19 Most Fun Things To Do In Watertown, Wisconsin

Watertown is a destination where every corner has a tale to tell, and every experience promises a delightful fusion of the past and the present. There are many fun things to do in Watertown, WI for visitors to relish.

Watertown was established in 1836, situated along the banks of the Rock River, boasting a captivating history that has become a magnet for tourism. 

Watertown’s historical significance is exemplified by its distinction as the first chartered city in Wisconsin. 

The city’s vibrant downtown area, with its well-preserved historic buildings, invites tourists to stroll through time. 

Quaint shops, eateries, and the lively Riverwalk provide an immersive experience, blending history with contemporary charm.

While one of Watertown’s major draws is its renowned heritage tours, guiding enthusiasts through the city’s historical landmarks, the Bergeon Pioneer Village, a living history museum, authentically recreating life in the 19th century, captivating visitors with its period-specific buildings that bring the past to life.

Moreover, Watertown’s tourism peaks during the warm months, particularly from May to September. 

The pleasant weather allows visitors to explore outdoor attractions like Riverside Park, where festivals and events celebrate the city’s cultural diversity. 

In June, Watertown hosts the Riverfest, a lively celebration that draws people from far and wide. The festival showcases local talent, delicious cuisine, and a vibrant carnival atmosphere. 

For history enthusiasts, July brings the Maxwell Street Days, a bustling market echoing the city’s past as a bustling trading hub.

Fall, with its crisp air and colorful foliage, adds another layer of charm to fun things to do in Watertown, WI. The historic sites take on a picturesque quality, making it an ideal time for a leisurely exploration of the city’s heritage.

Its welcoming atmosphere, coupled with a calendar filled with events, makes it a destination that beckons tourists year-round, with the warmer months providing an extra dose of enchantment.

1) Skate Express

Skate Express, founded in 1979, is a roller skating rink chain known for its vibrant history in Watertown. The rinks feature retro vibes, neon lights, and family-friendly atmospheres, contributing to their enduring appeal. 

Skate Express

Over the years, Skate Express has evolved, adapting to changing trends while remaining a community hub for recreational skating and social gatherings. 

With its commitment to fun and inclusivity, Skate Express continues to be a cherished destination for roller skating entertainment.

Visitors can enjoy rental skates, arcade games, and snack bars for refreshments. Exciting events such as theme nights, live DJ sessions, and roller derby add to the entertainment. 

Private party options make it a popular venue for celebrations, along with many fun things to do in Watertown, WI. 

With a mix of retro charm and modern conveniences, Skate Express provides a dynamic space for socializing, exercise, and memorable experiences in the world of roller skating.


N9668 Frohling Lane, Watertown, WI 53094, United States

2) Octagon House Museum

The Octagon House Museum, built in 1860 in Watertown, Wisconsin, is a distinctive example of octagonal architecture. Designed by architect John Richards, it served as a residence and later transformed into a museum. 

Octagon House Museum

The house reflects 19th-century innovations and was home to the influential Richards family. Its unique design showcases the popularity of octagonal structures during that era. 

Today, the Octagon House Museum preserves and shares local history, offering visitors a glimpse into the past through its well-preserved rooms and exhibits, providing insight into the architectural and social context of the time.

The Octagon House Museum offers a fascinating journey into history with well-curated exhibits and guided tours. Visitors can explore the meticulously preserved rooms, showcasing 19th-century life, and enjoy fun things to do in Watertown, WI. 

The surrounding grounds provide a tranquil setting for strolls, ideal for picnics or enjoying the beautiful gardens. The museum frequently hosts events and educational programs, engaging visitors in immersive experiences. 

With on-site facilities for private events, it’s a unique venue for gatherings with friends and family. 

The Octagon House Museum blends education with leisure, making it a delightful destination for history enthusiasts and those seeking a charming escape into the past with modern amenities.


919 Charles Street, Watertown, WI 53094, United States

3) Kraemer Wisconsin Cheese Ltd

Kraemer Wisconsin Cheese Ltd, founded in 1929, has a rich history steeped in cheese craftsmanship. Originating in Watertown, it began as a small family-owned dairy that flourished, becoming renowned for its high-quality cheeses, particularly cheddar and Swiss varieties. 

