12 Most Fun Things To Do In Warren, PA

Whether you’re a history enthusiast seeking to traverse the footsteps of the past or a nature lover yearning for scenic wonders, fun things to do in Warren, PA, promises an immersive experience that transcends time. 

Warren, a town steeped in history and charm, has captivated tourists with its rich heritage and picturesque landscapes. It was established in the early 19th century, and it’s origins are intertwined with tales of pioneers seeking a new beginning. 

One of Warren’s primary draws is its meticulously preserved historic district, where cobblestone streets and centuries-old buildings narrate the town’s narrative. 

Visitors can explore landmarks like the Old Courthouse and immerse themselves in the bygone era to enjoy many fun things to do in Warren, PA.

Beyond its historical allure, Warren embraces nature enthusiasts with its scenic surroundings. 

Hiking trails, such as the Warren Woods State Park, showcase the region’s natural beauty, especially during the vibrant foliage of autumn.

To make the most of your visit, the optimal months to explore Warren are from late spring to early fall. During this period, the weather is mild, and outdoor attractions are at their peak. 

Summer months provide an ideal opportunity to participate in local festivals and events that celebrate Warren’s cultural heritage.

In essence, Warren’s magnetic appeal lies in its harmonious blend of history and natural splendor. Whether strolling through its historic streets or embarking on an outdoor adventure, visitors find themselves enchanted by the town’s timeless charm.

1) Kinzua Bridge State Park

Kinzua Bridge State Park was once home to the impressive Kinzua Viaduct that was completed in 1882; this engineering marvel was one of the tallest and longest railroad bridges in the world. Originally constructed to transport coal, lumber, and oil, it stood at 301 feet tall and 2,053 feet long. 

Kinzua Bridge State Park

Tragically, in 2003, a tornado partially destroyed the viaduct, leading to its reconstruction as a pedestrian skywalk, showcasing both the original and new structures. 

The park now preserves the rich history of the region’s transportation and industry while offering visitors panoramic views of the Kinzua Gorge.

The park features a visitor center providing historical insights into the Kinzua Viaduct, along with interpretive exhibits. 

A highlight is the Skywalk, a pedestrian walkway on the remaining support towers of the original viaduct, offering breathtaking views of the Kinzua Gorge.

For outdoor enthusiasts, the park provides hiking trails, including the General Kane Trail, allowing exploration of the surrounding natural beauty. 

Picnic areas are available for those seeking a leisurely lunch with picturesque scenery, while birdwatchers can appreciate the diverse avian species in the area.

Moreover, photography enthusiasts will find plenty of opportunities to capture the scenic landscapes and the iconic remnants of the Kinzua Viaduct. 

Whether it’s a family outing, a nature hike, or a historical exploration, Kinzua Bridge State Park provides a diverse range of activities and fun things to do in Warren, PA, for all ages.


296 Viaduct Rd, Mt Jewett, PA 16740, United States

2) Allegheny National Forest

Established in 1923, Allegheny National Forest (ANF) spans 513,175 acres in northwestern Pennsylvania, USA. 

Allegheny National Forest

Initially created to address deforestation and soil erosion, it played a crucial role in conservation during the Great Depression through the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) projects. 

The forest’s diverse ecosystems include hardwoods, wetlands, and the Allegheny River, featuring recreational activities and fun things to do in Warren, PA, such as hiking and camping. 

Campers can choose from numerous campgrounds equipped with facilities like picnic areas, fire rings, and restrooms. Hiking trails crisscross the forest, including the popular North Country National Scenic Trail. 

Fishing is also a highlight, with the Allegheny River and various streams providing opportunities to catch trout and other species. The forest’s scenic beauty is also ideal for birdwatching and photography. 

Winter transforms the landscape, inviting visitors to enjoy snowmobiling and cross-country skiing, making it a haven for nature lovers, hikers, anglers, and those seeking a connection with the great outdoors.


Marienville, PA 16239, United States

3) Struthers Library Theatre

Struthers Library Theatre, located in Warren, Pennsylvania was originally built as a library that transformed into a theater in 1923. Designed by renowned architect Louis Sullivan, its distinctive architecture reflects the Beaux-Arts style. 

Struthers Library Theatre

The theater has been a cultural hub, hosting a variety of performances, from vaudeville shows to films and concerts. The venue is also listed on the National Register of Historic Places, highlighting its significance. 

The historic venue boasts a majestic auditorium with intricate architectural details, providing a unique setting for performances. Modern amenities like comfortable seating and excellent acoustics enhance the overall enjoyment of events. 

Additionally, Struthers Library Theatre provides facilities for private events and rentals, making it a versatile space for gatherings. 

