20 Most Fun Things To Do In Tijuana, Mexico

Tijuana is located in the Baja California region of Mexico, across the border from San Diego, California. Its rich history contributes to its fame and appeal to tourists for ages. 

Originally a small border town, Tijuana experienced rapid growth during the Prohibition era in the United States (1920-1933), attracting Americans seeking alcohol and entertainment.

This period marked the birth of Tijuana as a lively entertainment hub with vibrant nightlife, casinos, and bars, establishing its reputation as a city of revelry.

Today, Tijuana continues to be a popular tourist destination for several reasons. One of its main draws is its vibrant culinary scene, with various street food, seafood, and Mexican cuisine.

The city is renowned for its tacos, especially the world-famous “Tijuana-stylestreet tacos, which have gained international recognition.

Tijuana is also known for its cultural offerings. The city boasts numerous art galleries, museums, and cultural centers, including the Tijuana Cultural Center (CECUT), which showcases art, history, and science exhibits. 

Additionally, Tijuana hosts festivals and events throughout the year, such as the Tijuana Cultural Art Nights and the Baja California Culinary Fest, attracting worldwide art enthusiasts and food lovers.

The city’s proximity to the U.S. border also makes it an attractive shopping destination, offering a wide range of goods at affordable prices. Visitors can explore bustling markets, such as the Mercado Hidalgo, where they can find traditional Mexican handicrafts, fresh produce, and authentic local products.

There are infinite things to do in Tijuana during the day and even at night, but you must visit this sparkling city in good weather. This vibrant city experiences a Mediterranean climate with warm, dry summers and mild, wet winters.

The best months to visit are between May and October when the weather is sunny and warm, ideal for outdoor activities and exploring the city. Winter can be cooler and wetter but offers pleasant temperatures for those who prefer milder conditions.

Okay, now enough with the history, we know you must be fascinated by the nightlife of Tijuana. Therefore keep reading below if you ever want to plan your holiday here to have advantages of all the attractive places Tijuana has in store. 

1) Tijuana Cultural Center

The Tijuana Cultural Center, also known as CECUT, has been a vital institution for promoting arts, culture, and education since its founding in 1982.

Tijuana Cultural Center
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CECUT showcases diverse artistic disciplines, including visual arts, theater, dance, music, and film. It hosts exhibitions, performances, workshops, and educational programs celebrating the region’s rich cultural heritage.

With its commitment to fostering creativity and intercultural exchange, CECUT has become a renowned cultural hub, attracting visitors across Mexico and beyond.

The Tijuana Cultural Center (CECUT) offers a wide range of exciting activities and things to do in Tijuana for visitors. The center features a state-of-the-art IMAX theater, providing immersive cinematic experiences.

Its expansive exhibition halls showcase captivating art displays, photography exhibitions, and interactive installations. 

CECUT also houses a library with an extensive collection of books and resources, perfect for literary enthusiasts. Additionally, there are beautiful gardens and outdoor spaces where visitors can relax and enjoy the serene atmosphere.

You can also explore the onsite museum, enjoy regional cuisine at the restaurants, or browse unique souvenirs at the gift shops. CECUT truly offers a dynamic and enriching experience for all, so don’t miss the chance to witness the beauty of the arts of Tijuana. 


Paseo de los Héroes 9350, Zona Urbana Rio Tijuana, 22010 Tijuana, B.C., México

2) Avenida Revolucion

Avenida Revolucion was a small road that gained significance during the Prohibition era when it became a popular destination for Americans seeking alcohol and entertainment.

Avenida Revolucion
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Since its establishment, it has become a bustling avenue lined with shops, restaurants, and bars, attracting global tourists. There, Avenida Revolucion symbolizes the dynamic cultural exchange between Mexico and the United States and remains a key landmark in Tijuana’s history and tourism industry.

Avenida Revolucion offers many activities and things to do in Tijuana to enjoy. The avenue is dotted with numerous shops selling everything from traditional Mexican crafts to fashionable clothing and accessories.

You can explore the vibrant local cuisine at restaurants and street food stalls, savoring authentic tacos, seafood, and other Mexican delights.

The area also boasts lively bars and nightclubs, offering a vibrant nightlife experience. For those interested in history and culture, there are art galleries, museums, and iconic landmarks to discover.

