20 Most Fun Things To Do In Santa Rosa, California

Santa Rosa is a Spanish name that means Saint Rose. It is the largest city in California, covering Redwood Coast and Wine Country areas.

Santa Rosa is the 5th Largest city in the Bay area of California. It came into existence on 26 March 1868, covering an area of 1,78,127 acres, with almost a thousand interesting and adventurous things to do in Santa Rosa.

María Ygnacia López de Carrillo was Santa Rosa’s founder. The first tribe who populated the area was Pomo; after their inhabitance, Santa Rosa was populated unexpectedly.

The population of Santa Rosa increased by two-thirds after World War II. Some immigrated from other nations while others were annexed from different areas; this way, the City of Santa Rosa got fame and dignity.

At the start of 2017, a Fire broke into the city; Tubbs Fire destroyed at least five percent of the city and ate almost 19 people. 

Gradually with time, Santa Rosa again got on its feet; Peter Lang was the one who single-handedly handled and recovered the city, plus he also saved Safari West with all the animals preserved alive. 

Things To Do In Santa Rosa, California

If you’re looking for a historical place famous for its unfortunate downfall and fortunate upbringing, plan your trip now and take advantage of all the places mentioned below to have an irresistible time with unlimited things to do in Santa Rosa.

1) Spring Lake Park

A public park controlling 320 acres of land in California with an amazing list of outdoor things to do in Santa Rosa is named Spring Park.

Spring Lake Park

Spring Park is administered and owned by Sonoma County Regional Parks Department, allowing visitors to touch sea creatures in the lake. 

Spring lake park has a live tide pool that hosts official programs of schools, colleges, and universities of Santa Rosa; consider this place a landmark of California.

Things to do

Ready to camp at night with a wildfire? Gather your friends and family to enjoy camping near the lake and vouch for the sea creatures.

Spring lake park is a perfect place for boating and swimming, so remember to keep your swimsuit in your bag whenever you visit it.

Hold on; this is not just the end; the lake park also features trail areas. Here you can ride your bike freely or go on long walks with your special someone to have an unforgettable evening while holding hands.

You can visit the park any time, any day, as it is always ready to serve the visitors with its jaw-dropping sights. You can also call before visiting to participate in any events organized there.


Newanga 5585 Ave, 95405 CA, Santa Rosa United States.

Contact Information

+1 707-539-8092

2) Luther Burbank Home & Gardens

The Garden is the home and grave of horticulturist Luther Burbank; he ruled over the Luther Burbank home from 1849 to 1926; after his death, his grave was built in his own home as an act of honor. 

Luther Burbank Home & Gardens

The beautiful Luther Burbank Gardens will provide you with many sightseeing things to do in Santa Rosa.

It has been awarded the National Historic Landmark of Santa Rosa, free of charge. The park’s architectural design is Greek Revival; if you want to experience Greek Revival, you must visit this park once.

Things to do

Want to explore the plant world? Luther Burbank gardens have 800 species of plants, including the rarest found plant Idaho Potato.

Grab your basket and collect as many samples as you want if you’re a botanist and have unlimited research work.

The Greenhouse of Luther Park is the center of attraction that will take you to heaven on earth because of its beauty and charm, and if you have some leisure time, you can also volunteer here for a few hours to know about this place deeply.

Luther Burbank homes and garden is open from 8 am till dusk daily; try to visit this place earlier as you might get a chance to explore many beautiful and unique flowers they have in store for you.


204 Santa Rosa Ave, Santa Rosa, CA 95404, United States

Contact Information

+1 707-524-5445

3) Children’s Museum of Sonoma County

Children’s Museum of Sonoma County is specially designed for children ages 1-16. It inspires the children’s curiosity to make them learn through a transformative process.

The Children’s Museum offers a bucket full of artistic things to do in Santa Rosa for children only.

Children's Museum of Sonoma County

It is a famous place for both summer and winter camp with various educational programs; you can even become a member here. They teach the kids cooking, learning, and riding while teaching ignition values.

Things to do

Are your children living between their 16? Take them with you at the CMOSC and let them learn and experiment with the art because this place is jam-packed with artistic things.

Children’s Museum is a full creative exploration with additional fun stations that’ll blow your children’s minds with experiments they haven’t even thought of before.

The museum also features helicopters, a bubble area, a garden, and a free paint wall where toddlers can show their artwork without fearing trouble. Bring them here and let them enjoy themselves freely.

