How Far Is Los Angeles From Las Vegas? Total Driving & Flying Distance

Nevada and California are two neighboring states, as Nevada borders California in the West as well as Southwest. Los Angeles, the biggest city in California, and Las Vegas, one of the biggest cities in Nevada, aren’t really far from each other in terms of traveling. 

Traveling between the two cities is fairly convenient, whether by air or car. In case you’re wondering how far is Los Angeles from Las Vegas exactly or, How long it will take to travel between the two cities? Here are all the details that you need to know:

How Far Is Los Angeles From Las Vegas

Distance Between Los Angeles & Las Vegas

Typically, two different interpretations are associated with the word “distance” when it is used to compare two locations. 

The first interpretation is the straight line distance, which is irrelevant while traveling by car because one must pass via highways that never lead directly to the destination, and that itself is the second interpretation, i.e., the distance by road.

When talking about a straight line distance, it is approximately 368 km or 229 miles, something which would only matter if traveling by air. But if you’re looking for a car ride, the distance is much more.

How Far Is Los Angeles From Las Vegas?

Driving Distance Between Los Angeles & Las Vegas & Time It Would Take

In regards to the distance between Los Angeles and Las Vegas by car, it is approximately 435 km or 270 miles via I-15 S on Google Maps and would take a little over four hours, but that is only an estimate based on continuous driving; in reality, it will take longer.

Although driving by car from Los Angeles to Las Vegas might not be as comfortable or as quick as doing so by plane, it does have some advantages. You can stop at different locations, like on a regular road trip, to make some memories.

Flying Distance Between Los Angeles & Las Vegas & Time It Would Take 

Flights can be classified as either commercial flights or private jet flights. When it comes to the flying distance between Los Angeles and Las Vegas, it will remain the same for both types of flight, i.e., 368 km or 229 miles, but the time will definitely vary.

The reason why a private flight will take much less time than a commercial flight is very clear. For a commercial flight, one would need to travel to the airport, complete all necessary procedures, board the aircraft, and then travel to the final destination.

Since a private plane wouldn’t necessarily require as much time to complete the legalities and the boarding procedure, therefore it will not consume as much time as a commercial flight and would take 41 mins of flight time to reach Las Vegas.


Before you assume you have all the necessary knowledge, keep in mind that since everyone has different starting points and 

destinations, the data provided in this article could not be entirely correct for every traveler.

However, you can still estimate your trip using this info. The piece is finally over with that. Have a nice trip!