give your family a royal treat at a place even have not thought about.

Your kids will have much fun and bring home a bucket full of long-lasting memories. Don’t miss a place like Miami Children’s Museum when you visit South Florida.

Let your kids wander and explore their world from Monday to Sunday, 10 am to 1.30 pm and 2.30 pm to 6 pm.


980 MacArthur Causeway, Miami, FL 33132, United States.

Contact Information 

+1 305-373-5437

15) Florida Keys

Florida key is said to be the heart and downtown of South Florida, stretching almost 126 miles to Cuba county; Florida Key is a perfect escape for various exciting things to do as a family in South Florida.

Florida Keys

The Florida Keys is famous for fishing, diving, kayaking, swimming, and snorkeling. Creeks, coral reefs, and costumed views are the centers of attraction of Florida Keys.

It is famous because of the delicious eateries, hotels, suites, destinations, and sites of Key Largo, Islamorada, Big Pine Key, Marathon, and Key West.

What Things Can You Do Here? 

Are you a food lover? Try the signature restaurants of Florida Keys, including What the Fish Rolls and More, The Florida Bay, and Twisted Shrimp. Enjoy the mouth-watering delicacies to give your taste buds a shocking wave of happiness.

Looking for an exciting place to spend your days or nights? H2O Suites hotels, Island Bay Resort, and The Moorings Village are available to welcome you and your family for a long and short visit.

The famous destinations of Florida Keys are Islamorada, Big Pine Key, Marathon, and Key West. You shouldn’t miss it during your exciting tour.

You can also go kayaking, snorkeling, shopping, fishing, and water exploring with your family. Remember, each place has its timings; you can confirm them before visiting by dialing the number below.


Florida Keys, Florida, USA.

Contact Information 


16) Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park

Widespread on 400 acres of South Florida, Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park is named in honor of Bill Baggs and was opened in 1967. Bill Baggs worked hard in the establishment of this State Park until he died in 1969.

Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park

Bill Gates State Park offers many recreational things to do as a family in South Florida. The lark features a sandy beachfront of the Atlantic Ocean, which is a perfect spot for swimming and snorkeling.

Kayaking, canoeing, boating, fishing, hiking, bicycling, camping, and picnicking are the other major key activities of Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park.

What Things Can You Do Here? 

Spend only $8 per person to enjoy high-quality entertainment with your family. Here you can also do camping and picnicking with your better halves to spend some alone time together.

Pack your bags accordingly and start exploring the adventurous world of Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park; you can go on walking, hiking, trailing, and bicycling. Remember to keep an extra pair of clothes with you if you want to dive into the blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

Catch fish or go boating; you can also do both together. Grill those lively caught fish at the picnic area and savor a delicious meal in the cold, windy space of this State Park.

It is operational from 8 am to sunset, so plan your trip at Bill Baggs earliest because once the parking lot gets full, they don’t let visitors enter the park.


Crandon Blvd 1200, Key Biscayne, 33149 FL, United States.

Contact Information 

+1 786-582-2673

17) Hugh Taylor Birch State Park

Established in 1941 by Hugh Birch, the State Park of Hugh Taylor Birch is a place taking care of many wildlife, including various tortoises, reptiles, birds, turtles, butterflies, eastern indigo snakes, squirrels, and rabbits.

Hugh Taylor Birch State Park

At Hugh Taylor Birch State Park, you’ll get a bucket full of recreational things to do as a family in South Florida.

At the park of Hugh Taylor, 200 species of wading birds are also found, including ducks and hawks. Gray foxes also have their home at this state park.

What Things Can You Do Here? 

Finding a place away from the city’s crowd? We have Hugh Taylor Birch State Park for you. Smackdown in the 180 acres of huge land and have an irresistible time partying outdoors with your family.

Go for early morning walks to refresh your mind from your daily routine, or enjoy the beach’s calm atmosphere. Different paths are present at the park to keep the visitors on the right trail without getting lost.

If you’re looking for a biking spot, Hugh Taylor is the one! Go hiking and biking with your loved one and enjoy the scenic views of the Ft. Lauderdale intercoastal waterway.

It is also a good place for fishing, catching some live fish, and having a delicious meal. You can unconditionally spend time here at Hugh Taylor from early morning to sunset.


3109 E Sunrise Blvd, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304, United States

Contact Information 

+1 954-564-4521

18) Dolphin Mall

Dolphin Mall is widespread in the area of Miami-Dade County, Sweetwater, Florida, as an outlet shopping center consisting of two floors and 240 retail shops. The opening year of Dolphin Mall was March 2001.

Dolphin Mall

It was developed by Taubman Center for shopping things to do as a family in South Florida.

The famous anchors of Dolphin Mall are Bloomingdale’s The Outlet Store, Cobb Dolphin 19 Cinema, H&M, Neiman Marculooks Last Call, Old Navy, Sam Ash Music, The Cheesecake Factory, Victoria’s Secret, Texas de Brazil, Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World, and Burlington Coat Factory.