Carry your children to the museum on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday from 9 am to 4 pm and let them explore their hidden talents without your guidance, as this place will give them full authority to think according to their interests.


1835 W Steele Ln, Santa Rosa, CA 95403, United States

Contact Information

+1 707-546-4069

4) St. Francis Winery & Vineyards

St. Francis Winery is a certified and imperishable Vineyard of Santa Rosa; it will give you access to various winery things to do in Santa Rosa. 

St. Francis Winery & Vineyards

It is owned by a well-known and wealthy family St. Francis; they are the holders of the finest valleys and mountains of Sonoma County.

The vineyard includes a tasting room and award-winning, finest hand-tossed wines at the store. St. Francis Winery was awarded no.1 in 2013 and 2015 by the famous “Open Tables Diners”

Things to do

Have you ever tasted 100% sustainable wines? Still waiting! Then grab a seat at St. Francis and enjoy a certified freshly tossed glass of wine alone or with the company to soothe your taste buds irresistibly.

You must feel a bit hungry after exploring Santa Rosa; worry not, the vineyard will also serve you its signature dishes whose taste will remain on your tongue until days.

You can also book the beautiful and eye-capturing venue of St. Francis Winery; they allocate a huge number of people at their site while serving the best food and wines according to your choice.

Relax at the bar or organize any special event, party, or a wedding ceremony, as St. Francis is open daily from 10 am to 5 pm. You can also extend the timings on pre-booking events.


100 Pythian Rd, Santa Rosa, CA 95409, United States

Contact Information

+1 888-675-9463

5) Museum of Sonoma County

The Museum of Sonoma County exhibits 12 rotating objects, including an 18000 collection of the artistic history of California. Visit this place once, and it will blow your mind with amazing things to do in Santa Rosa.

Museum of Sonoma County

The Sonoma Museum came into existence on 16 November 1976; back then, it was a post office of Santa Rosa. In 1906, an earthquake destroyed the whole place, which caused the enclosure of the post office.

The museum still has an art gallery that showcases the whole post office, and the art gallery has been awarded a National Register Of Historic Places.

Things to do

Mark your calendar for the upcoming event of Art Of Risk, a sculpture of Michael cooper at Sonoma Museum, and enjoy the most innovative invention of this era.

The art gallery will outburst your mind with its unique collections of local artists; the museum is also famous for its live music band where you can dance as per rhythm while listening to soothing music.

Gather your friends or family and join the museum’s culture to relive the lives of the ancient people of California and learn how they came alive from World War II, as the museum has all the war records.

Visit the Museum of Sonoma County from Wednesday to Sunday, 11 am to 5 pm, and show gratitude towards the history of California; the local people will be surely honored by your presence.


425 7th St, Santa Rosa, CA 95401, United States

Contact Information

+1 707-579-1500

6) Safari West

Operated and owned by Peter Lang and Nancy, who evacuated the place after the horrible Wildfire, Safari West survived with all the animals saved.

Safari West

It is 400 acres of an area famous as the natural preserve of wildlife; this place will give you a hundred fun things to do in Santa Rosa.

Safari West holds almost 98 species, including rhinoceros, primates, hyenas, cheetahs, watusi cattle, and giraffes. Many wildlife biologists also use the park of Safari West as a research area.

Things to do

Are you a night owl who loves to explore mother earth at night? Join us at the Safari West and cherish California’s natural beauty while seeing wild animals without getting eaten by them.

If you are not a night owl, you must be a day tripper; not to worry because the day tour will also give you the same excitement because Safari’s animals are always ready to welcome tourists and give them their honor of presence.

You’ll fall in love with every place on the Safari because besides the animals, the park also features fun rides, delicious food, and mindblowing hospitality by the managers of the Safari.

Going to visit the safari late at night or early in the morning, better not to worry about its closing as it is open 24 hours for tourism.


3115 Porter Creek Rd, Santa Rosa, CA 95404, United States.

Contact Information

+1 707-579-2551

7) Pacific Coast Air Museum

Established in 1989, the Pacific Coast Air Museum was built for Coast Air during World War II. it is specifically designed for air crafting things to do in Santa Rosa.

USAF awarded the Pacific Museum as First Responder in 2010. 

Pacific Coast Air Museum

The Pacific Museum is the home to Otis Air National Guard Base, F-15 Eagle aircraft, and American Military Jet. It is also the invader of a bomb attack built-in 1944.