Kraemer Wisconsin Cheese Ltd

Embracing traditional methods while adapting to modern standards, Kraemer Cheese has remained a staple in the Wisconsin dairy industry. 

With a commitment to excellence, it has earned numerous awards, solidifying its reputation as a respected and enduring contributor to the region’s cheese legacy.

Kraemer Wisconsin Cheese Ltd facilities boast state-of-the-art cheese production units, blending modern technology with time-honored techniques. 

Visitors can enjoy informative guided tours through the cheese-making process, witnessing craftsmanship in action. The on-site store offers a diverse selection of premium cheeses for purchase. 

Additionally, the facility provides a cozy tasting area where guests can savor a variety of cheese samples and enjoy a variety of indoor fun things to do in Watertown, WI. 

Surrounding the site, picturesque landscapes and picnic spots invite relaxation, making it an ideal destination for families and cheese enthusiasts, combining education, gastronomy, and the natural beauty of its surroundings.


1173 North 4th Street, Watertown, WI 53098, United States

4) The Towne Cinema

Towne Cinema, established in 1938, was originally a single-screen venue that evolved with technological advances, embracing multiple screens in Watertown. 

The Towne Cinema

The cinema has hosted premieres, film festivals, and community events, fostering a vibrant local film culture. Its resilience in adapting to trends reflects a commitment to cinematic art. 

Despite challenges, Towne Cinema remains a cherished institution, connecting generations through the shared experience of the film, ensuring its place as a historical cornerstone in the town’s cultural tapestry.

Towne Cinema boasts state-of-the-art facilities, including multiple screening rooms with cutting-edge audio-visual technology. Complementing the cinematic experience, the venue offers a cozy lounge with refreshments and snacks. 

Beyond films, patrons enjoy themed nights, trivia events, and special screenings to experience many fun things to do in Watertown, WI. The venue collaborates with local artists, enhancing its cultural significance. 

From film premieres to community gatherings, Towne Cinema provides a versatile space for entertainment. 

With its commitment to diverse programming and engaging activities, the cinema remains a go-to destination for residents and visitors seeking a blend of cinematic delight and community engagement.


308 East Main Street, Watertown, WI 53094, United States

5) Amado Jr’s

Amado Jr’s Watertown, with roots traced back to the early 19th century, boasts a rich history. Originally a small agricultural settlement, it burgeoned with the advent of industry, becoming a pivotal hub in the region. 

Amado Jr's

The community weathered economic shifts, evolving into a diverse urban center. Renowned for its historical architecture and vibrant community spirit, Amado Jr’s Watertown continues to blend tradition with modernity, embodying a resilient spirit that defines its unique narrative.

Amado Jr’s Watertown offers a spectrum of facilities and amenities, including well-maintained parks, sports complexes, and modern recreational spaces for visitors to enjoy fun things to do in Watertown, WI. 

Residents and visitors can indulge in outdoor activities like hiking along scenic trails, enjoying picnics in picturesque parks, or engaging in sports at state-of-the-art facilities.

The town boasts cultural attractions, such as museums and galleries, reflecting its rich heritage. A diverse culinary scene and vibrant local markets cater to diverse tastes. 

Moreover, seasonal events, community festivals, and live performances provide entertainment, fostering a sense of community and ensuring a dynamic lifestyle with a blend of leisure, culture, and recreation to visitors.


403 East Main Street, Watertown, WI 53094, United States

6) Berres Brothers Coffee Roasters

Founded in 1970 in Watertown, Wisconsin, Berres Brothers Coffee Roasters has evolved into a renowned coffee brand. Specializing in high-quality, freshly roasted coffee beans, they prioritize flavor and freshness. 

Berres Brothers Coffee Roasters

Over the decades, Berres Brothers has embraced innovation while maintaining a commitment to craft roasting. Their dedication to exceptional coffee experiences has solidified their place in the industry, making them a favorite among coffee enthusiasts nationwide.

