18 Most Fun Things To Do In Connecticut, USA

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Let’s say you are planning to decide where to go, anywhere in the United States, so why not Connecticut?

Now, if you are unfamiliar with the place or have no reasons why you should go there, you should continue this!

Let’s start with the basics and that is its location.

Connecticut is a U.S. state in southern New England, combining seaside cities and rural areas. It is situated between New York and Boston, making it quite convenient to visit both states if you are planning. 

All right, I can understand some of you reader-folks are not interested in geography so let’s get to the statistics part of the city. 

Now, one of the main reasons why you should be going to this place is because of its low crime rate. So, we know that safety always comes first and the fact that this state is the safest, with low crime rates, is quite strong why you should be going here.

But I am not yet done! Let me tell you more.

The state allows you to experience all four seasons a year, so if you are planning to visit during the winters or any other season, you still have a lot to do, and the weather will never disappoint or stop you from doing anything! 

What makes the city exciting is how much you can do in such a compact state.

So, no matter how long you plan to stay in a rich cultured, and historical state, you will never get tired of this place. The places to visit are just a lot, with endless exciting activities and loads of fun.

So it’s time to tell you about the exciting places you should not miss out on in a compact YET fun place.

1) Yale Peabody Museum Of Natural History 

Now, if you have an in-depth love for nature, then this section is just what you need to read.

Established in the year 1876 and named after the great philanthropist George Peabody. It is one of the oldest and largest museums of its kind. 

Yale Peabody Museum Of Natural History

According to the resources available, it is said that this museum is home to over 14 million objects!

The museum preserve and displays specimens across ten distinct collections, where we can see the four billion of The Earth’s fossils and human history.

Why Should You Go?

Whether you are a kid or an adult, the Peabody Museum has experience for every age.

The museum is not just limited to dinosaurs’ fossils but also hosts exhibitions and public programs. These programs connect thousands of tourists each year with the latest research.

So there is not just fun, but everyone gets to learn something from this!

Also, give yourself at least fours for soaking up the sights and taking pictures because everything is a piece of art!

The museum is currently renovated and closed for a while, but it will likely open in 2024 with even more exciting programs and activities.

Fun Things You Might Not Want To Miss Out

If you are turning your back on this place, let me stop and tell you why you should not.

  • Exhibitions and plays that engage kids and adults
  • Be aware of the latest research projects/ proposals, and bring out the hidden scientist in you!
  • Meet the new emerging scientists!
  • Activity-based learning is where everything is taught creatively to explain anything!

Now, if this isn’t enough, have an experience on your own!


170 Whitney Ave, New Haven, CT 06511, United States

Hotel Nearby:

Omni New Haven Hotel at Yale 

2) Lake Compounce

So, is Lake Compounce a famous lake?

Well, not quite; however, Lake Compounce is a 175 year old amusement park filled with all the exhilarating rides for the bravest. 

The park is family-friendly, so if you have kids on this trip or not, it is still a great place to visit for all ages! 

Lake Compounce

This place isn’t limited to action-packed, adrenaline-rushed rides but has other things to look at. There are places to dine in and shop with special shows and events!

Isn’t it just a perfect place where the kid in you gets to embrace its self out? And if you are with kids or friends, it is still great.

Also, if you want the less thrilling rides, then don’t worry about it. There is something for everyone here.

Why Should You Go?

New England’s Family Theme and Water Park have more than 50 thrilling rides and attractions, including Bayou Bay and Boulder Dash, the number one wooden coaster in the world.

If that doesn’t thrill you, how about the Phobia Phear Coaster? The name is just as scary as it is; this big beast runs 65 miles an hour and will likely scare any brave passenger away!

Flying Elephant and Gaint Ferris Wheel are just the less thrilling ones, but still, they will satisfy ages of all!

Fun Things You Might Not Want To Miss Out

  • More than fifty rides to enjoy, so your day will be filling all the joy and fun it has to offer
  • Great time to bond with your family, kids, or friends.
  • Options of dining in are just as good as the rides
  • Maybe for once, your candid pictures will have you smiling in the pictures and not for the pictures
  • Your shopping spree can go wild just as the little kids enjoying the rides
  • Everyone gets to have fun!