Things to do

Have you ever sat on a realistic flight simulator? If not, visit the mentioned place of Pacific Museum and enjoy your first stimulator experience wholeheartedly. 

The three acres of outdoor place will give you an amazing turn to explore the museum with full enthusiasm; you can also witness the jet engines, which are completely real and used in jets.

If you’re a history digger and want to know more about World War II, this is your go-to place because the museum has all the ruins kept for showcasing. Remember to add the wheels and wings car show to your do-to list at Santa Rosa.

You can see all the historical aircraft of the Pacific Air Craft Museum from Wednesday to Sunday from 10 am to 4 pm. Be alert while visiting this place, as all visitors strictly follow the rules and regulations implanted here.


One AirWay Museum, 95403 CA, Santa Rosa, United States.

Contact Information

+1 707-575-7900

8) Snoopy’s Home Ice

Famous Peanut Cartoonist Charles M. Schulz made Snoopy Home Ice. The Snoopy Home opened its door to visitors on 28 April 1969, with icy things to do in Santa Rosa.

Schulz’s wife, Joyce Schulz, designed the whole structure of Snoopy Home with a capacity of 3000 people allocated inside.

Snoopy's Home Ice

The home of Snoopy features an icing arena, hockey stadium, and figure skating. It also hosts the Senior World Hockey Tournament annually for senior citizens to enjoy their lives again.

Things to do

Hold your skates and swing freely on the ice rinks of the Snoopy Home; no need to worry about falls or bruises as the area is fully designed with extra precaution to give all the customers a safe area for running. 

If you have any special event, you can book Snoopy’s venue and throw your grand party inside the ice. You must be worried about warmth. They’ll serve you their signature hot coffee too!

The Home will provide all the essentials to keep you warm and safe inside the ice so you can enjoy the fun activities they have in store.

You can contact the number below for timings, as the rinks, events, and show times differ according to the place’s capacity or bookings.


1667 W Steele Ln, Santa Rosa, CA 95403, United States

Contact Information

+1 707-546-7147

9) Santa Rosa Downtown

The downtown of Santa Rosa is famous for its award-winning cuisine, restaurants, shops, business, and fun things to do in Santa Rosa.

Skating, shopping, dancing, singing, or eating downtown will provide you with all the famous explorations of Santa Rosa.

Santa Rosa Downtown

The Downtown was founded on 25 August 2017 and is connected to the Railroad Square Historic District. The railroad was designated before 1979; that’s why it is also known as the landmark of Santa Rosa.

Things to do

If you’re a food lover and want to taste different mouth-watering cuisines in a single place, then turn your direction towards Santa Rosa Downtown. The street downtown will serve all its delicacies directly baked from ovens.

Local artists occupying the streets of Santa Rosa will sing your favorite song for you, dedicate it to your loved one, and let them feel special in the fresh air of California.

Your shopaholic soul will also get satisfied in downtown Santa Rosa because it has all the shops, including jewelry, clothes, makeup, artifacts, and treasures of Sonoma County.

Do whatever you have in your mind and eat whatever you’re craving at the famous restaurants of Santa Rosa any day from 6 am to 10 pm.


17073969058 Bautista m felix, 7 4th St, Santa Rosa, CA 95401, United States

Contact Information

+1 707-794-3330

10) Whistlestop Antiques

Whistlestop was founded in 1974 and is the center of attraction at the historical railroad square. It will offer you many crafty things to do in Santa Rosa.

Whistlestop Antiques

The local market has 36 antique dealers available on site with 10,000 antique collections, including a special bookstore that contains all the history of California and World War II.

The Readers’ Choice of Democrats has awarded Whistlestop the Best Antique Store of Sonoma County. The historic brick building has been standing on the land of Santa Rosa since 1910.

Things to do

Surprise yourself or your friends and family with the hidden treasures of Whistlestop, as the antique shop contains beautiful and eye-catching furniture and accessories you must buy to decorate your home like a royal palace.

The shop also contains the artistic work of the local artist of Santa Rosa; you can donate to help them grow their talent more or buy those artifacts for your work or living place as a token of remembrance of Santa Rosa.

Want to buy original jewelry from old times? That’s it! No need to wander around anymore; stop at Whistlestop and buy as much jewelry as you want; they have an unlimited collection of original jewelry in their store for all the customers.

Buy antique and unique show pieces, objects, and exhibits for your home, workplace, or office from Monday to Saturday, 11 am to 5 pm.