Berres Brothers Coffee Roasters’ facilities boast a welcoming ambiance with cozy seating areas, perfect for savoring their freshly brewed coffee. Here, amenities and fun things to do in Watertown, WI, include free Wi-Fi for patrons seeking a comfortable work or relaxation space. 

Additionally, there’s a quaint outdoor patio, providing a refreshing atmosphere. Visitors can explore the on-site coffee shop, where knowledgeable staff guide tastings and offer insights into the coffee-making process. 

Moreover, the establishment often hosts events like coffee-themed workshops, enhancing the overall experience. 

With a commitment to creating a community hub, Berres Brothers ensures a blend of delightful coffee moments, educational opportunities, and social engagement for all who visit.


202 Air Park Dr, Watertown, WI 53094, United States

7) Watertown Historical Society

The Watertown Historical Society, founded in 1895, preserves and promotes the rich history of Watertown. Through exhibits, events, and archives, the society educates the community about local heritage from colonial times to the present. 

Watertown Historical Society

It actively engages in the restoration and maintenance of historical sites, including the Edmund Fowle House. Serving as a vital resource for researchers and enthusiasts, the Watertown Historical Society fosters a deep appreciation for the town’s cultural roots, ensuring that its legacy is cherished for generations to come.

Residents and visitors can enjoy many recreational opportunities and fun things to do in Watertown, WI options at Filippello Park and the Charles River, perfect for outdoor activities located inside the society. 

The society also features an array of dining experiences, from cozy cafes to diverse restaurants, satisfying various tastes. With convenient shopping districts and community events, Watertown fosters a lively atmosphere. 

The historical charm, combined with modern amenities, provides a unique blend of past and present. 

Whether exploring museums, attending events, or savoring local cuisine, this society offers an enriching and enjoyable experience.


401 Main St, Watertown, CT 06795, United States

8) Uptown Bar & Grill

Uptown Bar & Grill, established in 1990, has been a vibrant hub in the heart of the city of Watertown, renowned for its rich history and lively atmosphere. 

Uptown Bar & Grill

Originally a small pub, it evolved into a popular gathering spot, embracing diverse culinary influences. 

Over the years, it underwent renovations, expanding its space and enhancing the dining experience. The Grill became synonymous with live music, hosting local bands, and contributing to the city’s cultural scene. 

With a menu showcasing a fusion of flavors, the Uptown Bar & Grill has remained a beloved destination for food enthusiasts and socialites, blending tradition with contemporary charm to create an enduring legacy in the local hospitality landscape.

The spacious venue provides a cozy atmosphere for socializing, while live music performances add to the vibrant ambiance. Patrons can savor a diverse menu featuring delectable dishes and crafted cocktails. 

Additionally, themed nights and events keep the entertainment dynamic along with fun things to do in Watertown WI. From billiards to themed parties, there’s always something fun happening here for visitors to relax. 

With attentive staff, delicious cuisine, and a lively atmosphere, Uptown Bar & Grill stands out as a versatile and entertaining destination for patrons of all preferences coming to Watertown for adventure or enjoyment. 


416 East Main Street, Watertown, WI 53094, United States

9) Watertown Aquatic Center

The Watertown Aquatic Center, established in the early 1980s, has been a community hub for aquatic activities. Initially featuring a standard pool, it underwent renovations in 2005 to include water slides, a lazy river, and interactive play areas. 

Watertown Aquatic Center

Over the years, the center has hosted swim lessons, competitions, and family events, fostering a sense of unity. 

The facility’s commitment to water safety and recreation has made it a beloved destination for Watertown residents, contributing to its vibrant recreational landscape for decades.

Families can enjoy swim lessons, water competitions, and themed events to experience the taste of fun things to do in Watertown, WI. The facility provides a safe and welcoming environment for both novice swimmers and seasoned athletes. 

Surrounding green spaces offer picnicking opportunities, creating a leisurely atmosphere; the center caters to various age groups, promoting community engagement and healthy recreation. 

Whether it’s thrilling water activities, educational programs, or simply soaking up the sun, the Watertown Aquatic Center ensures a delightful experience for all.