Address: 185 Enterprise Dr, Bristol, CT 06010, United States

Hotel(s) Nearby:

DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Bristol.

3) Old Newgate Prison & Copper Mine

According to Wikipedia, the old Newgate prison is a former prison and mine site, but it’s still open for all tourists.

One historical factor is that the mine is chartered as the first copper mine and state prison in America.

The mine has a great history and stories, so you should visit Old Newgate Prison & Copper Mine.

Old Newgate Prison & Copper Mine

Why Should You Go?

With a great exhibition of stories and sadness, you get the hands-on real-life experience of how prisoners were kept and forced to dig under these mines for 12 hours a day.

A little gloomy, but it makes you appreciate your life and freedom more.

The place is neat and well maintained with an unbelievable structure of the mines, and it’s a site you don’t want to miss out on!   

Fun Things You Might Not Want To Miss Out

Before I start on this part, I want to give you all a heads up that the ground is a little uneven, so you better wear shoes that are good to go at this place.

Besides this, everything is just amazing

  • This place is a must-visit if you are a local or a tourist in CT for all the right reasons. It has greatly scenic views and architecture.
  • The staff is just as wonderful! This is one of the main reasons why it’s quite popular too.
  • This is not your regular museum visit; with the title of “the worst prison in the country”, you get to experience everything! So as much as I want to give you spoilers, I can’t, but I promise you it is one of the places you won’t regret.
  • Makes you want to learn more, and you can never get over this place.


115 Newgate Rd, East Granby, CT 06026, United States

Hotel(s) Nearby:

Days Inn by Wyndham Windsor Locks

4) SuperCharged 

A place for all! That’s literary how I want to sum this place up.

SuperCharged is the world’s largest multi-level indoor karting track.

One of the best and most exhilarating experiences you don’t want to miss while you are here!

It features laps of excitement and twisting filled with all the thrill you have been missing out on or haven’t done out of fear of getting a ticket!

Super charged

Guess there’s no one stopping the drifter in you.

The facility isn’t just limited to race karts only; it has small cafes and bars where you can fuel up or relax.

It also hosts a variety of shows and competitions where you can show off your skills and have an out-of-the-ordinary experience.

Why Should You Go?

Just as I have mentioned, this place is suitable for all ages. Whether you are just here to experience or want to unleash the beast in you, you have to add this place to your list.

In addition to the competition and cafes, this place also offers huge discounts! So yes, you are saving money and having unlimited fun. It sounds like a perfect deal.

And if these reasons are not convincing enough, how do trampoline and throwing axes sound to you? Or maybe private parties or just hosting a party?

You know you want to!

Not a common question, but you are not here for just an ordinary experience, so just say yes and let the impulsiveness in you rule out everything.

Fun Things You Might Not Want To Miss Out.

There is no such thing as not having fun at this place! So if you are still unsure what to do, let me know, and I will help you.

Fast and responsive cars, so whether you are trying to beat up a competitor or just here to learn a trick, these cars won’t hinder you!

Tip for beating your competitor: Don’t hit or crash. Your speed increases if you can survive a lap without hitting or crashing. How cool is that!

The one with the fastest time to cross the lap is recorded and kept all day! So I guess the whole place will know your name.


1 Sachatello Industrial Dr, Oakdale, CT 06370, United States

Hotel Nearby:

Sleep Inn And Suites

5) Book Barn

In a world where physical books are outdated with the new technology, Book Barn is an alternative place to heaven for all bibliophiles and all physical books.

Book Barn

Wondering why?

Let us find out 

It is home to 400,000 physical books and is just a perfect place to sit back and enjoy a book.

An interesting fact about this place is that it is built with multiple buildings that are made up of multiple levels of paper bags and hardcovers.

Why Should You Go?

Now, this place is just perfect if you are a book lover. 

With never-ending activities and a huge collection of books, you can just get lost in this place for hours and hours, and the fact that there is an arrangement for you to sit outside makes it much better!

Apart from being a book barn, this place is also home to several animals. 

So if you are alone on this trip and want a quiet little company, allow the staff to quiet you to a “cat-stopping site”. These cats even have their own name tags!

A truly worth visiting and experiencing a place.

Fun Things You Might Not Want To Miss Out.