What Things Can You Do Here? 

Looking for a new get-over for yourself or your loved one? Have a shopping blast at Dolphin Mall; shop until you drop by and get all the essentials, including clothes, makeup, and accessories for a new perfect look.

You’ll get everything here, including delicious and mouth-watering eateries. You must get hungry after doing lots of shopping.

It’s better to take a break at Dolphin Mall’s cafeteria and have a savoring meal to refresh your taste buds, along with mouth-watering hot and cold drinks.

Take your carts and enter the shopping arena of Dolphin Mall the whole week long from 10 am to 9 pm. You can also plan a date here!


NW 11401 12th Street, Miami, 33172 FL, United States.

Contact Information 

+1 305-365-7446

19) Loggerhead Marinelife Center

Loggerhead Marinelife is a recreational, educational, rehabilitation, research, and conversational center; it also manages the fishing piers of Juno Beach.

Loggerhead Marinelife Center

At loggerheads, you’ll get many thrilling things to do as a family in South Florida.

The facilities of Loggerhead Marinelife include a laboratory of research work, a sea turtle hospital, and various exhibits of live coastal animals. Loggerhead was established in 1983 by resident Eleanor Fletcher.

What Things Can You Do Here? 

Lucky you! If you want to see the world of turtles, now is your chance to explore it without spending a single penny. Yes, that’s right! Loggerhead Marinelife is free of cost for all visitors.

If you are looking for a place for some donations, do it here at Loggerheads to give those little creatures a beautiful life. 

Travel to the beach, walk, or dive in the sparkling water. Touch the turtles or watch them closely; you can also adopt them and take them home. Here, the choice is all yours to be made! 

Your family will love the environment of Loggerhead Marinelife Center, and yes, it is operational from Monday to Sunday, 10 am to 5 pm.


14200 U.S. Hwy 1, Juno Beach, FL 33408, United States.

Contact Information 

+1 561-627-8280

20) Everglades National Park

Founded by the famous architect Ernest Coe on 4 June 1947, Everglades National Park is a preserved wetland of South Florida covering an area of 1.5 million acres. Everglades is a place filled with thousands of outdoor activities and things to do as a family in South Florida.

Everglades National Park

Everglades National Park was preserved by advocates, conservationists, and scientists to secure the natural landscapes, along with the animals, plants, and land of South Florida.

The land of the Everglades is made up of pine flatwoods, coastal mangroves, and sawgrass marshes covered by a slow and grassy river.

What Things Can You Do Here? 

Everglades allows visitors to witness the Wildlife of South Florida in a boat, so get your family ready for an outdoor tour of the river where naughty fishes are ready to welcome them.

Remember to pay a visit to Everglades during the day, as it is the home to alligators who can pop up from anywhere. Be alert and extra cautious towards them.

Your family will love to walk into the deep bushes of the Everglades; they can also go on airboat rides, walk at Anhinga Trail, or wander the Shark Valley footpath. The choice is all theirs!

Lucky you, Everglades is operational 24/7; you can come anytime without hesitation.


40001 State Road 9336 Homestead, FL 33034-6733.

Contact Information 

+1 305-242-7700

Best Hotels To Stay In South Florida With Family

When you plan a vacation with your family, the first thing that will bother you is to decide a place and things to do in South Florida as a family is done here. Now coming to the second thing, where your family will stay will come into your mind.

Hey! Worry not about your family is our responsibility too, and for their pure satisfaction, we have gathered some mind-blowing suites and hotels where they can stay safe during your journey.

  • Four Seasons Hotel And Residences Fort Lauderdale.
  • Acqualina Resort & Residences On The Beach.
  • Hilton Daytona Beach Oceanfront Resort.
  • Holiday Inn Orlando-Disney Springs® Area, an IHG Hotel.
  • Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Hollywood.
  • Sunset Vistas Two Bedroom Beachfront Suites.
  • La Quinta Inn by Wyndham Clearwater Central.
  • Casa Monica Resort & Spa, Autograph Collection.
  • Hyatt Place Sandestin/At Grand Boulevard.
  • Wyndham Grand Clearwater Beach.

You can book any of these hotels online or by visiting their sites; remember; all these hotels are rated above 4 by visitors. You’ll get extra coziness along with privacy and security at these places.

Final Words

South Florida is a well-known destination for Golf and Bathing in the Atlantic Ocean. It will surely bring a natural smile to your family’s face, as there are many attractive things to do in South Florida as a family.

If you’re willing to travel more without breaking the bank, consider South Florida a better choice for your whole family on a pretty good budget. This place is said to be the home of sparkling blue water

Whether you want to dive in the water of the Atlantic Ocean, visit the historical home of Hemingway’s former home, meet the endangered species of Miami Zoo, or hop around in the garden of Butterfly World, here you’ll get everything unique and up to the mark.

So Don’t waste further time; plan a family vacation here. Remember to share your experience with us after conquering the above things on the to-do list.