Riverside Park, 1009 Perry St, Watertown, WI 53098, United States

10) Johnson Creek Premium Outlets

Johnson Creek Premium Outlets, located in Wisconsin, opened in 1995 as an outdoor shopping destination. Developed by Simon Property Group, it features over 60 designer and brand-name stores, offering discounts on various products. 

Johnson Creek Premium Outlets

The center underwent expansions in the following years, enhancing its retail offerings. Known for its picturesque setting and diverse retail mix, Johnson Creek Premium Outlets attracts shoppers seeking quality deals. 

As a popular shopping destination, it has become a key player in the region’s retail landscape, providing a unique shopping experience since its inception.

Johnson Creek Premium Outlets offers a range of amenities and fun things to do in Watertown, WI, including spacious parking, rest areas, and wheelchair accessibility. 

Shoppers can enjoy numerous dining options and grab a quick bite between shopping sprees. The center also hosts seasonal events, adding a festive touch to the shopping experience.

Additionally, visitors can join the VIP Shopper Club for extra discounts while the scenic surroundings and outdoor layout provide a pleasant atmosphere for strolling. 

Overall, the combination of diverse shopping options, entertainment for kids, and events make Johnson Creek Premium Outlets a well-rounded destination for both casual and avid shoppers.


575 Linmar Ln, Johnson Creek, WI 53038, United States

11) Riverside Park

Riverside Park in Watertown has a rich history dating back to the early 20th century. Established in 1910, the park originally served as a recreational space for the community, featuring a carousel, picnic areas, and a scenic riverfront. 

Riverside Park

Over the years, it evolved with various additions, including playgrounds and sports facilities playing a role in community events and celebrations. While witnessing changes, it remains a cherished green space, connecting generations and preserving the essence of Watertown’s past.

Riverside Park offers diverse facilities, amenities, and fun things to do in Watertown, WI, catering to a range of interests. Enjoy a stroll along the picturesque riverfront, engage in family picnics, or explore the playgrounds for children. 

Sports enthusiasts can utilize the basketball and volleyball courts, while the open spaces are perfect for recreational activities. The park hosts community events, fostering a sense of togetherness. 

During the summer, the carousel adds a nostalgic charm with well-maintained trails, lush greenery, and various recreational options, providing a serene escape for nature lovers and a vibrant hub for community engagement and outdoor enjoyment.


916 Labaree Street, Watertown, WI 53098, United States

12) Watertown Farmers Market

The Watertown Farmers Market, established in the early 2000s, has been a thriving community hub for local produce and artisanal goods. Beginning as a small gathering, it quickly grew, fostering connections between farmers and residents. 

Watertown Farmers Market

Over the years, the market expanded its offerings, embracing sustainable practices and promoting a healthier lifestyle. The market’s success lies in its commitment to supporting local businesses and providing a vibrant space for cultural exchange. 

Today, the Watertown Farmers Market stands as a testament to the town’s agricultural heritage, fostering community bonds and promoting sustainable, locally sourced products.

Watertown boasts diverse facilities and amenities, including parks, sports complexes, and cultural spaces for visitors to enjoy fun things to do in Watertown, WI. Enjoy recreational activities in Veteran’s Memorial Park or explore the Arsenal Mall for shopping. 

Watertown Farmers Market is a local gem; here, you can go on a stroll along the Charles River or engage in fitness at the Arsenal Center for the Arts. 

Watertown’s Farmers Market’s rich history is also showcased in the Watertown Historical Society Museum. Residents and visitors alike revel in the dynamic blend of outdoor recreation, cultural experiences, and community engagement the market provides.


Saltonstall Park Corner of Main St. & Whites Ave. (next to Town Hall, 149 Main St, Watertown, MA 02472, United States

13) Lester Public Library

Lester Public Library, founded in 1888 in Two Rivers, Wisconsin, has a rich history of fostering community learning. Named after industrialist and philanthropist Lester H. Smith, it evolved from a small reading room to a full-fledged library. 

Lester Public Library

Over the years, it has adapted to changing technologies and community needs, becoming a hub for education and cultural enrichment. 