Visitors can explore the rich history of the theater through guided tours, delving into the architectural marvels and its evolution over the decades.

Surrounded by the charming town of Warren, patrons can extend their visit by exploring nearby attractions, quaint shops, and local dining options to enjoy a variety of fun things to do in Warren, PA. 

The theater’s central location makes it a focal point for community engagement and cultural experiences that offer a blend of historical charm and contemporary entertainment, creating a memorable and multifaceted experience for all who visit.


302 West 3rd Avenue, Warren, PA 16365, United States

4) Rusted Rooster Rare Finds

Rusted Rooster Rare Finds, established in 2005, was founded by passionate collectors who quickly gained a reputation for sourcing rare and eclectic items, ranging from vintage artifacts to one-of-a-kind antiques. Over the years, it evolved into a haven for enthusiasts seeking distinctive pieces with historical significance. 

Rusted Rooster Rare Finds

The store’s success lies in its dedication to preserving the past and making history accessible through carefully selected treasures in Warren. 

Today, Rusted Rooster Rare Finds continues to thrive as a destination for those who appreciate the charm and stories embedded in each carefully preserved relic.

The sprawling showroom boasts a curated collection of rare artifacts, vintage pieces, and antiques, providing an immersive historical experience. 

Knowledgeable staff members are available to guide guests through the exhibits, offering insights into the stories behind each item.

Beyond the captivating displays, the facility provides a cozy café where patrons can relax and discuss their newfound treasures over artisanal coffee and snacks. 

For a hands-on experience, the Rooster organizes DIY restoration workshops, allowing visitors to learn the art of preserving and reviving antique items. The facility also features a digital archive accessible to members, facilitating historical research and exploration.

To enhance the overall ambiance, live music performances and themed weekends are scheduled, creating an atmosphere that transcends a typical shopping experience. 

Whether one is a seasoned collector or a casual visitor, Rusted Rooster Rare Finds offers a multifaceted destination where history comes alive, and each visit promises discoveries and memorable moments so patrons can enjoy lots of fun things to do in Warren, PA.


100 East Saint Clair Street, Warren, PA 16365, United States

5) Jakes Rocks Overlook and Mountain Bike Trail

Jakes Rocks Overlook and Mountain Bike Trail, located in the Allegheny National Forest, Pennsylvania, boasts a rich history. The area’s name honors a local settler, Jake Stitzinger, providing breathtaking views of the Allegheny Reservoir. 

Jakes Rocks Overlook and Mountain Bike Trail

In the 1930s, the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) contributed to the development of recreational sites, leaving an enduring impact. 

Fast forward to recent times, the mountain bike trail system was established, drawing outdoor enthusiasts seeking challenging terrain and scenic beauty. 

The overlook provides picnic areas, making it an ideal spot for a leisurely outdoor lunch with panoramic views of the Allegheny Reservoir. The nearby campground accommodates both tents and RVs, providing a convenient base for extended stays.

For outdoor enthusiasts, the mountain bike trail system presents diverse challenges amid picturesque surroundings. Well-maintained trails cater to various skill levels, ensuring an exhilarating experience for riders. 

Additionally, interpretive programs and educational opportunities contribute to a deeper understanding of the area’s history and ecology. 

Wildlife observation and birdwatching enhance the natural experience, while fishing in the Allegheny Reservoir provides a relaxing and rewarding pastime, providing fun things to do in Warren, PA, to visitors. 

The site’s commitment to conservation and responsible recreation makes Jakes Rocks an immersive destination, blending adventure, education, and appreciation for the great outdoors for all those who come here. 


Warren, PA 16365, United States

6) Rimrock Overlook

Rimrock Overlook, nestled in the rugged landscape of Warren, has a rich history dating back centuries. Native American tribes, including the Navajo and Hopi, revered this vantage point for its strategic significance and spiritual aura.

Rimrock Overlook

By the early 20th century, it became a stop along scenic routes, attracting travelers with its breathtaking views evolving into a symbol of natural beauty and historical resonance, drawing visitors eager to connect with the layers of human history etched into the surrounding canyons and mesas. 

Here, you can find many fun things to do in Warren, PA. Well-maintained hiking trails lead adventurers through the stunning landscape, providing opportunities for both casual strolls and challenging hikes. 

The visitor center provides valuable information about the area’s history, geology, and flora/fauna. For those seeking more adventure, guided tours provide insights into the region’s cultural and natural wonders. 

Photographers will find endless opportunities to capture the mesmerizing play of light and shadows on the unique rock formations. At the same time, birdwatchers can spot diverse avian species, adding to the allure of the area.

