How Long Does It Take To Drive Route 66?

Driving the entirety of Route 66, spanning 2,448 miles from Chicago to Los Angeles, typically takes around two weeks. Now, let’s dive into the details of this iconic road trip.

Route 66, celebrated as one of America’s most renowned highways, winds through 8 states, introducing you to historical cities like St. Louis, Oklahoma City, Albuquerque, Flagstaff, and Santa Monica.

This journey invites travellers to step back in time, exploring a treasure trove of historic sites, quirky roadside attractions, quaint eateries, and the authentic charm that made Route 66 a cultural icon.

From the Amboy Crater in California to the nostalgic Wigwam Motel in Arizona, remnants of the route’s glory days pepper the landscape across all eight states.

Neon signs, vintage cars, classic diners, and restored gas stations line the path. The road intersects with major highways and state routes, creating a tapestry of Americana and memories.

Although most of Route 66 remains drivable, sections have given way to modern roads due to development. Efforts are underway to preserve and restore this iconic route, ensuring its legacy for future generations.”

How Much Time Does It Take To Drive Across Route 66?

Route 66 has not improved or developed substantially since it was demolished by the company and exchanged for the much faster highway system.

How Much Time Does It Take To Drive Across Route 66?

As an effect, many roads still have 55 mph pace limits or more down. Route 66 moves through various rushy areas, so speed bumps and traffic will decrease your speed.

In the US, Protection Agency provides a moderating mpg is 24.8. If a big automobile has a 15-gallon tank that is filled, it can cover 373.6 miles. 

On average, you must maintain the speed such that the car covers 321 long offs per tank, so you may be fine with filling it quickly.

You have to refill your car tank 7 times in your complete journey, which means you have to stay for 10 minutes at each petrol pump to get a refill where you can eat snacks and use the restrooms.

You’ll have to count on an additional 1 hour and 30 minutes. Keep in your mind that you may get late due to several reasons, because of traffic blocks or weather conditions.

It takes 53 hours to drive across the whole of route 66, meaning you have to change your driver twice a journey because it takes 2 complete days and 5 hours to reach your destination.

The time you spend on recreational activities is separate from this period.

How Much Time Will Be Consumed At Each Spot On Route 66?

If you’re traveling on Route 66, then you must take a break as spell-bounding views and other attractive spots as it adds amusement to your dull journey. You have to take good sleep weather before going on the Route, in hotels on Route 66, or through the big cities, you’re traveling through.

How Much Time Will Be Consumed At Each Spot On Route 66?

Classic car outside the historic Blue Swallow Motel on Tucumcari Boulevard, part of Route 66 in Tucumcari, New Mexico. If you want to spend the night on the highway or take quick breaks for lunch and other breathtaking views, you must drive 7 hours daily. 

You have to spend 9 days, which is the shortest time, only allowing you little room to get rid of the tiring journey. Springfield, Illinois, Albuquerque, St Louis, Tulsa, Oklahoma City, Chicago, Amarillo, Santa Fe, and the northern vicinities of Los Angeles are the major cities while traveling through Route 66.

On the actual Route 66 was Santa Fe, which was rerouted in 1937. So you have to choose the best version of paths.

In supplement to the 9 days’ of worthwhile driving, spending time like this will cause it a 2-week schedule. 

Once you have passed Albuquerque in the region of New Mexico, there will be a few major cities in San Bernardino.

You can glimpse smaller towns in a short time. If you choose Oklahoma City, Santa Fe, St Louis, or Albuquerque, it will be worth dedicating a day to.

You may always have a span for a tour to the Grand Canyon and Las Vegas Monument Valley after breaking it so much in your journey.

Is There Any Shortcut Way To Go From Chicago To Los Angeles?

Unruly to what many think, Route 66 may not be the quickest way to move from Chicago to Los Angeles. Mark the location on Google Maps. 

The briefest way to go additional to the north, via Iowa, Colorado, Nebraska, Utah, and Nevada before reaching Santa Monica, will be available on Google maps. Before accounting for stops, this Course will take 32 hours of moving.

If you’re driving without taking breaks, you can mark it in 5 days with overnight leisure visits. If you want to reach there in 2 days, you will have to take two or more drivers for a speedy mission.