130 4th St, Santa Rosa, CA 95401, United States

Contact Information

+1 707-542-9474

11) Montgomery Village

Montgomery is a CDP-developed place established between 1960 to 1970. It is a foundational space with many wordmarks exploring things to do in Santa Rosa.

The total area of Montgomery Village is 3.96 square feet, of which 3.88 square feet is dry land while the rest of the area is covered by water.

Montgomery Village

Originally it was reconstructed and incorporated by Kettler Brothers in 1962. Their mission was to build a community for the farmers of Montgomery where they could relocate and live according to their wishes.

Things to do

Vibe at the Hookah Bar of Montgomery Village with your friends and cherish an evening partying hard with them to have an unforgettable moment.

The village also has stores where you can find all the naturally made dairy products for good health, savor them there or bring them home with you; it’s upto you.

The natural and astonishing beautiful sights of the village will provide you with a relieving feeling; if you are tired of the city’s pollution, come and relax in the Montgomery Village and have a soothing time away from the crowded areas.

Shop as much as you can at Montgomery Village from 5.30 am to 9 pm, but remember your budget, too, because you’ll always want to continue and stay in this comfortable place.


911 Village Court, Santa Rosa, CA 95405, United States.

Contact Information

+1 707-545-3844

12) The Best Day Spa

The Best Day Spa Center’s initiative is to provide the customers with the three R’s (reenergize, relax and refresh). It will provide you with satisfactory relaxing things to do in Santa Rosa.

The Best Day Spa

The Best Day Spa has been awarded as the luxurious spa of Santa Rosa; the services of Best Spa include body treatments, massages, spa packages, facials, and pampering unconditionally.

Detox your body with magnificent exfoliators, wraps, and scrubs. The method used in beautifying is Thai, and all the products used are also Thai Products that don’t have any side effects.

Things to do

Who doesn’t love pampering? Best Day Spa allocates only 13 people at a time, so if you’re interested in spending a day in heaven, book your services before visiting to have a complete soothing package of royal services.

You can get a package of two people if you have a special event or anniversary to celebrate; consider it the marvelous option to surprise your better half and give them a relaxing time they couldn’t even imagine.

Having sore muscles after tiring tourism of Santa Rosa? Give your muscles pushup massages before leaving for your hometown; no need to carry your pain home as the Spa will take away all your strains with its extraordinary relaxing massages.

Enjoy your royal services at Best Spa Day from Monday to Sunday, 9 am to 8 pm; you’ll be amazed by the services provided by the spa’s expert workers.


3082 Marlow Rd, Santa Rosa, CA 95403, United States

Contact Information

+1 707-545-1058

13) Bennett Valley Golf Course

The Bennett Golf Course was opened in 1969; it is famous because of the pine trees hovering and flaring over the areas of Bennett Valley.

The golf course will provide you with a handful of outdoor things to do in Santa Rosa. It also features a vast driving area of artificial mats and natural grass.

Bennett Valley Golf Course

The Bennett Valley Golf Course contains a restaurant and a bar inside its area where you can have a lavish dinner, lunch, or breakfast at the outdoor patios of the beautiful course.

Things to do

Play golf like a pro at Bennet’s; who knows, this is your first experience, as the instructions provided by the faculty will help you to play like a complete expert.

It is a historical place in Santa Rosa where you can celebrate your special events, parties, or ceremonies with your family or friends in full swing.

No need to worry about the food and decorations, as the Bennett Golf Course staff will do all your work on your behalf and let you enjoy your time free of tension.

You can spend your time at the Bennett Golf Course any day from 6.30 am until sunset.


3330 Yulupa Ave Santa Rosa, CA 95405

Contact Information

+1 707-528-3673

14) Santa Rosa Wednesday Night Market

Every Wednesday, vendors are gathered at the Santa Rosa Night Market to sell their products at a reasonable price and bring together the whole community once a week to gather things to do in Santa Rosa.

Santa Rosa Wednesday Night Market

This culture of gathering on Wednesday night has been going on for the last 30 years.

Wednesday night market is a place to cherish the wines, foods, crafts, and culture of Santa Rosa; it holds a special place in the hearts of all the citizens.

Things to do

Savor the taste of Deli Roasted Corn, a signature starter of Wednesday Market that’ll work wonders on your taste buds, and you’ll crave more.

Are you a food lover? Then mark this place on the top of the list as this place is specially made for all food lovers.