  • Outdoor sitting with your favorite book in your hand
  • Being home to animals just means that you are never alone! 
  • You can donate your books and maybe watch someone buy them.
  • Get a chance to meet with people of different backgrounds with the same interest!
  •  Form a “10-minute book club”
  • Get an outdoor experience with all the readers!


41 W Main St, Niantic, CT 06357, United States

Hotel Nearby:

The Niantic Inn

6) Cushing Brain Collection 

Whether you have an interest in biology or just a weird obsession with brains, the Cushing Brain Collection is the right place for you.

Bonus if you are a zombie!

It is located in the basement of Yale University’s medical library.

It is the home of all the weird and messed-up brans with almost every disorder or disability.

Cushing Brain Collection

Each brain is skillfully kept in display jars you can see during your visit.

Plus, you can find many interesting things and learn a lot!

Why Should You Go?

Now, if you are faint of heart, scroll down unless you plan to come out of your comfort zone.

And also, this is just the right place if you plan to be in med school and wish to study neurology in the future.

You will have the chance to see up close tumor-riddled brains and brains with other anomalies.

This is an opportunity you don’t want to miss out on.

Fun Things You Might Not Want To Miss Out

Although this might not be considered fun, the fact that you get to see something out of the ordinary surely can be mind-blowing for one.

  • You get to learn a lot with real-life brains!
  • While going through the tour, sneak a peek at the drawers. Who knows, you might find something that is just an unknown fact yet to be discovered.
  • If you are a researcher, don’t miss out on the opportunity to ask endless questions!
  • Don’t miss out on the chance to take lots of crazy selfies!


333 Cedar Street, New Haven, CT 06511, United States

7) Powder Ridge Mountain Park & Resort

This is a place for all seasons, quite literally. Whether you come here during the winter or summers, it is always packed, so my only advice to you is to come prepared!

So you have activities like ski riding, snowboarding, and snow tubing during the winters. During the summer you have activities like disc golfing, hiking and many more!

With so much to see and experience, this mountain park is something that has to be on your list! In addition to the mountain sports and outdoor activities, 

Powder Ridge Mountain Park & Resort

Powder Ridge is also a resort with suite-like day rooms available to rent for overnight stays.

How convenient is that!

Why Should You Go?

Whether you come during winter or summer, this place is pretty much never closed. So you never miss out on having fun during your stay, regardless of the weather.

Another important factor is that even if you aren’t the type of person to go hiking, or maybe you just want to relax, this is just the perfect place for you.

So if you aren’t in the mood to travel but still want to have fun, then definitely go for this resort.

Fun Things You Don’t Want To Miss Out

  • Activities all year round!
  • If you want to relax or have all the fun, this place has it all
  • Shop for accessibilities or anything you need quick
  •  Restaurants for delicious food! 
  •  A pub to enjoy your drink 
  •  Picnic area, because why not?
  • Marketplace, in case you are too sick of the outside food and want to make something or maybe just to see around
  • Live shows and more
  • As for the activities, they have different activities based on the season.


99 Powder Hill Rd, Middlefield, CT 06455, United States

Hotel Nearby:

Courtyard by Marriott New Haven Wallingford

8) The Connecticut Science Center

If you’re looking for something advancing yet not so boring in terms of education, then look no more because I present the Connecticut Science Center to you.

This is perfect for all ages and especially for those who have a keen interest in science.

The Connecticut Science Center’s mission is to entertain visitors who love and appreciate science. The center has science-themed projects and shows for every age and interest,

The Connecticut Science Center

So, it’s safe to say even if you think you don’t like science. The Connecticut Science Center is the only place that can change your mind!

Why Should You Go?

Honestly, if I could write an essay on this, you would be amazed!

Alright, reader folks, so why should you go?

The Connecticut Science Center is a place for all the branches of fields, so whether you have an interest in astronomy, physics, or maybe geology. It has it all to entertain you!

But that’s not it. The never-ending activities and shows make it a busy yet exciting place to visit. This place has its charm that makes you want to live here. 

Fun Things You Don’t Want To Miss Out.

No matter how often you visit this place, you can never get bored of it. It has so much to offer, and yet, in a way, you are learning so much! 

