How Long Does It Take to Drive Across Rhode Island?

Driving across Rhode Island via the I-95 route takes around 45 minutes without stops, or 2-3 hours with breaks. The east-to-west route via I-195 and US-6 can be completed in about 40 minutes. These estimates provide a quick overview for planning your journey through the smallest state in the U.S.

Rhode Island is located in the Northeastern United States. Despite most of its territory being on the mainland, it gets its name from the adjoining island. 

Rhode Island shares boundaries with Massachusetts to the north and east, Connecticut to the west, and the Atlantic Ocean to the south through Block Island. Along with New York, it has a brief marine boundary.  Providence is the largest capital city of Rhode Island. 

The smallest state in terms of area is Rhode Island. It has a 1,214 square mile territory. The miles it covers from North to South is 48, and East to West is 37. 

How Long Does it Take to Get Between the Two Sides of Rhode Island?

In a single hour, you may easily drive the entire state. Firstly, it depends on your vehicle to travel across the Island. Every means of transport will take different time. It’s a very small state that allows you to visit the whole state in a limited time with many enjoyments.

How Long Does It Take a Bus to Cross Rhode Island?

The time it takes for a bus to cross Rhode Island depends on various factors such as traffic, stops, and route. Generally, a bus traveling across the state can take approximately 1 to 2 hours, depending on the specific route and conditions encountered along the way.

At Kennedy Plaza in Providence, Pawtucket, and Newport, the Rhode Island Public Transit Authority (RIPTA) runs statewide intercity and intracity bus service.

In Rhode Island’s 39 cities and municipalities, RIPTA bus lines service 38 of them. (Block Island’s New Shoreham is not offered.) In Providence and Newport, RIPTA has 58 routes, including daytime trolley service utilizing buses that resemble trolleys.

Most buses leave Providence; however, some travel from and to locations around the state. For instance, RIPTA buses may be used from Newport to Providence, from Providence to Burrillville, from Providence to Coventry, or from Providence to the University of Rhode Island in Kingston.

The base cost for each journey is $2; fees rise as you pass through more zones. The RIPTA website is quite helpful for planning a precise route.

How Long Does it Take a Car to Cross Rhode Island?

The I-95 route from Massachusetts to Connecticut crosses Rhode Island in 45 minutes. So the answer to the question about how long does it take to drive across Rhode island is here. It will take between two and three hours with breaks.

Rhode Island may be crossed in 40 minutes by driving east to west on I-195 and US-6. By following this route, you will know how long it takes to drive Across Rhode Island?

I-95 enters Rhode Island at the town of Hopkinton, connecting the rural regions of the state’s southwest corner with the more urban area in the northeastern corner of the state, centered on Providence. It departs from Rhode Island at Pawtucket.

How Long Does It Take to Drive Across Rhode Island on Bicycle?

While the Blackstone River Bikeway will eventually connect Providence and Worcester, the East Bay Bike Path spans along the eastern side of Narragansett Bay from London to Rhode.

The East Bay Bike Path and the River were connected by a signed on-road cycling path between Rhode and Island. in 2011, finishing 34 miles towards South Kingstown, and Narragansett is connected by the 8 mi (13 km) Bicycle Route of William C. O’Neill, sometimes referred as the Province South Bicycle Route.

From Cranston to Coventry, a 19-mile (31-kilometer) additional Bicycle Route in Washington is available, while East Providence and Pawtucket may be reached by a 2-mile (3.2-kilometer) from 10 miles of greenway river. (54-kilometer) bicycle route through the eastern part of the state.

Traveling across Rhode Island by bicycle takes more time as it takes 4 to 5 hours, depending on your strength.

How Long Does it Take to Visit Rhode Island by Airplane?

Rhode Island also has an airport for foreigners to visit and discover the island. People can also send and receive cargo from Rhode Airport. They have a great availability of flights and several airports in Rhode Island.

So, flying by airplane takes much less time to see Rhode Island.

How Long Does it Take to Travel Across Rhode Island By Train?

The Providence/Stoughton Line of the MBTA Commuter Rail connects Boston’s South Station with Providence and the T. F. Green Airport. Later, the route was extended to Wickford Junction in the south.

The state plans to investigate the viability of extending Connecticut’s Shore Line East to T.F. Green Airport and the MBTA line to Kingston and Westerly.

The lone Acela stop in Rhode Island is at Providence Station, where the Acela Express connects Providence to other cities along the Northeast Corridor. Westerly, Kingston, and Providence Station stop on Amtrak’s Northeast Regional service.