Moreover, street performances, live music, and festivals throughout the year are also hosted here, providing entertainment and a glimpse into the local culture yearly. We will suggest you come here once if you’re a night owl. 


Tijuana, B.C., México

3) El Trompo

El Trompo is a traditional Mexican spinning top game that originated in ancient times. The game involves spinning a wooden top with a cord and controlling its movements on a flat surface.

El Trompo
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El Trompo has been played for centuries and is deeply rooted in Mexican culture. It has served as a recreational activity and a symbol of skill and talent.

The game has evolved, adapting to modern materials and designs, but its essence remains a cherished part of Mexican heritage.

The main attraction of El Trompo is the interactive museum, which features engaging exhibits on science, technology, and culture. 

Visitors can explore hands-on displays, participate in workshops, and attend educational shows. The facility also includes a planetarium for stargazing enthusiasts and a theater for live performances.

There are spacious gardens, playgrounds, and picnic areas, perfect for family outings. El Trompo also hosts special events, such as concerts and festivals, throughout the year. With its diverse offerings, El Trompo provides a vibrant and enriching experience and exciting things to do in Tijuana for all ages.


9037 Union Centre Blvd Ste A, West Chester Township, OH 45069, United States

4) Pasaje Rodriguez

Pasaje Rodríguez is a historic alley in Tijuana, Mexico, established in the early 1900s; it gained prominence as a vibrant cultural and entertainment hub right after its existence. 

Pasaje Rodriguez
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The alley was home to theaters, shops, and cafes, attracting artists, musicians, and intellectuals. However, it also faced a decline in the 1980s due to economic challenges and urban decay.

In recent years, efforts have been made to revive Pasaje Rodríguez, preserving its rich history and transforming it into a thriving artistic and gastronomic destination.

Pasaje Rodríguez offers visitors various activities and things to do in Tijuana. The revitalized alley features many trendy cafes, restaurants, and bars where you can indulge in delicious food and beverages.

Want to enhance your look? Keep your wallets in your hands. You can explore unique boutiques and shops here, showcasing local artisanal crafts, fashion, and accessories. Change your look and slay during your journey like a diva. 

The alley also hosts art galleries and cultural events, providing opportunities to engage with contemporary art and performances. 

In addition, Pasaje Rodríguez serves as a venue for live music concerts, showcasing talented musicians from various genres. So if you have a hidden musician inside it, it’s high time you should bring it out for a blasting day. 

Whether you’re seeking culinary delights, shopping experiences, or artistic encounters, this vibrant alley offers something for everyone.


Pje. Rodríguez, Zona Centro, 22000 Tijuana, B.C., Mexico

5) El Popo Market

El Popo Market is a vibrant cultural landmark in Mexico City founded in 1971; it has become a symbol of Mexican craftsmanship and traditional arts.

El Popo Market
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Over the years, the market has showcased various products, including handmade crafts, textiles, pottery, jewelry, and delicious street food.

It has been a gathering place for locals and tourists, fostering community and celebrating Mexico’s cultural heritage.

Get yourself ready to wander in the market lf El Popo. El Popo Market offers its guests infinite activities and things to do in Tijuana. 

Here you’ll be free to browse the vibrant displays and purchase unique souvenirs. The market also features a variety of food stalls and restaurants serving delicious Mexican cuisine, allowing visitors to savor the region’s flavors. 

Cultural events and performances often occur at the market, providing entertainment and showcasing local talent. With its bustling atmosphere and diverse offerings, El Popo Market provides a vibrant and immersive experience for its guests without delay. 


22000, C. Benito Juárez 2da 8053, Downtown Tijuana, 22000 Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico

6) Playas de Tijuana

Playas de Tijuana was initially a small fishing village; it became a popular tourist destination in the mid-20th century. The growth of the city of Tijuana led to the development of Playas de Tijuana as a residential area with beachfront properties. 

Playas de Tijuana
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Now it has become a vibrant neighborhood with a mix of locals and tourists enjoying its sandy beaches, picturesque promenade, and stunning views of the Pacific Ocean.

Playas de Tijuana offers a range of facilities, activities, and interactive things to do in Tijuana for locals and tourists to enjoy.

The beachfront area has well-maintained public parks, picnic areas, and bike lanes, perfect for leisurely walks or bike rides.

The iconic Malecon, a scenic boardwalk, invites visitors to enjoy stunning ocean views while savoring delicious local cuisine from the numerous seafood restaurants and street vendors.