  • One of the most exciting things about this is the outer space exhibition. Not only do you get to experience what an astronomer goes through, but you learn so much on the way!
  • You might also see a dinosaur exhibit, an engineering lab, and the invention dimension.
  • Cafeterias and delicious food are something you need to check out!
  • The center also offers a 3D theatre where visitors may see movies 
  • Real-life experiments that can be carried out!


250 Columbus Blvd, Hartford, CT 06103, United States

Hotel nearby:  

Hartford Marriott Downtown

9) Mohegan Sun

Mohegan Sun is one of the best resorts to stay in or wander around. The exceptional interiors, colorful lights, and bustling atmosphere are intoxicating enough for one.

But this place has much more to offer, not just for adults but even for kids!

From casinos to pubs, from daycare to arcades, to shopping plazas! This place has it all.

Mohegan Sun

How convenient is that!

If you can’t decide where to stay, then maybe have a look at this, and you might just plan to live here forever if that is an option.

Why Should You Go?

This will be a little long, but I will keep it brief.

Alright, so Mohegan Sun is famously known for its casino. The architecture is one of the best things that capture the visitors’ attention.

If we talk about the overall atmosphere of the casino, then it is more tribal-like and casino-like, and the strange yet comforting atmosphere with a scent that makes this whole place homely. 

The best part of this hotel can be the daycare, which is strictly a kid’s zone only! Guess the little ones can finally be free while their parents go out.

Lastly, the hotel has a portion of incredible food. They serve delicious food and give you a signed card if it is your birthday! How thoughtful is that?

The staff is also quite helpful, whether you have a billing issue or just anything. They are at their best attitude and always have a welcoming smile.

Fun Things You Don’t Want To Miss.

Now this place has a lot more to offer, and it’s time to tell you everything you should be doing!

  • Trying out different cuisines. This place has a variety of food, from buffets to restaurants to almost every type of cuisine, so make sure you jump off your comfort zone and try many things as possible!
  • Arcades! Yes, arcades, but that’s not what makes it more exciting. Its the entry fee, meaning you get to enjoy all you want without thinking too much about your money 
  • A casino is one of the main reasons why this place is famous. There is no doubt that anyone can have a dull experience.
  • The shopping plaza is also the fun part. You can shop within your reach and also within your budget.
  • There are events like concerts, exhibitions and many more which are worth going to for a lifetime experience!


1 Mohegan Sun Blvd, Uncasville, CT 06382, United States

10) The Glass House, New Canaan

The Glass House, or Johnson house, was designed by architect Philip Johnson and is considered a historic house museum in New Canaan, Connecticut.

It was built in 1948–49. The glass door is Philip Johnson’s residence. The house is his “signature work” and is truly remarkable.

The Glass House, New Canaan

Why Should You Go?

If you are interested in modern architecture, this house is just for you. Built during the late 1940s and it is still a site by many tourists and locals.

The whole site has an atmosphere where you can explore. The best time to visit this place is during the spring.

Shuttle service is provided during your tour, which makes it worth the visit and also comfortable.

It’s a perfect place for someone who loves architecture and design. Give yourself plenty of time to see not all the other buildings as well, 

Fun Things You Don’t Want To Miss.

Book the tickets in advance if you don’t want to miss out on the chance to visit this place.

Now one of the best things isn’t just sightseeing the modern architecture of the buildings, but there is more.

There is an underground Painting Gallery, and if that isn’t enough, there is a sculpture Gallery with a skylight roof and, along it, a library.

You can sit back and enjoy yourself with your friends or family admiring the creativity and design of the great architecture, Philip Johnson.


The Glass House Visitor Center & Design Store, 199 Elm Street, New Canaan, Connecticut

Hotels nearby:

Roger Sherman Inn

11) It Adventure Ropes Course

It Adventure Rope Course, CT, is one of my most exciting yet random places to visit, but definitely, a “must-visit” if you are in Connecticut.

It Adventure Ropes Course

An experience you will never forget and also go back to, but what exactly is it?

Well, for basics, it is the world’s largest indoor rope course/ The whole place is divided into two sections, one called the “Little it” for kids under 4 feet, and the other “It + Zip It” for adults over 5 feet.

Oh, and did I mention you can host birthday parties and events too? 

Why Should You Go?

Why should you not go to the world’s biggest indoor rope course? You live once, so maybe it is time to try something random yet exciting. 