It takes about one hour to travel across Rhode Island by train as it moves through the city, showing you some aesthetic views.

How Long Does it Take to Travel Across Rhode Island By Ferry?

Using grants from the US Department of Transportation, RIPTA provided seasonal ferry service between Providence and Newport (previously connected by roads) from 2000 to 2008.

RIPTA could not continue operations once the federal financing ran out, even though the service was well-liked by locals and visitors. As of January 2010, the service was withdrawn and successfully restarted in 2016.

The privately managed Prudence Island Ferry connects Bristol with Prudence Island, while the privately run Block Island Ferry connects Block Island with Newport and Narragansett. Several villages in Rhode Island are connected to ports in Connecticut, Massachusetts, and New York via private ferry services.

So, if you travel by ferry, it takes time but gives you something exciting. It gives you unforgettable memories and a chance to closely see the island’s enchanting beauty.

Entering Rhode Island via Southeast Massachusetts

For instance, if you want to travel from Boston to New Haven, you would use this route; it is the most popular method to traverse Rhode Island from Southeast Massachusetts following the highway. You may go on the highway from the Massachusetts border to the Connecticut border.

Your journey will start via Southeast Massachusetts, where you’ll take Interstate 95 south and pass across Pawtucket. After reaching that point, you may take a diversion to see Central Falls or to see State Park named Lincoln Wood.

Providence is an easily accessible line in only ten minutes. You can take a break here in Rhode Island to look at nature’s beautiful small state full of fun. If you’re running short of time, you can eat good food at restaurants like nicks on Broadway, Black Dog Bar, Grille, and Hemenway’s Restaurant.

 If you have one day or more, you can stay in Rhode Island at the best hotels, including Hilton Garden Inn Providence, Omni Providence Hotel, Ocean Cliff Hotel, etc. You can also visit some of the best places in Rhode Island, which include The Breakers, Discover a zoo named Roger Williams, Roger Williams Park, etc.

After passing the Zoo, follow the Providence River as you leave Providence. Although this will lengthen your drive, you may exit the motorway and spend several hours on a Beach named Conimicut to enjoy your trip.

If not, continue driving on the highway towards the south. Stay on the right lane, the cross beach named Briar Point, a great place for learning to swim and spend a good time. Big River point will complete your half trip to Rhode Island. 

You are close to the border named Connecticut once you have explored the sizable, beautiful woodland and wet nature reserve. Stay south of West Greenwich and Hopkinton to get there.

Entering Rhode Island via Eastern Massachusetts

There is a second, shorter route of 27 miles and covers east-to-west areas. If you choose this route, it will only take 45 minutes to go from Massachusetts to Rhode Island to Connecticut without stopping.

The route starts from 195 interstate, with which you will reach Providence on the east, across the Washington Bridge, and into Providence. This part of the trip should only increase your driving time by 20 to 40 minutes.

You’ll pass Johnson Memorial Park and Oak Swamp Reservoir on the route. Take a break and discover a new Snake Den State park next to the highway. You can also go on walks and hikes and enjoy a day out. 

The following section will travel across various lakes like ponds, a fantastic lake for fishing. Connecticut is a 20-minute drive away.

Travel Across Rhode Island in the Shortest time

Even if it’s only a short drive from Massachusetts to Connecticut, choosing a fuel-efficient vehicle over one that consumes a lot of petrol would still be a good idea. This will reduce the number of stops for refueling and make your gasoline last longer if you continue driving.

As you’re likely driving through Providence’s crowded metropolis, you could encounter traffic or road construction. So be punctual and always keep an eye on your watch, and always choose the right time to travel to Rhode Island if you want a peaceful drive through the city.

Even a 30-minute reduction in driving time on a short trip will significantly influence your entire driving time (almost as much as halving the journey). 

The journey will be challenging, regardless of whether your goal is to cover the state quickly or take it leisurely and enjoy everything Rhode Island offers. So start making travel plans and have fun on the way!

Final Words

So it depends on your mood though which transport you want to enjoy and visit the whole Island. Those from other countries must stay here for at least 2 to 3 days to look up all the worth visiting places.

It is better to have your car as it allows you to go everywhere and take a break in different spots to see the attractive thing of Rhode Island.

Similarly, it depends on which day you plan to travel across the Island. It is good to visit on Sunday as there is no traffic load on the roads and you can easily watch all the places calmly!