The library’s commitment to accessibility and inclusivity has made it a cherished institution, offering diverse resources, programs, and services to generations of patrons, contributing significantly to the intellectual and social fabric of Two Rivers.

Lester Public Library boasts modern facilities with a vast collection of books, e-books, and multimedia resources. Its tech-savvy amenities include computer labs, free Wi-Fi, and interactive learning spaces. 

The library hosts diverse events, from author talks to community workshops, fostering intellectual engagement and fun things to do in Watertown, WI. 

For leisure, patrons enjoy cozy reading nooks, a coffee corner, and outdoor spaces while kids relish storytime sessions and creative activities. 

With art displays and book clubs, the library nurtures a vibrant cultural scene for those seeking knowledge, relaxation, or social connection, providing a dynamic and welcoming environment for all ages.


1001 Adams St, Two Rivers, WI 54241, United States

14) Watertown Bowl North

Watertown Bowl North, established in the 1960s in Watertown, Wisconsin, has been a local bowling hub for decades. Initially a 16-lane facility, it expanded in the 1990s to accommodate 24 lanes, fostering a vibrant bowling community. 

Watertown Bowl North

Over the years, it hosted various leagues, tournaments, and events, contributing to the region’s bowling culture. The venue underwent renovations, embracing modern amenities while preserving its community-centric spirit. 

Watertown Bowl North remains a cherished destination for bowling enthusiasts, blending tradition with contemporary offerings and continuing to roll strikes in the heart of Watertown.

Watertown Bowl North offers a dynamic experience with its 24 well-maintained bowling lanes, perfect for casual play or competitive leagues. The facility boasts modern amenities and fun things to do in Watertown, WI, including automated scoring systems and updated equipment. 

Beyond bowling, visitors can enjoy a lively arcade, enhancing the entertainment options. If you feel hungry, the on-site snack bar provides refreshments, while the sports bar creates a social atmosphere. 

With regular themed nights, cosmic bowling, and special promotions, Watertown Bowl North ensures a fun and diverse entertainment environment, welcoming individuals, families, and groups to engage in memorable experiences.


766 North Church Street, Watertown, WI 53098, United States

15) Cravath Lakefront Park

Cravath Lakefront Park, established in 1912 in Whitewater, Wisconsin, boasts a rich history. Initially known as Cravath Lake Park, it was a popular spot for recreational activities and social gatherings. 

Cravath Lakefront Park

The park’s centerpiece, Cravath Lake, served as a focal point for boating and fishing. Over the years, the park underwent enhancements, including the addition of picnic areas and walking trails. 

Today, Cravath Lakefront Park continues to be a cherished retreat, preserving its historical charm while offering modern amenities for residents and visitors alike.

Visitors enjoy picnics in the shaded areas, utilizing the park’s grills and picnic tables. The lakeside pavilion provides a picturesque setting for events featuring fun things to do in Watertown, WI. 

A playground ensures family-friendly recreation, while the basketball court appeals to sports enthusiasts, and well-maintained gardens add charm to the scenic beauty. 

The park hosts community events and concerts, fostering a vibrant atmosphere blending natural beauty and recreational options to remain a cherished destination for relaxation and community engagement.


341 S Fremont St, Whitewater, WI 53190, United States

16) Watertown Riverfest

Watertown Riverfest, established in 1980, is an annual celebration in Watertown known for fostering community spirit. The event typically spans several days, featuring live music, cultural performances, food vendors, and family-friendly activities. 

Watertown Riverfest

Over the years, Riverfest has evolved, adapting to the community’s changing dynamics while remaining a cherished tradition. It serves as a platform for local talent and businesses, fostering a sense of unity among residents. 

The festival’s rich history reflects the town’s commitment to creating a vibrant and inclusive environment for residents and visitors alike.

Riverside Park, the festival’s hub, features live entertainment, food vendors, and family-friendly zones. Enjoy the scenic river views, participate in sports tournaments, or explore arts and crafts exhibits to enjoy a variety of fun things to do in Watertown, WI. 

The event caters to diverse tastes with a variety of music genres and cultural performances with culinary delights from local vendors, adding flavor to the experience. 