How Long is Route 66 take to go through major states 2 hours longer? Many people who accomplish Route 66 will take rare shortcuts to make the most of their time. 

Few territories of Route 66 pursue sluggishly and avoid roads with frivolity noticed along the route. 

One may also prefer some sections of deserts or meadows if you are a wildlife lover on the journey. If you are not interested, then skip these places. 

Consequences of Driving On Route 66 In Different Seasons

A few points need to be pondered while scheduling how extended it will bear you to move on Route 66. The period of year and climate is the most significant of those. 

The summer season would be best if you want to do major outdoor movements on the Route or enjoy the country drive.

In the winter, the temperature will counter immensely from beginning to end. 

The freezing winters in the U.S. are in Chicago and Illinois, and you’ll likely encounter snowy roads. Traveling speed in such weather will be sluggish, so keep your plan flexible. From June to August, you will find Route 66 busiest.

Route 66 is never called too rushy due to its sheer length, and only a few road expedition nuts are set to inquire about it or hold the time. 

You might call hindered for unexpected reasons, so make up your mind. Driving your car, you must retain the proper skills and tools if you met an accident during your journey.

You must know how to repair the tire puncture or do an emergency call on the helpline if you’re leasing a car.

Along Route 66, there are several auto shops, and there exist only a few things that you don’t know how to repair, but always get ready to fight with every worse situation, and don’t panic!

Cellular coverage: along historic Route 66 in the United States can vary significantly. The Route runs through different states, each with different cellular coverage.

Cellular coverage along the Route is generally reliable in larger urban areas but can become sparse or even nonexistent in rural areas. 

Is Route 66 Dangerous?

Route 66, the iconic US highway from Chicago to Los Angeles, is filled with iconic roadside attractions, enchanting vistas, and new adventures. But, for all its fame and beauty, Route 66 is also home to numerous dangers.

The number one danger on Route 66 is wrecks caused by distracted drivers, particularly tourist films, and texting while operating a vehicle. 

Even the most experienced drivers can be tempted by their phones’ cameras, especially with a seemingly endless feast of sights and attractions along the way. The isolated stretches of Route 66 make it a haven for other forms of crime, like burglary and assault.

The roads out in the middle of nowhere are often unbefriended by law enforcement and can become breeding grounds for robbery and other violent crimes. 

The best way to stay protected is to be active in your surroundings and observe basic common sense precautions like not stopping in isolated areas with few lights or people.

Crime along Route 66 can vary depending on what part of the country it runs through. Generally, reported crime along Route 66 is similar to other highways. 

In communities along Route 66, organizations such as the International Route 66 Association monitor local crime reports to help travelers stay safe. 

Drivers should avoid illegally parked vehicles on Route 66 and be aware of their surroundings. It is important to avoid stopping in isolated areas, especially at night. 

Drivers should lock their doors, keep windows rolled up, and avoid talking to strangers. For more information on staying safe on Route 66, travelers are encouraged to visit the International Route 66 Association website.            

Route 66 is an iconic road stretching across the United States, from Chicago to Los Angeles. If you’re planning a journey along this iconic road, here are some tips to help you make the most of your trip.

Tips to Travel on Route 66

Start planning early: Planning is key to any good road trip, and Route 66 is no different. Give yourself enough time to plan properly—research and read up on the sights, and map out where you will stay and what attractions you want to see.

Research off-the-beaten-path sights: As the original Route is quite long, you’ll want to plan to visit some alternative sights along the way. Spend some time looking for more local spots that give you a glimpse of the culture and communities of the area you’re visiting.

Prepare for the drive: Make sure your car is well-maintained, as you’ll be

Map: Make sure to bring a copy of a road map of Route 66 and keep it handy throughout your trip. This will make navigation along the Route easier and help you get back on track if you make any wrong turns.

Book lodging: It’s important to plan when traveling on Route 66, particularly if you plan to make certain stops or stay at certain hotels. Make sure to book lodging.

Final Words        

Route 66 is an adventurous highway with charming views and amazing attractions. It is always good for a person to go on a long drive as it leaves a healthy impact on the human soul and refreshes your mind! 

Traveling is like a big bug bite; you will always suffer through it once it bites your soul. If you want to see the different colors of life, you must go on a long drive on a highway like Route 66, as it provides a chance to travelers to stay close to the scenery!