Surfing, swimming, and sunbathing are popular activities on the sandy beaches of Playas de Tijuana. So you must bring your swimsuits back for a more soothing experience.

Shopping centers, art galleries, and cultural events keep visitors happily occupied for long hours.


Playas de Tijuana, Baja California, México

7) Plaza Rio Tijuana

Plaza Rio Tijuana is a prominent commercial complex, inaugurated in 1982, and quickly became a popular shopping and entertainment destination, attracting people in huge numbers.

Plaza Rio Tijuana
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Over the years, the plaza has undergone several expansions and renovations, solidifying its status as a major retail hub in the city.

With its diverse range of stores, restaurants, and entertainment options, Plaza Rio Tijuana continues to attract locals and tourists with many exciting things to do in Tijuana.

The complex features a vast selection of shops, ranging from local boutiques to international brands, providing opportunities for shopping enthusiasts.

Numerous restaurants and food courts cater to various tastes, offering a diverse culinary experience. Movie theaters provide entertainment options, while bowling alleys and arcades appeal to kids and adults. 

Moreover, the plaza hosts cultural events and live performances, adding a touch of artistic flair to the atmosphere. With its bustling atmosphere and numerous offerings, Plaza Rio Tijuana ensures a memorable experience for all its visitors. When planning an outing here, we suggest you visit in the early hours as it is an attractive place that might get crowded with time. 


P.º de los Héroes 98, Zona Urbana Rio Tijuana, 22010 Tijuana, B.C., Mexico

8) Rosarito Beach

Rosarito Beach was once a small fishing village that gained popularity in the 1920s as an escape for Hollywood stars during Prohibition.

Rosarito Beach
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In the mid-20th century, it became a tourist destination known for its beautiful beaches and vibrant nightlife. Since its establishment, Rosarito has continued attracting visitors with its seafood, water sports, and cultural festivals.

Still today, It remains a popular vacation spot, offering a blend of natural beauty, Mexican culture, and coastal charm.

Rosarito Beach has many facilities and things to do in Tijuana in store for all who check in here. Its sandy beaches provide opportunities for sunbathing, swimming, and beach sports. 

The town is known for its delicious seafood, with numerous restaurants serving fresh catches. If you’re on a strict diet, visiting this mouthwatering place during your cheat days is better. 

Rosarito also boasts a vibrant nightlife with bars, clubs, and live music venues. Shopping enthusiasts can explore local markets and boutiques for unique crafts and souvenirs. 

The area is also popular for surfing, fishing, and off-road adventures. Cultural festivals and events showcase Mexican traditions and cuisine. When you come here, there will be a lot of opportunities for you to indulge in spa treatments, golfing, or take scenic hikes to appreciate the stunning coastal landscapes.


Blvd. Benito Juárez 31, Playas Rosarito, 22700 Rosarito, B.C., Mexico

9) Park Morelos

Parque Morelos is a park located in the heart of Tijuana, Mexico. It was established in 1954 and covers an area of 50 hectares. After its inauguration, it was named Parque del Rio. With time it was renamed after José María Morelos, a Mexican national hero.

Park Morelos
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The park features various recreational amenities, including sports fields, playgrounds, a lake, and picnic areas.

Parque Morelos boasts sports fields for activities and outdoor activities and things to do in Tijuana, like soccer, basketball, and baseball, providing opportunities for sports enthusiasts to engage in friendly matches and make unique memories.

If you’re accompanying your kids, they have unimaginable fun here. The park features playgrounds with slides, swings, and climbing structures, creating a fun-filled experience for children. 

Additionally, there is a tranquil lake where visitors can rent paddle boats and enjoy a leisurely ride. Picnic areas with shaded tables and benches are also available for gatherings and outdoor meals.

We suggest you contact your buddies here, as the park also hosts cultural events, concerts, and festivals, providing entertainment for your whole group.


Avenida de los Insurgentes 16000, Guadalajara, 22105 Tijuana, B.C., México

10) Museo de Cera

The Museo de Cera, also known as the Wax Museum, is a popular tourist attraction in Tijuana, showcasing lifelike wax figures of famous historical figures, celebrities, and cultural icons.