This place has more to offer for every age and height!

With four different levels and more than a hundred activities with your loved ones or friends, it is an experience not to miss out on!

You will be exploring crisscross angle rope ladders, zig-zag swinging beams, cargo nets and bridges, and many other things. 

Plus, there is pizza and ice cream to satisfy your hunger!

Fun Things You Don’t Want To Miss

If you haven’t decided yet, here are the things you will likely miss.

It has four levels, which are appropriate and challenging for all levels. So that means four times the challenge and fun!

The indefinite zipline from one side to the other makes the ropes course even more fun and crazy. 

While doing all these activities, be ready because you can be blown away by the 1,000 nozzle Liquid Fireworks water fountain that goes to the flash of 40,000 watts of stereo sound and lighting. 

Sounds exciting? Well then, stop thinking and book your tickets and start going!


40 Sargent Dr, New Haven, CT 06511, United States

Hotels Nearby:

The Blake Hotel

12) Hammonasset Beach State Park, Madison

The soothing effects of the waves and sun combined are enough to make a person leave their stress behind. 

The sun’s heat, the sound of the waves, and your feet in the sand can help fight off any feelings negative feelings.

In this regard, I will add Hammonasset Beach to the list.

It is worth noting that Hammonsasset Beach is one of the biggest beaches in Connecticut. It stretches for at least two miles.

Hammonasset Beach State Park, Madison

So, no matter how busy this beach is, you will always get a spot to sit back and enjoy the calming waves. 

So, if you want your dopamine and serotine high, this place is perfect!

Why Should You Go?

The calm noises of the waves, sand spiling through your fingers, and the sun showing off his majesty just bring out the best in anyone, even you!

Relaxing and “beaching” isn’t just the only thing you get to do. This beach offers much more than that!

You can always grab a bite at the stalls, which are just as good as their location. You are served various food options, including corn dogs, burgers, and fries.

If you spot the smoothie guy, you might end up then you might just never leave this place!

Also, don’t forget to visit the Meigs Point Nature Center, where you can meet more than 50 species of the local wilderness, hands-on displays, and incredible views.

Fun Things You Don’t Want To Miss.

Still, having second thoughts about this beach?

Well, the Hammonasset is famous for every reason in Connecticut, but if you plan on skipping it, let me know what you might be missing out.

  • Popular activities like canoeing, kayaking, swimming, and fishing are often seen among the tourist and locals, so if you are bored then maybe you can look into this option! Plus you get to socialize with different people.
  • A volleyball court
  • Playground for kids, so that they get a chance to enjoy it as well!
  • Option of booking a campsite, and there are roughly 560 campsites available.


1288 Boston Post Road, Madison, Connecticut

13) Goodspeed Opera House

The Goodspeed has been around since the 1870s and is intimate in size. The music house only opened its doors to the world in 1963 and each year manages to produce top musical theatre.

Currently, the Goodspeed Opera house is a non-profit organization.

Goodspeed Opera House

However, the motive of the musical theatre is still the same: to revive the old music and produce new music that would attract new performers to the market!

The best part of this theatre is that all year long so there is no chance you will miss it!

Why Should You Go?

In addition to the fascinating shows, you’ll see them at Goodspeed, and you can also plan an opera house tour. Maybe you will get to know the musical house and its origins.

But that’s not it. The Goodspeed house is a great idea for date nights or family outings alike, making any event just magical!

Fun Things You Don’t Want To Miss.

What can go wrong when there is good music and good food around? So if you plan to make your visit memorable and maybe a little romantic, this is just the right place, and here are a few things you don’t want to miss out on.

The performance of Billy Elliot at the Goodspeed Opera House is one of the most notable. Almost everyone who visits this place knows this show and can never get sick of it.

There are various world-class shows, such as South Pacific and Camelot, in a truly magnificent building that adds to the overall experience.

The picturesque ride up the river for dinner at a restaurant near the Opera House is probably the best part of this place. 


6 Main St, East Haddam, CT 06423, United States

Hotel Nearby:

Boardman House

14) Windsor Murder Factory

Even the name is creepy, but if you are a person who spends hours watching serial killer documentaries, then what is stopping you from going to the murderer’s “butcher house”?