Riverfest fosters community connections, offering a chance to mingle and celebrate Watertown’s spirit. Whether enjoying the riverside ambiance or engaging in festivities, Riverfest ensures a memorable and vibrant experience for all.


812 Labaree Street, Watertown, WI 53098, United States

17) Facilitated Healing Myofascial Release Center

Founded in 2008, Facilitated Healing Myofascial Release Center has been a pioneer in holistic wellness. Specializing in myofascial release therapy, the center has empowered countless clients to overcome physical restrictions and chronic pain. 

Facilitated Healing Myofascial Release Center

With a team of experienced practitioners, they’ve cultivated a reputation for personalized care and innovative approaches. 

Over the years, the center has expanded its services, incorporating cutting-edge techniques and fostering a community dedicated to overall well-being. 

As a trusted hub for healing, it continues to evolve, leaving a positive impact on the lives of those seeking profound and transformative health experiences.

Facilitated Healing Myofascial Release Center offers state-of-the-art facilities and fun things to do in Watertown, WI, including tranquil treatment rooms, a meditation space, and a fully-equipped exercise area. 

Clients can unwind in the inviting lounge or explore the center’s extensive library on holistic health. Enjoy amenities like aromatherapy and soothing music during sessions to get your body and mind relaxed. 

Engage in group wellness workshops and fitness classes, fostering a sense of community. The center hosts regular events, from wellness retreats to mindfulness seminars, providing opportunities for both learning and socializing. 

With a commitment to holistic healing, it’s not just a place for treatment but a haven for rejuvenation and self-discovery.


1517 Doctors Court, Watertown, WI 53094, United States

18) Schuett’s On East Main Street

Schuett’s, located on East Main Street, has a rich history dating back to the early 20th century. Originally a family-owned grocery store, it transformed over time into a popular community gathering spot. 

Schuett’s On East Main Street

The establishment witnessed local milestones, adapting to changing times. With its warm atmosphere and diverse menu, Schuett’s remains a cherished venue, blending tradition with modernity. 

From its humble beginnings to a contemporary hub, the history of Schuett reflects the evolving tapestry of East Main Street, intertwining with the stories of generations who have called it a home away from home.

Schuett’s offers a range of facilities and fun things to do in Watertown, WI for patrons, including a cozy dining area, a well-stocked bar, and outdoor seating for pleasant evenings. 

The diverse menu caters to various tastes, featuring both classic comfort dishes and innovative culinary delights, while regular live music events and themed nights add to the vibrant atmosphere. 

Visitors can enjoy socializing, playing board games, or attending trivia nights. With attentive staff and a welcoming ambiance, Schuett’s is not just a place to dine but a community hub where people gather to share good times and delicious food and create lasting memories.


510 E Main St, Watertown, WI 53094, United States

19) Rose Garden/Leonardo’s Italian Bistro 

The Rose Garden, now Leonardo’s Italian Bistro, has a captivating history rooted in community. Originally a quaint flower shop, it blossomed into a beloved Italian eatery over the decades. 

Rose GardenLeonardo's Italian Bistro

Founded by the visionary Leonardo family in the mid-20th century, the restaurant embraced its floral legacy while crafting a reputation for authentic Italian cuisine. Through generations, it has evolved into a cultural hub where locals celebrate milestones and savor exquisite dishes. 

With charming interiors, a scenic rose garden, and a commitment to culinary excellence, Leonardo’s continues to weave a tale of familial dedication and a timeless connection to the community.

Leonardo’s Italian Bistro offers a delightful array of facilities and fun things to do in Watertown, WI, including an inviting dining area adorned with the charm of its rose garden. The restaurant boasts a well-stocked bar, creating a perfect setting for social gatherings. 

Patrons can relish the authentic flavors of Italian cuisine prepared with passion and tradition. Live music events and themed evenings add a lively touch, fostering a vibrant ambiance. 

Outdoor seating provides a scenic backdrop for al fresco dining. With an attentive staff, diverse menus, and an atmosphere that blends culinary excellence with a touch of romance, Leonardo’s ensures a memorable experience for all who visit.


500 Bernard St, Watertown, WI 53094, United States

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