Museo de Cera
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Through meticulous craftsmanship, the museum has captivated visitors with its immersive and educational displays. Over the years, it has expanded its collection and adapted to changing times, providing a unique and memorable environment.

Upon entering, you will receive audio guides in multiple languages, allowing you to delve into the captivating stories behind each wax figure.

The museum also boasts interactive exhibits where you can take photos with your favorite wax celebrities or historical figures. Also, themed sections and special exhibits change periodically, ensuring there’s always something new to discover.

The museum also features a gift shop where visitors can purchase souvenirs and a café where you can relax and enjoy refreshments after an adventurous day. The Museo de Cera can make you an enjoyable trip with its engaging displays and amenities. 


Calle 1, Calle Artículo 123 8281, Zona Centro, 22000 Tijuana, B.C., Mexico

11) Avenida Revolucion

Avenida Revolución is a historic street in Tijuana, known as a dusty road in the late 19th century. Later on, it transformed into a bustling center for commerce and entertainment during the Prohibition era in the United States.

Avenida Revolucion
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The street gained fame as a destination for American tourists seeking alcohol, gambling, and other illicit activities. Over time, Avenida Revolución evolved into a cultural and commercial hub, offering shops, restaurants, and vibrant nightlife.

Avenida Revolución cam offers you a bucket full of facilities and exciting things to do in Tijuana to enjoy. There’s something for everyone, from vibrant shops and boutiques to mouthwatering restaurants.

Feeling hungry, or you’re a food lover? This place is your call; you can indulge in authentic Mexican cuisine, shop for souvenirs and local crafts, or explore the bustling markets for unique finds.

The street is also home to lively bars and clubs, where you can dance the night away to energetic beats. Enjoy the rich cultural heritage by visiting historic landmarks and art galleries.

Mark our words, Avenida Revolución promises a memorable experience, blending vibrant entertainment, delicious food, and a warm atmosphere that will leave you longing to return.


Tijuana, B.C., México

12) Tijuana Arch

The Tijuana Arch, also known as El Arco, symbolizes Tijuana’s cultural heritage. Erected in 1989, it commemorates the city’s centennial anniversary.

Tijuana Arch
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The arch stands at the entrance of Avenida Revolución, greeting visitors with its distinctive architectural design and vibrant colors. The structure represents the city’s enduring spirit and is a landmark for tourists and locals. 

With time, the Tijuana Arch has become an iconic symbol of Tijuana, representing its rich history, welcoming nature, and vibrant energy.

The Tijuana Arch has a lot of fun activities and things to do in Tijuana in store for its fun-loving guests. You go hunt down the vibrant streets lined with shops, boutiques, and markets offering a variety of goods and local crafts.

If your hunger gets out of hand, indulge in delicious Mexican cuisine at renowned restaurants, sample street food, or sip on refreshing beverages at lively bars.

Enjoy the city’s cultural heritage by visiting art galleries, museums, and historic landmarks. Enjoy the electrifying nightlife with vibrant clubs and live music venues.

With its unique blend of history, cuisine, shopping, and entertainment, Tijuana promises an unforgettable experience for visitors, leaving them with lasting memories of a vibrant and diverse city.


Avenida Revolución 728, 22000 Tijuana, B.C., México

13) Friendship Park

Friendship Park, located on the US-Mexico border near San Diego, was established in 1971; it was designed as a symbol of friendship between the two nations.

Friendship Park
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Families and friends could meet and touch through the border fence. However, during the 1980s, the park was partially closed due to security concerns.

In 2012, it reopened for a few hours each weekend, allowing limited interaction.

Well, at Friendship Park, you can get many amenities and things to do in Tijuana to relish. 

The park features picnic areas, shaded pavilions, and walking trails, providing a serene, relaxing environment. Bring a cozy blanket and enjoy picnicking with your family and friends in the serene atmosphere.

The park offers breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean and the border fence, making it a unique and picturesque destination.

You can also explore the historical markers and plaques that recount the park’s significance. The park serves as a reminder of the importance of friendship and cross-cultural understanding.

Whether you seek tranquility, scenic beauty, or a deeper appreciation for border relations, Friendship Park has something to offer everyone, fostering a sense of unity and connection.


Monumental, 92154 Tijuana, B.C., México

14) Parque Acuatico El Vergel

Parque Acuatico El Vergel is a water park that opened in the late 1980s, offering a variety of water attractions and entertaining things to do in Tijuana.