Although the dark homage is at a private residency area, this never stops the crazy crime fanatics from snooping in and seeing this place. It was built in 1875 and still has tourists with all its theories. Maybe this is a perfect time to build a network and meet people like you.

Windsor Murder Factory

Why Should You Go?

The reason should be obvious; you get to experience everything that might have taken in this gruesome house. 

This isn’t just a normal place; you need real guts to go. So do you have it?

Even if this tour lasts for a while, it will be an everlasting memory.

Fun Things You Don’t Want To Miss It Out.

  •  Meet your type of people and get a chance to socialize
  • Get to learn more, and maybe who knows, you might just write a book out of this experience 


33 Prospect St, Windsor, CT, United States

15) Submarine Force Museum and the USS Nautilus

This museum broadly covers the history of submarines and submarine warfare.

Under the museum’s concepts, you do not need to be a professional in naval operations or submarine warfare.

The visit inside the Nautilus submarine can be truly remarkable. Stories of the bravery of the submariners are exemplary.

Submarine Force Museum and the USS Nautilus

Lastly, the Nautilus Museum is a self-guided tour, and it can take someone about 1 1/2 hours as there is a lot of information to read on the numerous exhibits.

So, if you are interested in the history of submarine warfare, this is worth a visit.

Also, did I mention that there is no entry fee for this place, and also really good restaurants nearby?

Why Should You Go?

The museum was very educational and enlightening for anyone to visit, with detailed information about the warfares and the submariners who sacrificed. There is something everyone should know.

A place is perfect where one can explore and learn a lot, and the staff is quite cooperative.

With wide parking spaces and cooperative staff, a visit to this museum makes it perfect. The fact that there isn’t any fee to pay is just a cherry on top.

Fun Things You Don’t Want To Miss.

Now this place isn’t just for reading, but there are interesting things that not everyone knows about. Let’s get onto it!

The museum has added an interactive zapper app game that unlocks addition digital content to explore within the museum.

It provides some video content and expands upon some of the information placards by displays. The trigger points were scattered, giving a bit of a scavenger hunt feel,

Now, this is new and fun.

That is not all. You get a chance to watch movies related to the submarines, and they aren’t just regular boring documentaries but rather interesting ones.

The actual walk through the submarine is the interesting part. Not just that, the whole control room and the conditions

So are you planning your visit soon?


1 Crystal Lake Road, Groton, Connecticut

Hotel Nearby:

Baymont by Wyndham Groton/Mystic

16) Enders State Forest

Once you make it down to the gorge, you will see so much breathtaking scenery! Be prepared to walk through forests, see steep rock walls, jagged gorges cut deep into the earth, and running streams of water.

Enders State Forest

The enders state forest isn’t a place for all the adventure seekers and as well as for those who want to listen to the waterfalls and admire mother nature’s work.

Why Should You Go?

Enders State forest should undoubtedly be on your go-to list!

This place is suitable for all ages and even your pets! Now yes, the trails can be a little hard to walk on, but if you wear the right shoes, you wouldn’t be complaining.

You get to explore the area’s rocks, waterfall and much more!

With the newly developed stairs cases, you will be directly led towards the cascades of waterfalls.

Not just that!

The forest is also handicapped accessible, so yes, anyone can come!

Fun Things You Don’t Want To Miss.

The whole place is packed with activities you can plan or do with your friends or family or even your pet dog.

You can explore the whole place, and yet it feels like every time you visit, you are amazed at everything! With the breathtaking and remarkable work, time passes so fast you wouldn’t know.

A perfect picnic spot! The forest doesn’t have any local convenient sore or a small cafe/stall, so if hunger strikes, make sure you come prepared!

You get a chance to go on hiking, rock climbing, mountain biking, and exploring the whole area. But the fact that you can do all these activities in one place is probably the best part!

So yes, if you consider going to Connecticut. Make sure to and this and check the place out.


Granby, CT 06035, United States

17) Escape New Haven

The Escape Room at New Haven is a thrilling experience for your mind and senses to work in almost every direction!

Escape New Haven

Quite frankly, you can either be running around the room or maybe to another room!

You are placed in a group of two, a maximum of three, where everyone has to work together and solve the puzzle in at least an hour. 

If you get to solve it, you can escape the room; otherwise, you just lose with consequences!