During the evenings, stargazing becomes a captivating activity as the night sky unfolds above the rugged terrain. 

Overall, Rimrock Overlook provides a blend of recreational activities, educational experiences, and serene moments, ensuring a memorable visit for nature enthusiasts and those eager to explore the intersection of history and natural beauty.


Forest Road 454, Bradford, PA 16701, United States

7) Hearts Content Scenic Area

Hearts Content Scenic Area, located in Pennsylvania was established in the 1870s by the National Transit Company that served as a bustling oil town during the Pennsylvania oil rush. The town provided housing for oil workers and their families, featuring unique Victorian-style architecture. 

Hearts Content Scenic Area

As the oil boom waned, Hearts Content transitioned into a forestry center under the ownership of the U.S. Forest Service in 1923. The area became known for its pristine forest, recreational opportunities, and the preservation of its historic structures. 

Today, it stands as a testament to the intersection of industry, nature, and conservation, offering visitors a glimpse into a bygone era while promoting environmental stewardship.

The site features well-maintained picnic areas, ideal for a peaceful outdoor lunch surrounded by lush greenery. Hiking enthusiasts can explore the network of scenic trails that wind through the old-growth forest, providing an immersive experience in nature. 

The historic townsite showcases Victorian architecture, allowing visitors to step back in time and appreciate the area’s unique history. 

For those seeking educational opportunities, interpretive signs provide insights into the region’s past, explaining the transition from an oil town to a forestry hub. 

The lack of vehicular traffic enhances the tranquility, making it an ideal spot for mindfulness and relaxation. 

Additionally, designated camping areas allow visitors to extend their stay and fully immerse themselves in the peaceful ambiance of Hearts Content to enjoy fun things to do in Warren, PA.

Whether it’s a family picnic, a solo nature walk, or a historical exploration, Hearts Content Scenic Area offers a range of activities to suit diverse interests, making it a well-rounded destination for those seeking both relaxation and recreation.


Warren, PA 16365, United States

8) Warren County Visitors Bureau

The Warren County Visitors Bureau, founded to promote tourism in Ohio’s Warren County was established to showcase the region’s diverse attractions that played a pivotal role in fostering economic growth through tourism. 

Warren County Visitors Bureau

Over the years, the bureau has been instrumental in organizing events, supporting local businesses, and highlighting Warren County’s historical and recreational assets. 

From historical sites to outdoor adventures, the Warren County Visitors Bureau has been a driving force in welcoming visitors and enhancing the overall experience of those exploring this dynamic region.

The region boasts diverse accommodation options, ranging from cozy bed and breakfasts to modern hotels, ensuring a comfortable stay. 

Its well-maintained parks and recreational areas provide opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts, with hiking trails, picnic spots, and scenic landscapes.

For history enthusiasts, Warren County features captivating historical sites, such as the Glendower Historic Mansion and the Lebanon Mason Monroe Railroad. 

Families can enjoy interactive museums like the Warren County History Center, offering insights into the area’s past.

The county’s vibrant towns host charming shops, art galleries, and local eateries, allowing visitors to explore and indulge in unique shopping and dining experiences. 

Additionally, Warren County is renowned for its seasonal events, including festivals, fairs, and outdoor concerts, creating a lively atmosphere throughout the year.

Adventure seekers can partake in thrilling activities and fun things to do in Warren, PA, at places like Ozone Zipline Adventures or take a scenic hot air balloon ride for a bird’s-eye view of the picturesque landscapes. 

Whether it’s exploring nature, savoring local cuisine, or immersing oneself in history, Warren County provides a well-rounded destination catering to diverse interests and ensuring a memorable visit for all.


22045 U.S. 6, Warren, PA 16365, United States

9) Mount Pleasant of Edinboro

Mount Pleasant of Edinboro was originally a gristmill that evolved into a popular inn and tavern during the 19th century, serving travelers on the Erie-to-Waterford stagecoach route. 

Mount Pleasant of Edinboro

The site gained prominence as a social hub and witnessed significant events, including visits from political figures. 

Over the years, the property changed hands and functions, becoming a private residence and eventually a bed-and-breakfast. 

Its historical charm and architectural significance contribute to its listing on the National Register of Historic Places. 

The historic bed-and-breakfast provides cozy and well-appointed rooms, each reflecting its unique character and maintaining a blend of modern comfort with historic charm. 

Guests can enjoy the serene surroundings and beautifully landscaped grounds, perfect for strolls or relaxing moments.

The facility features communal spaces for socializing, such as a welcoming parlor with a fireplace and a dining area where guests can savor delicious breakfast offerings. 