Wednesday market will provide you with all the fresh fruits, vegetables, and dairy products you haven’t seen this delicious before.

Wait, the list has not ended yet! It will also provide you with its signature hand-tossed finest wine to end your night with 100% satisfaction.

Santa Rosa Wednesday Market comes in full swing; shop the whole night, but remember not to strain your legs too much, as the market will leave you speechless with its shiny products.


Old Courthouse Sq, Santa Rosa, CA 95404, United States

Contact Information

+1 707-246-6741

15) Santa Rosa Creek

Santa Creek is a 22-mile-long trail and stream of California; it joins Hood Mountain and Laguna De Santa Rosa together. If you want three amazing things to do in Santa Rosa at once, pack your bags for Santa Rosa Creek.

Santa Rosa Creek

Archeologist has found many ruins of the POMO tribe at Santa Creek; they used the water of the stream for their daily usage. 

The stream at Santa Rosa Creek offers fishing, washing, bathing, and drinking facilities to all the natives.

Things to do

Catch some live fish and grill them with your travel buddies at the stunning views of Santa Rosa Creek.

You can also go swimming in the fresh stream and detoxify your body while sunbathing in the fresh sunshine.

It is a perfect place for camping, birding, and trail, so what else are you looking for? Come and enjoy whatever outdoor activity you want at the Creek of Santa Rosa; remember to capture some cheesy selfies of the beautiful views of the mountains and hills.

The timings of Santa Rosa Creek are from Monday to Friday, 8 am to 5 pm. Remember to wear your jacket first because the cold breeze in the evening might make you feel a bit colder.


782 Willowside Road, Santa Rosa, CA 95401

Contact Information


16) Finley Community Park

Finley Community Park contains 12.21 acres of California land. It features three picnic sights and different unexpected things to do in Santa Rosa.

Finley Community Park

It came into existence in June 1990. Finley Community Park is a non-profit organization honoring Ernest L and Ruth W Finley.

Finley Community Park offers a thousand outdoor and indoor activities, including cooking, playing, relaxing, and trailing.

Things to do

In the mood for some fresh grilled BBQ? Fire your grill and make your customized steak at the open area of Finley Park and enjoy your food with the jaw-dropping garden.

You can also have a one-on-one match with your buddies, whether volleyball, table tennis, or pickleball; the vast courts will let you play games according to their wishes.

If you get tired of the outdoor views, turn your direction towards the indoor restrooms provided by Finlay Park and relax until you get fully energized again.

You can spend your time at Finley Park any day, any time, as it is operational 24/7 without any cost; lucky you that you can encounter such a terrific place without spending any extra money.


2060 W College Ave, Santa Rosa, CA 95401, United States.

Contact Information

+1 707-543-3737

17) Santa Rosa Original Certified Farmers Market

Santa Rosa Certified Farmer Market is mindblowing; food, fruits, and eatery products are sold with the art. This place will provide you with mouth-watering things to do in Santa Rosa.

The main motive of the farmers of Santa Rosa is to grow the food the customers love.

Santa Rosa Original Certified Farmers Market

The farmers also provide products specifically made to meet customers’ demands; if you have something in your mind, order them before visiting and get your things ready within no time.

Things to do

The certified market of Santa Rosa will serve you with all the natural products, including yummy and sweet fruits, fresh vegetables, and pure honey.

If you’re a fitness freak, a dietician, a doctor, an herbalist, or belong to any other field that requires fresh products for treatments, give this place a chance and get all your desired objects all at once at a reasonable yet low price.

You can also enjoy the freshly served food here directly coming from the oven of farmers, tossed and made with signature spices of Santa Rosa. 

The Farmers of Santa Rosa are Available at the Farmers Market on Wednesday and Saturday from 8.30 am to 1 pm.


50 Mark West Springs Rd, Santa Rosa, CA 95403, United States

Contact Information

+1 707-522-8629

18) Taylor Mountain Regional Park

Taylor Mountain Regional Park features 1100 acres of hillsides, creeks, wildlife, and oak woods.

The famous regional park is marked over the list of adventurous things to do in Santa Rosa.

Taylor Mountain Regional Park

The park contains seven different trails for all visitors for biking, horseriding, trailing, and walking.

It is mostly famous for its unique Red Tail Play Area and Cattle Grazing. Taylor Mountain Park is a Dog-friendly area but remembers to keep them on a leash for their safety.

