How Far Is Connecticut From New York?

Connecticut and New York both lie in the Northern United States. They even share a border, as New York lies in the West of Connecticut. Traveling between the two states is fairly convenient, whether by air or car. 

In case you’re looking forward to traveling from Connecticut to New York, and you want to know how far Connecticut is from New York and how long the journey would last. Here are all the details that you need to know:

How Far Is Connecticut From New York?

Distance Between Connecticut & New York City

When the word “distance” is used in the context of two areas, it usually has two different interpretations. The first is called the crow fly or straight line distance. Still, it makes no difference if you’re driving on roads, as you have to drive on highways that don’t lead directly to your destination, which is itself a second interpretation, i.e., the distance by road.

Since we’re traveling to New York, we’ll need to consider a destination for calculating the distance, so let’s assume that our destination is New York City.

How Far Is Connecticut From New York

When talking about a straight line distance or crow fly, it is approximately 142 km or 88 miles, something which would only matter if traveling by air. But the distance is way more if you’re choosing to go for a car ride.

Driving Distance Between Connecticut & New York City & Time It Would Take

When it comes to the driving distance between Connecticut and New York City, it is approximately 155 km or 96.6 miles via CT-15 N and CT-8 N on Google Maps and would take about two and a half hours which is just estimated based on non-stop driving, otherwise from a realistic approach; it will take longer.

Driving from Connecticut to New York is not as convenient or takes as much time as flying, but alongside its drawbacks, it also has some advantages. Just like a regular road trip, you can stop at different locations and make memories. 

Flying Distance Between Connecticut & New York City & Time It Would Take 

Flights are either one of two types, a commercial flight or a private jet flight. When it comes to the flying distance between Connecticut and New York City, it will remain the same for both types of flight, i.e., 142 km or 88 miles, but the time will definitely vary.

Flying in a private jet takes much less time than on a commercial flight. The reason is clear. For commercial flights, you must first go to the airport, complete all formalities, board the plane, and reach your destination. 

This is not necessarily the case with private jets, as the formalities and boarding procedures are not a part of it, in which case, it would take 26 mins of flight time to reach New York City.


Before you think you have all the information you need, this article may not be suitable for all travelers as destinations and starting points are different for everyone. 

However, you can use this data for a raw estimation of your own trip. That being said, it’s time to wrap up the article; see you next time!