Parque Acuatico El Vergel
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Over the years, it has become a popular destination known for its thrilling slides, wave pools, and relaxation areas. El Vergel has continuously evolved, introducing new rides and amenities to provide a memorable and enjoyable experience for guests seeking aquatic adventures.

Parque Acuatico El Vergel will be a gem if you’re a water fan. You can relax in designated sunbathing areas or rent private cabanas for added comfort and private pool parties. 

Food and beverage options are available throughout the park, with various eateries offering a diverse selection of snacks, meals, and refreshing beverages; therefore no need to bring extra luggage.

Additionally, El Vergel provides locker rentals, changing rooms, and showers for convenience. You can keep your essentials locked while diving into the pools and have a refreshing shower after enjoying your picnic.

Mark our words, with its exciting rides, relaxing spots, and convenient facilities, Parque Acuatico El Vergel guarantees a memorable and fun-filled day for everyone.


Camino Al Vergel 1, Alamar, 22110 Tijuana, B.C., México

15) Border Field State Park Beach

Border Field State Park Beach serves as the meeting point between the United States and Mexico, with the international border fence running through the sand.

Border Field State Park Beach
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The beach has witnessed significant moments in immigration and border control, symbolizing the complex relationship between the two nations. Its diverse ecosystem and scenic beauty make it a popular destination for visitors, offering a glimpse into the history and dynamics of the region.

Border Field State Park Beach offers many relaxing facilities and things to do in Tijuana to enhance visitors’ experiences. The park provides picnic areas and barbecue grills, allowing guests to enjoy outdoor meals with stunning views.

For a better trip, restroom facilities and ample parking are available to keep your cars safe while you wander around freely. Visitors can explore the beach and its unique ecosystem, including dunes and salt marshes.

Birdwatching enthusiasts will appreciate the diverse avian species that frequent the area. The park also offers hiking and horseback riding trails, allowing visitors to enjoy the natural beauty and scenic landscapes.

The fun has not ended yet! Border Field State Park Beach also provides access to the historic Border Field State Park Monument, where visitors can learn more about the region’s rich history. Book your tickets now to have an amazing outdoor historical adventure. 


GVVG+34, Imperial Beach, CA, United States

16) Club Campestre, Tijuana

Club Campestre is a prestigious golf and country club in Tijuana, Mexico. Founded in 1961, it has become a prominent destination for golf enthusiasts and social gatherings.

Club Campestre, Tijuana
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The club features an 18-hole championship golf course, tennis courts, swimming pools, and dining options. With its picturesque setting and high-quality amenities, Club Campestre has established itself as a symbol of leisure and elegance in Tijuana’s history.

Club Campestre offers its members and visitors various facilities and amenities. The highlight is its beautifully designed 18-hole championship golf course, which challenges golfers of all skill levels. 

Tennis enthusiasts can enjoy the well-maintained tennis courts, while those seeking relaxation can lounge in the inviting swimming pools.

The club also provides exceptional dining options, including restaurants and bars offering delicious cuisine and refreshing beverages.

Club Campestre hosts social events, weddings, and business conferences for extra entertainment, providing a stunning backdrop and excellent services.

Whether golfing, tennis, swimming, dining, or attending special occasions, this club ensures a memorable experience for all who enter the premises. 


Blvd. Agua Caliente 11311, Aviacion, 22020 Tijuana, B.C., Mexico

17) The Trompo Interactive Museum Tijuana

The Trompo Interactive Museum was conceived to promote education and creativity among children and adults.

The Trompo Interactive Museum Tijuana
Image Via Pinterest

However, the museum offers interactive exhibits, workshops, and science, technology, art, and culture programs.

With its dynamic and engaging approach, Trompo has become a popular destination for locals and tourists, fostering a love for learning and exploration. It continues to inspire generations, significantly impacting the community’s educational landscape.

Before you enter the museum, make sure you have cameras in your hands. Inside the museum, you’ll find interactive exhibits that engage and educate, covering various subjects such as science, technology, art, and culture.

The facilities include spacious galleries, workshop areas, a gift shop, and a refreshment cafeteria. Visitors can participate in hands-on activities, attend workshops, watch educational shows, and explore the museum’s collections.

The museum also hosts special events, presentations, and temporary exhibits, ensuring there’s always something new to discover. As for the camera, the museum has many nostalgic spots to capture. Plus, bringing back some unique memories back home is not a bad idea. 