Things to do

Taylor Mountain Park is home to several cattle; they live here, feed here and roam here as if they are the place’s owner. If you’re interested in how cattle rule over a place, visit Taylor Mountain once and witness their ruling.

It’s time to fuel up your bike, wander freely on the regional parks’ outstanding trails, and experience mountain hiking in the open space with your travel buddies.

You can also go camping in the open area; birding is a famous activity at Taylor Mountain; you can also see some wild animals here, including tigers, cheetahs, and bears.

Cherish every moment you spend here at the Taylor Mountain Regional Park from Monday to Friday, 6 am to 8.30 pm. It is the famous landmark of Santa Rosa; remember to capture a whole picture of the area.


2080 Kawana Terrace, Santa Rosa, CA 95404, United States

Contact Information

+1 707-539-8092

19) Laguna de Santa Rosa Foundation

Laguna de Santa Rosa Foundation was founded in 1989; its main initiative was to nurture a blooming Laguna for the people of Santa Rosa.

Laguna de Santa Rosa Foundation

It is treated as the Important International Wetland of California with many conservative things to do in Santa Rosa. 

It is a non-profit organization whose mission is to concentrate, restore and conserve the Laguna of Sonoma County. It inspires the public about the Importance of Wetlands for any country or place.

Things to do

Join your hands and support the idea of preserving millions of species of plants at the Laguna De Santa Rosa Foundation.

If you belong to the botanist field, you should visit this place once in your lifetime as the organization untiringly conserves the Wetlands and allows visitors to take advantage of this eye-opener place.

You can also participate in donations and the restoration process; if you have some leisure time, you can volunteer here for a day or two and spend your time inspiring other visitors about the idea of the Foundation.

The Foundation is closed on Saturday and Sunday but operational from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm.


900 Sanford Rd, Santa Rosa, CA 95401, United States

Contact Information

+1 707-527-9277

20) Hood Mountain Regional Park

Hood Mountain Regional Park owns 2,000 acres of Santa Rosa; it offers 19 different trails for biking, hiking, and mountain riding things to do in Santa Rosa.

Hood Mountain Regional Park

Hood Mountain is said to be the highest peak of the Mayacamas Mountains of California while featuring 12 jaw-dropping scenic views of Sonoma County.

The peak of Hood Mountain also allows witnessing San Francisco, San Pablo Bays, and Napa hills.

Things to do

Gather all the essential things and clothes to camp at the terrific mountains of Hood Reginal Park with your family or friends and capture some spicy selfies at the highest peak of California.

Are you a mountain biker? Fuel up your book, tighten your helmet and go biking on the trails of Hood Moutain; remember, the road might be slippery sometimes because of the snowfall. 

Be extra cautious while riding or hiking; while hiking, you can experience a bunch of bird flocks who have their homes in the regional park.

Try to visit this place before dusk to explore the area with full lights and sunshine; Hood Mountain Regional Park opens from Monday to Sunday, 6 am to 8 pm.


Pythian Road 1450 N, 95409 CA, Santa Rosa, United States.

Contact Information

+1 707-539-8092

Best Hotels To Stay In Santa Rosa

Looking for a hotel that can give you comfort like you’re home? On your visit to Santa Rosa, we’ve also done your homework finding the best yet luxurious hotels.

All the hotels below are rated above 4 stars, and you can book them from anywhere to relax after a long tiring day of tourism because you’ll have unlimited things to do in Santa Rosa on your plate.

  • Hyatt Regency Sonoma Wine Country.
  • DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Sonoma Wine Country.
  • Glen Ellen Retreat In Beautiful Wine Country.
  • Four Seasons Resort and Residences Napa Valley.
  • Cambria Hotel Sonoma Wine Country.
  • Meadowlark Country House & Resort Sponsored·From  Meadowlark Country House & Resort.
  • Solage, Auberge Resorts Collection.
  • Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott Santa Rosa Sebastopol.

Final Thoughts

Santa Rosa has been famously known for decades, ruling over the tourism platform for the last 23 years. Santa Rosa is much-publicized because of the Unique tattoos, blue festival, music, and skin art events.

Every year altered and unfamiliar events are held here, and with a new state of mind, you might also win a gift hamper at the costume show and become the famous diva of the night.

Don’t hesitate to plan your trip to a wonderful place offering numerous venturesome things to do in Santa Rosa. Pack all your essential objects in your bag and have an exceptional trip.