But let me warn you, puzzling your way out won’t be easy!

Why Should You Go?

There are two themes, the indoor and outdoor escape rooms, both as tough as each other. 

This place is perfect for those who love challenges and puzzles. A tension-filled atmosphere and the clock’s ticking can make anyone stressed out.

Quite strangely, that is the beauty of this game-house!

The thrill of completing it at the last minute, getting the last riddle/puzzle correct and brainstorming everything together has its charm!

Fun Things You Don’t Want To Miss.

The whole place is filled with excitement. The enthusiasm that follows after completing a puzzle and the happiness that comes when you can solve everything in a limited time is something you don’t want to miss.


103 Whitney Ave, New Haven, CT 06510-1229

Hotel Nearby:

Penthouse Apartment at Yale University.

18) Elm City Games

We have libraries for reading, restaurants for dining out and meeting friends, and concerts for shows, but what if we have a place where we can play our favorite board games?

Elm City Games

Co-Owners Matt Fantastic and Trish Loter came up with this unique idea of not just creating just an ordinary shop for board games but rather a place where you can play as well!

Now that is indeed creative!

So not only do you get to play your favourite game but you get a chance to meet people of similar interest! Who knows, maybe you can meet your soulmate here as. *wink*

Why Should You Go?

Elm City Games is one of the unique places to visit in Connecticut, with live events and game nights bringing this place the charm.

So whether you are an inexperienced player or a pro in any game, you will still be entertained by people of your level in every game!

In case you want to book the whole place for your friends to enjoy this place, then here is some good news! Elm City Game does take bookings.

Also, did I mention they sell a wide range of board games and cards? Whether it’s the oldest of any generation or the newest board game/cards, this place has it all!

If you can’t find your favourite game (which is unlikely), the staff will ensure to get it anywhere in the universe!

Now that is some type of service!

So be sure to check this place out!

It’s a clubhouse you will not regret going to and a store you will not regret buying from.

And the only rule you have to follow is to have fun, whether shopping for the right game, playing or even both!

So for an experience of being the best player or learning about a new game, this is the place you want to visit!

Fun Things You Don’t Want To Miss.

Let’s imagine you walk down the road and see this place from the corner of your eye. You have the cons of not going (walking for another fifteen minutes). 

So what exactly will you be missing out on?

Well, let’s get on it!

  • The fact that this place has an actual calendar on its website. It allows you to see which game will take place, when and at which level of experience.
  • The Elm City Game is always filled with events, so there is no boredom in the city!
  • The friendly staff are there to join in and tell you the interesting storyline of the game while you play, so that is like DOUBLE THE FUN!
  • You get to eat, drink and play all in one! And everything in this place is quite reasonable.
  • This place is not just limited to board games and cards, and they even have painting supplies and tutorials!  

So what are you waiting for? Add this place to your list and experience a community filled with love and laughter and staff that make sure to take every customer need in charge! 


71 Orange St, New Haven, CT 06510, United States

Hotel Nearby:

La Quinta Inn & Suites by Wyndham New Haven

Travelling Tips And Must-Know Facts Before You Go To Connecticut

Before you plan your trip, make sure to read this section, so you get to enjoy this state perfectly!

By now, you are aware that this state has all four seasons, even though the weather is never too harsh, which is a plus point.

But what is the best time to visit this state?

So, the best time to visit Connecticut is during early fall from September to October or late spring from May to June. 

So pack and plan according!

Now, if you plan to go to the Enders State forest or anywhere that requires lots of roaming around, then make sure you have the perfect shoes!

Don’t forget to check to try out the food, especially the apizza. Not pizza’s but apiiza. Sadly, we will not disclose any details, but I can assure you every bite is worth dying!

Other popular foods include streamed cheeseburgers, hot dogs, apple cider, and the famous Lobster roll. 


Alright, reader folk, we know Connecticut is a small state, but with all these sites above undoubtedly, this place is still a great place to visit.

So whether you go with friends, family, and kids or alone, you are not just in the safest place but also with so many activities and places to visit, you might extend your stay!

So what are you waiting for? 

Book your plane tickets, start packing and go!

Also, don’t forget to leave down reviews and your experience. We surely would love to hear from your side!

Happy traveling to you!

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