Additionally, Mount Pleasant may provide event spaces for special occasions, adding versatility to its offerings.

For those seeking outdoor activities and fun things to do in Warren, PA, the expansive grounds include gardens, sitting areas, and even recreational options like hiking trails or seasonal activities. 

Whether guests are looking for a peaceful retreat, a venue for celebrations, or an exploration of the area’s history, Mount Pleasant of Edinboro strives to cater to diverse interests, providing an enjoyable stay for all who visit.


14510 Mount Pleasant Road, Cambridge Springs, PA 16403, United States

10) Bent Run Waterfall

Bent Run Waterfall, located in Warren County, Pennsylvania, holds historical significance as part of the Allegheny National Forest. Native American tribes, including the Seneca, initially inhabited the area. 

Bent Run Waterfall

Bent Run itself was named after a bend in the creek near the waterfall whose history intertwines with the development of the forest, witnessing periods of logging and conservation efforts. 

Over time, it became a focal point for nature enthusiasts and hikers seeking the tranquility of the surrounding landscape. 

The site is equipped with well-maintained hiking trails, providing opportunities for nature walks and exploration, while picnic areas are always available, allowing visitors to enjoy a meal amidst the scenic beauty.

For those interested in wildlife, the diverse ecosystem around Bent Run provides birdwatching and wildlife observation opportunities. The peaceful atmosphere makes it an ideal spot for photography and nature appreciation. 

 Visitors can relish the soothing sounds of the waterfall, creating a serene ambiance to enjoy many fun things to do in Warren, PA, including relaxing and socializing.

However, Run Waterfall caters to outdoor enthusiasts, offering a retreat into nature with a focus on simplicity and natural beauty. 

So, if you think of hiking, picnicking, or simply enjoying the surroundings, you can find solace in this picturesque environment any time of the day.


Kinzua Road, Warren, PA 16365, United States

11) The Goat Fort – Indoor Climbing

The Goat Fort revolutionized indoor climbing, emerging in the late 20th century as a haven for climbers seeking controlled environments. 

The Goat Fort - Indoor Climbing

Pioneered by avid climbers in the 1970s, it gained momentum in the 1980s with the introduction of artificial climbing walls. 

These walls mimicked natural rock formations, allowing climbers to hone skills regardless of weather. The 1990s witnessed a surge in climbing gym popularity, with The Goat Fort leading the pack. 

By the 21st century, indoor climbing has become a global phenomenon, fostering community, competitions, and fitness. 

State-of-the-art climbing walls, meticulously designed for varying skill sets, provide a challenging yet safe environment to visitors coming to Warren. 

Experienced instructors conduct regular classes, ensuring beginners receive proper guidance because safety is paramount here, with cutting-edge harnesses and automated belay systems. 

Beyond climbing, the facility boasts a vibrant community space with a welcoming, cozy café for climbers and spectators, fostering camaraderie and conversation. 

For families, The Goat Fort offers kid-friendly climbing zones and supervised play areas. Special events, from climbing competitions to themed nights, create a lively atmosphere. Team-building activities and corporate events find a unique setting amidst the climbing walls.

The Goat Fort isn’t just a climbing gym; it’s a social hub providing many fun things to do in Warren, PA. 

Regular meet-ups, workshops, and yoga sessions add diversity to the experience, enhancing the overall sense of community and adventure for all who enter.


20 Clark Street, Suite C, Warren, PA 16365, United States

12) Warren County Historical Society 

The Warren County Historical Society, established to preserve and share the rich history of Warren County, has played a vital role in safeguarding the cultural heritage of the region. 

Warren County Historical Society

The society hosts educational programs, exhibits, and events, fostering a deeper understanding of Warren County’s past. 

Over the years, it has become a hub for researchers, students, and history enthusiasts, offering insights into the area’s indigenous roots, colonial era, industrial development, and community milestones. 

The main building, equipped with state-of-the-art archival storage, houses an extensive collection of artifacts, manuscripts, and photographs. The research center provides a quiet space for scholars and history enthusiasts to explore primary sources.

For visitors seeking interactive experiences, the society offers engaging amenities and fun things to do in Warren, PA. 

The museum features dynamic exhibits showcasing the county’s diverse history, from its early settlements to modern developments. 

The beautifully landscaped outdoor areas provide serene spaces for relaxation, while the gift shop offers souvenirs and educational materials. 

Whether attending lectures, exploring exhibits, or participating in hands-on activities, visitors can expect an enriching and enjoyable experience at the Warren County Historical Society to make their trip more worthwhile. 


210 4th Avenue, Warren, PA 16365, United States

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