Avenida de los Insurgentes s/n, Rio Tijuana 3ra Etapa, 22226 Tijuana, B.C., México

18) Santuario de la Virgen de Guadalupe

The Santuario de la Virgen de Guadalupe is a historic religious site dedicated to the Virgin Mary. It dates back to the 16th century when the Virgin of Guadalupe is said to have appeared to a native Mexican, Juan Diego.

Santuario de la Virgen de Guadalupe
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The sanctuary has since become a pilgrimage destination and an important symbol of Mexican identity and faith. The Santuario de la Virgen de Guadalupe offers many religious things to do in Tijuana. The site features a beautiful basilica where one can attend Mass and witness religious ceremonies.

The complex also includes a museum that showcases historical artifacts and art related to the Virgin of Guadalupe. Pilgrims can explore the vast grounds, including the Chapel of Roses and the Plaza de las Americas.

There are gift shops where one can purchase religious items and souvenirs to enhance their voyage. If you seek religious guidance, this place provides a serene and spiritually enriching environment for prayer, reflection, and cultural immersion.


esq. con Niños Héroes, C. Benito Juárez 2da 7982, Centro, 22000 Tijuana, B.C., Mexico

19) Galerías Hipódromo

Galerías Hipódromo is a prominent shopping mall in Mexico City. It was inaugurated in 1967 and quickly became a popular destination for shopping, entertainment, and socializing. 

Galerías Hipódromo
Image Via Pinterest

With its modern architecture and diverse range of stores, restaurants, and cinemas, Galerías Hipódromo has been a cherished hub for locals and tourists to entertain themselves.

Over the years, it has undergone renovations and expansions to meet the evolving needs of new generations. Today, Galerías Hipódromo continues to thrive as a vibrant shopping and leisure destination in Mexico’s capital city.

Ready for shopping? Don’t forget to bring extra cash with you. With multiple levels of retail spaces, shoppers can explore various stores offering fashion, accessories, electronics, home goods, and more. 

The mall also houses a diverse selection of restaurants, cafes, and food courts, providing a range of culinary options. For entertainment, Galerías Hipódromo features state-of-the-art cinemas where movie enthusiasts can catch the latest releases.

The mall often hosts events and exhibitions to make the atmosphere lively. Whether you go shopping, dining, catching a movie, or attending an event, Galerías Hipódromo has something exciting every day. 


Boulevard Agua Caliente C 11999, Hipodromo, Tijuana, B.C., Mexico

20) Caesar’s

Caesar’s Tijuana, also known as Caesar’s Restaurant, is a historic establishment in Tijuana, Mexico. Founded in the 1920s by Italian immigrant Caesar Cardini, it gained fame for its iconic Caesar salad.

Image Via Pinterest

The original recipe was allegedly created by Cardini in 1924, using ingredients available in his kitchen during a busy holiday weekend. Today, Caesar’s Tijuana remains a popular destination, preserving its rich culinary legacy and serving visitors worldwide seeking to taste the original Caesar salad experience.

The restaurant boasts a charming and historic ambiance, creating an immersive dining experience. Here you can indulge in their renowned Caesar salad, prepared tableside with the original recipe, or savor a variety of delectable Italian and Mexican dishes from their extensive menu.

The attentive staff ensures uncompromising service, enhancing your dining pleasure. From our experience, Caesar’s Tijuana is conveniently located near attractions like Avenida Revolución, offering shopping, entertainment, and cultural exploration opportunities.

Enjoy a delightful blend of history, culinary excellence, and vibrant experiences at Caesar’s Tijuana. For an excellent eatery experience, visit this place on an empty stomach. 


Avenida Revolución 8190, Zona Centro, 22000 Tijuana, B.C., México

Best Hotels To Stay In Tijuana

Tijuana offers a range of hotels to suit various preferences and budgets. Here are some highly regarded hotels in Tijuana:

  • Hotel Ticuan
  • Hyatt Place Tijuana
  • Marriott Tijuana
  • Hotel Ticuan
  • Hotel Palacio Azteca
  • Hotel Ticuan

Remember to check current reviews, availability, and rates before deciding. Additionally, consider your specific needs and preferences when choosing a hotel in Tijuana to ensure it aligns with your travel plans.